Reverend Insanity
185 Gu Yue first gen, Five great flying zombies
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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185 Gu Yue first gen, Five great flying zombies

Chapter 185: Gu Yue first gen, Five great flying zombies

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The tunnel entrance wasn’t big and should have been buried by the red soil before. But now, as the blood lake surged up in a huge wave, the red soil in the surrounding walls were washed away, sinking down in the lake. As a result, the tunnel entrance cleared up again and became visible.

No matter what, this tunnel entrance was like a light of hope. Fang Yuan immediately turned around and started swimming towards it.


Another intense explosion occurred in the air. The enormous force of the explosion struck the surroundings and violently pushed Fang Yuan forward.

"Damn it!" He cursed.

Great amounts of red soil had fallen down and buried the tunnel entrance again.

Iron fist grappling Gu!

In the air, Tie Xue Leng took a deep breath and slowly extended his right hand when he felt the time was right.

There was a ripple in the air before him and a giant black iron hand appeared; it appeared slow but pressed down on the blood river python’s tail within moments.

Blood river python struggled fiercely, and with its wet scales and slick body, the iron hand slipped off it and burst out with golden-red light.

Tie Xue Leng, however, had plenty of battle experiences and wasn’t downcast. He slightly raised his head, puffed up his cheeks and blew strongly towards the Blood River Python.

Whoosh!Pitch black oil fell down like waterfall and formed into the shape of a dragon in the air, before plunging towards the Blood River Python.

Oil Dragon Gu!

The blood River Python was furious. It snarled and started tearing at the Oil Dragon Gu.

The black oil dragon was not in the least inferior to Blood River Python in terms of physique, but it was only a Rank four Gu and did not have a physical body; it was soon torn to shreds by Blood River Python.

Tie Xue Leng smiled, on the contrary.

Beasts were beasts, if a Gu Master had personally controlled it, they would have seen through this classic and ordinary battle tactic. The Blood River Python had been refined and although it had a Gu Master’s imprint on it, it didn’t have the wisdom of humans.

The oil dragon was exterminated, causing backlash to the Oil Dragon Gu in the aperture.

Tie Xue Leng didn’t care; he stopped using the Oil Dragon Gu then began activating Fire Dragon Gu.

He gave a loud shout and his body shook, and then a Gu that looked like a flame shot out of his aperture. The flame quickly formed into a fire snake, winding around its own body.

As the fire snake flew, it grew bigger, then it immediately started growing scales, claws, horns and sharp teeth. Its face started becoming more like that of a horse; it had changed into an enormous fire dragon.
This Fire Dragon Gu was also a Rank four Gu, but it was able to cause a lot of pain to Blood River Python.

This was because of the oil dragon; when it was wiped out, great amounts of black oil stuck to Blood River Python’s body, and now the fire dragon was causing the oil to catch fire and roast the Blood River Python.

Besides the snake, the black oil had also fallen on the lake surface. Right now, a raging inferno was burning on the bright red blood lake, causing the air temperature to increase rapidly.

The fire dragon was not the Blood River Python’s match at all, it suffered heavy injuries and kept on shrinking. But every time this happened, it would drill into the raging inferno and recover some of its power.

With the raging inferno, the fire dragon had a homeground advantage.

Blood River Python was constantly being burned as it fought with the fire dragon, there was even a smell of scorched meat coming off it.

Blood River Python had a berserk nature and it would erupt with even stronger counterattack if it got suppressed. But right now, it was actually shrinking back, giving up on the fire dragon and diving deep into the blood lake.
Humans were the highest of all living beings and possessed the intelligence to develop new concepts. With Tie Xue Leng’s tactics, two Rank four Gu were able to make the Rank five Blood River Python retreat.
But Gu were the essence of the world, containing the secrets of heaven and earth, a portion of the natural laws. And Blood River Python’s ability was extreme self recovery.

As it sank to the bottom of the lake, the blood water continuously nourished it, rapidly healing the wounds on its body. The fire dragon had the field advantage; so did the blood python. As long as the blood lake existed, it was like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed.

