Reverend Insanity
164 Intense Battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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164 Intense Battle

Chapter 164: Intense Battle

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
If one wants to fight against the thunder crown wolf, one must strike first. Its strength is just too great, and if it was let into the village, it would definitely cause great losses and damage.

This group’s capabilities were huge. With the Rank four clan leader Gu Yue Bo as the leader, and his elders as his support, they were a strong attacking force.

The wolf tide was surging violently, yet they went against it with careful and compact cooperation. As if the group was a warship, splitting the waves apart, advancing bravely forward.

Wherever they went, they were practically sweeping everything away in their path!

The closer they got to the thunder crown wolf, the more the pressure coming from the wolf tide increased.

Gu Yue Bo was calm and composed. Suddenly he stretched out his right palm, and slashed in front of him.


A golden coloured moonblade, as big as a grown adult, formed in a split second and flew out towards the front.

Swooosh swoosh swoooosh!

After flying out for a few meters, this moon disk suddenly went through a change, and from one blade it turned into three.

Three moonblades flew alongside each other, bringing about the sound of the wind whistling as it plowed open three bloody paths like knives cutting meat apart.

Many wolves fell without exception. Broken limbs flew into the air, and blood-curdling cries sounded non-stop.

A frenzy lightning wolf roared and started rushing over fiercely towards the Gu Masters from the right side."Let me!" A clan elder suddenly went from a thin and dry appearance, turning into a huge fat man in one breath.

With a bang, he used his round belly and sent the frenzy lightning wolf flying away.

The frenzy lightning wolf had come in a torrential rush, and the greater the strength of collision the stronger the bounce back was. It was thrown across high into the air, cutting an arc and then finally falling down hundreds of meters away.

The other elders were displaying all sorts of abilities.

There were some with long hair like needles, continuously shooting out and sweeping away lightning wolves.

Some of them had their bodies covered in light armor, forcefully bearing through the wolves’ tearing and biting.

The thunder crown wolf went from a half-sitting state, and slowly got onto its feet. It firmly stared at the Gu Masters rushing towards itself, and the wolf’s dark eyes flashed with warning.

It opened its mouth and let out a low roar, revealing its sharp and jagged wolf fangs.

Each of the frenzy lightning wolves and bold lightning wolves that heard its roar immediately got up and rushed towards the Gu Masters.

The Gu Masters were instantly slowed in their charge, receiving great obstruction.

"Clan leader!"

"I’ll leave it to all of you, clan elders!"

"You have to win…"

Numerous eyes flashed and gathered on them. Unknown number of rallying cries and shouts sounded from the the depths of the clansmen’s hearts.

This was the most crucial battle.

If they lose the battle, the entire clan would face the danger of being wiped out. If victory was assured, then they would have held against the hardest moment of the wolf tide.

This was the battle that would decide the life and death of the Gu Yue clan!

None of the elders backed off. They pushed forward, while drenched in blood. Even though they did not lose any numbers, none of them were spared from injury.

They eliminated all the obstacles around them, until they faced the thunder crown wolf, then charged towards it.

Therapy Light Gu.

Suddenly a middle-aged female clan elder stretched out both her hands, and a pure white, warm light bubbled forth. The light first flowed onto the clan leader’s body, and then reflected onto each of the other clan elders.

This was a Rank three healing Gu with area-of-effect properties, and it could instantly cause the wounds on Gu Masters to stop bleeding. Light wounds would be recovered completely, while heavy wounds would be healed by half.

"Continue fighting!" Gu Yue Bo roared loudly.

Five clan elders swiped their arms as they heard the signal, and sent a moonblade flying towards the sky.

Suddenly a clan elder roared as all the muscles on his body erupted and expanded three times, becoming a white fur giant ape.

It jumped in front of the group, its hands joined together.

Gu Yue Bo stepped onto its two hands, and with a low roar, the ape kicked from the ground and stretched out its waist, using all the strength in its body to toss Gu Yue Bo into the sky.

Moon-invite Gu.

Gu Yue Bo spread out his left hand; it was giving out a hazy, whirlpool-like purple moonlight.

