Reverend Insanity
194 Blood Curtain Skyflower
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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194 Blood Curtain Skyflower

Chapter 194: Blood Curtain Skyflower

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
First gen Gu Yue clenched his bloody fangs so hard that it made cracking sounds, but he couldn’t even budge, much less struggle.

Suddenly, another ball of light was captured by the yellow talisman and it fell to the ground, turning into an alternating black and white Taiji light sphere.

Two peculiar Gu worms were circling and chasing each other within this light sphere. As the Taiji light sphere continued to rotate, they seemed to carry traces of great dao, shocking many Gu Masters.

"What Gu is this?" Bai Ning Bing and many others were bewildered.

"It actually is a Rank four…." Fang Yuan’s eyes focused in concentration.

"Yin Yang Rotation Gu!!" Sky Crane Lord screamed, his face clearly revealing his shock. He remained stunned for a while, then he raised his head and laughed, "My good senior brother, I truly have to thank you for finding such a good Gu. Hahaha, you actually wanted to turn back into a human, but what a pity, for your plan has been destroyed by me!"

First gen Gu Yue anxiously moved his legs and snarled; he had completely lost his manners. Whether it was Blood Skull Gu or Yin Yang Rotation Gu, they were both crucial to his plan that stretched through a millennium. Now, they were both sealed and extracted; all his painstaking plotting had almost gone in up into smoke now.

Sky Crane Lord’s smile turned even more jubilant, his desire for vengeance was fully satisfied by seeing this expression of First gen Gu Yue.

Another yellow light that was captured fell to the ground; it was a scarlet colored Gu and looked like a translucent water sphere.

On seeing this Gu, First gen Gu Yue suddenly stopped his struggle; he was exulted. He opened his bloody mouth, revealing his fangs as he shouted, "Quick, destroy this Gu worm!"

Several Gu Masters immediately moved forward upon hearing this and used their attacks.

This Gu had been sealed by Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu, stopping the First gen Gu Yue from activating it with his thoughts. There was a layer of yellow light on the surface carrying an imprint; it could only be unsealed by Tie Xue Leng or by using some special Gu worms.

However, this Gu was an expendable Gu and was special as it needed to be destroyed to be activated.

Several Gu Masters made their moves; the yellow light imprint was only a sealing Gu worm and didn’t have any defensive powers. After several attacks, the yellow light imprint collapsed, destroying the sealed Gu worm along with it.


A soft cry resounded, and a blood light bloomed, suddenly expanding and turning into a spherical shield within moments.

First gen Gu Yue was within the shield, while Sky Crane Lord was outside.

The blood red shield’s range was six mu, and Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan were both within the shield, whereas Xiong Jiao Man and some others were outside.

The most encouraging part was that the white eyebrows were instantly cut apart into two halves by this shield; with the disintegration of the white eyebrows, Fang Yuan and others recovered control of their bodies.

"The aura of this shield reaches Rank five, but why does it resemble the Water Curtain Skyflower Gu?" Fang Yuan was bewildered; he had never seen this Gu before.

Sky Crane Lord was separated by this shield, and he staggered up before laughing coldly, "Senior brother, such a good move, you are actually able to counterattack and break my Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu. It’s a pity such a trifle defense won’t work against me, you are just prolonging your imminent defeat by doing this!"

First gen Gu Yue instead laughed loudly, "Junior brother, how about testing it yourself?"

"That’s my intention!" Killing intent flashed in Sky Crane Lord’s eyes; countless flying cranes and feather arrows shot towards the shield, while his eyes also sent out the white beams at the same time.

However, the blood shield was still unshakeable and was as stable as before.

Sky Crane Lord’s face turned extremely dark as he stopped his attacks, "What Gu is this?"

Gu Yue first threw his head back and laughed, "Let me teach you, this is my personally fused gu: Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu. The Water Curtain Skyflower Gu - a Rank four gu - can block Rank five Gu attacks. This Gu is at Rank five and has even more powerful defense. Water Curtain Skyflower Gu prevents its owner from going in and out; but this Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu lets me go out. Junior brother, don’t be impatient, you can attack slowly, use all your strength. Just wait till I recover, then I’ll come out and cut your dog head, ahhaha!"

"You thief, keep on boasting!" Sky Crane Lord was in turmoil; he had everything in his grasp before, but to think First gen Gu Yue was able to recover some ground and the situation turned into a deadlock again.

He attacked madly and extremely fiercely, killing all the Gu Masters outside the shield including Xiong Jiao Man.

However, inside the Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu, all was calm and quiet. The blood shield was as stable as Mt. Tai, and the group of Gu Masters inside the shield were relieved.

"First ancestor is indeed an unrivalled hero!"

"We are finally saved. The first ancestor will show his divine might and this person will definitely be defeated."

"Hu, this is the strength of Rank five Gu Master? I am actually still alive in front of such strength!"

The Gu Masters cheered and shouted.

On the contrary, Bai Ning Bing snorted; his death was certain due to the Ten extreme aptitude, but this deadlock decreased the splendor of it and he was not happy about it.

Sky Crane Lord kept on attacking for a long while with no results. At one moment, he suddenly stopped as if he had woken up.

First gen Gu Yue’s words were meant to incite him into attacking the Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu and wasting his primeval essence. If he wasn’t wrong, this Blood Curtain Skyflower Gu had the same effect as Water Curtain Skyflower Gu. Its fusion price was extremely high and belonged to one time use expendable category, but it had a high defense, albeit with a set duration. It would automatically dissipate after a certain amount of time.

At this thought, Sky Crane Lord sat cross-legged, then took out two primeval stones and pinched them, starting to recover his primeval essence.

