Reverend Insanity
167 A fourth one?!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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167 A fourth one?!

Chapter 167: A fourth one?!

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"You forced my hand!" Bai Ning Bing gritted his teeth, forming an iceblade.

At the same time, he activated his Swirl Gu and Fierce Wind Gu.

The white iceblade storm appeared once again!

At first it was just a small gust, but very quickly, the size expanded and the icy winds roared as the blizzard spread. The floor was slowly covered in hard ice, preventing the Chainsaw Golden Centipede from emerging and attacking.

This iceblade storm is a unique move of Bai Ning Bing’s. Evidently it showed the battle talent of the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique.

This was formed by the Iceblade Gu, Swirl Gu and Fierce Wind Gu. When used together, it created something that could attack and defend. Without two or more defense Gu working together, one cannot resist it.

The fierce winds roared and the ice blades froze all in its path. The white storm assaulted like a huge beast awakening, opening its mouth and devouring Fang Yuan.

These three Gu together form a ferocious offensive technique that can freeze all life. Even with the Sky Canopy Gu’s defense, Fang Yuan would probably be unable to block it.

The storm approached, but Fang Yuan showed a look of disdain.

The thunderwings behind him instantly flapped, pulling a large distance away from this iceblade storm.

Times were different now. If this was the past, his movement speed would be lower than this storm, but now the storm could no longer catch up to him.

Fang Yuan’s eyes shone with brilliance as he turned his direction in mid-air, and flew towards the valley.

The iceblade storm chased him relentlessly.

"Don’t come here!"

"Fuck off!!"

Whether it was the Bai clan Gu Masters, or Gu Yue clan, both were scolding and shouting.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly, continuing his charge.

The iceblade storm had an imposing aura as it continued to chase Fang Yuan while Bai Ning Bing’s laughter was heard from within.

"Don’t think of getting any further!" A Bai clan Gu Master blocked Fang Yuan’s path.

Fang Yuan’s hand hooked, and from the ground a thick and long golden line jumped out and landed on his right arm, like a large sword.

Buzz buzz buzz!!

The rampaging sound from the razors caused the Bai clan Gu Master’s eyelids to shiver.

Fang Yuan held the Chainsaw Golden Centipede in his right hand as blood light shone in his left - he was using the Blood Moon Gu but not shooting it. His body was covered in a white coloured armor, and thunderwings sparked behind his back. His black hair flew in the wind, and behind him there was a mountain-sized white storm.

His presence was overwhelming with his eyes emitting sharp killing intent, as if he was charging through the desert, a general with seven victories under his belt. Stomping all his enemies into minced meat, and chopping any opponents into broken bones.

"AHHH!" The Bai clan Gu Master felt an impossible pressure as veins popped on his forehead, and he suddenly shouted loudly, edging himself on.

But as he shouted, seeing Fang Yuan was rushing towards himself without pause, he suddenly shut up and ran away.

He was scared!

The fear in his heart eroded his fighting spirit.

Fang Yuan did not care about him, instead rushing over towards the thunder crown wolf who was on the verge of dying.

Winds blew as his charging was fearsome, and everywhere he went, Gu Masters avoided.

The thunder crown wolf forced itself to focus, turning its head towards Fang Yuan. Lightning gathered on its teeth; the myriad beast king’s pride refused to let itself die so easily. Even through death will it retaliate!

Fang Yuan was seemingly about to collide onto the thunder crown wolf like a meteor hitting earth, but at the last second he suddenly jerked his leg and rushed up into the sky, flying out of the valley at a steep angle.

He had just flown out of the valley when an intense explosion occurred behind him.

The thunder crown wolf’s cries fused with the sound of the ice blade storm.

A move like the iceblade storm could be said to be Bai Ning Bing’s masterpiece, but it had weaknesses too - it could not be easily displayed or stopped.

Of course, this storm knocking into the thunder crown wolf was also due to Bai Ning Bing’s personality.

The thunder crown wolf was heavily suppressed by the white storm.

It was already going to die, but now it could resist no further. Its armor was cut into pieces and blood and flesh flew all over the place, revealing its white skeleton, which was quickly minced into bone matter.

"Damn it!" Seeing this, the Gu Yue clan’s side all swore.

The Bai clan Gu Masters also showed a pained expression.

With Bai Ning Bing doing this, after the thunder crown wolf dies there would no longer be any valuable loot left on its body.

But Bai Ning Bing did not mind it. Instead he rotated even faster, enjoying the feeling of devastating a myriad beast king.

Gu worms turned into rays of light one after another, flying out of the thunder crown wolf’s body.

These wild Gu worms had all resided in the thunder crown wolf’s body, using each other to work together and survive. Now that the thunder crown wolf was dying, they were like crewmen on a ship, abandoning the sinking ship and escaping for their lives.

"Catch them!"

"Quick, stop these Gu!"

The two clans shouted at once.

The situation went into chaos again as clan elders attacked each other in attempt to hinder the other. The two clan leaders could not split themselves, thus finally, only two or three clan elders with movement-type Gu managed to fly out of the valley.

The wild Gu worms ran everywhere and Fang Yuan focused and observed, trying to discern them.

"What a pity my recon Gu is Earth Communication Ear Grass, it cannot increase my vision. There is definitely a healing-type Gu on this thunder crown wolf, but whether I can catch it or not, it’s up to fate!"

This was betting purely on luck, but Fang Yuan had no choice.

Recon-type Gu worm, there were all sorts of them, but right now he only had the Earth Communication Ear Grass.

His thunderwings spread and he rushed towards the closest Gu worm.

This Gu’s body was covered in a blue light, trying to fly far away.

