Reverend Insanity
150 I am only helping myself
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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150 I am only helping myself

Chapter 150: I am only helping myself

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The golden full moon hung in the sky, the drifting clouds casting a gloomy shade.

There were desperate battles going on outside the village and the bright moonlight was great news to the Gu Masters in the dark night.

Wolf corpses piled up in the traps and were already reaching the midpoint of the wall. This gave a good platform to move on for the charging lightning wolves.

Some ordinary lightning wolves jumped, clawed and even directly leaped across the wall.

However, these lightning wolves usually fell or staggered due to the height disparity and were immediately disposed off by the standby Gu Masters.

At this time, Fang Yuan was standing on top of a tower, along with many other Gu Masters; they were endlessly throwing out moonblades and other attacks at the wolf packs.

In the whole battlefield, these towers were the most important source of damage. The combination of the Gu Masters and the towers had eliminated a large number of bold lightning wolves.

"Kill, kill, kill. Annihilate these wolves!"
"Nana, I will take revenge for you!!"
"Persevere, just a bit more. The clan’s safety lies in our hands."

The surroundings were a cacophony of noises; some people were madly screaming, some were shouting revenge, some were shouting in pain, and some were shouting slogans.

Fang Yuan indifferently stood there, his hand tossing out moonblades occasionally while continuing to observe the battlefield.

Although there was a bright moon, the visibility couldn’t be compared to daytime after all. The three frenzy lightning wolves were at the rear, unmoving; their figures indistinct.

As long as they were unharmed, the lightning wolves were just cannon fodders and even bold lightning wolves were only high level sacrifices.


A frenzy lightning wolf unhurriedly took a step forward, it opened its large mouth and threw a thunderball.

Rank three thunderclap Gu.

This thunderball was not big, it was only the size of a millstone. However, a large amount of eerie blue electricity was condensed in it and its speed was strangely fast.

Almost immediately, the thunder ball fiercely collided with the tower Fang Yuan was on.

The progress of the fierce battle had been in a deadlock, many Gu Masters were mindlessly fighting and they were not able to react to the thunderball.

Water Shield Gu, White Jade Gu!

Fang Yuan was only able to put up his defense before white light covered his sight.


The huge sound from the explosion nearly ruptured his eardrums.

A formless force erupted out from the explosion and sent him flying.

The devastating thunder destroyed the water shield within two breaths of time. The surplus electric current struck Fang Yuan and even with the White Jade Gu’s defense, he still felt bursts of numbness.


He fell to the ground from a height of three to four meters. White Jade Gu was not the Raiment Gu; it couldn’t lessen the force on impact. Fang Yuan’s back hurt all over.

He quickly got up from the ground, his eyes repeatedly blinking as teardrops fell from it.

After three breaths of time, he slowly recovered his sight.

The tower that had been built with thick stones was half-destroyed. There were many burnt black corpses scattered around on the ground. The thunderball attack had opened a huge hole on the outer wall, and an unending stream of wolf packs charged into the village like a tide.

The frenzy lightning wolves finally entered the battlefield!

Thousand beast king level strength was extraordinary.

The many Gu Masters that were around Fang Yuan in the tower just a moment ago were completely dead, some left without intact corpses. Only Fang Yuan alone had survived.

The jellyfish-like Water Shield Gu appeared very dull inside his aperture.

If the water shield was continuously destroyed many times, the Water Shield Gu would also be damaged and could even perish.

White Jade Gu was also in a similar state.

Gu worms were strong and yet fragile.

Take this Thunderclap Gu for example; its thunderball was very powerful and fast, also difficult to resist. But it also had a weakness — it couldn’t be used repeatedly and needed some time before the second thunderball could be shot out.


But Fang Yuan had just stood up when another thunderball flew over.

"To think this wolf king has two Thunderclap Gu on it!" Fang Yuan’s complexion turned pale and he hurriedly dodged.

He tried not using the Water Shield Gu and only relied on the defense from the White Jade Gu.

