Reverend Insanity
214 BOOM!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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214 BOOM!

Chapter 214: BOOM!

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"Bai Gu mountain, I am finally here." Fang Yuan sighed as he stared at the white mountain from a slope.

Bai Ning Bing was beside him, standing silently.

The two were in rags with tiredness showing all over their faces.

Just earlier, they had escaped from the Steel Rage Boars family of five.

Steel Rage Boars were a peculiar beast group, having small numbers and moved around in families of less than ten members. But any mature Steel Rage Boars were at least a hundred beast king.

In the family of five that was chasing after Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing - Grandpa boar was a thousand beast king, while daddy boar and mother boar were hundred beast kings, and even their son and daughter had rank 1 Gu worms in them.

It has been 5 days since they stole the monkey wine. After a long and arduous journey, Bai Gu mountain was finally in reach.

The southern border was full of mountains, ordinary hills were not called mountains, only when they were at least ten thousand feet can they be qualified to be called a mountain.

Bai Ning Bing stood on the slope, staring at the faraway mountain.

This was her first time seeing Bai Gu mountain.

There were many hills surrounding the Qing Mao mountain. But this Bai Gu mountain was like a solitary general, rising high above the ground while the surroundings were flat, and the scenery around it was deathly white.

This white, was not the snow-like white, but more of a bone-white color.

Bai Gu mountain, as the name implied, every rock on the mountain were made of bones. People called it bone rocks.

Bai Gu mountain was not an absolute dead area, there were many special vegetation and large numbers of bone beasts living here. At the same time there were many bone type wild Gu worms.

Bai Ning Bing looked and looked, frowning.

Any tall mountain and long river, were the condensation ground of primeval essence. Bai Gu mountain was uninhabited, a completely wild mountain. There were many wild beasts, Gu worms and fatal plants. This is such a dangerous place yet Fang Yuan insists on entering the mountain, what intentions does he have?

Or rather, what thing was there that deeply attracted him?

Fang Yuan was flipping through his memories at this moment.

Bai Gu mountain was still a wild mountain now, without any human inhabitants. But this situation will change completely 10 years later.

A large size village will move their base here and develop.

This clan was named Bai, the Bai village.

In the future, with Bai Gu mountain as their center, they would become the overlord of the surrounding thousand miles of land.

What Fang Yuan remembers most clearly, is not the rise of the Bai village's power, because in this world, a single person's strength can be above a group's.

Rather, he was thinking of a pair of twins in the Bai village.

Bai Sheng and Bai Hua.

This pair of siblings discovered a cave by accident during a test at Bai Gu mountain's back area, when they were eighteen.

In this cave, they activated an inheritance; it was a complete inheritance of a rank four Righteous Gu Master.
This Gu Master's name was unknown, only his title was left behind--- "Flesh Bone Lord".

Bai Sheng and Bai Hua benefited greatly from this, and became the twin stars of the righteous path after getting the inheritance. A hundred years later, they both rose to rank five, taking over Bai village.

The strength of two rank five Gu Masters pushed the clan's strength to an apex.

"The gu worms in a complete inheritance would cover all six aspects of attack, healing, defense, movement, storage and investigation. After getting this inheritance, I will be able to hold my own and have the ability to advance or retreat."

Earlier when Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing escaped from Qing Mao mountain, their gu worms were not well-rounded because of their low cultivation; they were like a boat moving against the tides, moving up the cliff. With just a little bad luck, they would be in danger.

After a tough struggle, their chance came, and they killed a heavily injured demonic female Gu Master. By taking her gu which included the rice bag gu and jumping grass gu, they could barely get by.

But they still had weaknesses.

Not only due to the lack of healing gu, but also because of their low cultivation.

Even if Fang Yuan advanced to rank 1 middle stage, so what? Green copper primeval essence was still green copper primeval essence.

What he was relying on now was his A grade talent and the heavenly essence treasure lotus' recovery speed to sustain his consumption.

But to be strict, his battle strength was negligible. If not for Bai Ning Bing he might have died to the crocodiles during the battle in the beach.

He was able to get this far due to Bai Ning Bing.

But relying on others could never compare to relying on oneself.

"If I can get the Bai Gu mountain inheritance, many problems would be easily resolved." Fang Yuan thought to himself.

Firstly it was the jade bones Gu. With this Gu, the bones in his body would cast away the brittleness of mortal bones, and become more firm and tougher. His current body can only sustain the strength of two boars, but after he used the jade bones Gu, he would be able to add the strength of a crocodile on top of this.

After that was a healing Gu, Fang Yuan remembered this inheritance has a very famous rank three healing Gu, 'flesh white bones'. In his previous life, it was received by Bai Hua, causing her to become a famous healing Gu Master.

Finally, it was the one Fang Yuan ranked as the most important, "bone flesh unity Gu."

This Gu was the Bone Flesh Lord's innovation, the only one in the world. This Gu's incredible usage riled up many large forces in the southern borders, in his previous life.

If gu worms were to be classified according to their use, they could be divided into seven categories.

Attack, Defense, Healing, Investigation, Storage, Movement and Cultivation.

Liquor worm, four flavor liquor worm, man-beast burial Gu, relic Gu, or heavenly essence treasure lotus - they were all under cultivation category.

And this bone flesh unity Gu was a mystical Gu under the cultivation category.

Similar to yin yang rotation Gu, it was a pair of Gu, used on two Gu Masters. It could let the two Gu Masters undergo dual cultivation 1 and advance their cultivation together, getting greater effects with less effort.

"If I can obtain the bone flesh unity Gu, with Bai Ning Bing's help, I can advance my cultivation quickly. My cultivation will be shocking after I reach rank three stage! Especially in early stages, its effects will be even better than the liquor worm. I must get it no matter what!"

