Reverend Insanity
166 Second Battle versus Bai Ning Bing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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166 Second Battle versus Bai Ning Bing

Chapter 166: Second Battle versus Bai Ning Bing

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
His hair snowy white and his orbs blue, a one-arm figure in white.

Who else could it be but Bai Ning Bing?

Before the ice blade touched his body, Fang Yuan could feel a cold eerie feeling assaulting him from behind like a comet striking the earth, full of cold killing intent.

Fang Yuan’s irises were black in contrast, unmoving in danger, leaping backwards and injecting primeval essence into the Sky Canopy Gu, creating a white armor to protect himself.

Bam! The iceblade struck the ground heavily, and at that instance a bunch of white icicles grew from the ground, erupting upwards.


The sharp icicles stabbed upwards at the direction Fang Yuan was retreating towards, creating an icy path.

Fang Yuan easily somersaulted and avoided them.

The mountain path was narrow, so he slid down towards the valley along the edges.

"Hehehe, Fang Yuan oh Fang Yuan, why is it that everytime I see you, I feel that intense urge to kill you? Mmm, tell me!" Bai Ning Bing excitedly shivered as he laughed maniacally.

His laughter attracted the gaze of the other Gu Masters in the valley.

Seeing Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan, their expressions were different.

"Lord Bai Ning Bing, let me assist you!" A Bai clan Gu Master who originally stood at the side shouted and struck towards Fang Yuan.

"Clan leader, it is our clan’s Fang Yuan!" Gu Yue clan’s Gu Masters shouted.

"I know." Clan leader Gu Yue Bo’s expression was uncertain, and he dodged the Bai clan leader’s attack as he decided, shouting, "Get the materials into our possession first!"

Fang Yuan had mysteriously vanished before the wolf tide arrived, causing the Gu Yue higher-ups to feel highly doubtful of him. In addition, the intense pressure from the Bai clan Gu Masters resulted in no one going to reinforce Fang Yuan.

Bai Ning Bing saw help arrive and flew into a rage, shouting at the person, "Scram, this is my battle, don’t interfere!"

"Lord Bai Ning Bing, you lost an arm and have reduced battle potential. You are the hope of our Bai clan, you cannot be lost. Let me sweep this obstacle for you!"

The Bai clan Gu Master shouted as he leapt, charging towards Fang Yuan.

He activated his Gu worm, both hands glowing with a orange yellow light.


He lightly patted the ground, and the light entered the earth. Instantly, a lump grew from the earth.

The mud lump advanced towards Fang Yuan as it got bigger.

Suddenly the mud lump exploded, revealing a yellow mud arm.

This arm was humongous, as tall as an adult as it grabbed towards Fang Yuan. Its power and presence caused others to feel suffocated.

Fang Yuan snorted in disdain.

Seeing this arm grab at him and about to succeed, a dark golden light suddenly shot out from his aperture, turning into a shiny ribbon of light, wrapping around Fang Yuan’s body.

The big arm reached his body but was twisted by this dark golden light, breaking and collapsing.

"Oh? What Gu worm is this?" Bai Ning Bing showed shock on his face.

The dark golden light dispersed, revealing the true form of the Gu.

It was over a metre long, as wide as two fists. Its dark golden exoskeleton displayed dominance as its sharp razor blades at the side of its body shone with cold light.

Chainsaw Golden Centipede!

"Come," Fang Yuan shouted, extending his right arm, his fist clenched.

The Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s numerous segments climbed up his body nimbly, its body twisting and turning like a snake, coiling around his right arm.

Its mouth opened and swallowed Fang Yuan’s right fist in one mouth, all the way until half his forearm was swallowed.

Fang Yuan’s arm swung, and the metre-long golden centipede moved its tail. In the air, it drew an arc, emitting a crisp sound.

At this moment, the golden centipede shrunk its body to the max, its near-two metre length shrinking to one meter and a half. At the same time its feet shrunk into the exoskeleton, leaving behind only two rows of razor blades.

