Reverend Insanity
178 Black White Grey
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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178 Black White Grey

Chapter 178: Black White Grey

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Long ago, in Fang Zheng’s heart, Fang Yuan was like a tall mountain, so tall he could never scale.

Long ago, Fang Zheng thought that the shadow of this tall mountain would enshroud him his entire life.

But life gave him an unexpected twist.

Fang Yuan being dispirited, let Fang Zheng see his weakness. The tall mountain that he resembled, instantly collapsed.

And yet—
This was actually all big brother’s performance, an act?

The collapsed mountain in his heart became enshrouded in a layer of mystery.

"Big brother, exactly what kind of person are you?"

Fang Zheng realized at this moment that he knew nothing about this blood related brother of his.

Fang Yuan’s heart was full of scheming, he had too deep of a shrewdness. With his acting skills and the indifference towards taking human lives, Fang Zheng felt infinitely distant towards him.

Along with this distant feeling, there was also a feeling of fear that Fang Zheng did not want to recognise.

This goddamn feeling was back, creeping into his heart.

He tried his best to shrug off this feeling of fear, causing him to subconsciously follow after Tie Ruo Nan’s footsteps.

"Lady Tie, thanks for letting me find out the truth and seeing my brother’s true side. Helping you is akin to helping myself, so just ask away, I will tell you everything I know," Fang Zheng said earnestly.

Tie Ruo Nan nodded, but then shook her head quickly, "What I need to know, I already understand now. The problem now is, where did Fang Yuan get that Liquor worm from?"

"You are right, this matter is suspicious. During big brother’s situation back then, he had not inherited our parent’s assets, and at the same time was only a C grade, beginning his cultivation. Where did he get the Liquor worm from?" Fang Zheng frowned.

"In this situation, there’s only two causes. One is outside help, and the other is an inheritance legacy. But who would invest in a C grade talent? If it is an inheritance, which is it?" Thinking of this, Tie Ruo Nan stopped in her footsteps.

Inheritance legacy… inheritance legacy…

In her mind, this phrase kept appearing.

She fell into deep thought.

"If it was an inheritance legacy, everything would fall into place. Firstly, the Liquor worm’s origin can be explained. Secondly, the reason for killing Jia Jin Sheng is also established!" Tie Ruo Nan thought excitedly.

What perplexed her the entire time, was the killer’s motive.

There has to be a reason to kill.

Fang Yuan showed the Liquor worm, and Jia Jin Sheng wanted to buy it. But the value of the Liquor worm is too low to establish a motive to kill.

But what if, Jia Jin Sheng who refused to give up, adamantly wants to buy the Liquor worm from Fang Yuan, thus following him all the way and discovering an inheritance legacy ground…...

What would Fang Yuan do?

"Hehehehehe." Tie Ruo Nan laughed.

Fang Zheng showed a perplexed gaze.
Tie Ruo Nan looked back, "I want to inspect the Gu Yue clan’s history records!"

Fang Zheng shook his head, waving his hand, "The history is kept in the clan’s forbidden grounds, how can an outsider inspect it?"

"Then can you get in?"

Fang Zheng shook his head, "Only clan elders."

"Is that so... then what can we do now?" Tie Ruo Nan frowned.

"Lady Tie, maybe I can help." From the shadows, a crippled old woman walked out.

It was none other than Gu Yue Yao Ji.

She was still the medicine faction family head, but when she stepped down from the medicine hall elder’s position and was replaced by Gu Yue Chi Zhong, also losing an arm, her former authority had almost fully vanished.

But the pursuit of authority was already ingrained in her soul. She understood deeply that collaborating with Gu Yue Chi Zhong was only a temporary solution. The only way was to devour the Mo faction. Only then would she have the ability to take back her medicine hall elder’s position.

To absorb the Mo faction, all she had to do was to eliminate their hope.

And this hope was naturally Fang Yuan.

"Divine investigator Tie, to speak the truth, I’ve been observing both of you for some time. Come with me, I'll bring you into the clan’s forbidden area. Hehehe, normally that place would be heavily guarded. But coincidentally, right now I am in charge of protecting the forbidden grounds," Gu Yue Yao Ji laughed sinisterly.

She obviously hoped to harm Fang Yuan indirectly, but if he was innocent, she could definitely slander him using her wicked methods.

In the underground tunnel inside a hidden room, Tie Ruo Nan looked at the Gu Yue clan’s historical records.

From the first generation onwards, after Gu Yue clan was built until its golden age, and then its decline, the records contained the information for the last few hundred years. All events, big and small, were recorded in detail.

"This first generation clan leader has a mysterious origin, creating the Gu Yue village singlehandedly. He’s most likely a demonic cultivator!" Tie Ruo Nan flipped the first few pages, saying something shocking.

"That’s nothing much. Many demonic cultivators, after getting sick of roaming, would choose to spread their bloodline, and establish a clan. A few hundred years later, they would be wiped off their demonic origins, and the descendants would become righteous cultivators. Such situations are actually very common, it is nothing strange." Beside her, Tie Xue Leng said.

"Then all his previous wrongdoings, will it all be spared like that?" Tie Ruo Nan had an indignant expression. "These demonic cultivators caused all those crimes, but when the time is ripe and they feel tired, they would settle down and enjoy their old age. Isn’t this too good for them?"

Tie Xue Leng sighed deeply, "Ruo Nan. When I was young, I felt like you too, thinking that this world is in black and white. But after you see more of the world, you will find out that this world is actually grey. Many times can black turn to white, and white can turn to black. Some white can also be more devious than black, and even bear greater sins."

