Reverend Insanity
192 Raising Eyebrows & Exhale
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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192 Raising Eyebrows & Exhale

Chapter 192: Raising Eyebrows & Exhale

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"How did I find you? Hahaha!" The white-brow elderly laughed loudly, his voice sound extremely happy, while his gaze was ruthless. He opened his palm, revealing a Gu.

It was the Kinship Bloodworm.

Kinship Bloodworm was crystal clear, like a red agate. It was like a cicada, emitting light at times, pointing towards First gen Gu Yue.

"Although senior brother stole my opportunity and backstabbed me, taking away my Gu, I still managed to learn the secret arts. Thus I refined this Kinship Bloodworm. You know how I refined it? Hehehe, using the heart blood of your two blood-related sons. They were only five to six years old and were too young, so without sufficient heart blood, I could only turn them both into living sources, taking their blood every month. After spending tens of years, I finally accumulated enough heart blood and refined this Gu." The white-brow elderly said briskly, his tone extremely smug.

"Oh, right, both your sons died soon after. HAHAHA, after refining the Kinship Bloodworm, I used it to find you for many years. But this world is too big, and you were nowhere to be found. Even though the Kinship Bloodworm was Rank five, its range is still limited. Eventually, when I was almost dying, I could only use the life-retaining Jade Burial Gu, living through death and sealing myself. Not long before this, I had to come out of sealing and I tried one last time. To think I found you by coincidence! Senior brother, do you know how happy and excited I was at that time?!"

"As for that Tie Xue Leng, hehehe, I did send him a letter to attract him here. Seeing him, I thought of our former relationship. How nostalgic. Back then we were from the same sect, chasing after demonic cultivators. We were called the Righteous Twin Cranes, having unlimited glory and pride," The white-brow elderly saying so, showed a nostalgic expression.

His expression was calm and his tone was gentle, but the more he thought about it, the stronger the killing intent was in both of his cold eyes.

This white-brow elderly, came from the Middle Continent; he was known as Lord Sky Crane.

Back then, he used the Rank five Crane Enslavement Gu and ruled over a myriad beast king level crane king and rose to fame. Because he could enslave a myriad beast king, it meant he controlled a ten thousand beast army.

This strength allowed him to use his own power and eliminate a single village.

Lord Sky Crane and First gen Gu Yue both came from the Middle Continent’s Immortal Crane Sect. Hundreds of years ago, they were senior and junior brothers, closer than real brothers, killing many demonic Gu Masters and working together, having perfect synergy with each other.

In one of their attempts in chasing after demonic cultivators, they found an inheritance ground.

This inheritance was one of the many set up by the Blood Sea Ancestor. But if it was an ordinary inheritance, so be it, they would not have turned on each other.

However, this inheritance ground’s treasure was beyond precious; it could allow one to rise to the heavens and become an immortal from a mortal! Thus, the two brothers were moved.

Legend says, Blood Sea Ancestor left behind over a hundred thousand inheritances, spread throughout the world. But his real motive was the few true treasures hidden in a few of these spots. They hid his personal Gu worms, his true methods.

The sect brothers encountered the Blood Sea Ancestor’s true treasure inheritance.

Lord Sky Crane was quicker and obtained the inheritance. Corrupted by greed, First gen Gu Yue schemed against him and stole the Gu worm. Then he attempted to kill Lord Sky Crane, but did not succeed as the latter managed to escape.

Seeing that the matter was exposed, First gen Gu Yue could only hide his name and escape everywhere, preventing himself from getting found by his former sect. After tens of years, he could not find a Lifespan Gu, thus in his final days he stood at Qing Mao Mountain in the Southern Border, changing his appearance and calling himself Gu Yue, establishing the Gu Yue village.

Lord Sky Crane being unable to find him, was filled with hatred. Meanwhile the Immortal Crane Sect was very interested in the blood sea inheritance, thus with their help, Lord Sky Crane used the life-preserving Jade Burial Gu, falling into a deep sleep and preserving his last bit of life.

