Reverend Insanity
160 Astounding applause
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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160 Astounding applause

Chapter 160: Astounding applause

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
With a bam, the frenzy lightning wolf fell on the ground like a giant elephant.

It opened its mouth wide, but its eyes lost focus as life slowly exited its body.

On its body, there were injuries all over. As wolf blood poured out endlessly, the environment was dyed red.

The rain continued to pour as it diluted the wolf blood, and caused the blood to spread further into the ground.

The ground was muddy, and some elders were standing beside the frenzy lightning wolf corpse, taking deep breaths as their bodies were drenched by the rain. They were also covered in wolf blood and mud, looking like beggars.

"Finally killed it!"

"This frenzy lightning wolf actually had a defensive Gu worm in its body, and was so difficult to take down..."

"Luckily we had elder Fang Yuan’s Blood Moon Gu accumulating injuries on it, or else it would have been even more difficult trying to kill it."

When the elders said this, they looked towards Fang Yuan.

Initially when they heard that Fang Yuan had refined the Blood Moon Gu, they felt disapproving towards it. But it seems now that, it was very effective in dealing with frenzy lightning wolves.

"I am flattered, fellow esteemed elders, if not for your assistance and protection, I would not have been able to attack so relentlessly." Fang Yuan wiped the rain water off his face as he said politely.
"No, no, it is our duty."

"We are old people already. We didn’t feel it before, but after fighting together with elder Fang Yuan, we feel that we have truly aged."

"Indeed, indeed."

The several elders laughed together.

In this earlier battle, Fang Yuan had a strong grasp of when to attack and retreat. With his ruthless and savage attacks, many times his methods were even more effective than normal elders, causing the clan elders to see him in a different light.

Especially with his polite and humble attitude and no sense of arrogance, he is definitely not what the rumors said - that aloof and unruly person - thus the elders had a good impression of him.

"I still have many aspects that need to be learnt from all of you," Fang Yuan said respectfully, but his eyes shone with a dark light.

The Blood Moon Gu had pros and cons.

After using it for so many times, he had some insights about it.

The Blood Moon Gu specialized in prolonged battles, causing unhealable injuries. As time passed, the enemy’s injuries would get more and more severe.

But this is established on the fact that there is no healing-type Gu worm.

Nature is balanced, there is no strongest Gu worm. Each Gu was bound to have strengths and weaknesses.

"Blood Moon Gu’s greatest drawback is the few days of the month where it oozes blood and faces a rapid drop in battle strength. It is my main attacking method, so this makes it too unstable. But, after I get the Chainsaw Golden Centipede in the Flower Wine inheritance ground, I can cover this weakness."

These few days were a high alert period where the wolf tide continued to attack the village, so as a clan elder, Fang Yuan attracted even more attention than before and had no chance to go to that rock crack’s secret cave.

"Quick, save our clansmen!"

"Sweep the battlefield, don’t miss a single Gu worm!"

Seeing the frenzy lightning wolf fall, a group of healing Gu Masters immediately came forth.

"Esteemed elders, you all have exerted yourselves, please accept special treatment from our medicine hall." The leading Gu Master bowed towards Fang Yuan and the elders.

"Oh... medicine faction’s Li Chen." The few clan elders recognised this person, nodding and changing their expression.

They were courteous to Fang Yuan, putting on a face full of smiles. But towards this person, they kept their emotions and displayed the authority of a higher-up.

This is the difference in status!

This Gu Yue Li Chen, is only a Rank two Gu Master.

"I have no injuries, I do not require treatment. Elders, let’s talk again when we are free." Fang Yuan nodded to the elders.

"Elder Fang Yuan is so outstanding, he’s not even injured from such a battle, what a true young hero!"

"Sigh, compared to elder Fang Yuan, we are really old."

"Hehe, take care of yourself elder Fang Yuan."

The few elders started to laugh as they said.

"Elder Fang Yuan, please pardon my rudeness, but do allow our medicine hall healing Gu Master to do a check up for you," Gu Yue Li Chen insisted.

He was a member of the medicine faction, and after Fang Yuan angered Gu Yue Yao Ji to the point of fainting, causing her downfall, he naturally had hatred towards Fang Yuan. But with his position and job, as the leader he cannot ignore Fang Yuan.

"Thanks for your goodwill, but it’s fine. I’ll see everyone again!" Fang Yuan patted Gu Yue Li Chen’s shoulder, leaving with a smile.

The elders smiled or nodded to reply him.

Only after he left did their expression change rapidly, turning solemn.

This Fang Yuan, although only C grade, had grown to this point, it is truly hard to come by! Fighting together with him, they could feel his heartlessness and ruthlessness, but when thinking about it, they felt threatened. When they were seventeen, did they have such achievements?

Especially when they saw him smile as he patted the medicine faction member’s shoulder, such talent in politics and scheming, it is truly stunning!


"Lord Fang Yuan, do you recognise me?" Along the road, a person showed a respectful expression as he greeted Fang Yuan.

"You are…" Fang Yuan squinted, recognising this person as his classmate. Only that he could not remember the name, but when he extorted primeval stones from him, this person always handed them up nicely. It shows his brilliance under that meek personality.

"Lord Fang Yuan, I am Gu Yue Ding Zong. To have the fortune to be your classmate, that is my honor. Actually, after news that you had advanced to a clan elder spread, many of our classmates admired and were envious of you lord, wanting to find an opportunity to discuss cultivation experiences with you. Are you free tonight, lord?" Gu Yue Ding Zong rubbed his hands, his eyes smiling into a line.

