Reverend Insanity
193 Divine investigator’s last move
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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193 Divine investigator’s last move

Chapter 193: Divine investigator’s last move

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The Sky Crane Lord’s face turned malevolent and his two eyes glinted with ominous light as he suddenly threw down a rain of feather arrows.

This arrow rain was not targetted at the First gen Gu Yue; First gen Gu Yue had already turned into a blood wight zombie, a being that possessed astounding defence and would be difficult to breach.

The feather arrows rained down and instead pierced through countless of Gu Masters, instantly killing them!

Along with this, two white lights burst out from Sky Crane Lords’s eyes. As two beams of light swept through the village, wherever they went the bamboo buildings would collapse and street pavements were disintegrated. Anyone that touched these beams of light would melt like the snow meeting the sunlight.

When a Rank five Gu Master acts, he could instantly create huge casualties with every move.

Miserable shouts, screams and cries of despair continuously rang in the battlefield like a medley.

A feather arrow flower towards Fang Yuan, but he casually grabbed someone beside him and threw the man into the arrow’s path. The feather arrow pierced this person’s head and stopped. Fang Yuan then rolled, dodging a claw attack of an Ironbeak Flying Crane.

There was very little that a Rank three could do against a Rank five. Even Bai Ning Bing was dodging nonstop at this moment. Every time he was injured, the Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique would heal him, but this also brought him closer to death itself.

Rank five Gu Masters were already at the peak of the secular world.

"Stop!" The First gen Gu Yue shouted. As he watched the Gu Masters before him getting slaughtered, his heart felt like it was bleeding.

He had a great conspiracy for establishing the village and spreading his bloodline; it was not simply just to hide his identity. The clan members were the fruits of centuries of planning. But now, as they were slaughtered by the Sky Crane Lord, it was akin to using up the First gen Gu Yue’s centuries’ worth of heart blood.

Being left with no choice, First gen Gu Yue could only five up on Sky Crane Lord. He ordered the blade wing blood bat Gu and blood guillotine to fly towards the village, defending it against the Sky Crane Lord’s attacks.

The Sky Crane Lord laughed loudly. The Blood Sea Inheritance was focused on attack and not defence — by doing this the First gen Gu Yue was giving up on his own advantage and using his weak point to battle.

The Sky Crane Lord understood the First gen Gu Yue very well and knew his scheme. Thus he intentionally let these Gu Yue clan members go first, and then attacked them at this moment. Sure enough, he was able to escape from the perilous situation he was under while the First gen Fu Yue was troubled by trying to take care of the entire situation.

"Not good!"

As the situation continued to be in a deadlock, the First gen Gu Yue suddenly shouted. Shadows of iron chains had suddenly appeared around his entire body.

These shadows immediately turned from virtual into reality, and formed into long iron chains. These chains were like snakes and pythons as they coiled around First gen Gu Yue, binding his hands and feet.

A talisman paper also gradually appeared and stuck right between the First gen Gu Yue’s eyes.


First gen Gu Yue was bound by the iron chains; he could no longer stretch his wings and thus he fell smashing down onto the ground.

Such an unexpected scene not only shocked the First gen Gu Yue, but it also caused Sky Crane Lord to be shocked for a while before the latter started to laugh madly. "So this is the Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu and the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu. Hahaha, I guess that so-called Divine Investigator wasn’t a good-for-nothing after all. My good senior brother, you are sure to die today!"

These two great Gu were both the main Gu worms of the Tie family.

The Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu could restrict a Gu Master’s movement ability and thus let others trample upon them. The Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu was able to extract Gu worms from inside the Gu Master and seal them away.

Countless numbers of demonic path Gu Masters had been captured by Tie Xue Leng through these two Gu, and now he had used it on the First gen Gu Yue.

"When did this happen?!" The First gen Gu Yue was startled and also furious. He though back to the final scene when he had struck Tie Xue Leng dead.

The copper mask had flown away, revealing a square face.

Although his death was certain, there was no fear on his features. Two eyes shone with the vicissitudes of time and resoluteness as his bloodied palm struck lightly against First gen Gu Yue’s chest.

