Reverend Insanity
135 Northern Dark Ice Soul, Ten Extreme Talents
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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135 Northern Dark Ice Soul, Ten Extreme Talents

Chapter 135: Northern Dark Ice Soul, Ten Extreme Talents

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"What?!" Xiong Lin was stunned.

"Plunder Gu? There is only one person that has this Gu worm in Qing Mao mountain and that is my cousin Xiong Zhan!!" Xiong Jiang’s face turned gloomy.

Xiong Li closed his eyes, fierce light flickering in them. Others might be afraid of Bai Ning Bing and even he was afraid, but this fear didn’t represent his weakness and cowardice. In his heart, long was there already thoughts of sacrificing himself for the clan; he had the resolution to fight to the death with Bai Ning Bing!

"Bai Ning Bing, is the Plunder Gu in your possession?" He stepped forward and faced Bai Ning Bing, letting Fang Yuan brush past him.

Bai Ning Bing laughed coldly, "So what if it is?"

Xiong Jiang’s face was as gloomy as water and asked, "Tell me how did my cousin die? Why is his Gu worm in your hands?"

Xiong Lin also asked, "Bai Ning Bing, I respect you as my senior but you secretly seized our Xiong clan’s Gu worm and didn’t hand it over. This is an open violation of the alliance treaty!"

After he spoke, he raised a Signal Gu in his hand.
With a bang, bright fireworks burst in the sky.

The colorful light from the fireworks shone upon Bai Ning Bing’s face. He laughed, "I have never cared about the dogshit alliance treaty. I only saw someone using the Plunder Gu and thought it was interesting, so I collected it."

Xiong Jiang was unable to hold back his anger when he heard this. He gave a furious shout and charged towards Bai Ning Bing, "Bai Ning Bing, you looked while my cousin fought to death and didn’t help. You bastard!"

The five person group was an integral whole. For personal or private reasons, the Xiong Li group were irreconcilable with Bai Ning Bing.

The fight was hard to avoid; the scene immediately turning chaotic.

On one side was Bai Ning Bing facing the Xiong Li group’s attack; on the other side, they were surrounded by wolf pack and still had to face their attacks.

Fang Yuan left the battlefield and calmly spectated from far away.

The wolf pack moved together like a large millstone, and the six Gu Masters fought with their lives; the slightest carelessness could land them into the wolves’ mouths.

Xiong Jiang used Roaming Zombie Gu, his two irises turning gloomy green; Xiong Li’s two eyes were red whereas Bai Ning Bing’s pair of pupils were azure like crystals. The fight between these three was the most intense in the battlefield.

Under the Roaming Zombie Gu’s ability, Xiong Jiang turned into a zombie; his defense was amplified against water and ice, withstanding Bai Ning Bing’s attacks. Xiong Li used Grand Bear Gu; with the strength of two bears, his bowl-sized fists were without rival and even Bai Ning Bing’s water barrier was destroyed under their attacks.

It wasn’t easy for the remaining three group members to meddle in this fight, they could only do their utmost to fight against the lightning wolves. That bold lightning wolf lured in by Fang Yuan could have been easily dealt with, but it had turned into a huge threat now.

"Bai Ning Bing, you will pay for what you have done!" Xiong Jiang shouted and charged at Bai Ning Bing.

"Hmph, just with you?" Bai Ning Bing coldly smiled. He nimbly jumped back, pulling apart some distance and flung out his left hand, throwing out five finger-sized icicles.

The icicles struck Xiong Jiang’s body but Xiong Jiang didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. When he turned into a zombie, even if his hands and legs were broken, he wouldn’t feel any pain.

The cold aura in the icicles could freeze and slow down ordinary people’s movements, but it only felt cool and refreshing to Xiong Jiang. Zombie physique belonged to yin physiques; it had low resistance to fire, lightning and sunlight, but was very powerful against this type of cold aura.

"Bai Ning Bing, you are still playing in this situation? Unleash your true strength!" Xiong Li furiously shouted.

Bai Ning Bing had been suppressing his cultivation base to Rank two from the very beginning and was also mostly using Rank two Gu.

Xiong Li felt like he was being held in contempt, he felt humiliated which caused his anger to burn even more.