Fang Yuan glanced at Bai Ning Bing through the corner of his eyes.

Bai Ning Bing realized nothing, still staring at Bai Gu mountain.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart. When they were about to move out, a few silhouettes suddenly flew towards them.

"Eh? Righteous Gu Masters!" Both Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were taken aback.

A total of four Gu Masters were approaching them. When they were a hundred steps away, they landed on the ground and moved towards Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

The leader was an old Gu Master, giving off a rank three aura while the remaining three were all rank two.

Their uniform were the same and their movements were in synergy, showing the signs of an elite group.

"How can we encounter righteous Gu Masters in this desolate mountain range?"

"Gu Masters and wild beasts are completely different, even though I am rank three peak stage, with the chainsaw golden centipede's razors dulled and Fang Yuan as a burden, I might not be their match. We're in trouble now..."

The four Gu Masters got closer amidst Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's bitter sighs.



The last few rays of the sun were like blood, and crows screeched as they flew back to their nests.

Tie Ao Tian walked in the center of the group with a cold expression.

There were eight people in their group when they had set out of Qing Mao mountain, each were an expert of the clan. But now only three of his group remained.

Tie Ao Tian's heart bled when he thought of the sacrifices.

The losses were too severe!

This was way out of his expectations. The losses were not because their cultivations were insufficient, but because their luck was too bad!

After finding out Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's traces, they started to move along Huang Long river. But Huang Long river flowed too rapidly, leaving behind barely any traces. Even if they used gu worms and had investigative experts, they still deviated from the path.

With no choice, they had to move against the current, spending a lot of time before discovering Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's raft.

However, troubles came soon after.

They encountered a large number of six legged crocodiles and were attacked.

To be honest they were pretty unlucky, this beach was the breeding ground of the six legged crocodiles, and after it was destroyed, the six legged crocodiles that dominated the area were wiped out.

Beast groups were also split up into different forces. After the original owner died, this place became free for all, and many surrounding groups of six legged crocodiles competed for it.

Just when they were about to take control of this area, Tie clan's group arrived on the shore.

"What thing dares to invade our territory?"

"This land belongs to us six legged crocodiles!"

"Snatching territory from us, you're asking for it..."

The territorial concept of wild beasts was not to be trifled with. Thus, a huge battle broke out, and under the united attacks of two groups of thousand beast groups and three groups of hundred beast groups, the Tie clan group lost two members and were forced to escape.

Fang Yuan's methods of removing traces were very experienced. Thus, their investigations did not make much progress.

With the help of Gu worms, they eventually found out the direction Fang Yuan was headed to.

But then, a colorful nightmare descended.

The Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant descended from the sky, staring at them and thinking of them as food.

Even now, the entire escape process was deeply buried in Tie Ao Tian's heart. The image of the Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant became his nightmare, waking him up from his sleep every night.

Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant took away three of his companions' lives. Among them were their most professional investigative Gu Master, and even a rank three defensive Gu Master.

Truly insane losses.

Right now, the Gu Master in charge of investigation was a half-baked one.

Even with such a loss, Tie Ao Tian did not think of giving up.

He was the fourth young master of Tie clan, with A grade aptitude and carried the hopes and dreams of the clan since young. He cultivated intensely, inheriting the iron will personality of the Tie clansmen.

Reinforcing Tie Xue Leng and his daughter was his first mission out of the village.

But he only managed to save Tie Ruo Nan, and the divine investigator was sacrificed. This was a great contrast to his original intention.

However, if he caught the demonic bastard that got the blood sea inheritance and take revenge for Tie Xue Leng, it would be a great success.

Such a merit would turn into his asset when vying for the clan leader position in the future, getting him more support from the clansmen.

He was not worried about the strength of the demonic bastards. In the process of chasing them, they had discovered from the traces that the two had limited battle strength, or maybe they had suffered some injuries, only having the collective strength of one rank three Gu Master.

"Even though I lost many companions, I am a rank three Gu Master, and so is Tie Dao Ku. With two other rank two Gu Masters to assist, our strength dominates those two. Once we capture the demonic bastards, the loss of manpower will turn into proof of my "iron will" and "never give up" traits!" Tie Ao Tian's eyes shone with determination.

"Fourth young master, we have found some traces ahead, it seems the direction we are heading is not wrong!" At this moment, the investigative Gu Master reported.

"Oh? Quickly bring me there."

After the time taken to drink a cup of tea, two holes were dug open, revealing corpses of a large number of grass skirt monkey.

"These grass skirt monkeys have died for less than a week, it seems we are catching up to those two!" Tie Dao Ku said in joy.

Tie Ao Tian breathed in deeply, his mood was suddenly lifted!

"Finally, we're nearing the end." He clenched his fists, walking forward excitedly.

He stared at the beautiful sky, the night lights shone on his young face, reflecting brightly in his eyes.

All his patience and efforts were not in vain, he was finally getting the results!

"Although the sun is setting, I can see hopes and the future from it..." He sighed in his heart, suddenly having the mood to ascend this slope, and enjoy this beautiful moment.

The few Gu Masters near him, gazed at him with admiration.

"Fourth young master is indeed fourth young master!"

"On this journey, we had thought of giving up, but fourth young master persevered alone, and now he is about to get the fruits of his labor."

"In fourth young master, I can see the clan's hopes, and a bright future ahead."

"I swear I will only follow fourth young master in this life!"

They stared in daze at Tie Ao Tian ascending the slope. They could almost see the scene where one day, Tie Ao Tian ascends to the position of the clan leader.

But at the next moment, an intense explosion occurred.


Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral

Note: Bai here means hundred, and not the Bai clan of Qing Mao mountain, which means white.
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