However, the strength it contained was so minuscule that First gen Gu Yue had completely ignored it at the time.

"So it was then! Damn it, I would have already sensed it if I had a living body. But though my zombie body is strong in both offence and defence, it is not sensitive." The First gen Gu Yue’s head was full of regrets.

There were many shortcomings when turning one’s body into a blood wight. He should have already died according to his original lifespan, but he lived on by defying the heavens, so how could there not be any price to pay?

"Hahaha! The Sky Crane Lord’s aura grew with his laughter, then he charged towards the First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue could only try to resist. Naturally, he fell into an absolute disadvantage.

The Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu not only bound his whole body, but the phantom image of the black iron chain also appeared within his aperture and sealed it.

The primeval sea surged like boiling water and many Gu worms flew around in the aperture, resisting the suppression of the Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu.

With this, the First gen Gu Yue’s primeval essence expenditure became extremely huge.

"Your defeat is certain, accept your death!" Sky Crane Lord’s attacks came nonstop, like he had fallen into madness.

First gen Gu Yue’s head was riddled with injuries, while his pale ribs were exposed and his two arms severed from the shoulders by the Sky Crane Lord.

When it seemed that Sky Crane Lord was going to really kill him, the First gen Gu Yue suddenly opened his mouth and gave an unearthly cry.


Extremely ear-piercing sound waves concentrated and instantly struck the Sky Crane Lord.

When Sky Crane Lord heard this sound, he felt like he had just met with an enormous attack, and he was sent flying dozens of steps away, his white eyebrows even pulled tight and straight. After that, he rapidly fell down to the ground.

Blood started flowing out of his eyes, nose, ears and mouth. The lingering sound was causing chaos inside his body, causing the blood to flow in reverse; he couldn’t move at all for a moment.

Seeing this chance, many Gu Masters threw moon blades, water bullets and so on from a distance, but they were all blocked by the light halo on the Sky Crane Lord.

Dozens of flying cranes swarmed at the First gen Gu Yue, but their iron beaks felt like it was smashing against steel skin and iron bones as they attacked the blood wight zombie body, and broke off one after another.

A Rank five Gu’s defense was no small thing. Even if Fang Yuan used the Chainsaw Golden Centipede to saw at the blood wight zombie body for some time, he might not be able to cut off even a piece of skin.

Right now, in this battle, only these two Rank five Gu Masters could threaten each other.

Although they were in a very bad state, as long as their primeval essence didn’t end, others could only look on helplessly.

Sky Crane Lord saw that the flying cranes were unable to accomplish anything, while the flying crane king was fighting with the blood river python far away. As for himself, he was unable to move anything other than his eyes properly due to his qi and blood being in conflict. He concentrated his mind on the Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu, greatly accelerating the primeval essence consumption.

First gen Gu Yue was on the verge of death!

The primeval essence in his primeval sea quickly decreased and once it was completely used up, his Gu worms would have no primeval essence to resist the suppression of the Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu. Once this happened, Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu would start extracting the Gu worms and sealing them. That would truly be the end!

First gen Gu Yue shouted in panic, "Quick, lend me a hand! Grab the eyebrows and activate your primeval essence."

"Let’s help!"
"Help the first ancestor!!"
"Let’s go."

A large group of Gu Masters went to help - not only from Gu Yue clan, but even Bai and Xiong clan.

Even First gen Gu Yue was not able to cut apart these white eyebrows, so there was no way these Gu Masters’ methods would work. They could only do as First gen Gu Yue said, stretching their hands and grabbing the white eyebrows.

They had just touched the white eyebrows, when some of the eyebrows split up and coiled around their wrists, arms and then finally extended to their bodies.

"Ahh….." Miserable shrieks echoed in succession.

How could a rank two Gu Master’s primeval essence fight against a Rank five primeval essence? In a short while, their primeval essence was consumed clean, their primeval sea was empty, their apertures completely dried up; their apertures started to crack, before finally crumbling and collapsing.