This life-preserving Jade Burial Gu’s method was also a special method. Similar to First gen Gu Yue’s transformation into a zombie, they were unorthodox methods and were just desperate measures.

Turning into a zombie, replacing life with death. Life-preserving life burial could enable one to hang onto life, but did not increase their lifespan.

There was only one way to increase one’s lifespan in this world. Like what Fang Yuan did in his previous life, they would need to use the Lifespan Gu, increasing one’s own lifespan from the roots; this was the proper way. Other methods had disadvantages and were not recognised by Heaven and Earth, belonging to helpless resorts.

"Senior brother! You shameless disciple, despicable scum! Back then when you backstabbed me, did you expect retribution today? Haha, the heavens did not let me down, for I finally found you. Today, not only will I exterminate your bloodline and destroy your thousand year plot, but I will also take back my opportunity! This day, I have waited far too long!!"

Ending his reminisces, Lord Sky Crane sighed loudly, gathering his killing intent.

But before he struck, First gen Gu Yue acted even faster!

The blood water on the ground poured up like a fountain, giving off a terrifying aura.

The sharp smell of blood spread as within the thick concentrated blood water, tens of thousands of blood guillotines flew out, tightly packed together.


Sounds of wings flapping were heard as countless bladewing blood bat Gu flew into the air, engulfing the sky and killing towards the crane flock.

The crane flock fell into chaos.

Blood guillotines and bladewing blood bats were much smaller than the Iron Beak Flying Cranes, gaining movement advantage in battle.

Lord Sky Crane was furious, screaming loudly and ordering the flying crane king he was riding on, rushing towards First gen Gu Yue.

"Retreat!" A Gu Master shouted.

The winds howled as the myriad beast king’s charge was too imposing, like a meteor hitting the ground, causing people to feel shocked and afraid.

But suddenly, a blood wave flew into the sky, and the hiding blood river python assaulted under the cover of the blood water. It opened its mouth, biting at the flying crane king’s long neck. At the same time its body coiled, trying to drag the flying crane king into the blood pond on the ground.

Lord Sky Crane snorted; he knew about the blood river python. Blood water was like a supreme recovery medicine for the python, thus he needed to cut the contact between them.

With this he willed in his mind, and the flying crane king stretched out its steel claws, grabbing onto the blood river python. At the same time it flapped its wings, flying towards the sky. After battling with Tie Xue Leng, the blood river python still had many injuries on its body, and its strength was also greatly diminished. Thus it was carried by the flying crane king into the air, slowing leaving the village.

"Hand over your life!" Lord Sky Crane howled, turning into a white flash and pouncing on First gen Gu Yue was who in the red coffin.

First gen Gu Yue took a step out of the coffin, and with a stretch, wings grew out of his back. These pair of wings were large and strong, like jet-black coloured bat wings.

Zombie Gu are a classic series of Gu worms, widely spread in the world. Rank two Roaming Zombie Gu, Rank three Fur Zombie Gu, Rank four Jumping Zombie Gu, Rank five Flying Zombie Gu. The Blood Wight Gu was one of the flying zombies, of course it could fly!

First gen Gu Yue’s eyes burnt with raging flames as he opened his arms and showed his devious demonic claws. He spread both wings, rushing towards the sky. With a boom, he collided with Lord Sky Crane who was in the air.

The two had almost equal strength, and after retreating for a distance, they stabilized themselves and attacked once again.

Boom boom boom....

The two engaged in aerial combat, their bodies colliding constantly. The power of Rank five was fully displayed, as the aftermath of their conflicts resulted in numerous bamboo buildings collapsing.

After a while, First gen Gu Yue shouted loudly, his body covered in blood shadows, as his attacks became several times more ruthless.

