Reverend Insanity
168 Lightning lycan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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168 Lightning lycan

Chapter 168: Lightning lycan

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Wolf packs were on the move, rushing in like the tide.

The situation turned for the worst, and the two clan leaders and their elders’ expressions changed.

Although both clans managed to resist the wolf tide, it was through a dangerous battle and were pyrrhic victories. Now that there is a new strong wolf tide, they had no way left to resist it.

At once, both clans subconsciously stopped battling.

"The reports said there were three thunder crown wolves right?" A clan elder screamed in panic.

"No, this thunder crown wolf has lots of injuries, and the size of the wolf pack isn’t very large either," Gu Yue Bo forced himself to remain calm and analysed.

"Don’t tell me, this is the thunder crown wolf that attacked the Xiong village?" A clan elder slapped his forehead as he shouted.

This was very possible, and most likely the truth.

The clan elders were feeling solemn as one said, "The fact that they appeared here, doesn’t that mean the Xiong clan already..."
"That goddamn Xiong village, how can they be so useless? Not even able to resist a wave of wolf tide!" someone scolded.

But some were optimistic, "You see, this thunder crown wolf’s forelegs are injured, the muscles have all shrivelled!"

They followed the voice and observed, regaining some lost morale.

It was true.

This thunder crown wolf’s hind legs were developed, but its forelegs were smaller, with shrunken muscles. This caused it to only use the back legs when running, jumping forward like a kangaroo.

"Wait, this doesn’t seem like a thunder crown wolf..." Bai clan leader suddenly thought of something, shivering.

"Lightning lycan!" Fang Yuan had an answer already.

Five tigers one lamassu, three hounds one molossus, ten wolves one lycan.

The lycan was also a type of wolf, but it was far smarter than a wolf by many times, and was usually the strategist of a wolf pack. The lightning lycan before them seemed like a thunder crown wolf in appearance, thus a recon Gu Master’s confusion is very common. But it was a true blue myriad beast king, and had intelligence no less than men!

This lightning lycan, although inferior to an ordinary thunder crown wolf in terms of physical strength, had human intelligence and was far more dangerous than a thunder crown wolf. With a huge army of lightning wolves to command, it was no wonder that the Xiong clan was exterminated by them.

"Go!" Fang Yuan spread his wings and flew into the sky.

These elders here had undergone long battles, and their battle strength was greatly eroded. They could not deal with the wolf packs, and more crucially, their misgivings towards each other made it hard for the two sides to work together.

Fang Yuan turned around and left; the myriad beast king was no joke. Even though there was still two wild Gu worms flying around, he couldn't care less.

He had to leave immediately, for any later and he might not have the chance!

Knowing one's limits and being able to let go and give up, this is the number one criteria to roam the world.

"Retreat, the wolf tide is huge, we cannot do anything to it."

"Get back to the village and plan our defenses!"

Even though the clan elders have not realized the lightning lycan’s identity, they all had retreating thoughts.

But at this time, the lightning lycan growled, opening its huge mouth.

Its wolf fangs were sharp as a dagger, and in between, a black lump appeared out of nowhere, forming into a black ball in an instant.


The black ball shot out, drawing a curved black trajectory in the air and smashing on the ground.

"It missed?"

"This thunder crown wolf is finished, its aiming sucks!"

The clan elders shouted about, but Fang Yuan flew even faster.


The black ball of mist exploded and under that intense impact, the black mist spread all over the place.

The speed was faster than the eye could see. In a short moment, it covered over a hundred li (one li = 500m) of radius."This is the Rank four Wolf Smoke Gu!" Fang Yuan’s heart sank; he had made the most logical response at the first moment. But the black wolf smoke spread too fast, completely enveloping him.

At once, he felt like he was standing in the middle of the night sky, seeing nothing but darkness. Everywhere was thick smoke, making breathing difficult, and was extremely uncomfortable.

But thankfully he had the Thunderwings Gu, so as long as he flew up, he could get out of the wolf smoke’s range.


In the next moment, a lightning bolt struck, splitting the thick black smoke apart like a thunder snake or a raging dragon, travelling over a hundred li and assaulting Fang Yuan head on.

The lightning lycan attacked.

The lightning was so fast a person could barely react to it.

But at this crucial moment, Fang Yuan’s battle instinct surpassed the speed of his thoughts, reacting in advance.

Thunder Shield Gu!

Sky Canopy Gu!

A round lightning shield appeared in front of Fang Yuan, and on his body a white armor appeared as well.

The raging lightning shone at an eye-piercing brightness like a heavenly dragon roaring, ramming onto the lightning shield.

The shield lasted less than a second before it broke under the intense force of the lightning.

The lightning landed on Fang Yuan. At that moment, even though he already shut his eyes, he still felt the light piercing through his pupils.

A intense force assaulted him, causing him to fall.

He was about to faint as the electric currents moved, paralyzing his muscles, almost causing him to forget to breathe!

Plop, he landed on the ground.

He finally only managed to regain consciousness after intense pain surged through him like waves.

He endured the intense pain and numbness, and tried to get up.

The Thunder Shield Gu was already dead, while the Thunderwings Gu was hit and barely held onto life; it was impossible to use anymore. The Sky Canopy Gu was injured heavily too, looking rather dispirited. After all, it was hit by such a strong electric current.

The lightning lycan’s attack emitted a Rank four Gu worm’s full power.

The more a Gu worm advances, the bigger the difference between realms.

For the attack of a Rank four Gu worm, at least two Rank three Gu would be needed to defend against it. However, the Lightning Shield Gu died because the previous battle had already caused it to sustain much injuries.

"To think that this lightning lycan thought so highly of me..." Fang Yuan laughed bitterly, observing the surroundings.

