Reverend Insanity
189 Shocking change
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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189 Shocking change

Chapter 189: Shocking change

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The sun lowers as night descends, and the setting sun was like a burning fire on the horizon.

Standing on a slope was Bai Ning Bing, clothed in white, his hair snowy white. The setting sun’s last rays reflected in his eyes, hinting that his life was ending.
"Such a beautiful sunset, how many more times can I see it... this brilliance of nature, I have only seen a little of them all, what a waste. Especially when around me, these annoying fellows are still arguing."

Bai Ning Bing snorted in his heart, retracting his gaze and sweeping the environment.

Gu Yue and Xiong clan’s alliance, the remaining hundred Gu Masters gathered together and surrounded Bai Ning Bing.

"Bai Ning Bing, if you back out of this competition now, we can spare your life!"

"Indeed, if you know your place, we might as well be kind and let you off."

"Your Bai clan Gu Masters are mostly finished. The remaining ones have all been stopped by us. Don’t rest your hopes on reinforcements, they will not come!"

With Fang Zheng, Xiong Jiao Man, Xiong Lin and Chi Cheng as leaders, the young Gu Masters spoke in turns, trying to break Bai Ning Bing’s spirits.

But these words, Bai Ning Bing did not put to heart.

"A bunch of rats coming to the elephant and screaming, how pathetically laughable," Bai Ning Bing laughed coldly, his gaze sweeping across the crowd, showing disdain. "Among you people, only Gu Yue Fang Yuan is slightly interesting. Too bad he isn’t here. Hehe, come at me together."

Saying so, Bai Ning Bing created an iceblade, using his hand to wipe the sharp blade that emitted cold energy; he did not even look at the people around him.

"This person is too arrogant!"

"Hmph, not taking us seriously!"

"Brothers, let’s attack together. Everyone send out one attack, even ten Bai Ning Bings will be turned into meat paste!"

The Gu Masters jeered, but no one dared to attack rashly.

Although Bai Ning Bing was alone, his aura was overwhelming, causing everyone to feel threatened.

"Everyone calm down, don’t listen to Bai Ning Bing’s taunts. We did not practice together before and do not have good cooperation. If we attack together, we will waste much of our efforts and he will take advantage of it." Xiong Lin shouted.

"Then who attacks first?" Chi Cheng asked.

Although they cooperated with Xiong clan and attacked the Bai clan, this alliance was not a close one. Whoever attacks first bears higher risks, and also risks the other party taking advantage of their combat.

"Nevermind, I’ll engage Bai Ning Bing first. To be honest, I’ve wanted to fight you some long ago." Xiong Jian Man took a step forward.

She blew a whistle, and once she did, sounds of beasts stampeding could be heard from afar. Many blacks shadows overlapped in the forest, and what showed up was over two hundred black bears!

The black bear at the front of the horde was larger than the rest; it was a hundred beast king level black bear.

The wolf tide was dangerous, but it was also an opportunity. Xiong Jiao Man rose to Rank three because of it, and the Bear Enslavement Gu also rose to Rank three, finally being able to enslave bear-type hundred beast kings!

This was Xiong Jiao Man’s trump card.

"Way to go, lady boss!"

"Oh my god~, so many bears."

"With all these bears and us being around a hundred people, Bai Ning Bing is dead meat!"

Xiong clan Gu Masters were stirred, getting excited. Gu Yue clan looked complicated; after Xiong Li died, this Xiong Jiao Man became the number one contender in the Xiong clan. Looking at Gu Yue clan, after Qing Shu died, Mo Bei followed as well. Although Fang Yuan rose to Rank three, his aptitude is only C grade, it was hard to count on him.

"Thankfully, we still have the A grade Gu Yue Fang Zheng!" Many Gu Masters looked at Fang Zheng, thinking so and feeling assured.

Especially during this three-clan competition, Fang Zheng seemed to have gotten more mature, attacking more ferociously, and many Bai clan Gu Masters were killed by him. Such a performance caused many clansmen to feel comforted.

This was the true disposition of a A grade genius!

"The results are pretty much assured. Even a Rank three peak stage with much talent cannot be the match for a hundred people. Lord Qing Shu, I will take revenge for you personally!! After that, if big brother appears..." Fang Zheng stared intently at Bai Ning Bing, thinking rapidly in his mind.

"Merely a hundred beast king, what a boring trick."

His entire body was emitting cold air.

"Northern Dark Ice Soul physique... I’m at my limit already huh." Bai Ning Bing felt his life ending; his body had reached some sort of limit. Not soon after, he would die. Even now, he could feel his body starting to collapse, and much of his flesh and blood was turning into ice and snow.

But even so, Bai Ning Bing remained calm, his gaze concentrated. He took a final look at the sun’s rays, before turning around and looking at the charging bear group.

"Since you are all looking for death, I shall act mercifully and grant you all your wishes. Maybe this way, it can bring some excitement to my life," he sighed softly.

Not far away, the three clan leaders and Gu Masters stood still, completely silent.

"The battle is finally starting! Killing Bai Ning Bing is the greatest victory!" Xiong clan leader was secretly excited.

"Hmph, we were tricked. They actually ganged up to deal with us. Hehehe, you have all underestimated Bai Ning Bing, get ready for a shock." Bai clan leader was calm as water, plotting in his mind.