"Beast, stop your insolence!" At this critical timing, a figure appeared in mid-air, golden light bursting out from the figure as he resisted this thunderball.

The elders had made their moves!

However, one elder was still not enough. Soon, the elder was joined with two other elders.

A frenzy lightning wolf needed at least three groups with great teamwork to join hands, or at least three Rank three Gu Masters to face it.

The frenzy lightning wolf took heavy steps forward, emerging from the indistinguishable wolf packs, as the surrounding wolves gave way.

It gradually started from a slow run, and then got faster and faster, charging at the village wall with its head lowered.

Seeing this scene, all the Rank one and Rank two Gu Masters fled in terror.

Only those three elders still remained on their spots.

Everyone tacitly vacated this part of the battlefield and left it to them.

The intense battle between the three elders and this frenzy lightning wolf unfolded.

Not long after, the other two frenzy lightning wolves also charged towards the village; opening another two battlefields.

Nine elders and three frenzy lightning wolves formed into three great battlefields. Thunder and lightning burst out everywhere, destroying the bamboo buildings. Most of the Gu Masters or the lightning wolves who were caught in these three great battles didn’t have a good end.

Lighting wolf packs were still charging towards the village, but Fang Yuan didn’t fight anymore and moved to a corner of the battlefield, observing the three great battle stages from a distance.

No doubt, the attacks from these wolf packs had reached the climax.

"Three frenzy lightning wolves; one has two Thunderclap Gu and has high offensive power; another has Thunder Wings Gu and can fly for a short moment, giving it very high flexibility in the battle; another holds the Thunder Roar Gu and can kill its enemies with the soundwaves." Fang Yuan slowly got the details on these three frenzy lightning wolves after observing for a moment.

A thousand beast king usually has three-four Rank two and a Rank three wild Gu worm residing on it.

The Gu Masters could give proper response as long as they were clear on these Gu worms. Once the frenzy lightning wolves suffered targeted attacks, with their low wisdom, they wouldn’t change their monotonous attack styles, and the battle outcome was certain.

Sure enough, soon the several elders retreated and other elders replaced them.

With the mutual coordination between them and superior tactics, they were soon able to occupy the upper hand. After a short moment of intense battle, they controlled the battle situation.

Victory was only a matter of time.

"The outcome is set." Just when Yao Ji puffed out a sigh, a roar sounded out from the eastern gate.

A lightning wolf was growing bigger, from the size of a normal lightning wolf - as if air was blown inside it - it swelled up to a size of an elephant.

"There is actually another frenzy lightning wolf!" Many elders were alarmed at this scene.

Their attention had all been on the three battle stages. As their entire battle formation was heavily emphasized on these three areas, the forces at the eastern gate was somewhat thin and weak.

"Not good, Yao Le is still there!" Yao Ji suddenly turned pale, and she immediately shot out towards the eastern gate.

"Eh, to think there was still such an unforeseen event. This frenzy lightning wolf should have a Rank three Aura Restraint Gu; it used this disguise to mix in with the lightning wolf packs and deceive the Gu Masters at the eastern gate."

Fang Yuan observed carefully; the situation at the eastern gate was far from good.

A frenzy lightning wolf suddenly appeared and directly smashed the eastern gate, creating a huge hole.

Countless lightning wolves flocked behind the bold lightning wolves, howling savagely as they charged into the village.

Gu Yue Yao Le was numb with fear as she saw the lightning wolf packs charging in like a tide.

Fortunately, she had veterans like Xiong Jiao Man beside her. At this critical timing, Xiong Jiao Man took it upon herself to control the scene and ordered, "Quick, close the doors and the windows. We need to defend this place till the reinforcements arrive, and only then will we have a fighting chance!"

She had just finished speaking when - BANG - the roof of the bamboo building collapsed under the attack of the frenzy lightning wolf.

Gu Yue Yao Le screamed. The abrupt twist in events had caused her to lose her composure.

She was after all too young and only had Rank one cultivation. She had stubbornly stayed here because she felt safe and had never thought she would fall into such a dangerous state.