At one glance, Fang Yuan looked like he was holding a dark golden-silver bladed, giant hiltless sword!

The reinforcement Gu Master was shocked, he had never thought that the Chainsaw Golden Centipede could be used like this.

The Gu Master’s raising Gu, refining Gu, using Gu — all three required deep research. Fang Yuan’s method was innovative and unheard of, using his imagination to the limit.

But actually, this method was not invented by Fang Yuan.

Three hundred years later, a new demonic faction talent, the ‘Chainsaw Mad Demon’ would use the Rank four Chainsaw Killer Centipede, one of the advancement paths of the Rank three Chainsaw Golden Centipede.

But in this life, Fang Yuan using it at this point is really unprecedented.

"I shall let you guys have a taste," Fang Yuan smirked, using the primeval essence in his aperture and injecting them into the Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s body.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The Chainsaw Golden Centipedes’ two rows of razor blades started to move violently, emitting a wild sound, causing others’ heart to shiver upon hearing.

Thunderwings Gu!

Fang Yuan’s eyes shone with determination as a pair of eerie blue thunderwings formed on his back with a crisp sound.


The thunderwings flapped, causing Fang Yuan to shoot out like lightning.

Fast! Fast! FAST!

The speed was so fast that the Bai clan Gu Master’s iris shrunk as he felt a chill.

The smell of death was so close, and he shrieked as he used his strongest Gu; a thick yellow light appeared on his body.

The yellow light was like armor, except that before it fully materialized, Fang Yuan had already gotten close.

His black hair danced in the wind, his eyes like lightning, looking like a demonic god that emerged from nightmares, killing his way into the mortal realm!

His movements were violent, and he completely exerted his muscles. As they tightened up, he used the strength of two boars to their limit.

The golden centipede-like sword, waved like a golden shadow in the air. The razors rotated violently, slashing towards the Bai clan Gu Master’s waist.


The yellow light armor broke under the slaughter of the chainsaw - it was never fully formed in the first place. At this moment, it scattered instantly.

The razors entered the meat as if it was cutting butter, and as Fang Yuan flicked his wrist, the chopped up meat flew all over the place along with the blood. The Gu Master’s spine smashed and his intestines were grinded to a pulp.

The Bai clan Gu Master’s upper half of the body flew into the air, while his lower half remained on the spot.


He stared with wide-opened eyes, staring in fright at his lower half, dying in extreme fear and shock.

This commotion caused the fighting among the two clans to stop temporarily. They all looked towards Fang Yuan, sending shocked, angered gazes.

This Bai clan Gu Master was also a Rank three elder, and was slightly famous.

But under Fang Yuan’s aggressive, dominant attack, he was instantly killed.

Fang Yuan’s body was still blood bathed, with the Bai clan Gu Master’s flesh still sticking to his clothes. The Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s two edges were still rotating violently, and with such ferocity, it caused everyone to look away.

"What a great Gu worm!" Bai Ning Bing shouted, his eyes showing insanity and excitement.

"Fang Yuan, you did not let me down indeed! Come battle!" He shouted, his passion blazing like flames, striking towards Fang Yuan.

"Noisy fucker." Fang Yuan’s expression was cold as ice, turning around to counterattack.


The Chainsaw Golden Centipede and the iceblade collided. With a cracking sound, the razors cut into the iceblade and caused it to shatter into pieces.

In the next moment, the Chainsaw Golden Centipede broke through the iceblade and swept across Bai Ning Bing’s face.

Bai Ning Bing’s expression changed as he resolutely let go of the iceblade and retreated backwards, almost two metres of distance away.

The Chainsaw Golden Centipede when shrunk was only 1.5m. Adding on Fang Yuan’s right arm, there was still a little distance before it could reach Bai Ning Bing. But Fang Yuan willed, and the Chainsaw Golden Centipede suddenly extended itself.

"This?!" Bai Ning Bing was dumbstruck and did not anticipate this turn of events.