"And demonic cultivators also have their own grievances. Righteous Gu Masters control the cultivating resources, while demonic Gu Masters are all alone, only able to rely on their extreme methods. Those like the first generation clan leader who are able to change their ways, that is the best solution. At least he will no longer cause harm to others. Turning from black to white, he can contribute his strength towards the righteous path."

Tie Xue Leng explained and consoled, but the young girl Tie Ruo Nan did not seem to be convinced.

She shook her head, saying adamantly, "Father, it is not right for you to sympathize with demonic Gu Masters. White is white, black is black. They should be punished for making a mistake. Breaking the law, they should face judgement. If not, where would justice lie, where would fairness lie, where would the law stand?"

"This is not sympathy. Anywhere where there’s people, there are interests involved. Places that involves interests will have crime. As long as people exist, crime would never end. My child, you will find out eventually, a person’s strength is too insignificant." Tie Xue Leng’s voice was experienced and wise, but also sorrowful, "Nevermind. To the current you, it is still too early to say such things, you should concentrate on solving the case."

"Yes, father," Tie Ruo Nan pouted, not agreeing with Tie Xue Leng’s pessimistic outlook.

When people are young, they tend to think they can change the world. But after they grow up, they will eventually find out that a person being able to retain their sense of self, and not being changed by the world is already a great success.

As the girl continued to flip, her hand suddenly stopped.

"Fourth generation clan leader... Flower Wine Monk? Li… Liquor worm?" Her eyes shone!


Electric currents flowed as the sharp teeth edges cut like blades, shining with a cold light.

A frenzy lightning wolf pounced towards Bai Ning Bing, its wolf claw drawing a shadow in the air.

Bai Ning Bing did not have any movements. As the frenzy lightning wolf’s claw became larger in his eyes, he did not have any inclination to dodge.

Suddenly, a white rainbow shot out from his aperture.

The light rainbow burst, and white light shot down like rain. In the light rain, the elegant white snake appeared, its long whiskers bringing about a fairy-like atmosphere.

Towards this Rank five snake Gu, the arrogant frenzy lightning wolf immediately withered, wanting to retreat.
But the white form immortal snake opened its mouth and shot out a cloud smoke.

The white smoke looked slow, but quickly enveloped the lightning wolf.

The frenzy lightning wolf’s vision was obscured by the smoke, and it quickly moved back. But no matter how it moved, the white smoke followed it like a shadow, always engulfing its surroundings and not giving it any chance to escape.

White form immortal snake’s ability was this lump of smoke. After being enshrouded, one cannot tell their directions, as their vision is dyed in a white smoke.
Wild beasts like lightning wolves relied on their strong vision and had weak hearing. The frenzy lightning wolf was the same, thus its most useful sensory organ being blinded caused it to howl in panic. In its struggle, it broke many trees and mountain rocks as it became more agitated.


It suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a blue thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt shot towards Bai Ning Bing, but he had no plans to dodge.


The thunderbolt hit Bai Ning Bing on the chest, penetrating it.

Bai Ning Bing lowered his head and saw the huge hole that the thunderbolt had made, allowing him to see through to the back.

But quickly, the huge hole began to freeze. Layers of white ice covered the injury and the ice slowly melted, turning into flesh.

"This is the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique’s true strength. I am ice, and ice is me. Fatal injuries to ordinary Gu Masters can be recovered in just a few seconds for me," Bai Ning Bing thought, as he slowly raised his right arm.

His right arm was ordinary broken, but relying on the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique, it had already recovered fully.

"The white form immortal snake Gu also sensed the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique, thus it entered my aperture. The Northern Dark Ice Soul physique can attract water-type Gu worms to join me! Such great strength, yet so brittle!"

Bai Ning Bing sighed at the heavens.

These days, he did not suppress his cultivation. The Northern Dark Ice Soul physique was getting stronger, but he felt that death was approaching him even faster.

"Great immortal hasn’t done anything?" At this time, Bai clan leader came over, asking in concern.

Bai Ning Bing shook his head, "This snake Gu does not recognise me, it is merely attracted by my Northern Dark Ice Soul physique and moved from the clan’s spirit spring into my aperture. Only when I am in mortal danger and in a death situation would it come out and protect me."

But the white form immortal snake was not refined by Bai Ning Bing, thus this protection also had its limits.

Like earlier, the frenzy lightning wolf’s thunderbolt was too fast, and the white form immortal snake could not react in time, thus Bai Ning Bing was hit head on.

After all, the white form immortal snake was not a defensive Gu.

In Fang Yuan’s previous life, Jiang Fan and the River Swallowing Toad was the same. Although Jiang Fan had its assistance, he was still assassinated by a Gu Master.

Bai clan leader sighed. He felt intense regret and pity towards this, yet there was nothing he could do. He had already done what he could.

"Right, the three clan’s negotiation results is out. Xiong clan preserved more than half of their strength, we cannot underestimate them. Eventually the three clans came to a decision that there shall be a three-clan tournament. And the compensation will be decided by the results of the competition. Only Gu Masters aged thirty and below can enter the tournament."

"I understand." Bai Ning Bing nodded, "I can already sense it, my life is coming to an end. Having a competition at the end, I am really happy. Thank you, lord clan elder."

"No no, this is also for the sake of the clan." Bai clan leader’s expression was embarrassed. It was his suggestion in the first place, and the biggest reason for it was to squeeze out the last remaining value that Bai Ning Bing possessed.

But Bai Ning Bing’s gratitude, came from the bottom of his heart.

The white form immortal snake was unmoved, meaning that he was not fated to receive the first generation ancestor’s inheritance. But life and death are bound to occur, what fear could he have?

Bai Ning Bing had already found his path, he no longer feared. There was only one lingering battle that he could not let go of.

"Fang Yuan, the three-clan tournament, will you attend it? Don’t disappoint me, because right now, I am really really strong..."

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