Reverend Insanity
197 Changing Fate!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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197 Changing Fate!

Chapter 197: Changing Fate!

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Large numbers of primeval stones continued to be absorbed by First gen Gu Yue, as he chewed and crushed them.

Bai Ning Bing watched coldly.

But Fang Yuan moved; he did not observe but had a different choice than before.

"First gen Ancestor, the situation is dire, I have the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus to offer!" He was filled with sincerity as he walked up quickly, a look of helplessness but determination.

Gu Yue laughed heartily, "Very good, as expected of my descendant. Such filial piety, as your ancestor, I am very happy!"

He had long wanted the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, and once sent two bladewing blood bat groups to chase after Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan escaped quickly and didn’t give him the chance.

However right now he had no suspicions.

Firstly, he did not fall out with Fang Yuan yet, and earlier he had lied that he was protecting Fang Yuan when he dispatched the bladewing blood bat group.

Secondly, Fang Yuan had taken the initiative to grab onto the white eyebrows and help the First gen Gu Yue in the primeval essence expenditure, causing the wavering people to make up their minds. Such a loyal performance, First gen Gu Yue still remembered it vividly.

Lastly, under such circumstances, Fang Yuan could only place his hopes on First gen Gu Yue. Only then could he defeat Lord Sky Crane and protect his life. First gen Gu Yue did not believe that Fang Yuan would ruin his own survival chances and attack him.

Thus, when Fang Yuan got closer, First gen Gu Yue laughed continuously, "With the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, my chances of victory is higher by 20%. All of you move away, and let him in."

"Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus?" Outside the blood barrier, Lord Sky Crane was stunned and quickly shouted, "You mustn’t do it!"

Under everyone’s gazes, Fang Yuan got to First gen Gu Yue’s side.

"First gen ancestor. I have thought it through! It was you who created the village, it was because of you that all of us descendants exist. Back in the day, you made such a great contribution to the village. Today, you even led our clan towards brilliance. The Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus should be used by you, great ancestor." He was full of admiration, his tone excited and nervous.

First gen Gu Yue nodded continuously, thinking: This lad is good with words. Too bad I still have to kill him later and retrieve his blood.

But at this time!

Fang Yuan lowered his back, striking.

He grabbed First gen Gu Yue, using the strength in his waist to turn his body and moved both arms.

He opened his mouth and growled, using the strength of two boars, expending all his energy to throw!


First gen Gu Yue was thrown out of the blood barrier by him.

Dead silence!

At this time, it was as if time stopped.

The outside winds blew relentlessly. First gen Gu Yue was smashed onto the ground, his red hair flying around in the winds as he stared blankly, having unable to react to what had just happened.

In front of him, less than ten steps away was Lord Sky Crane.

This old man was still furious and anxious over Fang Yuan contributing the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus. He did not expect in the least that in the very next moment, such a drastic change would occur.

He was stunned too, staring blankly at First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue was his mortal enemy, but at this point Lord Sky Crane was stunned, like he was still dreaming, not moving at all.

In the blood barrier, everyone stood like a statue, silent and unmoving.

Some people opened their mouths, so large that a fist could fit in it. Some stared with wide-opened eyes, almost bulging out.

Even Bai Ning Bing lost his composure, staring at Fang Yuan in astonishment.

Only when half a bamboo building collapsed within the blood barrier did everyone jolt awake all of a sudden.

"Wha… what… what the fuck!" Someone swore.

"Fang Yuan, what dumb shit did you do!" Someone pointed at Fang Yuan, his entire body shivering.

"First gen ancestor!!" Someone attempted to pull First gen Gu Yue back, but was blocked by the Blood Curtain Skyflower.

"Despicable thief! Lying to your ancestor, I will tear you to shreds!" First gen Gu Yue finally reacted, lying on the ground screaming.

"Hahaha..." Amidst the frightened individuals, someone laughed.

It was none other than Bai Ning Bing.

He laughed till his tears came out, giving a thumbs up to Fang Yuan, "Interesting, interesting, truly spectacular."

"Fang Yuan, are you crazy?"

"Fang Yuan, you harmed the First gen ancestor, you plot even against the ancestor, are you still human?!"

"Waaaaaah, Fang Yuan must’ve been bought over by that white hair old man. You spy, you traitor!!"

The surrounding people pointed at him in rage, but Fang Yuan lightly laughed, "I am a Rank three peak stage, who dares to kill me? Who can kill me?"

At this point, within the blood barrier, there were few Rank three Gu Masters. They had little primeval essence left due to the fight earlier, and they even gave up their primeval stones and could not get replenishments. As for the others, they were mortals or Rank one or two Gu Masters.

Without the First gen Gu Yue, within this blood barrier, Fang Yuan really was unstoppable.

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed, bending down and picking up the two Gu worms.

His left hand carried the Blood Skull Gu, and his right hand carried the Yin Yang Rotation Gu. These two were owned by First gen Gu Yue, but right now they had a thin layer of yellow light, sealed by the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu, unable to sense First gen Gu Yue’s desperate calls.

But this seal was an obstacle to Fang Yuan as well.

He wanted to break the seal and refine the two Gu worms. Forcefully breaking the seal however, will only cause these two Gu to be destroyed.