His surroundings were dark, full of thick smoke; Fang Yuan was unable to tell directions.

"Be careful, that thunder crown wolf became smaller, it is now as small as a normal lightning wolf and is hiding among the pack," A clan elder shouted at this time from the smoke.

Fang Yuan heard it and his iris shrunk.

This lightning lycan was too crafty, and very sinister. It probably wanted to eliminate all these Gu Masters, and when it attacked Fang Yuan, it showed that it did not want to let a single one of them off.

The surroundings quickly shone with countless wolf eyes.

The sounds of their growls and the sound of the wind from wolf packs running about were all heard by Fang Yuan.

Under such a dark environment, the Gu Masters’ vision is greatly obstructed. But the wolf packs were unaffected, because they had given up on smell and gained excellent vision.

"I have to get out of here quickly. Who knows if I will encounter that lightning lycan? Even if I do not meet it now, just being surrounded by the wolf packs when I only have 40% primeval essence, it is insufficient to sustain my expenditure!"

Fang Yuan quickly considered in his heart, then he activated the Earth Communication Ear Grass.

Over ten roots grew out from his ear and extended outside.

Many voices were heard. There were wolf cries, battle noises, clan elders’ frantic growling and lightning wolves’ sad cries when dying.

Too confusing!

The Earth Communication Ear Grass’ range was huge, but it could not discern small details.

Fang Yuan frowned, only listening to a direction with less noises.

But quickly he encountered a pack of over one hundred wolves.

Lightning wolves ran from the black smoke, each ferocious as ever.

Fang Yuan summoned the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and activated the Sky Canopy Gu.

The razors rotated violently and the centipede was like a large sword, cutting through the black smoke and landing on the wolf’s bodies, causing a rain of blood and bones.

Fang Yuan attacked like a boat trying to row uphill, eliminating his obstacles.

Numerous lightning wolves died under the Chainsaw Golden Centipede. But then the second, third… they continued to assault him.

"This lightning lycan is too sinister and diabolic, actually making the lightning wolves surround us from the back." Fang Yuan had been moving in one direction, and after rushing for a while, he realized the truth at once after he kept encountering lightning wolves.

He battled as he retreated. After a while, he was bathed in blood.

The pressure was too large, the surroundings were covered in darkness; he was unable to see anything. Wolf packs rushed in from all directions, and it was difficult for him to deal with it alone.

"Gu Yue Bo, what do you say?" At this time, the Bai clan leader said from within the dark smoke.

"Alright, let’s work together and get out of this first!" Gu Yue Bo shouted, quickly replying.

This was the forced circumstance of the situation — only through cooperation can they have a chance of survival.

Otherwise, by fighting alone, they would soon expend all their primeval essence on the lightning wolves and be turned into food. That would surely be a bad ending.



In the next moment, with a wolf’s cry, an intense explosion was heard and the two clan leaders shouted, no longer able to organise the clan elders.

Evidently, the lightning lycan came out and did a sneak attack.

It had a man’s intelligence after all. Once it attacked, it was able to interfere with the two clan leader’s plan, and ruined the flow of the clan elders’ resistance.

Without the two clan leaders to suppress the scene, how can the clan elders work sincerely together?

This was a huge question.

"I’m unable to go on. My primeval essence expenditure is too high, I need to borrow strength from others!" After killing for a while, Fang Yuan felt exhaustion.

He had the strength of two boars, but now he felt extremely sore all over.

His primeval essence was no longer enough. He had injuries all over him, but he was forced to stop using the Sky Canopy Gu.

The Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s body was dim, its razors already in bad shape. In a short period of time, it had killed up to a thousand wolves, and within that number, there were bold lightning wolves as well.

A few of them were harder than steel, because they had a defensive Gu.

The Chainsaw Golden Centipede was not invulnerable, and without razors, its attack strength would be greatly reduced, quickly becoming useless.

Fang Yuan did not prolong any battles; he quickly moved as he fought.

He relied on the Earth Communication Ear Grass to analyze the situation. Once he heard a frenzy lightning wolf’s footsteps, he would change directions and try to avoid them.

The frenzy lightning wolf was a thousand beast king, he could not fight it alone. Once he was pulled into battle, he would fall into encirclement, and that would be a dead end.

"I’m not satisfied!" From the thick smoke, a clan elder cried as his voice came to an end.

From the black smoke, the wolf packs attacked, and many clan elders died by the wolf’s mouths, growling in helplessness and indignance.

"I can’t hold on much longer either!" Fang Yuan felt the aura of death, but he was still calm; the more dangerous it is, the calmer his mind.

His heart did not waver at all. In his previous life, he had been in worse situations.

The situation right now was still not that bad. With the two clan leaders fighting the lightning lycan, Fang Yuan still had a chance.

"Oh? Fighting sounds ahead." Fang Yuan heard the noise and changed his direction. He was at his limits, so no matter if it was the Gu Yue clan or the Bai clan Gu Masters, they were useful to him either way.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Far away, he heard this Gu Master screaming, battling relentlessly.

Fang Yuan sprinted over, and suddenly came to a stop.

Bai Ning Bing!

Notes: 狡电狈 - Lightning Lycan, well to be honest it directly translates to ‘Cunning electric 狈’. Since there’s no english word for 狈, Lycan is used. 狈 is actually a legendary wolf in China that may or may not exist; it’s said to have two very short paws in front so it rides on a normal wolf’s back instead. (Or something like that…)

彪 - Legendary/mythical tiger that does not have an equivalent English word. So I just subbed it with lamassu.

Translator's Thoughts
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Sorry for the delay again, I finally made it!! Hahaha... I'm going to die.


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