Fang Yuan’s situation was even more perilous.

The inferno on the surface of the blood lake was constantly spreading, burning even hotter, and the flames were roasting him alive.

The pressure on the Sky Canopy Gu was getting bigger and bigger. But the most critical point was not this, but rather it was the increasing difficulty in breathing.

The flames used great amounts of air to maintain their combustion, and this place is underground and was originally a half-sealed area, which meant it took more time to replenish the used oxygen. Fang Yuan was gradually starting to feel suffocated.

"Although Oil Dragon Gu and Fire Dragon Gu sent Blood River Python retreating with their combined efforts, this is only temporary. As long as there are large amounts of blood water, Blood River Python will recover with a terrifying rate. Once it comes out, it will have recovered to its peak state and the Fire Dragon Gu would no longer be its match. But, this is basic knowledge, it is impossible for Tie Xue Leng to not know this. Then he…."
Fang Yuan bobbed up and down on the blazing lake; his thoughts were revolving rapidly. And his heart tensed when he thought of this.

If he wasn’t wrong, Tie Xue Leng should have achieved his intention by making Blood River Python retreat.
Tie Xue Leng needed enough time and he needed the situation to be like this to prepare his following killing move.

Sure enough, in the next moment, while floating in the air Tie Xue Leng suddenly extended both his arms and a deep roar emerged from his mouth.

He withdrew the righteous aura that had been suppressing everything, and whole-heartedly poured his Rank five primeval essence into the copper mask.

The copper mask started to brighten up; it was only a glimmer at first but within few breaths of time, it burst out with an extremely dazzling green light, as bright as a fragment of the sun.

The green light shone upon everything like a monarch overlooking the heavens and earth. For a moment, the red soil, blood lake and raging inferno were covered with a layer of dark green light.

The green light contained a mystical power.

Under this power, the mountain rocks began to shake and crumble.

From above the cave, huge rocks came crumbling down, flying towards the copper mask. Great amounts of soil and rocks from the top to bottom of the red walls also slowly flew up.

Tie Xue Leng’s face was already shrouded by the light from the copper mask. Great amounts of mountain rocks gathered around the copper mask and condensed together into a human shape.
Debris continuously converged from all around and the rock figure kept on getting bigger.

From one meter in the beginning, it rapidly grew to three meters... five meters...eight meters...and finally reached eighteen meters!

Giant Mountain Puppet Gu!

The giant figure with indomitable spirit descended towards the blood lake.

Its two feet touched the bottom of the blood lake, but the water only reached up to about its waist. Its body was very robust and grand; horse chariots could run on its two arms and it could hold an elephant on its fist.

Its face looked simple and unadorned; it was the enlarged version of the copper mask.

"Fire dragon, come." It spoke, and its voice seemed to shake the heavens and earth.

The fire dragon which was churning in the fire sea flew up and coiled around the giant puppet’s right arm like a snake, and its head rested on the right shoulder of the giant puppet.

Next, the Oil Dragon Gu flew out and formed a pitch black oil dragon which coiled around the giant puppet’s left arm and its head rested on the left shoulder of the giant puppet.

With dragons on his left and right, the giant figure appeared like a heavenly deity descending down!

Fang Yuan used all his strength to swim towards the tunnel entrance. When the debris had flown and formed the giant puppet, the red soil covering the tunnel entrance had also gone with it, once again revealing the opening.

This battlefield was becoming more dangerous, the tunnel entrance could be buried again at any time; Fang Yuan didn’t dare to stay longer.
The fire sea gradually died out, and suddenly a huge red wave rose from the blood lake.

Blood River Python initiated its attack from the lake; it coiled around the giant puppet and moved upwards. The giant snake head smashed towards the giant puppet’s face like a ram.

This attack was very powerful and if it really struck, more than half of the giant puppet’s head would be destroyed.
"Iron fist grappling!" The giant puppet shouted; the air split open and an iron hand flew out, grabbing at the snake head.

With a loud boom, the iron hand shattered but Blood River Python’s attack was also stopped.

