Reverend Insanity
196 Rebirth once more
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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196 Rebirth once more

Chapter 196: Rebirth once more

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Fang Yuan immediately used the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, as well as the Blood Moon Gu, trying to break the ice.

But the ice layer was way too thick, and the coldness was oozing. Every layer of ice he shaved off, two layers would grow. Fang Yuan was trapped in a desperate situation, without any way to free himself.

At this same time, blood light emerged from under the icy river.

There was initially a hint of blood light, but it soon spread, becoming stronger and stronger, until a blood coloured aurora enveloped the area.

"Hahaha." With a long laugh, blood light rushed towards the sky as First gen Gu Yue broke the ice and escaped. Although he looked miserable, his tone was arrogant, "This Northern Dark Ice Soul physique, if he reached Rank four, he might be able to kill me. Sadly for him, he is only a Rank three peak stage…..."

Saying so, he turned his gaze to Fang Yuan within the ice river.

"Northern Dark Ice Soul physique couldn't kill you, then let me do it." Far in the sky, Lord Sky Crane flew over casually. The Ironbeak flying crane king he was sitting on, had already returned after killing the blood river python when they flew away earlier.

At this point, in the entire Qing Mao mountain, only three people remained.

Bai Ning Bing had already turned into the ice mountain, his consciousness expended. Fang Yuan was like an insect inside an amber, trapped within the ice.

As for the two Rank five Gu Masters however, after First gen Gu Yue raised his aptitude, his aperture could store much more primeval essence. Lord Sky Crane had already recovered most of his strength after resting.

The two’s gaze were focused on Fang Yuan.

First gen Gu Yue wanted to kill Fang Yuan, to take his blood. Lord Sky Crane wanted to stop First gen Gu Yue, and he would naturally not restrict himself by protecting Fang Yuan, thus he could only strike first and kill Fang Yuan.

With their natures, they would not tolerate a bystander. After all, what if both of them got injured, and a third person profited from it?

Fang Yuan sighed. Seeing their gazes, he knew he was finished.

He had lost the Thunderwings Gu and Thousand Li Earthwolf spider. Even if he had them, he could not escape from two Rank five Gu Masters.

He only had Rank three peak stage cultivation, incomparable with Rank five. In this situation, he was like fish meat, easily cut by knives. And these were two extremely sharp knives!

He could not beat them in combat, and couldn’t escape from them either, but Fang Yuan had a final move!

That is — Spring Autumn Cicada!

Fang Yuan’s mind went into his aperture. The light walls in his aperture had turned into a rough stone aperture.

His snow silver primeval essence was about half left. The stone aperture no longer had recovery abilities, but Fang Yuan’s Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus maintained such a scene in his aperture.

These were not important; he placed all his concentration on the Gu in the middle.

His vital Gu, the Rank six Spring Autumn Cicada!

Only by using this Gu could he travel against the flow of time, creating a new miracle!! Using an impossible method to change fate itself!

Even then—

Such a method, was extremely risky.

The river of time is a forbidden area in the great dao, mortals are not allowed to traverse in it. Once they enter, it is breaking the rules of heaven and earth, and they would face divine retribution.

Secondly, Spring Autumn Cicada had not fully recovered, so it was like a broken boat forcefully travelling in the river of time, he might capsize mid-way and sink.

Lastly, Fang Yuan was only at Rank three peak stage. Activating the Spring Autumn Cicada now was like a baby using a sword, and he might easily get hurt by the sword.

"Once I use the Spring Autumn Cicada, I will have to self detonate. Using all my cultivation and the flesh and blood of my body, as well as all my other Gu worms, as a driving force to move the Spring Autumn Cicada forward. Compared to my previous life,even if I self detonate, this force is too small, and there is a high chance it would kill me directly. But at this point, I have no other ways left, I am forced to use this Gu!"

Fang Yuan was helpless too.

Earlier, he would rather use the Stone Aperture Gu than the Spring Autumn Cicada, because of the great risk involved.

Given 100%, there was less than even 10% chance of succeeding.

Many times, when Gu Masters use high ranking Gu, they would face a strong backlash. Like Gu Yue Qing Shu, right now Fang Yuan could only bet on the fact that "Spring Autumn Cicada is his vital Gu".

"Little rascal, hand over your life and contribute your blood to your ancestor!’

"Lad, you are unlucky, you can only blame this despicable ancestor of yours. I will set you free from your misery!"

First gen Gu Yue and Lord Sky Crane both attacked at once.

Fang Yuan was forced to the cliff’s end, he could only jump.

"Spring Autumn Cicada, do it!" His eyes glowed with wondrous light, as two green and yellow lights burst forth from his body.

"This aura?!"

"How can this be? A Rank six Gu!"

At once, the two Rank five Gu Masters were shocked, but soon, greed emerged on their faces.

"Kill him and take the Rank six Gu!"

"This is a an opportunity from heaven, good lad, hand it over and I may spare your life!"

Their speed was even faster than before.

But at this time, a loud boom occurred.

Fang Yuan self detonated!

"What?!" Before his death, he heard the two Rank five Gu Master’s cries of shock.

Legend says, the world has one long river, known as time! Humans were like fish in the river, and under the currents, the fish could only flow downwards. Sometimes, one or two fish would jump above the surface of the river and see the events below — this was predicting the future.

