Reverend Insanity
188 Senior paves the way for juniors to run smoothly
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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188 Senior paves the way for juniors to run smoothly

Chapter 188: Senior paves the way for juniors to run smoothly

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In a blood bat group, there was only one male bat, while the rest were all females under the command of the male bat.

Between the male and female bats, they looked the same and did not have difference in appearances. But Fang Yuan was beyond familiar with these bladewing blood bats in his previous life. As long as he had enough time, he could differentiate them.

Without the male bat, the entire group fell into chaos.

Fang Yuan took the chance and waved the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, killing his way through.

A moment later, over twenty bladewing blood bats were decimated, showing Fang Yuan’s resolution of battle.

But the intense battle also caused Fang Yuan’s primeval essence in his aperture to decrease tremendously.

"Time to go!" Fang Yuan decisively retreated, running away at full force.

When the blood bat group behind him reacted, Fang Yuan was already a hundred steps away. About twenty bladewing blood bats continued to chase after him while the others flew in all directions.

"Gasp gasp..." In the narrow tunnel, Fang Yuan breathed hard while sprinting, activating the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus.

After an intense battle, the snow silver primeval essence left in his aperture as well as the low primeval sea level gradually rose back up.

The longer time passed, the faster Fang Yuan’s battle strength recovered.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan’s thunderwings flapped, and the force dragged his entire body forward, almost letting him crash into the cave walls.

The Thunderwings Gu had been polluted by the Blood Frenzy Gu, and it had reached its limits, starting to show signs of being uncontrollable.

"Very soon, the Thunderwings Gu will turn into a pool of blood water and turn into a new pollution source." Thinking so, Fang Yuan stopped hesitating and activated it three times, finally causing the disobeying Thunderwings Gu to detach from his back.

"Go." Fang Yuan resolutely gave up the Thunderwings Gu, throwing it behind him.

The bladewing blood bat group behind him surrounded the Thunderwings Gu completely. They rushed up, tearing the Thunderwings Gu into bits.

This obstruction gave Fang Yuan a little bit of time to recover.

Until the bladewing blood bats caught up to Fang Yuan, the primeval essence in his aperture had already recovered over half of the total.

The snow silver primeval essence compared to the light silver primeval essence, had several times more sustainability, and Fang Yuan’s current battle strength had greatly exceeded an initial stage.

He laughed heartily, waving the Chainsaw Golden Centipede to fight once again.

After killing around 8-9 of them, the rest all flew and escaped.

"Unfortunately I do not have a Gu like the iron hand grappling Gu. The bladewing blood bat Gu flies too fast, and its wings are sharp like blades, it is really hard to capture. If I can capture two or three, that would be nice."

Fang Yuan kept the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, and turned around towards the deeper part of the cave.When he snatched the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, he was engulfed by the blood water. That was definitely caused by the first gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue used the Blood Wight Gu, turning into a flying zombie. His aperture was long dead and could no longer recover primeval essence. Unless he used primeval stones, his primeval essence in the aperture would be limited by the amount left inside.

But if he had a Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, to a large extent, he could negate this weakness.

Thus, not long ago, he sent two groups of bladewing blood bats towards Fang Yuan, attempting to capture him. Thankfully, Fang Yuan saw something amiss and turned around in time. At the same time, Tie Xue Leng indirectly helped him with the soundwave.

"I wonder how’s the battle between Tie Xue Leng and First gen Gu Yue." Fang Yuan gaze was concentrated.

No matter which side won, they would still target him.

Tie Xue Leng wants to bring him to justice, while First gen Gu Yue wants the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus.

Although the bladewing blood bats had dispersed, Fang Yuan’s danger was still unresolved.

"I have to leave Qing Mao mountain immediately, as soon as possible!" Fang Yun gritted his teeth. He could no longer return, only able to walk along this mountain cave, trying to find a way out.

This cave was obviously man-made, but after a long time, many areas had collapsed.

Fang Yuan continued to advance, and when he met these dead ends he could only use the Chainsaw Golden Centipede.
The Chainsaw Golden Centipede was originally an underground creature, adept at digging holes, so at this time it had a great use.

Fang Yuan also had the strength of two boars, and he dug through the soil and continued forward.

This greatly reduced his speed, and after three to four hours, he finally got to the end of the cave.

A large sturdy rock wall blocked his path completely.

Even the Chainsaw Golden Centipede couldn’t drill its way through.

"Did the First gen Gu Yue seal this cave completely already?" Fang Yuan’s heart sank.


The two sides’ palms met, and the Xiong clan Gu Master flew into the air like a rag, landing heavily on the ground.


The Xiong clan Gu Master coughed out a mouthful of blood, falling unconscious.

In the sky, the sun was shining brightly, sending down scorching rays of light. The sunlight shone over the wilderness, and the light reflected on Bai Zhong Shui’s fat face.

This young Bai clan Gu Master laughed smugly, "Hmph, so what if you’re the Xiong clan Gu Master? Daring to compete strength with me!"

She moved her fat ‘slim body’, trying to finish off her opponent and take the token, but suddenly a moonblade came attacking.


Bai Zhong Shui’s body turned, shooting a water ball from her mouth.

The water ball and moonblade collided, exploding together.

Three Gu Masters with Fang Zheng as the lead, jumped down from the branches.

"Gu Yue clan’s people, this is my battle reward." Bai Zhong Shui squinted, her eyes showing a dangerous light.