This was different from the Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu, as the Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu had to be destroyed to be used. By breaking the seal, it was the same as using it.

But Fang Yuan was not anxious.

He knew what would happen next. Both the Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu and Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu would be corrupted by the Blood Frenzy Gu, turn into blood water and die.

"Hahaha, my good senior brother, to think you have this day! Hand over your life!" Lord Sky Crane howled, rushing into the sky and attacking towards First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue was suppressed by the demon suppressing chains and could not move, thus he was a target board and could only take the hits.

He scolded furiously, howling and struggling.

Suddenly the iron chains turned into a puddle of blood water, allowing him to regain his freedom and he hurriedly flew into the air, crashing against the blood barrier.

With a loud bang, unquestionably, he was blocked by the blood barrier.

This Blood Curtain Skyflower was refined by him, and it was his greatest invention. It had superb defense, but once used it cannot be moved nor turned off. For him, he could only exit and not enter.

"Little rascal, you will die a painful death!" First gen Gu Yue’s grievance and rage towards Fang Yuan was greater than anything, rising like a tsunami.

Lord Sky Crane naturally chased him, laughing non-stop.

First gen Gu Yue could only give up on the blood barrier and resist the Lord Sky Crane. He had eaten large amounts of primeval essence earlier, thus he had ample primeval essence. Even though he had the lower hand, he could stabilise his situation.

"First gen ancestor, good luck!"

"Lord First gen, we are cheering for you!"

"Ancestor, you are our only hope..."

The battle between two Rank five attracted everyone’s attention. Fang Yuan however, retracted his gaze and looked at Bai Ning Bing.

This situation was like two tigers competing, while he Fang Yuan was a rabbit. Both the Lord Sky Crane and First gen Gu Yue were crafty old foxes. To wait for the two to injure each other and benefit Fang Yuan, such a chance was slim.

No one was stupid, they would not let the battle adrenaline get to their head.

Moreover, this blood barrier could only protect them for a while. Once the time is up, everyone inside including him would face the slaughter of Lord Sky Crane and First gen Gu Yue.

He had already rebirthed once, thus the Spring Autumn Cicada had fallen into a weak state again, unable to be used.

Right now, he could only try to get as strong as possible, exerting the greatest effort to fight for a chance to survive.

Fang Yuan already had a plan. But in this plan, there was a person who played a crucial role. That person is Bai Ning Bing.

The Northern Dark Ice Soul physique’s self detonation would greatly affect the battlefield. Especially when the two Rank fives were fighting outside of the barrier.

But how was he going to convince Bai Ning Bing?

Fang Yuan looked at Bai Ning Bing, and Bai Ning Bing sensed it, turning back to look at Fang Yuan.

Among the people, they stared at each other.

Fang Yuan in his black robe, with black hair and eyes, revealed a devilish smile as his lips curled.

"I have a way to resolve the ten extreme aptitudes, and allow you to return to life." He said.

Bai Ning Bing’s body shuddered, he obviously wanted to live. "What method?"

However, Fang Yuan’s words changed. "But this method does not have much chance of success, it is highly probable to fail."

Yet this made Bai Ning Bing even more convinced.

Next Fang Yuan said his third sentence, "But I think even if we fail, it will allow your final moments to be as spectacular as ever."

Bai Ning Bing’s was moved.

Fang Yuan used three sentences and targeted his heart’s innermost desires, convincing him!

He was also smart, and after thinking, he asked directly, "Then what do I need to do?"

Fang Yuan’s smile disappeared. At the same time, the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu turned into a puddle of blood water.

Blood Skull Gu and Yin Yang Rotation Gu’s seal vanished and were about to fly away, but Fang Yuan grabbed onto them.

He used the Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura. These three Gu were merely Rank four, they were immediately tamed. Fang Yuan injected his primeval essence and refined them, turning them into his!

"What? Fuck!" Outside the blood barrier, First gen Gu Yue’s head hurt as he lost the connection with the Blood Skull Gu and Yin Yang Rotation Gu.

He was beyond shocked, losing his bearing and rushing towards the blood barrier!

"How can this be? How could you refine my three Gu worms so quickly!" First gen Gu Yue cried out sadly, attacking the blood barrier like a crazed man.

Fang Yuan stole food from a tiger’s mouth. By taking the Blood Skull Gu and Yin Yang Rotation Gu, it was a fatal blow to the First gen.

Everyone was shocked, taking a step back. First gen Gu yue was like a fierce beast trapped in despair, his eyes starting to burn with fire.

But quickly, Lord Sky Crane’s attack came.

"I want you to die, I want you to die!" First gen Gu Yue went frantic, attacking without defending, exerting all his anger on Lord Sky Crane.

Lord Sky Crane was taken aback as he received some damaging blows.

The two fought it out again, as the battle slowly reached its climax.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly, saying to Bai Ning Bing: "Come, kill them all with me!"

Before he finished, he acted. As the razors on the Chainsaw Golden Centipede moved, he slashed a Gu Master nearby into half!

Blood Skull Gu!

Soon after, Fang Yuan activated the Blood Skull Gu, absorbing the blood.

Translator's Thoughts
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And now, the finale.


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