The moonblades that the clan elders had shot towards the sky were all absorbed and annexed by this purple moonlight.


Gu Yue Bo’s eyes shone as he shouted in a thunderous volume, splitting the air with his palms from up to down.


Winds and thunder resounded as a purple moonblade, larger than a horse carriage, flew towards the thunder crown wolf.

This moonblade looked slow but was actually fast, and in a split second, it struck its target.

The thunder crown wolf howled and at the last moment, a thunder light armor appeared on its body.


In the next moment, an intense explosion occurred as the sky was engulfed in eerie blue lightning pitting against the purple alluring moonlight.

Numerous people squinted as the shockwaves spread from the impact, sending the ordinary lightning wolves in the vicinity flying.

When the intense light dissipated, the Gu Masters were already engaging in battle with the thunder crown wolf.

The clan elders were all extremely experienced and well coordinated with each other.

An aged old master with floating white hair shot out needles from it endlessly like rain.

On another side, a female Gu Master blew out flames from her nostrils like lingering snakes, and she spouted a wave of orange flame and assaulted two sides at the same time.

There were another three Gu Masters - one turned into a white ape, while another turned his muscles into steel from head to toe as they both tried to curb the thunder crown wolf. The other Gu Master tossed out unending numbers of Puppet Gu, pouring his primeval essence and turning them into vine armoured grass soldiers or wooden servants with red spears, using them as fodder to attract the incoming assault.

Healing Gu Masters stood at the outer circle, using Therapy Light Gu from time to time. Beside them were defensive Gu Masters, giving them care and protection.

The thunder crown wolf had been beaten badly. Its right front limb had a huge wound, the blood flowing non-stop. This was the outcome from the attack of the purple moonblade a moment ago.

It roared continuously as it had fallen into the Gu Master’s well planned trap. Even if it had the spirits to fight back, there was not much it could do.

The Gu Masters weaved and jumped around it like fleas on a cat or dog. They continued to move around and pulled space as they worked with completely chemistry.

But the good situation did not last, for the thunder crown wolf slowly began to adapt, while the wound on its body did not stop healing.

It was clear that it had a healing Gu on its body. This was very bad news.

The healing Gu’s existence would mean that this is a war of attrition.

Wild Gu could just use the natural essence straight from the air, while Gu Masters could only use primeval essence from their own apertures.

After the battle reached fifteen minutes later, the thunder crown wolf suddenly howled towards the sky, and a torrent of lightning flashes enveloped its whole body, while its speed sharply increased onefold.

The elder who had turned into a white ape could not dodge in time. Unable to react to this change, he was bitten by the thunder crown wolf and his skull was torn into two by the wolf’s tugging.

The thunder crown wolf had torn a line in the battlefront, and with continuous swipes of its tail, purplish blue electric currents rushed forth; the Gu Masters could only back away non-stop.

In this dangerous moment, the clan leader Gu Yue Bo stood out.

He was a Rank four expert with powerful attacks and superior defense, like the center pillar of the group, using all his strength to salvage the situation.

Mountain rocks broke and shadows dissipated as group battles enlarged. The aftermath ravaged the battlefield, and not a single lightning wolf dared to enter battle.

The situation of the battlefield only became more desperate. The thunder crown wolf’s injuries became heavier and worse, the bleeding unable to stop, and bones could be seen in the deeper wounds. At the same time, the Gu Masters also suffered heavy losses — so far they had already lost six clan elders. If not for the village’s clan elders’ immediate and urgent dispatch, coming in to aid the fight, the battle might have long collapsed.

"Everyone, stand strong, holding is the key to victory!" Gu Yue Bo killed until his eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse as he gave his all to arouse morale.

But at this moment, the thunder crown wolf suddenly went berserk, and its body was enshrouded in a layer of bright red light.

Rank four Berserk Gu!

The thunder crown wolf’s strength, speed, agility and other attributes suddenly rose to twice the original base.


There was a loud noise as it swiped its right claw, turning a clan elder into complete meat mush.