"Oh, is that so..." Fang Yuan’s eyebrows raised, nodding, "Okay, but let me change my clothes first, this drenched attire is making me uncomfortable."

"I have already prepared warm water and new clothes, and several beautiful attendants are waiting for serve you Lord!" Gu Yue Ding Zong smiled, his expression very eager.

Fang Yuan shook his head to reject, "No, before that, I have to go to the underground tunnel."

"Ah I see." Gu Yue Ding Zong expression changed. The underground tunnel was only accessible to the clan elders, and to people like them, it was a forbidden ground in the clan.

Next, his smile become even more subservient, and his back was arched even further, as his tone carried a servant feeling, "Lord, go ahead with your business, this lowly one’s time is not valuable, waiting for you is also an honor of mine."

Fang Yuan nodded, not speaking anymore and continued to walk away.

Gu Yue Ding Zong took a step back quickly, opening a path as he bent his back and sent Fang Yuan off with his gaze.

Entering the underground cavern again.

This secret room that contained precious Gu worms was very large, almost as big as the village square.

But the Gu worms contained inside were not many; there was only a few dozen.

Cave Declaration Grass, Air Return Cicada, Dried Bone Dragonfly, Phoenix Wing Butterfly… there were Gu worms varying from Rank two to four.

It was only that there was very little Rank two Gu, and among them was a Love Separation Gu — this is the number 1 poison Gu among the Rank twos, and injuries caused by it cannot be healed even by a Rank three healing Gu.

This Love Separation, is the one Wang Er owned back then. After obtaining it, the clan kept it here.

The most was Rank three Gu, while Rank four Gu was relatively little.

Fang Yuan did not have high hopes. Although the clan had some fortune, it is still a middle-sized clan and has competition with two other villages, as well as the pressure of the wolf tide.

But to think that, he actually found a desirable Gu.

Tusita flower.

This was a Rank three grass Gu shaped like a red lantern, and had round green leaves. The leaves were thick and fat, a total of three pointing at three directions in symmetry.

This tusita flower is the same as the tusita grass. Not only was it able to store food, but it could also store primeval stones and is one of the most ideal Gu in Fang Yuan’s mind.

"To think that this Gu Yue village had the tusita flower. With it, I can cover the weakness of storage," Fang Yuan rejoiced, choosing it immediately.

"Actually, in the village there definitely is a Rank five Gu. Gu Yue clan had two Rank five experts in history, they were bound to leave behind some Gu worms. Except they cannot be placed here, these Rank five Gu are the trump cards of the village, fed by the village with all their resources. Though to say ‘feed’, it is actually more like offerings."

Fang Yuan left the tunnel. The rain had stopped but the weather was still gloomy. The air was also not fresh, as there was the smell of blood.

Fang Yuan changed to a clean shirt and slowly moved towards the gathering point.

"Elder Fang Yuan, you are here, it is our greatest honor to have you with us!" Gu Yue Ding Zong stood at the door, staring with wide eyes. From afar he could see Fang Yuan walking across the street, and he quickly smiled and received him.
He brought Fang Yuan into the bamboo building. There was already a feast prepared as many people were sitting there.

On seeing Fang Yuan, they quickly got up.

Soon after, all sorts of praises and flattering rushed like water towards Fang Yuan.

"Greetings to lord Fang Yuan."

"After so long, elder Fang Yuan’s glamor is greater than ever, this lowly one truly admires you!"

"To be lord Fang Yuan’s classmate, it is my luck from three lifetimes! Even thinking about it now, it feels like the experience of a dream..."

Fang Yuan’s gaze swept across the table, seeing all his classmates; they were familiar faces, all of them people who he had extorted.

"My pleasure." He lightly smiled, sitting at the highest position.

"Serve the dishes, serve the best wine!" Gu Yue Ding Zong shouted, and the servants quickly got to work.

All sorts of dishes were served, their flavors top notch; this Gu Yue Ding Zong’s family sure had some assets. To be able to serve such dishes during the wolf tide, it showed that he really paid a big price, showing his sincerity.

"Elder Fang Yuan, this lowly one toasts you!"

"Elder Fang Yuan, take your time to drink, I’ll down this first!"

Fang Yuan was really very casual. With a cup of wine, he only took a small sip every time, but the people had no complaints towards this.

After toasting almost everyone and having drunk a decent amount, he suddenly held his cup and stood up, laughing, "The young are foolish, I was immature in the past and did some horrible things, I hope everyone can forgive me, and do not mind the past."

Once he stood up, no one else dared to continue sitting, and all of them quickly got up.

Everyone knew that the matter Fang Yuan was referring to was the primeval stone extortion.

They quickly shouted, "Not at all, not at all!"

"Elder Fang Yuan truly has character, a true hero!"

"To have my primeval stones eyed by elder Fang Yuan, that is our greatest honor!"

"That’s right, that’s right, elder Fang Yuan’s glamor and heroism has always been engraved in my heart..."

Fang Yuan drank this cup of wine in one mouthful, as everyone cheered and clapped.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Wow, talk about 180 degree attitude change lol.
Also 兜率花 - Tusita Flower, but interestingly the word 兜 can mean pocket or bag. 率 is more broad, but can be rate or frequency. For a storage Gu, this is considered a pun eh? You can google Tusita if you're curious. It's connected to Buddhism.


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