Gu Yue Bo showed a worried expression.

Up until now, Fang Yuan and Tie Xue Leng did not show up at all.

Although the three-clan competition was important, his mind was elsewhere.

"Desolate Yin Ancient Moon physique... If Fang Yuan really has such an aptitude, we have to protect him at all costs and bring him into the blood lake graveyard!" Thinking so, Gu Yue Bo looked at Tie Ruo Nan without turning his body.
This Tie family young lady had a strong background, but she was already brought around by Gu Yue Bo, secretly a captive.

Tie Ruo Nan was not worried about her situation. She believed her father, and was also thinking about how to capture Fang Yuan.

Whatever aptitude Fang Yuan had, as long as one bothered to, they could assess it. If he really was a ten extreme talent, then his suspicion would be the greatest!

"Fuck!" Fang Yuan cursed, lying on the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider’s back, sticking closely and preventing himself from falling off.

He wanted to use the Flower Wine Monk’s opened path to advance easily.

But good times do not last, for not long after, the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider started to go crazy.

It started to absorb the natural essence in the air, using it. At the same time, its three pairs of legs started to dig out new paths, moving around randomly in the underground cave.

Fang Yuan understood finally.

This Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider, under the Flower Wine Monk’s command, had engaged in battle with First gen Gu Yue previously.

In the battle, it was corrupted by the Blood Frenzy Gu.

The Flower Wine Monk relied on it to escape, then hurriedly created the secret cave, leaving behind his inheritance before dying.

Upon losing its master, the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider lost control and frantically went back to that path that it had dug when escaping.

Right before death, what was fortunate was that the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider sealed itself and fell into hibernation, preserving its last life force before dying.

Hundreds of years later, Fang Yuan returned to the place and dug out the cocoon, causing it to awaken again. But the Blood Frenzy Gu’s problem was not solved, and thus after a while, it started to act up again.
Fang Yuan was deep in the cave, and just by relying on his own strength he could not escape to the surface. He needed the ability of the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider.

The Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider started to go crazy, getting more uncontrollable; Fang Yuan could only ride on its back, betting on his luck.

But at this point, the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider’s frequency of going crazy was not so high, so Fang Yuan still had some control of it.

Although his control was slipping, overall, he still controlled the general direction. He let the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider dig its way to the surface, but where it would end up, Fang Yuan had no idea.

The last of the sun’s rays were like blood, reflecting on the minced corpses and broken limbs everywhere on the battlefield.

Bai Ning Bing stood arrogantly on the battlefield, a thick layer of ice beneath his feet as the icy domain continued to spread outwards.

The remaining Gu Masters amounted to less than thirty, staying closely together trying to find a bit of assurance from each other’s body warmth.

The bear group had long been exterminated. Even Xiong Jian Man had been beheaded by Bai Ning Bing’s iceblade, and her head flew far away as blood poured like a fountain out of her neck.

Xiong Lin was penetrated by the icicles from Bai Ning Bing, and Gu Yue Chi Cheng was turned into a ice sculpture. In the ice coffin, he still retained the dodging action right before death, his face showing shock, fear, and utter shock, vivid and lifelike.

Fang Zheng’s body was full of injuries, but there was no blood; his injuries were all frozen by the ice and snow.

He breathed roughly, looking at Bai Ning Bing in disbelief. What happened earlier was like a nightmare!

Bai Ning Bing was definitely a Rank three, but his battle strength was almost Rank four!!

"Hmph, although lookalikes, but you are not him, how boring...." Bai Ning Bing looked at Fang Zheng, walking closer. Fang Zheng still being alive, was also intentional by Bai Ning Bing.

The Gu Masters all got into a commotion, their morale at its lowest. If not for the fact that their clan leaders were watching from afar, they would’ve broken down and escaped for their lives already.

"Damn it, damn it! Why is our battle strength so different, I am an A grade talent, am I going to die here?" Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, screaming in his heart.

"Die." Bai Ning Bing jumped, raising his iceblade high while in mid-air.


The iceblade expanded, almost five to six times of the original, sending an unblockable aura as it slashed towards everyone.

"I am going to die!"

Facing this attack, many Gu Masters broke down and cried in despair.

"Fuck, why did it come to this!" Xiong clan leader’s face was full of despair.

Gu Yue Bo was urging to move, but Bai clan leader snickered, stopping him, "Gu Yue clan leader, no one is to interfere, are you going to turn on your word and break the agreement?"

Gu Yue Bo squinted his eyes, "Bai Ning Bing is only Rank three, he cannot have such strength, you are cheating blatantly!"

"Cheating? Hehe, let me tell you the truth, our clan’s Bai Ning Bing is the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique!" Bai clan leader shouted loudly.

"What? Ten extreme aptitude!" At once, Gu Yue Bo and Xiong clan leader were shocked.

"Reporting! Clan leader, there has been a strange earthquake, many of the clan’s bamboo buildings have collapsed, and the ground is seeping with blood water. Not many people are injured but they are flustered," A Gu Yue clan Gu Master came running.

"To think that there is a thing!" Gu Yue Bo’s expression changed.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

By the way, spiders have 8 legs, but I think the author failed math... or science....?
We are nearing the end of Book 1 soon!


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