"Brute beast, stop at once!" Gu Yue Yao Ji shouted while frantically running.

She helplessly looked as the frenzy lightning wolf rammed into the bamboo building. Her beloved granddaughter was in a dangerous situation but even though she had the power, she couldn’t help her because it was beyond her reach.

At this dangerous moment, it was again Xiong Jiao Man who stepped forward.

She willed in her mind and her remaining brown bear charged towards the frenzy lightning wolf with a roar.

The frenzy lightning wolf swatted with its right paw, sending this four-hundred-kilogram-over brown bear flying.

It opened its mouth and bit the brown bear’s head to pieces. How could an ordinary wild beast resist a thousand beast king level’s strength?

Xiong Jiao Man took this time when the frenzy lightning wolf was tangled up with the brown bear to rush out with Gu Yue Yao Le in tow, managing to pull apart a small distance.

The frenzy lightning wolf roared. It naturally wasn’t willing to see its prey run away like this. It leapt and crossed a dozen meters at once, landing in front of Xiong Jiao Man.

Suddenly seeing this frenzy lightning wolf appear in front of her, Gu Yue Yao Le’s legs went soft.

Xiong Jiao Man dragged her but didn’t dare to rush forward recklessly; she could only change her direction and run towards the outside of the village.

The frenzy lightning wolf was just about to pounce on them when Gu Yue Yao Ji arrived and threw a light purple moonblade at the wolf’s back; the moonblade quietly changed into a ball of miasma and bore into the frenzy lightning wolf’s nose.

The frenzy lightning wolf immediately coughed twice; it was poisoned!

This was the Rank three Moon Poison Gu.

The frenzy lightning wolf was furious, and it raised its head and roared; its fierce roar formed into an invisible force and smashed into the surroundings.

Thunder Roar Gu used the vibration of the soundwaves to kill, but this was not Thunder Roar Gu - it was the Soundwave Gu which formed invisible pushing force.

Xiong Jiao Man and Gu Yue Yao Le were sent flying into different directions by this pushing force. Xiong Jiao Man struck a bamboo building; no more movements could be seen from her, whereas Gu Yue Yao Le was sent flying past the broken eastern gate and out of the village.

The fall stunned her and as she tried getting up, she saw a lightning wolf opening its bloody mouth and trying to bite her.


She gave a shrill scream and at this critical juncture, a moonblade flew over and killed this lightning wolf.

She hurriedly stood up and saw the benefactor who saved her; he was a young male Gu Master. The lower half of his body had been buried under the collapsed wall.

The male Gu Master vaguely smiled at her with his blood-drenched face; the next moment, his throat was ripped open by the swarming lightning wolves.

Tears flew down Gu Yue Yao Le’s face, and she cried as she ran.
This part of the battlefield was extremely chaotic.

Because of Gu Yue Yao Le’s identity and background, there were Gu Masters who helped her out from time to time. But they were powerless to even protect themselves, much less help her out of this predicament. Gu Yue Yao Ji was also tangled up with the frenzy lightning wolf and couldn’t attend to her.

Gu Yue Yao Le was perplexed and fully at a loss within; there were only the images of claws and teeth of the lightning wolves in front of her. In her frantic state, she suddenly heard a voice speak, "Move a step back!"

She subconsciously followed the voice and was able to luckily avoid a lightning wolf’s bite.

"Roll to the right." That voice came again.

Yao Le’s consciousness was still blank, but her body had already made the move. There was a snapping sound of a wolf’s mouth; she had escaped the bite by a hair’s breadth.

The voice arrived unceasingly and the young girl meticulously followed them. There were mistakes made sometimes, but at those times a moonblade would fly over from seemingly nowhere and get her out of the trouble.

Only when there were no more lightning wolves around her, did Yao Le discover that she was already safe.

It was only when she had unconsciously drifted far away from the village and was in a remote forest.

A human figure appeared in front of her.
Her eyes immediately opened wide, "Gu Yue Fang Yuan, you were the one who helped me?"
"No, I am only helping myself." Fang Yuan grinned, revealing an evil intent.

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