Reverend Insanity
165 Blood Guillotine
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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165 Blood Guillotine

Chapter 165: Blood Guillotine

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
In the ancestral hall, it was deadly silent. The clan elder and clan leader lowered their heads like a big rock was weighing on their heart.

After a Gu Master dies, the Gu worms they leave behind will still have the person’s will remaining. They cannot be considered wild Gu worms, and have had lost their ability to use the natural essence in the air.

These Gu worms can be considered a extension of life of that particular Gu Master.

Everyone’s heart was uneasy.

The first generation clan head had passed on for at least a thousand years, so were the methods that he had left behind still effective? No one knew.

After all, since the last crisis, it had already been two hundred years.

"Why did they retreat?" On the slope, Fang Yuan saw this scene and grew suspicious.

In his previous life, his cultivation was too low, thus he could not learn about the clan’s secrets.

But soon his body shook, discovering that a group of flying worms had descended from the sky.

"This is…" Fang Yuan eyes squinted as cold light shone.

There were up to a hundred Gu worms flying around in a cluster, forming a red cloud, descending and landing on the village square.

Buzz buzz buzz...

The noises emitted by the insect group entered the ancestral hall, and the clan elders raised their heads, showing a frantically overjoyed expression.

"Thank you great ancestor, for the protection!" Gu Yue Bo’s heart felt at ease as he paid his respects before getting up.

"Go, go and see," the clan leader sighed. On his face, there was happiness, solemness and grief, a complicated expression.

Leaving the ancestral hall and standing on the building’s stairway, everyone could see that on the village square, there was a red tornado rampaging.

These Gu worms were only around the size of a fingertip. They were shaped like locusts, with a scary face and was red all over.

They entered the bodies of the Gu Masters sitting on the square, extracting their blood and primeval essence. In a few breath’s time, one insect multiplied into more worms.

Thus, the Gu increased greatly in numbers as time went by. There were constantly new Gu worms being produced, flying into the Gu Master’s skin and flying out, and then digging in again.

In the village square, miserable cries and cold groans sounded, but not one Gu Master fled.

Before they came, they were already informed by the clan elders. For the clan, they willingly tributed their bodies to feed the Gu, using their own sacrifices to bring about the survival of the clan.

"These are all good lads of our clan!" Gu Yue Bo seeing this muttered in a low voice, as the hand holding onto the railing shivered slightly.

The other elders showed a painful expression, but did not say anything.

This situation was exactly as recorded in the clan memorials. The first generation ancestor had left behind these Gu worms, and they required Gu Master’s lives to feed. Only then are they satisfied and will help the clan to defend against external enemies.

After these flying Gu were full and satisfied, they flew up again with an even greater presence; in the blink of an eye, they had grown in number over tens of times!

What was left on the square were piles of white bones as the Gu flew out like a tornado, rampaging through the wolf packs outside the village.

"The Blood Guillotine indeed..." Fang Yuan who was standing on the slope saw everything and thought in his heart.

This Blood Guillotine is a Rank five Gu. Its usability and feeding are fused into one; it was a very strange Gu.

They specialized in consuming a Gu Master’s life-bound origin blood, and after feasting, they would start to multiply, from one to two, two to four...

If they were hungry and couldn’t find food, they would start to eat each other, reducing the size of their group to sustain the expenditure they needed in moving around.

At its peak the Blood Guillotine could engulf the skies and lands, destroying villages in their path, and were more fearsome than many Rank six Gu worms. When it was weak at only one or two in number, they would barely have any power and is worse than a Rank three Gu.

Especially when this Blood Guillotine Gu advances into the highly acclaimed Rank six demonic Gu, Blood Deity. Among the Top Ten Great Demonic Gu in the world, it ranks 7th.

In his previous life, when Fang Yuan created the Blood Wing demonic sect, he first wanted to refine the Blood Deity instead of the Spring Autumn Cicada. However, because of circumstances and many other reasons, he could only reduce his expectations and refine the Spring Autumn Cicada.

This group of Blood Guillotines numbered up to tens of thousands. Like a tornado sweeping the battlefield, everywhere they went, wolf packs howled and wailed.

They flew left and right, entering the lightning wolves’ bodies and in a few breaths’ time, the lightning wolves’ blood would be completely absorbed.

But this beast blood could not allow the Blood Guillotine to multiply. Only a Gu Master’s origin blood that contains primeval essence could achieve this effect.

One after another, lightning wolves were reduced to dry corpses, lying on the ground and losing their lives.

Only the bold lightning wolves and frenzy lightning wolves’ lightning currents could resist this Blood Guillotine.

However, they could only electrocute a small number of flying insects, before an overwhelming number of Blood Guillotines would rush up and suck them into dry corpses.


The steel web broke completely as the thunder crown wolf regained its freedom, howling in anger.

The Blood Guillotine detected it and it gathered quickly, forming a large red cloud and engulfing the thunder crown wolf completely.

The thunder crown wolf’s tail swung around as blue lightning currents shot out and turned hundreds and thousands of Blood Guillotines to crisps.

The popping sound was just like firecrackers going off.

A gust of wind blew, bringing along the horrible burnt smell of the roasted Blood Guillotines.

The Blood Guillotine was indeed a Rank five Gu, but without a user, it could only attack head on. The thunder crown wolf had several Rank four Gu residing in it, and some had a wide area attack method, countering this Blood Guillotine.

The flying insects moved like a red cloud as the thunder crown wolf’s hill-like body howled and struggled, creating a havoc.

At this moment, the thunder crown wolf’s large body became its weakness as the fingertip-sized Blood Guillotine took advantage of it.