Without the river of time, the world would be still, becoming a drawing. Only with this river can change occur, and the world can move, either prospering or withering.

The river of time, with roaring currents. Every ripple was a story, an event that occured in the past.

Under the turbulent river water, a tiny Gu worm was flowing upstream.

It spread its wings, moving with difficulty. With the waves crashing against it, every impact could nearly cause its demise.

It carried Fang Yuan’s consciousness and memories, while a yellow green light was protecting its body. It moved up the river shakingly, like a candle blown by the wind.

Eventually, it could only move up a little, before the yellow green light dispersed. The Spring Autumn Cicada had reached its limit, and with a swoosh, it turned into a flash and burrowed into one of the ripples.

Fang Yuan’s body shook, his eyes having a tint of yellow green light deep within.

This light flashed by quickly, and Fang Yuan shuddered.

Consciousness and memories assaulted his brain, merging instantly.

He succeeded!

He was extremely happy, he had rebirthed once more!

After sensing this, he immediately looked around, observing his surroundings.

He found that his primeval essence was being expended as his arms and body were coiled by white eyebrows.

Seeing once again, oh!

So it was this moment.

Tie Xue Leng’s backup plan activated already. First gen Gu Yue was trapped by iron chains, not being able to move. His forehead also had a yellow talismen, the Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu and the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu.

That Lord Sky Crane also landed on the ground, his body covered in a white barrier. He activated the Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu, trying to exhaust all of First gen Gu Yue’s primeval essence.

Fang Yuan squinted. He was coiled by the white eyebrows, not able to move, thus he could only use up primeval essence and wait for a good chance.

Under the effect of the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu, a yellow light flew out of First gen Gu Yue’s body.

This yellow light was about fist-size, smaller than a person’s face. It casually landed on the ground, showing the Blood Skull Gu inside.

"Blood Skull Gu! After hundreds of years, I finally see you again!" Lord Sky Crane on seeing this, was exhilarated and his expression extremely excited.

Gu Yue first head clenched his bloody fangs so hard that it made cracking sounds, but he couldn’t even budge, much less struggle.

Suddenly, another ball of light was captured by the yellow talisman and fell to the ground, turning into the alternating black and white Taiji light sphere.

Two peculiar Gu worms were circling and chasing each other within this light sphere. It was the Yin Yang Rotation Gu.

According to Fang Yuan’s memories, Lord Sky Crane shouted again, "Yin Yang Rotation Gu, my good senior brother, I truly have to thank you for finding such a good Gu. Hahaha, you actually wanted to turn back to a human, but what a pity your plan was destroyed by me!"

Fang Yuan looked at First gen Gu Yue.

Indeed, he was anxiously moved his legs and snarled, he had completely lost his manners.

"Wait a bit longer, my opportunity is coming." Fang Yuan’s eyes shone with brilliance, choosing to wait a bit longer.

The third yellow light that was captured fell to the ground; it was a scarlet colored Gu and looked like a translucent water sphere.

Fang Yuan’s heart jumped: "Blood Curtain Skyflower!"

It was this Gu that changed the situation and allowed First gen Gu Yue to overturn the crisis.

Blood Curtain Skyflower was created by First gen Gu Yue, Fang Yuan didn’t know it earlier but now he was clear of its effects.

Indeed, afterwards, First gen Gu Yue shouted, "Quick someone, destroy this Gu worm!"

Several Gu Masters immediately moved forward upon hearing this and immediately used their attacks.


A soft cry resounded, Blood Curtain Skyflower appeared again, the blood color sphere shield isolating the two areas. Some people were outside, while some were inside.

The blood shield broke the white eyebrows completely, and Fang Yuan and the others no longer had to compete with the Lord Sky Crane in primeval essence, thus regaining freedom.

Lord Sky Crane was blocked by this Gu, hurriedly getting up and snickering continuously.

After some conversation, he could not break the blood shield, and had to stop, asking, "What Gu is this?"

Gu Yue laughed smugly, "Let me teach you, this is my personally fused Gu — Blood Curtain Skyflower. Water Curtain Skyflower - a Rank four Gu - can block Rank five Gu attacks. This Gu is at Rank five and has even more powerful defense. Water Curtain Skyflower prevents even its owner from going in and out; but this Blood Curtain Skyflower can let me leave. Junior brother, don’t be impatient, you can attack slowly, use all your strength. Just wait till I recover, I will then come out and cut away your dog head, ahahaha!"

Lord Sky Crane was furious, attacking again, but failed. After he calmed down, he chose to replenish his primeval essence, waiting for the blood shield to lose effect.

The Gu Masters seeing the blood shield being impenetrable, were overjoyed thinking their lives were saved, quickly flattering First gen Gu Yue, but only Bai Ning Bing snorted.

First gen Gu Yue thus asked for more primeval stones, and everyone quickly contributed what they had.

Although First gen Gu Yue was chained up, and could not move, his mouth continued to crush primeval stones as he recovered quickly.

Sky Crane Lord seeing this, started shouting, "You morons! Once he recovers his movement, he will kill you all and use your blood to upgrade his aptitude. You are causing your own doom!"

No one believed him.

"Hehe, using such a low level tactic to sow distrust, we’ll laugh till our teeth drops!"

"Quick, this old thief is telling us not to give, so we need to give even more primeval stones."

"Everything is depending on lord ancestor!"

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