Reverend Insanity
149 Wolf pack attacks the village
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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149 Wolf pack attacks the village

Chapter 149: Wolf pack attacks the village

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Yao Le sent Xiong Jiao Man and the others to the door with her gaze as they got further apart.

But this separation was extremely short lived; merely fifteen minutes later, Xiong Jiao Man and the others returned to the bamboo building.

"We are unlucky, there’s a wolf tide," Xiong Jiao Man laughed bitterly, explaining.

When the Gu Masters in the bamboo building heard this, their expressions tensed.

Xiong Jiao Man’s group had great numbers, yet they were forced to retreat to the village - it showed the intensity of this wolf tide.

"Everyone get ready, the lightning wolf pack is about to assault the village," Xiong Jiao Man said.

Once she finished her words, sirens resounded in the entire village.

The village went quiet for a moment, then in the next instant noise erupted.

"This alarm... there is a large-sized wolf pack attacking the village!"

"Quick, quick, gather all our group members here, there’s a huge battle incoming."

"Damn it, I just got back, I wanted to get a good sleep..."

Gu Masters cursed as some showed a cold expression. At once, in the bamboo building and on the streets, Gu Masters could be seen moving quickly, gathering towards the four doors of the village as well as the outer walls.

On the interior side of the village outer walls, there was a large wooden ladder at every interval for Gu Masters to climb up.

And the many defensive towers were made higher than the outer walls, like brave courageous defenders of the village.

Fang Yuan was among the crowd, arriving at the base of the outer wall. A Gu Master was treading on the wooden ladder, and as he was about to head up, Fang Yuan pulled him down and ascended himself.

"Which bastard..." That Gu Master was about to scold out, but saw that it was Fang Yuan and immediately shut up.

Fang Yuan climbed up the wooden ladder, then he expedited the White Jade Gu and peeked at the front lines.

Just outside the village, there were roaming lightning wolves everywhere, thousands of them!

Taking a glance, there was an endless number of glimmering green wolf eyes, causing one to break out in cold sweat.

These wolves were all starving, and some were so hungry even their bodies were shrinking.

The lightning wolves’ amount was too much, it became a moving disaster. The surrounding wild beasts were either chased away or eaten, and for the wolf packs, they were getting less and less food.

To them, a village full of people was a fatal attraction.

Wolves were full of wildness, and a hungry wolf is even scarier, more dangerous, and crazier.

A lightning wolf that is full would not attack the village.

Other than these normal lightning wolves, there was also the bold lightning wolf.

Although mixed in with the wolf packs, the bold lightning wolf was still easily recognised.

Their bodies were as large as a calf.

There was at least thirty!

Many people upon seeing this, drew in a deep breath.

This was the second time Gu Yue village had been attacked by wolves this year, but this size was almost twice or even more than that of the last time.

These bold lightning wolves were all at the peak of their health, strong like bulls. Ordinary lightning wolves might not get food, but these hundred beast kings definitely had ample nutrition.

Resources were naturally given to the higher-ups first.

The benefits of the lower rank members would be stripped, sacrificed and given to the higher ranks.

Be it human society or wild beast groups, it worked the same way.

"These bold lightning wolves are not the real threat." Fang Yuan’s gaze moved, continuously finding and quickly saw three large wolf shadows at the back of the wolf pack, hiding under the shadow of the trees.

Thousand beast king, frenzy lightning wolf!

Each frenzy lightning wolf was as large as an elephant.

When Fang Yuan saw this, his pupils shrunk slightly, but went back to normal immediately. He continued observing, only finding even more bold lightning wolves coming in from all directions.

Fang Yuan did not see the lightning crown wolf.

Fang Yuan breathed out a sigh of relief secretly, for without the lightning crown wolf, the village was relatively safe.

In his memory, the lightning crown wolf appeared at the end of August. It caused great damage to the Gu Yue clan, and if not for the clan leader and elders joining forces to block them relentlessly, along with Gu Yue Qing Shu sacrificing his life to raise his strength, Gu Yue village would’ve gotten wiped out already.

