Reverend Insanity
207 Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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207 Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasan

Chapter 207: Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Time passed quickly.

Half a month later, Bai Ning Bing grew thinner but her body radiated a strong elite aura.

Her concentration was better, and her blue eyes shone with brilliance as she observed around.

Undeniably, she had adjusted to this primal life, and learnt much from this experience.

Fang Yuan knew: Although Bai Ning Bing was solemn, it does not mean she admitted defeat.

Her heart was motivated to learn seriously and try hard to adapt. At times, she would refute some of Fang Yuan's ideas, and although they were still rather shallow, she had gone past her initial naivety.

Fang Yuan could feel Bai Ning Bing improving by the day.

But this situation was not unexpected. To subdue Bai Ning Bing, it was not easy; any true demon would have the spirits to resist greatly.

Under the blazing sun, the two hid in the shaded forest as they carefully observed the mountain valley.
In the valley, there was a huge crocodile, sleeping peacefully.

A lava crocodile.
The size of three elephants placed together. Its body was covered in dark red scales, and its four thick strong legs support its humongous body. A crocodile tail glowed in a metallic lustre as it reached almost 10 metres tall.

Most importantly, on its back there are two lumps, like two mini volcanoes. As it breathed, two columns of black smoke rose from the lumps, varying in intensity.

"This lava crocodile is a thousand beast king! To eliminate it, the risk is too great." Bai Ning Bing stared with wariness.

On a thousand beast king, there are Rank three wild gu worms. Together with the beast king's strong body physique, even Rank three peak stage Gu Masters would have difficulty finding victory in a 1v1.

"Great risks greater rewards! It is not easy to find a crocodile in the forest. Crocodile strength gu needs crocodile meat to feed on, we have less than half left now. Let's test out this crocodile's strength first." Fang Yuan said.

Lava crocodile lived underground in groups. Only the beast king have the strength to get to the surface and breathe in fresh air, enjoying the sun.

Bai Ning Bing gritted her teeth, standing up.

After getting the crocodile strength gu, she had been using it. Now her strength was greatly increased, but there was still a distance from the strength of one crocodile, the increment was not completely done yet.
The lava crocodile was asleep, but when Bai Ning Bing got around 50 steps away from it, it opened its red golden eyes.


It supported its body as it turned its head, two gushes of hot air coming out from its nose.

Bai Ning Bing's expression was solemn, activating the canopy gu, but still feeling a strong feeling of heated air gushing at her face.

She did not take out the chainsaw golden centipede, but shot out the blood moonblade.

The Rank three moonblade hit the back of the lava crocodile, shaving off some scales and succeeded in angering the lava crocodile king.

It aimed accurately at Bai Ning Bing, opening its huge mouth and shooting out a dark red lava fireball.

The lava fireball was the size of a stonemill, Bai Ning Bing did not dare to take it head on, and dodged.

Bam!Lava fireball drew an arc in the sky, landing on the mountain rocks.

In an explosion, shards of mountain rocks flew apart as the flames burnt.

A small sized mushroom cloud floated into the sky before dissipating. At the explosion area, a huge crater was created, and inside fresh lava was still flowing as they slowly cooled down.
"Rank three lava explosion gu." Fang Yuan seeing this, concluded in his heart.


Few minutes later, Fang Yuan threw down a rope from above the cliff, and pulled Bai Ning Bing up.

Lava crocodile king growled several times, but did not give chase. Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's figure vanished as it continued to lay on the ground, enjoying its sunbath once again.

This is because Bai Ning Bing's attacks were merely probing. The lava crocodile king did not find her a threat, only thinking that she was an intruding wild beast, thus chasing her away.

"This is a lava crocodile king, with three Gu worms inside it. One lava explosion Gu, one flame stomach Gu, and one accumulating ash Gu, all three are Rank three Gu worms. Covering attack, defense and healing, all three basic aspects are assured." Leaving the valley, Fang Yuan concluded what he observed.

Bai Ning Bing frowned deeply. She herself had probed earlier, and knew that to kill this crocodile king, it was extremely difficult and was near impossible.

"Nevermind that lava explosion Gu, even the the flame stomach Gu's defense cannot be broken by Blood Moon Gu. Only the Chainsaw Golden Centipede can do it when it gets close. But if we really did that to destroy the flame stomach, the centipede would be crippled as well. These days, after using it to kill enemies, the razors were already in bad shape. Plus, even if we break the defenses, there is still the accumulating ash Gu that can heal the crocodile king. Its stamina is definitely greater than both of us combined, in a battle of attrition we would definitely lose. Most importantly it can burrow underground and go back to its nest, we cannot stop it from leaving." Bai Ning Bing said.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Your analysis is right, but I want to kill it even more now. Since ash Gu that eats ashes as food, it is easy to feed. It is also very suitable as our healing Gu worm."

"Hmph, although the Gu worm is good, we need to live to enjoy it. Although you have the Yang Gu, don't think of manipulating me, ordering me to risk my life in such a combat," Bai Ning Bing snorted.

