Reverend Insanity
184 Rank five intense battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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184 Rank five intense battle

Chapter 184: Rank five intense battle

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"Tie Xue Leng, why is he suddenly here?" Fang Yuan recognised the voice, feeling shocked.

This loud voice echoed above the blood pond, causing intense waves to form.

"This is… Heaven Earth Magnificent Sound Gu?" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth. As the loud voice hurt his eardrums, he felt his entire brain buzzing.

Heaven Earth Magnificent Sound Gu, a Rank five Gu, was from a sound-type Gu. Once activated, it could form soundwave attacks that had a wide range, belonging to an extremely strong area-of-effect attacking-type Gu.

The voice that Fang Yuan was hearing now, is only Tie Xue Leng’s probing; it was just him slightly shouting and not activating his Gu completely.

This intensity was like Fang Yuan using the Moonlight Gu to open the purple gold rock; it was a type of in-depth control of his Gu worm.

Of course, the Heaven Earth Magnificent Sound Gu also had its weakness. If used for long, it would cause great strain to the Gu Master’s throat and vocal cord. Once his limit is exceeded, the Gu Master would become completely mute, losing his ability to speak.


A loud explosion occurred as blood and water flew everywhere.

The top half of the huge python’s body appeared in Fang Yuan’s vision.

Blood river python!

Fang Yuan’s irises shrunk as he saw the python with its bright smooth blood red scales, and its head around the size of an elephant. Scarlet-gold coloured sharp bone spikes protruded out from above its eyes, showing its ferocious and frenzy aura completely.

"Blood river python… I remember that in the Gu Yue clan’s history, after the first generation clan leader created the village, a blood river python appeared and was a huge threat to the village. Legend says the first gen killed it, but don’t tell me..."

Fang Yuan’s thoughts moved, thinking of something.

The blood river python was humongous, snake head high in the air, its purple irises staring right at Fang Yuan with two ruthless glances.

It had a ruthless nature, untamable and fed on blood. Even if the Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura tried to suppress it, that would only cause it to become more frenzied. Among Rank five Gu worms, it was one of the hardest to refine.

But after the blood river python took a look at Fang Yuan up on the walls, it raised its head higher and turned towards the top of the cave.

At the top of the cave, there was another tiny shadow, floating down from one of the holes at the ceiling.

He wore a bronze mask, his hands behind his back, his gaze cool and calm. Although compared to the blood river python, he was small like an ant, but the imposing aura coming from his body caused a great pressure to emit from him at all directions, like a heavenly being descending down to Earth.

Righteous Gu!

A mind-type Gu that only someone who upheld justice could activate.

People who were villainous or had weak minds and aspirations, were often scared shitless under the influence of the Righteous Gu, afraid of everything as they had a guilty conscience, their battle spirit decreasing in battle and causing them to feel an inability to defeat Tie Xue Leng, thus collapsing without battle.

Screech screech….

Under the pressure of the righteousness, the bladewing blood bat Gu were frantic and could only scream shrilly as a strong pressure pushed down on their bodies. Their wings could only continue to flap as they struggled to stay in mid-air, floating up and down.

They could barely take care of themselves, much less bother about Fang Yuan.

Even the ferocious blood river python slightly lowered its head, feeling Tie Xue Leng’s supreme presence.

"What a good Righteous Gu!" Fang Yuan climbed on the wall, smirking.

This suppression from the Righteous Gu had no effect on him. Only those with weak minds could be greatly weakened. He was a supreme demonic overlord, his mind strong as steel, how could this illusionary pressure scare him?

"Eh?" Fang Yuan’s immunity caused Tie Xue Leng to call out in shock, feeling very surprised.

The Righteous Gu had been with him for many years, and he was very sure about the Gu’s effect.

Righteous Gu’s effect varied. It attacked the mind directly, sometimes having great effect while other times having no effect.

But the times where it did not work, were almost nonexistent. Even righteous people felt a strong suppression in their hearts. After all, their factions did not determine a person’s kindness and evil; there are no perfect humans.

But Tie Xue Leng knew deeply about Fang Yuan’s crimes. The first time they met, he already implanted a Gu on Fang Yuan, using it to track his whereabouts. After that, Tie Xue Leng could faintly discern the changes in the surroundings where Fang Yuan went.

Those who committed great sins, under the Righteous Gu, would definitely waver. But Tie Xue Leng also met a good number of demonic Gu Masters, that were unaffected by the righteous aura.

"There is only one type of person who would be unaffected by the Righteous Gu even after commiting sins. These are the people with real demonic nature, in the deepest parts of their hearts. They are crazy and adamant, not treating their sins as sins, but thinking of it as natural. To think that this Fang Yuan has such an intense demonic nature! Hmph, I’ll get rid of this great demon here first. If Fang Yuan manages to survive, I will come and finish him later!"

Tie Xue Leng hated evil with a burning passion. With a cold snort, he turned towards the blood river python.

Once he appeared, he was locked on by this blood river python. As long as he was distracted in killing Fang Yuan, he would reveal a weakness.

Tie Xue Leng had such a severe injury on him, and at the same time there might be a powerful enemy hidden in the background and observing him. Thus, he did not dare to lose focus.

He stared at this blood river python for a moment, before looking further into the blood pond.

Not long ago, he received a mysterious letter. Inside there was concrete evidence that Gu Yue village held a bloody calamity.

This letter was held by a red-crowned crane coming from the sky, with a questionable source.

But Tie Xue Leng would rather believe it than miss it. After all, the blood calamity was not ordinary, he could not take it lightly. If he lost focus, it would expand and spread like a plague, harming the world.