Ever since his rebirth, Fang Yuan changed many things. Gu Yue Qing Shu had already been sacrificed prematurely, so Fang Yuan dared not be careless. There was even a possibility of the lightning crown wolf appearing now. Thus, he rushed to the site to observe the scenario.


Three frenzy lightning wolves raised their heads as they howled long and loud.

In their cries, numerous lightning wolves received their orders, and started to attack the village.

On the village’s end, the Gu Masters had already prepared themselves, getting into formation.

Rank one Gu Masters were all at the wall’s corners, both hands supporting the cold walls.

Rank two Gu Masters, some climbed the wooden ladders while others gathered at the top of the towers.

Right behind them, the temporary forts that were remodelled from buildings were filled with Gu Masters, some were support teams, some were healing Gu Masters from the medicine hall, and recon Gu Masters were moving between them providing the battle information to the back end staff.

Some clan elders were at the back end, some ascended the tower buildings, and others watched at the sidelines, reserving their strength and being a pillar of mental support to the clansmen.

"They’re here." Fang Yuan stood on the wooden ladder, his eyes glimmering.

LIghtning wolves moved from the entire mountain, forming into a tidal wave and assaulted the village.

Rumble rumble...

They first fell into the pre-dug pitfalls outside the walls, their bodies penetrated by numerous bamboo spears, like dumplings inside a pot.

Some died on the spot, while others had some life remaining, crying out pitifully.

The wind blew, and the smell of blood entered everyone’s noses, while wolf cries entered their ears.

The wolf packs attacked in a frenzy. Not only did they not stop, they were in fact stimulated by the blood and attacked even more furiously.

Lightning wolves fell into the trap one by one, using their lives to pave the way for the others. Stepping on their companions’ corpses, and crashing up onto the village walls.

At once, thudding sounds were heard.

A lightning wolf was powerlessly against the wall, but with the endless hordes, the impact caused the outer wall to shake.

Rank one Gu Masters below the outside wall held in their tremendous fear, and risked their lives injecting primeval essence into the Steel Vine Gu and Poison Flower Gu.

The village walls’ numerous thorns stabbed into the lightning wolves’ body. The Poison Flower Gu gave these steel vines a poisonous touch as the poison invaded the lightning wolves’ body.

Lightning wolves scratched and attacked the village walls, opening their mouths and biting, but as their injuries intensified and the poison accumulated, their movements gradually turned sluggish.


Rank two Gu Masters stepping on the wooden ladders, along with those at the tower buildings, shot out moonblades.

The moonblade shot into the wolf packs, and instantly blood splashed everywhere, and wolf limbs went flying.

The bold lightning wolves began to enter the battle, immediately bringing injuries and deaths to the Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan’s corner.

A thin long blue lightning current moved about and hit onto the village walls, instantly penetrating and creating a hole. It electrocuted an unfortunate Rank one Gu Master inside as well.

That bold lightning wolf that killed a Gu Master quickly received heavy attention.

Numerous moonblades flew towards it, but it dodged left and right, relying on the surrounding lightning wolves to provide cover, thus suffering only minor injuries.


It opened its mouth, and between its sharp teeth, sparks flew, quickly forming an electric current that flew through the air towards Fang Yuan.

Water Shield Gu.

Fang Yuan snorted, and from his nose, two lines of light blue water vapour flowed out.

The water vapour expanded, forming a water ball shield, protecting him.

The lightning current hit the water shield and caused it to shake, almost breaking.

Moonglow Gu!

Fang Yuan kept the water shield, and from his wrist, three moonblades shot out.

The moonblades’ angle was tricky. The bold lightning wolf dodged the first, but its right front leg was hit by the second, causing its movement to slow down, and the third hit its head, causing a severe injury that crushed its left eye.