"Lend me a hand, you will only have a chance at life by helping me. Primeval stones, I need a large number of them!" First gen Gu Yue shouted - the surrounding Gu Masters immediately took out primeval stones and piled them around him.

First gen Gu Yue opened his bloody mouth wide and breathed in deeply, sucking the primeval stones into his mouth.

Crack, he chewed the primeval stones; large amounts of natural primeval essence poured into his aperture.

On seeing this, the Sky Crane Lord became anxious and started shouting, "Don’t give them to him, you morons! Once he recovers his movement, he will kill you all and use your blood to upgrade his aptitude. You are causing your own doom!"

"Hmph, using such a low level tactic to sow distrust, so ridiculous!"

"Quick, this old thief is telling us not to give it, so we need to give even more primeval stones."

"Everything depends on lord ancestor!"

Gu Masters provided the primeval stones generously and soon, great quantities of primeval stones entered First gen Gu Yue’s mouth. Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing watched indifferently from the side.

A normal body wouldn’t be able to endure such a large amount of primeval essence pouring into them, but First gen Gu Yue’s blood wight zombie body was powerful and strong. The primeval essence in his primeval sea began to rise rapidly.

The Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu was becoming weaker, and after quite a while, it turned into a pool of blood; it had thoroughly died out.

With the bindings gone, First gen Gu Yue gave a long roar and activated his blood wight vital Gu. Great quantities of blood were absorbed into his body, and within moments, his powerful arms grew back again with claws as sharp as a knife.

He gave a hearty laugh then stood up.

At this exact moment, the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu on his forehead also turned into a pool of blood and completely dissipated.

"It seems the heavens do not want me dead!" First gen Gu Yue threw his head back and laughed.

"We ask first ancestor to behead this old thief!"

"Once the lord ancestor makes his move, he will definitely succeed."

The group of Gu Masters was elated.

First gen Gu Yue’s laughter gradually stopped, and fire burned in his eyes as he spoke unhurriedly, "I will, of course, kill my enemy. But before killing him, I still have something I need to do."

"Not good." Fang Yuan’s heart suddenly jumped when he heard the tone of the voice, and he discreetly moved towards the outer edge of the group.

The people beside him were puzzled by this but they were still filled with high fighting spirit, "We are not sure what first ancestor has to do, but we will serve the ancestor to the best of our abilities!"

First gen Gu Yue threw his head back and cackled with laughter, "Haha, the thing I need to do is to take your lives!"

"What?!" The crowd turned pale with shock.

First gen Gu Yue, however, didn’t hesitate to make his move.

Squelch, his claw immediately pierced through a Rank three Gu Master near him. When he took back his palm, there was a pulsing heart on it.

This Gu Master was a Gu Yue clan member, and his expression was one of disbelief at this moment. He gave a loud scream, blood spurting out like a fountain as he fell down with his head facing up.

"Good blood, it can’t be wasted," First gen Gu Yue exclaimed. With a shift of his mind, the Blood Skull Gu flew up and made one round around this Gu Master’s body.

The Gu Master’s corpse twitched, and all the blood in him was extracted by the Blood Skull Gu, entering into its two empty eye sockets.

After the Blood Skull Gu drank its fill, the blood stripes on its crystal skull turned even brighter.

"First ancestor, you?!" As the group retreated with all their might, someone cried out.

"Noisy!" First gen Gu Yue’s figure flashed and appeared in front of this person, slashing his body into two with a knife. Blood spurted out and was absorbed by the Blood Skull Gu.

"First ancestor, you ungrateful beast, if not for our primeval stones, how could you have any fighting strength left?!"

"This first ancestor is no decent person, everyone lets attack together and kill him!"

"That’s right, there is power in numbers….ahh!"

A bloody massacre unfolded. First gen Gu Yue was a peak Rank five and he had completely recovered his primeval essence. These Gu Masters were just Rank one, Rank two or at most Rank three, so how could they be his match?

And this Blood Curtain Skyflower separated inside from outside, forming a sealed space. Only its master, First gen Gu Yue could go out. But once he exited, he couldn’t enter again; he would have to destroy the Blood Curtain Skyflower or wait for it to dissipate.

The group of Gu Masters weren’t able to escape, they tried fighting but were utterly defeated and killed by First gen Gu Yue.

Except for Bai clan’s and Xiong clan’s Gu Masters, he killed every Gu Yue clansmen and used the Blood Skull Gu to absorb the blood. After killing several hundreds, the Rank four Blood Skull Gu was glistening red, as it had reached the limit of what it could absorb.

First gen Gu Yue laughed loudly and summoned the Blood Skull Gu; the Blood Skull Gu came towards him and floated above his head.

"This day, this moment, my centuries of arduous planning has finally come to fruition!" He let out a long exhalation of relief. At this moment, the Blood Skull Gu opened its tightly shut mouth and threw up a blood fountain.

The blood fountain didn’t have the fishy odor of blood, but instead let out a sweet relaxing fragrance.

This blood fountain poured from above First gen Gu Yue and completely soaked him.

However, what was strange and mysterious was that not even a drop of the blood fountain sprayed on the ground. All of the blood stuck to First gen Gu Yue’s body, then slowly seeped inside, finally reaching the aperture.

First gen Gu Yue stood on the spot; he was silent and his head was down as he appreciated this moment. Suddenly, he burst out with a crazed laughter as he spoke, "Kakakaka, my aptitude has advanced, my aptitude has really advanced!"

The rest of the Gu Masters tremored.

Outside the blood shield, Sky Crane Lord pointed at First gen Gu Yue and furiously shouted, "Return my Blood Skull Gu back to me!"

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