The aperture was the most vital part in a human body, even more important than heart. Once the aperture broke, many Gu Masters’ eyes would roll and lose their lives on the spot.

"Fuck!" First gen Gu Yue cursed in anger. The Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu was tightening up, piercing into the skin and flesh; the bones were starting to make cackling sounds.

It was reasonable to say that with Tie Xue Leng’s death, this Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu couldn’t get primeval essence from its Gu Master and shouldn’t have been able to activate. However, it had been infected by the berserk blood Gu, and thus it could absorb the primeval essence in the air. Also, Demon Suppression Iron Chain Gu was Tie Xue Leng’s Gu, so it contained Tie Xue Leng’s will to subdue First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue’s primeval essence was depleting quickly, and he would not be able to bear it much longer.

Many Gu Masters that were rushing to provide assistance, saw this and couldn’t help but slow down.

"What are you afraid of? If the first ancestor loses, we will also die! Are you hoping that you will be spared?" Fang Yuan shouted; he hurried to the side of First gen Gu Yue and grabbed the white eyebrows.

The Thousand Li Earthwolf spider had already died, and the enemy had flying cranes that could fly around to pursue and attack. There was no hope for him if he tried to escape alone.

On the contrary, if he helped First gen Gu Yue and the two sides fought each other to death, he might be able to reap some benefits.

The white eyebrows firmly locked onto Fang Yuan’s wrists, then it followed to his arms and creeped along like a vine towards his waist. The snow silver primeval essence in his aperture was being quickly consumed, but Fang Yuan clenched his teeth and persevered.

His actions served as an example. Other Gu Masters were spurred and rushed forth in succession.

"Let’s do this together, we might have a chance at life!"
"That’s right, there is strength in numbers!!"
"Sigh, what else can we do, we can only stake our lives."

Countless hands touched the white eyebrows; Gu Masters kept on dying and many other Gu Masters kept on filling the gaps to add in to the consumption.

"Hahaha, fighting against a Rank five, how brilliant and interesting!" Bai Ning Bing also stepped forward.

"Life or death will be decided by this." Xiong Jiao Man similarly stood up.

Fang Zheng was nowhere to be seen; he was lost in the wild and hadn’t escaped back to the village. Whether he lived or had died, no one could be sure, but everything bode ill for him.

Time seemed to be passing very slowly at this moment, becoming unendurable.

As time passed, many Gu Masters died. Some Gu Masters directly attacked Sky Crane Lord, but the white halo around him stood as steady as Mt. Tai.

Only Rank three Gu Masters could hold their grounds in this consumption face off.
Many Gu Masters’ confidence started shaking and they were beginning to hesitate.

Both sides were locked up in deadlock. Sky Crane Lord smiled grimly and said, "My victory is certain, you will all die!"

There was too big a gap between Rank three and Rank five. Rank fours would have been able to affect the situation, but the three Rank four clan leaders were already killed by Sky Crane Lord.

First gen Gu Yue was bound by the iron chains while the white eyebrows had also coiled up around him and the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu on his forehead was swaying; there was already very few primeval essence left in his aperture.

Suddenly the Problem Nipped in the Bud Gu let out a faint yellow light and slowly extracted a ball of yellow light from First gen Gu Yue’s aperture.

This yellow light was bigger than a fist but smaller than a basin. It slowly floated down on the ground, and only a faint glimmer of the yellow light remained.

A Gu that looked like a crystal skull showed up. The Gu was like a skull of a child that could fit on a palm, and the skull was like a crystal filled with reddish bloodstripes.

"Blood Skull Gu! After hundreds of years, I finally get to see you again!" Sky Crane Lord looked on from a distance and wept tears of joy; he was extremely moved.

Note: ‘Problem Nipped in the Bud’ Gu - The name of this Gu is an idiom that means: Solving the problem from the roots itself.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Hey guys! So I stayed up and it's 6am now... ah, I'll post the rest when I'm awake. Here's two chapters first. Also QI told me not to post too many in one go for traffic purposes lol... so I will make a tiny bit of intervals in each two-three. Like 2-3 hours maybe? See how it goes after I wake up.


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