The best method to deal with it was to eliminate the source before it forms into a strong force.

Coincidentally, he already had another request at hand — it was Jia Fu paying a high cost to ask him to investigate Jia Jin Sheng’s death.

Tie Xue Leng thus brought his daughter and rushed to Qing Mao Mountain.

He ordered his daughter to investigate Jia Jin Sheng’s case. It was to nurture and train Tie Ruo Nan, but also to act as a red herring, stalling for time and hiding in the background investigating this issue.

The first time when he met Fang Yuan, he implanted a Shared-sense Gu on him. Although it was merely at a whim, he did it due to his accumulated experience and instinct.

Shared-sense Gu was formless and colorless, like a signet. He had implanted over tens of them, but the only successful one was the first one he implanted.

"First gen Gu Yue, I know you are not dead. You hid for nearly a thousand years plotting this scheme, but unfortunately, it’s all going down the drain." Tie Xue Leng opened his mouth, causing the air to tremble.

But there were no changes to the blood pond. Instead, the blood river python opened its mouth, screaming furiously.

It was born ferocious, unable to be suppressed. The Righteous Gu triggered its ferocity.


It stretched its body abruptly, the huge snake body rising with the tides of blood, bringing a killing intent that tore through the skies, pouncing towards Tie Xue Leng who was in mid-air.

Tie Xue Leng was already wary against the blood river python, and he quickly moved, avoiding the blood river python’s bite.

The python’s body was too long, and its momentum was too strong. It ended up crashing all the way onto the ceiling of the cave.

A loud bang ensued as a portion of the ceiling collapsed, and large amounts of debris fell and caused much commotion in the blood lake waves.

"Hmph, First gen Gu Yue, you think you are safe with just a blood python protecting you? You might as well appear now," Tie Xue Leng snickered. He moved about in the air, and the blood river python’s attacks were like a gentle rain pelting on him.

The blood river python attacked furiously, getting more worked up as it continued to miss.

It had unparalleled strength, able to display it all and cause great damage.

The entire space was shaking from its strength like an earthquake, and the blood lake began to raise strong ripples.

"Fuck!" Fang Yuan was caught by the crossfire, and as the red soil softened, his foothold had been ruined.

He could only use the Chainsaw Golden Centipede as well as the Thunderwings Gu to move along the walls. Meanwhile the rock debris was falling down like rain.

As he had expected, the Thunderwings Gu was really in bad shape. Fang Yuan’s thunderwings were extremely weak and lethargic, unable to provide him much boost in speed.

But the strange thing was, the Thunderwings Gu was taking lesser and lesser primeval essence from Fang Yuan. During the period where Fang Yuan moved about, it started to absorb primeval essence from the surrounding air to replenish itself.
At first, this situation was uncommon and happened in short intervals.

As Fang Yuan continued to dodge, he did not notice initially. But eventually, the intervals got shorter and the duration lengthened.

At the same time, the Thunderwings Gu got weaker and weaker.

"I get it, its the Blood Frenzy Gu!" Fang Yuan’s mind shone with inspiration.

Only when affected by the Blood Frenzy Gu will such a situation occur.


Fang Yuan put in 100% effort, but eventually still fell into the blood lake.

The blood river python was rampaging everywhere, using its thick tail to sweep across the place, causing large debris to fall like rain.

Fang Yuan activated the Sky Canopy Gu, covering himself with a white armor. He was good at swimming. In his previous life he had lived in the Eastern Sea for a long time, thus he had sufficient training.

The falling rocks were as large as houses, and he tried his best to avoid them. Sometimes he swam underwater, sinking into the lake to use the water to reduce the impact of the rocks.

But for the smaller fragments, some were fist-sized while others were like grindstones, and he could not avoid them all.

The white light armor was firm like a monolith, but it could not handle the full impact of the rocks, causing him to feel pain when they hit his armor. At the same time, his primeval essence also decreased with each hit endured.

Thankfully, the Righteous Gu’s power was surrounding the area, causing the group of bladewing blood bat Gu to fly around randomly, not finding trouble with Fang Yuan.

But Fang Yuan’s expression was solemn.

The Thunderwings Gu was half crippled after being corrupted by the Blood Frenzy Gu, and without a special Gu to clean it, it would soon turn into a puddle of blood water, turning into a new pollution origin.
How did it get infected by the Blood Frenzy Gu?

Fang Yuan considered the previous events, and there was only one explanation — in this blood water, there was a Blood Frenzy Gu inside.

The Thunderwings Gu continued to weaken, and started to become uncontrollable.

Thankfully he activated the white light armor in time, otherwise if the Blood Frenzy Gu got into his body and entered his aperture, most of his Gu worms would get corrupted.

But if his primeval essence was expended, or if this armor was broken, the consequences would be severe!

"I have to leave this place as soon as possible!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, trying to find a way out from the surroundings as he swam around.

Large amounts of red soil on the mountain walls collapsed from the battle.

The cave ceiling was completely destroyed beyond recognition as well. Tie Xue Leng floated in mid-air, engaging the blood river python in combat.
Rank five battles were not something Fang Yuan could interfere in.

The more a Gu Master advanced, the larger the difference in battle strength among ranks.

Maybe with a sweep of the blood river python’s tail, it could break the light armor and cause the Sky Canopy Gu to be gravely injured, breaking all of Fang Yuan’s bones in the process. Perhaps with a simple wave of Tie Xue Leng’s hands, it could send Fang Yuan falling into an impasse.

The situation right now was like two giant elephants fighting, while Fang Yuan was a domestic cat. Although he had tiny claws, there was nothing he could do.

"Wait, a cave entrance?"

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I did warn you guys about the cliffhangers.


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