Fang Yuan rushed up, opening his hand and grabbing it.


Its body emitted an intense electric current and assaulted Fang Yuan.

Thunderwings are formed by lightning, it has speed but is not flexible. Fang Yuan groaned as he used the Sky Canopy Gu to endure this attack.

He could forcefully grab this Gu, but he wisely chose to give up.

The ability of this Gu was already exposed; it was able to use electric currents to attack enemies, so this was obviously an attack-type Gu, but Fang Yuan wanted a healing Gu instead.

Fang Yuan gave up on it and approached another Gu worm.

When he got close, he saw this Gu’s appearance, a body that seemed to be made of light blue glass, flying in the air with a semicircle shell that had turtle shell markings.

Thunder Shield Gu!

This was a defensive Gu, able to form a semicircle lightning shield.

Fang Yuan gave up once again, looking around and finding his third target.

But at this time, a white shadow came from the valley, holding an iceblade and shouting Fang Yuan’s name.

Fang Yuan sighed, knowing that lady luck was not on his side. He could only take the best alternative, reaching and grabbing towards the Thunder Shield Gu right next to him.

Thunder Shield Gu created a lightning shield, its eerie blue lightning sparking as it tried to resist Fang Yuan’s hand.

Fang Yuan sneered, releasing the Spring Autumn Cicada’s aura. Suddenly the Thunder Shield Gu became tame like it died, dispersing its shield and falling towards the forest.

Fang Yuan waved and grabbed it in his hand, releasing his primeval essence and instantly refining it.

Stealth Scales Gu!

Ripples formed all over his body as he vanished on the spot.

"Fang Yuan!" Bai Ning Bing shouted, as his eyes shone with lightning.

This is the Rank three Lightning Eye Gu, using the power of lightning to break through stealth.

But it did not have see-through vision. Fang Yuan noticed this, and although he was stealthed, he could also use the forest to conceal himself. Bai Ning Bing’s gaze swept through the environment and angrily growled as he had no findings.

Fang Yuan found a hidden spot, instantly sitting down and activating the tusita flower, making it spit out primeval stones.

Although he was Rank three, his aperture only had 42% primeval essence storage, and though he had the upper hand during the previous battle, it could not be sustained. Right now, his aperture only had a thin layer of primeval essence left, being around 3%.

Gu Masters needed primeval essence to activate Gu worms.

Without primeval essence, Gu Masters’ battle strength would drop drastically. In fact in extreme situations, they were even worse than mortals.

The primeval stones continued to shrink, the natural essence injecting into Fang Yuan’s body. The primeval sea in his aperture started to rise gradually.

Back then, when he was Rank one or two and using the primeval stone to replenish his primeval essence, it was very noticeable. But now that he was Rank three, as the Gu Master’s primeval essence quality is greatly improved, more primeval stones are required and a longer time is needed to replenish it.

Sounds of Gu Masters battling continued to be heard. After eight or nine minutes, Fang Yuan replenished the primeval essence in his aperture back to the limit.

He came out of his hiding spot, discovering that five clan elders had died.

Among them, three were from Gu Yue clan, two from Bai clan.

Each clan elder was the clan’s asset. To think that so many were sacrificed this time.

Gu Yue Bo and the Bai clan leader’s battle was very intense. They were feeling heartache from their respective losses, thus getting more aggressive in their attacks.

Other than this, there were three fighting groups surrounding the wild Gu worms.

Ordinary Gu Masters do not have the Spring Autumn Cicada’s help to capture wild Gu worms, thus it was troublesome.

To catch the Gu worm, they cannot deal heavy blows. Instead, they need to gauge the strength they use.

Eight to nine Gu worms had flown out of the thunder crown wolf. It was not certain how many Gu worms they had captured, but three still remained right now.

The clan elders surrounded these three Gu worms, striking as they blocked the worms while facing obstruction from the other party. This caused the scene to be at a stalemate, neither sides able to gain anything.

"Water Cage Gu, trap it!" A Bai clan Gu Master shouted, spitting out a water ball.

The ball increased in size until it was over two metres, covering the Gu worm completely and trapping it inside.


In the next moment, a golden moonblade flew towards the water ball cage and burst it open by force.

The Gu worm flew away, escaping with its life.

Seeing this Gu worm fly away, the Bai clan Gu Master cursed. To think that a Gu worm at his mercy got away just like that!

The Gu Yue clan Gu Masters were even more furious. These Gu worms were originally their battle rewards, but now that the Bai clan interfered, they could not gain anything.

"Bai clan scoundrels, shameless dogs, go to hell!"

"Gu Yue clan, you guys are finished. Our Bai clan will definitely rise up and stomp you all to the grounds!"

Both sides were furious, full of hatred and madness. They had battled till their eyes turned red, and only fighting remained in their minds.

Fang Yuan saw the Gu worm fly away, thus he had no choice but to look at the other two groups. There was still a Gu worm at each of their encirclement. There might be a healing Gu worm, but it was unlikely.

Fang Yuan knew that this world did not have things like ‘a wish coming true’, but even so he wanted to try.

Just when he was about to rush up and attack, he heard a wolf’s howl like a military horn, spreading out in rhythm, rising and falling in succession.

Soon after, tons of lightning wolves rushed down like tide water.

There was no lack to the sound of bold lightning wolves and frenzy lightning wolves, but the one that made everyone’s expression change was the mountain-like giant wolf.

Thunder crown wolf!

"There’s a fourth thunder crown wolf?!" The clan elders shouted as they could not keep their calm anymore.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

I miscounted, so here's another one. Now that I've caught up, the next one will come on time... (I usually publish on GMT+8 12.05AM) Anyway, mega cliffhangers everywhere!!


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