Lord Sky Crane’s eyes glowed with light, attacking like the slashing of a flying blade, or the piercing of an immortal sword, breaking the shadows one by one.

First gen Gu Yue breathed out a bloody mist again, prompting Lord Sky Crane to activate his Gu worm which formed a light barrier, blocking the blood mist from invading.

After a while, Lord Sky Crane was after all a dying old man, his elderly body weak, and thus his strength fell, slowly getting overpowered by First gen Gu Yue, falling into a disadvantage.

"After hundreds of years, you did not improve one bit!" First gen Gu Yue laughed loudly and mocked.

"God damn scoundrel!" Lord Sky Crane scolded in rage; he did not expect First gen Gu Yue to be so strong, be it the blood guillotine or the bladewing blood bat Gu — they were supposed to be his.

Thinking so, he got even more furious.

"Hmph, it’s time to use my trump card!" Lord Sky Crane snorted secretly, his white eyebrows raising lightly, transforming.

His eyebrows grew frantically, becoming two thick bushes over tens of metres, one left and one right like snakes coming out of their dens, moving quickly and coiling around First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue struggled to no avail, his claws unceasingly attacking. These eyebrows looked fragile but were stronger than steel, and also malleable. Once restrained, it was like the roots of an old tree.

"It is actually the Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu!" First gen Gu Yue’s tone changed for the first time, shocked and furious.

This Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu did not use ordinary qi, but primeval energy. Using the primeval essence in the Gu Master’s aperture, and sending it out as primeval energy, this Gu was uncommon as it had a lose-lose type of usage.

By using this Gu now, not only was First gen Gu Yue’s primeval essence rapidly expended, but so was Lord Sky Crane’s.

Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu was like a bridge, connecting the two’s aperture, causing primeval essence to be expended. It was often used by high ranking Gu Masters to bully the weak. Once used on someone stronger, it was akin to courting death.

But this situation was different.

Lord Sky Crane and First gen Gu Yue were both Rank five peak stage, but First gen Gu Yue turned into a zombie and his aperture was dead, thus he was unable to recover natural primeval essence. Although Lord Sky Crane was dying of old age and barely had any lifespan, his aperture was full of life, and his primeval essence could still recover. This attacked First gen Gu Yue’s greatest weakness.

Lord Sky Crane’s primeval essence was still recovering, but in First gen Gu Yue’s aperture, his primeval essence would only go down and not up.

First gen Gu Yue desperately retreated, but the white eyebrows extended with him as if they were endless, and at the same time Lord Sky Crane was moving closer as well.

First gen Gu Yue howled, willing in his mind and calling the blood guillotine and bladewing blood bat Gu in attempt to cut the white eyebrows, but it had no effect. The whitebrows were extremely strong, and even if a few were cut, they would reconnect themselves.

His primeval essence continued to decrease, and if this went on, First gen Gu Yue was definitely going to lose. He was after all an ambitious man, forced to his wits end. He gritted his teeth and changed tactics, sending the blood guillotine and bladewing blood bat Gu towards Lord Sky Crane.

Lord Sky Crane had to constantly sustain the Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu, and by being attacked like this, he could only use the light barrier and defend himself passively.

The white barrier wavered and Lord Sky Crane’s heart sank, the situation was not looking good for him.

Most likely, before he finishes expending First gen Gu Yue’s primeval essence, his light barrier would be broken through and he would get killed by First gen Gu Yue!

Note: I am so sorry if the name "Raise Eyebrows & Exhale Gu" is dumb but there’s no other way to translate it… Lol.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

I have been very busy, but I've been working on TL with the time I had, and I'm posting this to tell you that on Saturday (GMT+8) I am supposed to post up to 199 by then.
So I'm going to post the entire batch of chapters (193-199) up on Saturday so you may read the entire story in one go, instead of cliffhanging everyday. Trust me, it's much better this way to read the entire batch. Also to some people: Yes the book is ending on Chapter 199, but there's Book two after that.


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