It cried out in pain, but other Gu Masters saw the opportunity and quickly, a flurry of moonblades enveloped it.


This bold lightning wolf was instantly pelted, its body bathed in blood, and injuries were so deep its bones could be seen. Its body shook a little before collapsing completely. The surrounding wolf packs went into a panic, like ripples in a pond.

But at this point, there were three frenzy lightning wolves behind holding the fort, and the wolf packs only went into chaos for a while before raising their claws and attacking the village walls again.

Fang Yuan shot a few more moonblades out before getting down the wooden ladder. With just this, his deep red primeval essence had already gone below half, needing replenishment.

Seeing him coming down, a Rank two Gu Master quickly replaced his position and ascended the wooden ladder.

Normally, Gu Masters that had long range attacks would ascend the wooden ladder, or gather at the tower building’s roof. Their emphasis was on the bold lightning wolf, as its threat was greater than any ordinary lightning wolf.

Some bold lightning wolf had a Gu worm that assisted with jumping in their bodies, allowing them to leap into the village.

Fang Yuan walked down the ladder, and continued towards the back.

Surrounding him, there was people walking around, similar to him, those that had expended their primeval essence and were recovering. Another group of Gu Masters replaced their positions and entered the battlefield, providing their strength towards defending the clan.

This was a battlefield.

Strength below Rank two peak stage was meagre. Only Rank three Gu Masters were the important pillars, able to control the situation.

Fang Yuan came to a bamboo building. This was a modified building and was heavily reinforced. He squeezed his way in, where many Gu Masters were sitting inside, holding primeval stones and recovering their primeval essence.

Some healing Gu Masters moved among the crowd; some squatted on the ground, some bandaged injured Gu Masters, and the first aid kits were placed at the side.

Fang Yuan found a spot to sit down, and a healing Gu Master immediately came over.

He shook his head towards her, and she understood, approaching another Gu Master instead.


Such a rotational strategy, all the way till ten o’clock at night, Fang Yuan had already entered battle five times. But the lightning wolf packs did not seem to reduce, in fact, they could see even more wolf packs, hurriedly arriving upon hearing the frenzy lightning wolf’s call.

"It seems this wolf tide will sustain through the night," said a clan elder who stared outside the village, his face full of worry.

At night, Gu Masters’ vision was poorer, but on the other hand, the lightning wolves had superior vision and were unaffected by the darkness.

"This is only the second wolf tide this year, and it is already so intense. The situation is not optimistic." Another clan elder sighed.

Gu Yue Yao Ji’s face was sullen.

She was the medicine hall clan elder, leading the healing Gu Masters. First-hand injury reports would be sent to her.

On that thin piece of bamboo paper, it recorded the injuries and deaths of the day. Yao Ji held it in her hands, feeling solemn.

The death toll was far greater than previous years.

But she understood, this was not due to the decline of quality of Gu Masters, but because the wolf numbers were too great, and too ferocious.

"Nine Leaf Vitality Grass, how’s the acquisition?" Seeing the blood red sun setting, Yao Ji sighed, asking faintly.

Her subordinate quickly reported - three people had not given up theirs yet, and Fang Yuan was among them.

Yao Ji listened and snorted, then asked, "Where is Yao Le?"

"Miss Yao Le is near the east door, leading the healing team. I’ve advised her many times, but she refuses to stay at the back, insisting on going to the frontlines to battle." Saying so, he kneeled down in horror.

Yao Ji thought for a while before nodding, waving her hand to send off the subordinate.

Near to her granddaughter, there was a clan elder. Xiong Jiao Man and the gang were also there, fighting at the village walls. It could be said that the frontlines was the safest place.

Although Yao Ji doted on her granddaughter, she supported her courage as well.

The ones in power have their considerations.

These experiences will become Gu Yue Yao Le’s political advantage when she inherits the medicine hall!

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Things are getting really, really exciting, aren't they?
Though... things really heat up as it nears the end of Book one.


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