Fang Zheng’s strangely bloodshot eyes stared at Bai Zhong Shui intently as he said, "So what? Now YOU are our prey!"

At another side of the forest, more footsteps were heard.

A few people walked out from the shadows; it was Xiong clan’s genius youngster Xiong Lin. his bald head reflected the sunlight, causing him to shine like a diamond.

"Hehehe, this has gotten interesting!" Bai Zhong Shui laughed loudly, but the next moment her laughter stopped.

The two sides attacked together, causing Bai Zhong Shui to be caught off guard, getting surrounded.

Bai Zhong Shui coughed out some blood, her expression turning ugly, "What? Gu Yue clan, you are cooperating with these despicable Xiong clan people?"

Fang Zheng was expressionless, his killing intent raging, not saying a word and getting closer to Bai Zhong Shui.

Xiong Lin laughed, "This battle concerns the three clans’ demographics for the next hundred years, so let me tell you. Gu Yue clan has already established an alliance with our Xiong clan. Bai Zhong Shui, today is your death date."

"Spit!" Bai Zhong Shui coughed out a mouth of blood water as she stared at her surroundings in disdain, "So what if I die? Heh, ganging up… you are just afraid of our Bai Ning Bing. It’s useless, this is only the initial battle, there will still be 1 versus 1 later. Is there anyone in your clans that can fight against Bai Ning Bing? We are destined to be number one!"

"Hehehe, thus we decided that in this first battle, we shall cooperate and finish off Bai Ning Bing!" Xiong Lin laughed loudhly.


Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s razors grinded against the rock wall, causing a loud noise to echo in the cave.

This rock wall was sturdy and thick, being very weird. Fang Yuan’s forehead was full of sweat, as he used the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and Blood Moon Gu to attack in turns, but even after many hours, he only progressed about 50cm.

"Is it really the end for me… eh?" Fang Yuan’s heart moved, suddenly feeling that there was a lifeform in the rock wall.

He quickly used the Earth Communication Ear Grass Gu, listening to the rock wall. There was a mysterious lifeform on the other side of the rock wall, but its aura was very weak.

Half an hour later, Fang Yuan dug a hole, ad the mysterious life form showed itself.

Its entire body was pitch black, emitting a metallic glow like iron and steel. Both its chest and back armor were thick lines that showed a dominating aura. It had three pairs of legs, each having spiral shaped feelers at the tip. It caused Fang Yuan to think of the spiral tip of an electric drill.

"It’s the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider!" Fang Yuan was enlightened, immediately thinking of the Flower Wine Monk.

The questions in Fang Yuan’s heart were mostly answered at this point.

Back then the Flower Wine Monk, in order to nurture the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, came to the Gu Yue village. But at the last moment, he was stopped by First gen Gu Yue, thus he used his methods to throw it into the blood river graveyard.
The Flower Wine Monk was also a Rank five Gu Master, he had to have an intense battle with First gen Gu Yue.

First gen Gu Yue had operated for hundreds of years, having terrain advantage, so the Flower Wine Monk could not compete against him, thus he could only escape.

He used the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider to dig out this path, and after leaving the battlefield he had already suffered an incurable injury. At the end of his life, he hurriedly left behind his inheritance as a last act of revenge. He attempted to let his descendants take the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus and ruin the Gu Yue clan’s foundation.

This explains why the Flower Wine Monk was bathed in blood, his body full of injuries.

But the reason for why the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider fall into slumber and seal itself here, that was still a mystery. Also the First gen Gu Yue, what in the world was he after?

"These suspicions are all minute details. What’s important is leaving this place!" Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, sending out some primeval essence and refining the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider.

This sturdy rock wall was the cocoon created by the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider when it fell into hibernation. It was extremely weak, like the White Boar Gu that Fang Yuan took out from the Earth Treasury Flower Gu.

Thus, even though it was Rank five, Fang Yuan easily refined it.

Fang Yuan threw the Thunderwings Gu away earlier and was lacking a movement-type Gu, this being his weakness once again. But now he obtained the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider, so it was like a glimmer of hope in the darkest hour.
This Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider was a large steed-type Gu. It ate soil as food, and was easy to raise.

Fang Yuan injected his snow silver primeval essence into it, and the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider gradually awakened, its aura becoming stronger.

It started to consume, eating large amounts of soil.

When it recovered to an extent, Fang Yuan who couldn’t wait to leave quickly got onto its back, ordering it to move forward.

Although it had only recovered a little, the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider was still a Rank five Gu. Its three pairs of legs moved quickly, dashing through.

After the cocoon broke, the cave behind was exposed too.

This path was the one the Flower Wine Monk created when he escaped. Seniors pave the way for juniors to run along, so this greatly helped Fang Yuan.

The only worry was, steed-type Gu worms took a lot of primeval essence to use.

The Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider was Rank five. Rank three primeval essence could not sustain its expenditure, so every now and then, Fang Yuan had to stop and sit on the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider’s back, activating the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus while extracting natural essence from his primeval stones.

With two sources, as well as his C grade natural recovery, Fang Yuan’s primeval essence recovery rate was fast, incomparable to before.

As he instructed the Thousand Li Earthwolf Spider to move forward, he would also stop to recover his primeval essence. When they encountered a cave-in, they would drill their way through, and with such a repeated process, Fang Yuan gradually moved away from the blood lake graveyard, going towards the surface.

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