"We cannot fight it head on, but we can use intelligence. Nevermind about other wild beasts, but this lava crocodile king, we can use it to attract other beast kings and cause them to fight among themselves, and then reap the rewards from it," Fang Yuan said as he did not wish to give up due to difficulty.

Creating a miracle out of the impossible, it was his favourite thing to do.

If it was any other wild beast, unless they just migrated and arrived, they would have their respective territories. Among themselves, they would know each other's existence and would not cause any in-fighting.

But the lava crocodile king was different.

It normally lived underground, and sometimes came to the surface to breathe fresh air. Like the fish deep in the sea, jumping out of the surface of the water.

Their existence was not known by other beast kings; they are like illegal immigrants.

Unless it was a beast king like the lightning lycan, most did not have high intelligence. Once a beast king is lured over, they would feel threatened by one another and begin an intense battle.

Once they both got injured, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing would be able to 'rob the owner when his house is on fire'.

Fang Yuan's words caused Bai Ning Bing's eyes to shine.

She nodded. "We do not have a movement-type Gu, thus this plan is risky. But compared to fighting the lava crocodile king head on, we have greater hopes of success. We can give this a try."

Like human society, among wild beasts, they each have their own territories.

Stronger beast kings led beast groups and occupied areas with abundant resources. Just like how a human clan would occupy a spirit spring.

Among forces, they would have interactions and as long as they ventured into other areas, they would have some findings.

The next five days, Bai and Fang used the lava crocodile as the focal point as they searched around.

The northwest direction which they came from did not need more scouting.Looping around the valley, towards the southeast direction, they found a white ape gang. The leader was an old white ape, a thousand beast king. A white ape's speed was fast, and if it was lured, the two would definitely get caught up and be surrounded. Thus, they had to give up their plans here.

At the southwest direction, it was a rotting swamp. The smell was overbearing; this is the world of the poison.

The poisonous snake lay below the roots of the tree, as fist-sized poisonous bees flew around in groups, and large spiders webs had black spiders around the size of a face.

From the center of the swamp, there was frogs screeching. Fang Yuan deduced that it was a healing Gu that was the lord of this swamp — poison swallowing toad. It was Rank four, having a small body and fed on poison as food. If a Gu Master is poisoned, activating it to absorb the poison would result in a healing effect.

Its speed was bad, but entering the deep parts of the swamp and luring it out is harder.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing did not have any healing Gu. If they were bitten by a poisonous creature, it would result in much trouble. Furthermore, finding a tiny poison swallowing frog in a large swamp was extremely difficult.

The two finally moved towards the northeast direction, finding a beehive as huge as a house.
Inside there was a large number of a terrifying insect group — the frenzy needle bee.

These bees were even greater trouble.

Frenzy needle bee once becoming a Gu, had the ability to penetrate all things. That is to say, even with Bai Ning Bing's Sky Canopy Gu protection, it would be pierced by the Rank three frenzy needles.

The winds howled in the night.

Winds blew into the mountain caves as the campfire flickered in response.

This was a small mound, and a cave was found inside.

THis cave did not have an optimum location, first it did not face against the wind, thus winds blew into the cave and caused it to be very moist. Next the top was not covered, like a well as the stars in the skies could be seen.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were solemn, sitting around the fire.

Fang Yuan was expressionless while Bai Ning Bing sighed in disappointment, "These few days we explored the surroundings completely, although your idea is great, we have no suitable targets. It seems we can only give up on the lava crocodile king."

"Plans are made by men, but success is decided by the heavens, we have insufficient strength, thus we can only rely on luck for some things. Nevermind, I still wanted to raise the crocodile strength Gu, but it seems we cannot kill the lava crocodile king. Tomorrow we will set off, and continued towards Bai Gu mountain." Fang Yuan nodded helplessly.

But at this time!

Suddenly from the outside, the lava crocodile king's furious growls could be heard.

"What happened?"

"It is that lava crocodile king!"

The two made eye contact as they left the cave, looking towards a faraway place.

Only to see that in the valley, rainbow colors were shining as the flames burnt brightly, giving off an imposing aura.

In the brilliant rainbow light, a pheasant as large as a mountain showed its body. Its crown shone like gold, erecting highly. The feathers on its body shone in all colors, changing all the time and giving an out of this world brilliance.

"Oh no, it is the Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant, a myriad beast king level bird! The lava crocodile king is done for," Fang Yuan said immediately

"Xuan Yuan Divine Pheasant?" Bai Ning Bing was perturbed.

"This is a lone travelling myriad beast king, able to fly in the skies, only landing to find food. Divine pheasant is low in numbers, they have all sorts of rainbow Gu in their bodies. Once they battle, the skies would be filled with rainbow lights, shining in five to seven different lights. Sigh, we can't get the lava crocodile king anymore. Let's hurry in, this divine pheasant is extremely sharp eyed like an eagle. If it finds us and comes for the killing, we would be in great trouble." Saying so, Fang Yuan retreated into the cave.

Bai Ning Bing bit her lips as she followed closely behind.


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