The battle was intense. As large numbers of Blood Guillotines fell on the ground, the thunder crown wolf’s armor was broken through, and some Blood Guillotines drilled their way in and started to suck blood wantonly.

Without any other choice, the thunder crown wolf could only spray lightning plasma on its own body, electrocuting these Blood Guillotines.

But this way, its surface muscles were all fried, emitting a fragrant cooked meat smell.

The wolf tide’s attack on the village had already stopped.

Under the thunder crown wolf’s command, numerous lightning wolves attacked the insect group instead.

The Gu Masters could be said to have escaped death, and many held their breaths as they watched this intense and tragic battle nervously.

The insect group was like a death plague. Numerous lightning wolves would rush in and drop dead soon after.

However, the lightning wolves’ sacrifice also caused the insect group to face high expenditure.

The Blood Guillotine dropped in numbers. The original dense cloud had turned into a thin fog, and soon it was reduced to a small tornado still flying in the air.

The thunder crown wolf struggled and escaped, its mouth howling as it ran with all its speed.

The blood in its body was almost half gone. Now its body felt soft and tired, while its running speed was not even 10% of the usual speed, and the lightning currents flowing on its body also became extremely scattered.

As the leader of the wolf packs, the escape of the thunder crown wolf caused the other lightning wolves’ fighting spirit to diminish, and they also escaped all over the place.

"We finally did it..." The Gu Masters seeing this, became blank as some just collapsed on the ground, unwilling to get up.

"I’m actually still alive!" Many Gu Masters’ expression was complicated; some were filled with happiness while also in grief.

Through the wolf tide, many clansmen were sacrificed!

Buzz buzz buzz...

The scattered Blood Guillotine group flew high into the sky, flying one huge round around the Gu Yue village before vanishing into the clouds.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan’s eyes shone with a complex thought.

The defeat of the thunder crown wolf meant the village was now safe. In fact, most of the wolf packs were dead or injured, so they no longer had such a huge number.

This wolf tide, could be said to have been over.

However, wolf packs bear grudges, and as long as this myriad beast king is not dead, during the next wolf tide it would attack once again. After many years of recuperating, it would become even shrewder and stronger.

In the current situation, it was at its weakest. Killing it now and getting the Gu worms on its body, can help replenish some of the clan’s losses.

"Yao Zhong, Ge Yan, you two stay behind and take care of the situation. Other clan elders, follow me and assault the thunder crown wolf!" Gu Yue Bo hurriedly ordered, before leading the remaining seven elders capable of fighting out of the village and towards the direction that the thunder crown wolf escaped in.

Fang Yuan’s gaze shone, weighing in his heart, "Although the clan’s power is greatly reduced, the current situation is not in a mess. Moreover, this Blood Guillotine has a suspicious origin, I better follow the clan leader and check out the situation."

Saying so, he went into stealth mode and went down the slope.

The Stealth Scales Gu and the Thunderwings Gu cannot be used concurrently. Thunderwings Gu was a Rank three Gu, and once activated it forms a pair of lightning wings that cannot be hidden by the Rank two Stealth Scales Gu.

Against the Rank three clan elders, the Stealth Scales Gu’s hiding ability was not effective.

Fang Yuan could only follow their tracks and keep a distance between them, not daring to get close.

When the thunder crown wolf attacked, he was still in the rock crack secret cave and did not participate in the battle. If he appeared now, it would attract the rage of the clan head and clan elder, and if they questioned him, he would have not been able to explain himself.

The injuries of the thunder crown wolf were very severe, so it could not move fast. After half an hour, Fang Yuan could hear that there was the sound of fighting and scolding ahead of him.

He went there in stealth, getting onto a mountain rock, observing the Gu Masters’ fight.

The thunder crown wolf lay on the ground with many new injuries on its body. Blood was flowing non-stop as it was gasping for breath. Its dim eyes showed that it was very near death.

"Old geezer Bai, you and your guys sure have the face, coming here to take advantage of the situation!"

"Hehehe, Gu Yue Bo, that’s not the right thing to say. This thunder crown wolf was obviously stopped by us, get a clue and fuck off!"

Gu Yue Bo and the Bai clan leader were at a standstill, wary against each other.

The wolf den had three thunder crown wolves, all myriad beast kings, each having their packs of tens of thousand lightning wolves. But they did not glue together, and neither could they suppress one another.

The wolf packs’ movements relied on working together. The three thunder crown wolves had intelligence, each targeting the three large "beast groups" to hunt.

In their eyes, humans were also wild beasts, and even prey.

In their understanding, the wolf tide was a massive hunting session.

On Qing Mao mountain, the Xiong, Gu Yue and Bai clan were able to live for hundreds of years. Naturally, they all had their trump cards.

Xiong clan was the weakest, still resisting the wolf tide with difficulty even now. The Bai clan had risen these years, and their cumulative strength had exceeded the Gu Yue clan. After killing a thunder crown wolf and pushing back the wolf tide, the Bai clan leader brought his clan elders to Gu Yue village, trying to find some opportunities.

To think that there really was such a chance! Thus they blocked the thunder crown wolf in this valley.

The thunder crown wolf’s body had many Gu worms, and some were even Rank four. The thunder crown wolf’s blood, bone, eye and fur were all precious refinement material. The Gu Yue clan naturally would not let go of them, and under intense anger, they attacked.

"Hehehe, Fang Yuan you really came. I’ve waited for so long!"

On the mountain wall, a cold laughter was heard.

Fang Yuan raised his head, only to see a white clothed young man descending from the sky as an iceblade slashed towards his face with resolution.


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