With a flick of its tail, the sound of wind erupted and an electrical net flew out, trapping a field of grass and wooden puppets, then burning it all into charcoal.

"I can’t keep up, my puppets are already used up!" The elder cried out, frightened.

With the situation rapidly changing for the worse, the terror of the myriad beast king was fully unleashed, leaving everyone in despair.

Gu Yue Bo’s eyebrows were locked tight, and it seemed like he was about to break his teeth from gritting, when he suddenly yelled, "Trap it, use the Iron Chain Snake!"

As the clan elders heard this, they were awed in their hearts.

Early during the start of the wolf tide, they had already displayed countless of battle tactics; this was a method that must only be used when there was no other choice!

"Wind Snare Gu!" An elder cried out, and from his nostrils came a green breeze, wrapping around the thunder crown wolf’s claws.

"Swamp Gu!" Another elder roared and crouched down, bringing his two hands down and slamming on the ground. Instantly, the earth below the thunder crown wolf turned into mud.

With these simultaneous attacks, the thunder crown wolf’s movements were slowed at that moment.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the other elders all stretched out their hands, and from their sleeves and pants, waves of black shadows shot out.

The black shadow was about the size of a fist, and each length was around two meters long. On close inspection, one would see that each black shadow was a snake Gu.

This snake was shaped like an iron chain, its whole body a gloomy black. Coils of metal rings were strung and connected together, and only the snake head looked normal.

As it flew out, the snakes wriggled on the ground, quickly climbing onto the thunder crown wolf’s body.

Their heads and tails then connected and mutually fit together, forming a metal net in the blink of an eye, taking root from the ground and trapping the thunder crown wolf on the spot.

But this situation was only temporary, for as the thunder crown wolf struggled continuously, one by one, the iron chains would break off. In just five to six minutes, these metallic snakes would completely disintegrate away, no longer trapping the thunder crown wolf.

"Chi Guang, Suo Ping, stay here and stop the wolf pack from attacking the metal chains. The rest of you, fall back to the village with me!" Gu Yue Bo shouted. He actually had chosen to retreat.

However the other clan elders did not show any surprised expressions; they had already known the clan leader’s intention.

They hurried back to the village, and immediately a clan elder came up towards them and said, "Lord clan leader, everything has been prepared!"

Gu Yue Bo nodded, commanding the group to go to the clan pavillion.

In the plaza before the clan pavillion, there was already up to a hundred Gu Masters seated on the ground.

These Gu Masters were mainly those who were seriously hurt and could not enter battle in a short period of time. Each of their faces carried a calm expression of facing death without fear. Meanwhile for those who still had the ability to battle, they were fighting away on the front lines.

With the battle reaching this moment, the clan had already given its all. In this dire situation, even the mortals had been mobilized. Using each and every single human life to be turned as a meat wall, obstructing the wolf tide for the time being, this gave the Gu Masters some time to recuperate and regroup.

Gu Yue Bo and the clan elders went into the ancestral halls of the clan pavillion.

Under the memorial tablets of their ancestors, they all sank to their knees on the floor."To the great ancestor above me, we descendants are greatly ashamed! The wolf tide is turbulent, and the village has fallen into the situation of life and death. We beseech our great ancestor to come and give us a hand!" When Gu Yue Bo finished speaking in a low voice, the ancestral hall fell into deep silence.

Drip drop.

A few of the clan elder’s blood seeped out from their hastily bandaged wounds, dripping onto the floor.

Gu Yue Bo and the rest of the clan elders held their breaths, not even daring to pant or breathe loudly.

Back in the day, when the first generation clan leader felt his death approaching, he set out to leave the village. Before his departure, he left a testament behind. It spoke that if the clan would ever fall into the danger of perishing, they could pray before his memorial tablet. At that moment, Gu worms would descend from the sky and help the village through the difficult situation.

Throughout history, the Gu Yue clan had suffered through major crisis a few times, and they had dealt with the calamity this way.

This was the Gu Yue clan’s last trump card!

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Sending prayers to your ancestors, like everyone does when in times of trouble. Except... will it work this time?


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