He was hit on the chest by the centipede’s tail. Even with his ice muscles protecting his body, there was still a large cut on his body.

At that instance, he felt a strong force assault him, and he was unavoidably sent flying, landing on a huge rock behind him.

Blood splattered on the rock’s surface, but his ice muscles soon stopped the bleeding.

Bai Ning Bing coughed intensely and was about to get up, but suddenly he heard a thunderous sound.

The sound was right beside his ear, and an unprecedented sense of danger entered his heart.

Bai Ning Bing’s iris shrunk as he did not even raise his head, but frantically rolled away.


In the next moment, the Chainsaw Golden Centipede descended from the sky. With its imposing aura, it struck the ground that he was at a moment ago.

The razors rotated violently, and the huge rock broke into pieces.

"If this hit landed on my body… I’m afraid…" Bai Ning Bing’s heart chilled, and a sense of anger stemming from his indignant nature rose.

Ever since his battle with Gu Yue Qing Shu, he had stopped suppressing his cultivation, and let it rise naturally.

Although he lost a limb, he had his complete cultivation, but was still suppressed by this Rank three initial stage Fang Yuan!

Indignant! Humiliation! Rage!

"KILL!" He growled, his wrist turning and injecting primeval essence into the iceblade Gu, forming a brand new iceblade.

Seeing Bai Ning Bing come closer, Fang Yuan laughed coldly and attacked with all he had.

He had obtained the Black and White Boar Gu, thus his strength was greater than Bai Ning Bing. At this point when waving the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, it was as light as a tree branch.

Cut, slash, hack, twist, turn, the Chainsaw Golden Centipede rotated violently, moving as agile as a bee in Fang Yuan’s hand. At times it appeared heavy like an elephant, sometimes ferocious as a tiger, and sometimes flexible like a snake.

The most crucial point was, the golden centipede followed Fang Yuan’s will, extending and shrinking at times, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, sometimes straight sometimes curly. That made it hard for Bai Ning Bing to adapt, and he could barely defend himself.

He cried and screamed as he retreated gradually, his body filled with injuries. His white battle robe had turned into a beggar’s attire.

Fang Yuan moved like a black wind, his expression cool as he displayed an extremely profound sword technique, saber art, axe and rod skills. He fused all these skills into one, turning the Chainsaw Golden Centipede into a lethal weapon!

A Gu depends on who the user is.

"Good on you, Fang Yuan!" Bai Ning Bing shouted after numerous iceblades broke; he finally realized that he could not go head on against Fang Yuan.

His body was bathed in blood and the ice muscles’ defense was almost broken, but this led out his immense battle passion.

If close range won’t do, then long range it is.

Blue bird ice coffin Gu!

Bai Ning Bing pulled some distance and spit out several times.

Several flying birds flapped their wings and flew towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not fluster. With an unchanging expression, his left arm moved and the blood colored moonblade stopped these ice birds in their tracks, causing them to explode in mid-air.

People were normally proficient in using moonblades on only one arm, but Fang Yuan had such a rich battle experience, and even his left arm could completely shoot out moonblades without any deviation.

Bai Ning Bing seeing that did not work, used the Icicle Gu.

Icicles flew and mixed in with the blue birds to form a barrage attack.

Fang Yuan’s long range attack was solely moonblade, thus he only chose to block the most dangerous ice birds. Against the icicles, he dodged some while tanking the others with his Sky Canopy Gu.

Bai Ning Bing finally had a bit of an upper hand and wanted to increase his advantage, but Fang Yuan suddenly laughed coldly and shrugged his right hand, causing the Chainsaw Golden Centipede to detach and burrow its way into the ground.

This hidden threat was too much.

Bai Ning Bing was dumbfounded at this, scolding loudly as he quickly took steps back!

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Sorry for being a bit late guys, I was sick last night. Still sick now but better, kinda.. Oh hey, they changed the synopsis! Finally :3 Also expect the next chapter tonight at the same time!


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