Reverend Insanity
191 Crane disaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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191 Crane disaster

Chapter 191: Crane disaster

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
In the azure blue sky, numerous clouds were floating aimlessly.
The elderly Gu Master rode on top of the white crane. Under his white eyebrows that were sharp like daggers, his eyes revealed a deep killing intent.

"Hehehe, with this grudge of mine, I shall start taking revenge on your descendants," he laughed, staring down at the battlefield, stretching his thin and dry finger and pointing downwards.

The white crane below him raised its long and elegant neck, crying out in a bright and loud voice.

The voice spread through the skies, and from far away, there were many return calls.

"What sound is this?" Fang Yuan was activating the Earth Communication Ear grass at the time, thus he heard it first and was shocked in his heart.
The crane cries went on endlessly, all at different pitches, giving off an impressive magnitude. This was not over a hundred canes, nor a few thousand crying at once; it was the collective cries of over ten thousand flying cranes that could cause such an effect.

"Is there a migrating flock of cranes nearby?" Out of nowhere, Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of danger.

The crane cries attracted the attention of the Gu Masters in the arena, turning their heads to look at them.

"What’s that in the sky?"

"From the sound, I’d say its a large herd of migrating birds. Tell all the Gu Masters not to attack recklessly and bring trouble upon themselves!" Bai clan leader was just saying, but suddenly he came to a halt.

His eyes dilated, seeing one, two, three... almost ten thousand cranes in the sky, clumped together and attacking towards the arena.

"How can this be?"
"Get your guard on, defend!"

"Let’s escape, there are ten thousand cranes here, there has to be a myriad beast king."

"The wolf tide is just over, now we have a crane disaster? Oh Heavens, Qing Mao Mountain is truly a place of disasters."

Gu Masters started commenting, expressing the shock in their hearts as their spirits wavered.

After finally resisting the wolf tide, a crane disaster appears. The three clans on Qing Mao mountain have suffered great losses already, how could they have the excess energy to deal with such a large flock of cranes?
The flying cranes folded back their wings, shooting down like a rain of arrows.

Under the thunderous cries, screams of fear, pain and horror erupted at once, as all sorts of lights burst forth — moonblades, water balls and steel spikes were sent into the skies.

After a momentary resistance, more than half of the Gu Masters were killed.

These flying cranes were like pile drivers; each time their wings flapped, it had the strength of a boar, and their claws were sharp and could break rocks. Ordinary cranes were hard enough to deal with, not to mention the large amounts of hundred and thousand beast kings among them.

The clans had centuries of experience in dealing with the wolf tide, and also the sturdy villages that can defend against them. But here, it was the wilderness with no buildings in sight. Where could they find anything resembling a fort?

Thus, during the first attack, half the Gu Masters passed away.
The cranes’ long beaks penetrated hearts, their claws grabbing onto skulls. With a flap of their wings, people would vomit blood and be sent flying, all their bones broken.

Fang Yuan was also attacked. his eyes could only see white fog as he relied on the Earth Communication Ear grass to avoid their attacks.

"Fang Yuan, hang in there!" This time, he heard Gu Yue Bo shouting behind him.

Fang Yuan felt puzzled.

What’s up with this Gu Yue Bo, when he shouted Fang Yuan’s name earlier, the tone was weird, like he had intentions to protect him. Now he even ran over to help.

Fang Yuan was a scheming old fox, but even he could not predict everything. In this short period, how could he conjecture that Tie Ruo Nan assumed he was a ten extreme physique?

Gu Yue Bo was a Rank four expert, thus since the cranes attacking Fang Yuan were ordinary beasts, they were easily killed or repelled by him.

"Fang Yuan, is that you?" Gu Yue Bo came to the maze fog.

Fang Yuan’s thoughts whirled in his mind: Right now, his predicament was extremely dangerous, and being near Gu Yue Bo would greatly increase his chances of survival. Thus he answered: "It’s me."

Gu Yue Bo hearing Fang Yuan’s voice, finally breathed a sigh of relief, "Very good! Fang Yuan, let’s not mention what happened in the past. No matter what, the clan will protect your safety. Let’s return to the village, I’ll protect you while retreating!"

What he did not know was that the village was the most dangerous location for Fang Yuan right now.

But the crane disaster was a much greater threat compared to the village. At least if he went back to the village, he would not die immediately compared to staying under the cranes’ attacks.

Fang Yuan sighed without hesitating, "Please lead the way clan leader, I will try to keep up!"

But at this time, a giant crane descended from the sky. The white-brow old Gu Master sat on top of the crane, his tone cold, "No one can escape, all of you shall die here."

Fang Yuan could not see, but heard Gu Yue Bo beside him shout, "Rank five Gu Master!"

Evidently, the Gu Yue clan leader had investigative methods that was able to deduce the stranger’s cultivation level.
Fang Yuan was stunned in his heart: Where is there another Rank five Gu Master here? This tiny Qing Mao mountain, it was neither a famous location nor full of resources, why are all the Rank five experts gathering here?

"Don’t tell me, this has to do with First gen Gu Yue?" Fang Yuan hit an inspiration.

His heart jumped!

If it was an ordinary crane disaster, he would have no chances left. Wild flying beasts were hard to make use of, and although he was at Rank three peak stage, compared to a Rank five he was still weak and could not get out of the danger.

But now another Rank five Gu Master showed up. Not only is he another source of extreme danger, but also a chance to break out of his predicament.

This current Qing Mao mountain, the three Rank five experts were the crucial players, the rest were insignificant.

Only a Rank five can deal with Rank five.

Immediately, Fang Yuan decided in his heart.

It is time, he has to bet on this!

"Clan leader, the First gen ancestor has fully awakened, we will be safe if we return to the village!" Fang Yuan said.