Tie Xue Leng won a brief respite. The giant puppet’s two hands grabbed towards Blood River Python in tandem.
Oil dragon and fire dragon seized the chance and climbed Blood River Python. The two snake combined and formed a blazing flame, roasting Blood River Python.

Blood River Python kept on hissing in pain and struggled furiously. But why would Tie Xue Leng let it escape so easily? The giant puppet’s hands were like pincers as they firmly pressed on the Blood River Python.

The Blood River Python was not able to escape. Its body was scorched black, giving off the smell of burnt meat. This stimulated its vicious nature; since it couldn’t escape, it coiled around the giant puppet and violently contracted, trying to kill it by constriction.

Although the giant puppet was made from condensed mountain rocks, its body had the softness of the red soil. With Blood River Python’s constricting force, its waist quickly shrunk by a fold.

Cracking sounds emerged, and fragments of rocks flew in all directions.

Under the stimulation of death, Blood River Python burst forth with an even greater strength.

Fang Yuan finally climbed to the edge of the tunnel entrance, when suddenly the giant puppet gave out coughing sounds.
Tie Xue Leng’s old illness had reappeared!

The giant puppet’s hands loosened, and the Blood River Python hissed and its body suddenly jumped ahead.

However, the giant puppet’s hands tightened again. The Blood River Python opened its mouth wide and revealed its sharp fangs, its head crazily swaying but it still fell short by a distance.

It was not able to retaliate and it was gradually losing its strength; it would burn to death soon.

But right at this moment, dense bloody fog rose up from the middle of the blood lake.

"Blood Frenzy Gu!" Fang Yuan’s eyes showed a hint of dread; he immediately climbed the tunnel entrance and went inside it.

The bloody fog rapidly pervaded the air, and the raging inferno on the bloodlake had completely extinguished.

A whirlpool appeared in the middle of the blood lake.

The whirlpool had started from the middle of the lake and quickly spread from there, growing bigger until its edges were touching the surrounding walls.

"Humph, Gu Yue first head, you couldn’t endure it anymore?...." The giant puppet coldly snorted.

A giant blood wave reaching as high as ten meters gushed out of the middle of the whirlpool.

And from within the blood wave, a vertical crimson coffin gradually rose up.

" Hehehehe …." A hoarse and strange voice was transmitted from inside the coffin, and anyone that heard this voice would feel cold to the bone.

"Young junior, thou dare spoil my plan, thou court death and I shall give it to thee!" Before the voice had died away, the coffin lid shot out like a catapult, revealing a shrivelled corpse.

He had a scarlet face and fangs, his hair red like blood, his eyes deep and contained a fire that seemed about to extinguish.

He had no skin, and thin strips of red muscles were clinging onto the white bones, giving him a shrivelled and fierce look.

"Junior, thou art wounded but yet dare to provoke me. Today, thou shalt die!!" The corpse spoke, but there was no movement in its mouth, the voice had come from its abdomen.
He kept on saying ‘ I ’, ‘ thou ’— these were the speech habits of thousand years ago.

"Rank five Blood Wight Gu! Is he really the first head?" Fang Yuan was flabbergasted, but wasn’t surprised.

In this magical world, there were plenty of Gu Masters who lived for centuries. Besides using the most orthodox way of increasing lifespan through the Lifespan Gu, there were also some demonic ways to make one live forever.

For instance, the Rank two Roaming Zombie Gu.

If this Gu was used for too long, the Gu Master would turn completely into a zombie and as long as they sucked blood at specific times, they could live freely forever.

The Gu Yue first head in front of him had used such a way.

Blood Wight Gu was a major Rank five advancement route of the Roaming Zombie Gu. Along with the Asura zombie, heavenly demon zombie, nightmare zombie and plague zombie, they were called five great flying zombies.

The Lifespan Gu was difficult to find. The first head had turned himself into a blood wight flying zombie and buried himself here!

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This was a very long chapter to work on -_-
Please don't get killed by cliff-san, thank you.


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