"What?" Gu Yue Bo shouted in shock.

His shock gave Fang Yuan reassurance.
"I won’t lie about such things. As long as we get back to the village, we can save our lives," Fang Yuan continued.

Gu Yue Bo was a resolute man, thus he brought Fang Yuan and sped towards the village.

But the flying cranes continued to approach, blocking the path. Hundred beast kings and thousand beast kings appeared non-stop.

Gu Yue Bo fought with his life, protecting Fang Yuan. Eventually he could no longer proceed, falling into the encirclement of the flying cranes. Fang Yuan was protected by Gu Yue Bo, thus he was safe for the time being.

Once time was up, the maze fog vanished.

Fang Yuan observed the battlefield, only to see corpses lying everywhere, showing that a terrifying battle had happened. The Gu Masters’ sacrifice was huge, but the flock of cranes were also greatly damaged. Other than broken limbs of humans, there were also crane corpses everywhere.

"Isn’t this the Iron Beak Flying Crane?" Fang Yuan felt puzzled.

Others might not recognise it, for after all, this flying beast was not from the Southern Border. But he knew that this Iron Beak Flying Crane originated from the Middle Kingdom.

"Eh? Myriad beast king, Rank five expert!" Next, Fang Yuan saw in mid-air, a giant crane was flapping its wings, floating. On its back, a white-brow white haired old man was sitting with a cold expression.

Fang Yuan looked away, back at Gu Yue Bo.

This Gu Yue clan leader was already full of injuries, his body full of blood, fighting with his life. Many times he could clearly have avoided, but to protect Fang Yuan, he would rather suffer the injury himself.

"Clan leader! The current situation is not looking good. Gu Masters are fighting bravely, but are all divided into different areas by the flying cranes, they will eventually get overwhelmed. We must gather their strength into one. Only then can we have a chance to break out of this and return to the village!" Fang Yuan said to Gu Yue Bo.

"You are right." Gu Yue Bo looked across the battlefield, shouting loudly, "Everyone, the enemy is before us, our Gu Yue village has a method to deal with the enemy, quickly assemble with me and kill our way out!"

The voice echoed in the battlefield, attracting numerous gazes.

"What? Gu Yue clan still has a trump card to deal with a Rank five?"

"Believing in it is better than nothing!"
"Brothers, let’s go, gather with the Gu Yue clan leader!!"

They were already despairing, but now that Gu Yue Bo said it, they saw some hope.

Under the pressure of death, these former enemies united and worked together, quickly gathering into one spot.

"Gu Yue clan… hehe, you are all senior brother’s descendants." On the huge crane, the white brow elderly laughed coldly, about to command the cranes to intercept, but on second thoughts, he stopped that idea.

"Why not let these people escape back, so I can finish them off together. But these are all his descendants, so in the battle later, I can use them to threaten him. But these three Rank four Gu Masters have the ability to interfere with the battle, I cannot let them stay, I shall kill them first!"

Thinking so, the white brow elderly screeched strangely, flicking his finger and sending three balls of light flying.

"What Gu is this?" Xiong clan leader was first hit by the white ball, and after getting covered by it, his speed fell drastically, slower than a snail.

The other two clan leaders were the same.
"Fang Yuan, quickly go, Gu Yue clansmen listen up, you have to protect Fang Yuan at all costs, he’s the only one that knows the method!" Gu Yue Bo tried all ways but could not get rid of this light ring, thus he screamed loudly and turned around to face the white brow elderly.

Fang Yuan turned around, looking at this Gu Yue clan leader deeply.

"Elder Fang Yuan, let us protect you!" A large number of Gu Yue clansmen gathered beside Fang Yuan, protecting him in all directions.

Healing light as well as speed buffs were all casted on Fang Yuan.

Collision sounds were heard from the back, and under the mystical and cruel fate, the three clan leaders who hated each other worked together tightly right now, battling against the mysterious elderly with their life on the line.
The results of this battle, was decided from the start.

The three clan leaders died one by one as the white brow elderly flicked his sleeves, sitting firmly on the huge crane. Flying cranes engulfed the skies as they gradually forced their way into Gu Yue village.

Gu Yue village was in chaos, and the sad cries of people were heard everywhere.

Large numbers of bamboo buildings fell, and the debris area was full of corpses with white cloths covering over them. Injured members cried in pain, lying on the ground as many healing Gu Masters worked to the bone.
The clan main pavilion was half devastated, and the village square was covered in a layer of blood water; this was extremely horrifying to the clansmen.

Because Tie Xue Leng and First gen Gu Yue engaged in fierce combat, it caused the mountains to shake. Thus, Gu Yue village which was right above was greatly affected.
Gu Yue Yao Ji who was staying in the village, did not manage to receive Gu Yue Bo, but instead saw the injured remnants of the three clans.

"What is going on?" She shouted loudly.

Fang Yuan didn’t reply, because the flock of cranes behind her was the best explanation.

"Oh my god..."

"Is our Gu Yue clan going to perish today?"

Immediately, the village fell into chaos once again.

"Senior brother, your junior, I have come here all the way to see you. Why aren’t you coming out to meet me?" White-brow elderly stood on the crane’s back, his tone full of icy killing intent.

Before he was finished, on the village square, blood water gushed out like a ten metre fountain, and the bright red coffin appeared vertically.

As a blood wight, First gen Gu Yue stood inside the coffin, his blood red eyes staring closely at the white-brow elderly.

"To think that you didn’t die... how did you find this place? As expected, that Gu Master earlier was instigated by you!" First gen Gu Yue said hatefully.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Hello guys, I owe you all two chapters. Sorry for the delay too, but it's Chinese New Year this week and I've been busy...Well if it is any consolation, when I have the time to do them you guys get to binge read the rest!


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