"Hahaha, how can you minor characters have the qualifications to make me use my full strength?" Bai Ning Bing coldly laughed; his attacks were becoming more powerful but he was still suppressing his strength and didn’t use a Rank three Gu worm.

Fang Yuan who was spectating from afar with his hands crossed, clearly understood the reason.

"It is not that he doesn’t want to unleash his true strength, but he cannot use it. Bai Ning Bing, heh, he has Northern Dark Ice Soul physique….."

In the oldest legends of this world, all humans are descendants of Ren Zu.

But as the saying goes, the dragon has nine unique sons. There are no two absolutely same people, and even twins have differences.

In this world, the difference that is of the biggest concern is aptitude.

Those that have the aptitude to cultivate could become Gu Masters, going beyond ordinary. Those with no cultivation aptitude were just mortals, the lowest level in the society, who could be trampled upon and played with.

Cultivation aptitudes were divided into four grades; A grade, B grade, C grade and D grade. Everyone knew this.

But actually, there were still more outstanding aptitudes above A grade.

This was a secret. Clans would never carelessly spread this, and only after reaching a certain status in society, could one know this secret.

Xiong Li and the rest naturally didn’t know, even elders and clan leaders might not know. But Fang Yuan, who had reached Rank six in his previous life, shedding his mortal body and becoming a Gu immortal, naturally was aware of this.

There were ten types of aptitudes above A grade and they were collectively called Ten Extreme physiques.

"Before Ren Zu died, he gave birth to ten children. The eldest son Verdant Great Sun, second daughter Desolate Ancient Moon….. Among the ten, there was one named Northern Dark Ice Soul. Ren Zu’s legends whether real or false, alluded to many secrets in Gu Master’s cultivation. Ren Zu’s ten kids individually represented ten types of ultimate aptitudes." Fang Yuan recalled.

"Any one of the ten extreme physiques is superior to A grade aptitude. The most excellent A grade aptitude can only store ninety nine percent primeval essence in their aperture. But any one of the ten extreme physiques holds full hundred percent primeval essence in their aperture!"

"However, everything exists in balance; the ten extreme physiques which holds hundred percent primeval essence is too perfect and heavens won’t easily allow their existence. For instance, in Ren Zu’s story, his ten kids didn’t have a long life. In reality, it is difficult for the Gu Masters who hold ten extreme physiques to grow and mature, almost all dying an untimely death. Of course, if they can really grow to become a Rank six, they will be able to sweep through same stage opponents and even perform miracles such as fighting a higher rank!"

"Bai Ning Bing who possesses Northern Dark Ice Soul is the same. With hundred percent primeval essence, his aperture is too stressed out and has the risk of collapsing any moment. To decrease this risk, Bai Ning Bing must cultivate and use primeval essence to nurture his aperture walls and increase its strength to be able to support the hundred percent primeval essence. Thus, his cultivation speed is outstanding and shocking."

"However, high cultivation means higher quality primeval essence which subsequently increases the pressure on the aperture, instead increasing the risk. Bai Ning Bing is like a victim in a lone boat in the sea; he doesn’t have fresh water and can only drink the sea water to relieve his thirst, but the seawater is salty and will absorb the original moisture content of the body instead, making him even more thirsty."

"The higher his cultivation is, the nearer he is to destruction. Yet he cannot choose not to cultivate, since being from Bai village and the one upon whom the clan’s expectations lies, he will also face assassination from Xiong and Gu Yue village. This forces him to continue to grow stronger. Being the possessor of the Northern Dark Ice Soul, he clearly understands his situation. Knowing he doesn’t have much time left and his death being certain, he has thus formed this temperament."

Fang Yuan sighed when he thought of this.

This was clearly an irony.

Excessively excellent aptitude didn’t lead a Gu Master to have a meteoric rise, but would be the main culprit behind their deaths.

Too much is as bad as too little; people need to drink water and eat food, but if they eat and drink excessively, they could die.

From another angle, no matter which world, there is no true perfection. There is no perfect love, no perfect work.

Excessively perfect will just lead to destruction.

In Fang Yuan’s previous life, three years after the wolf tide, Bai Ning Bing’s cultivation inevitably reached Rank four realm. His aperture couldn’t support the burden from the primeval essence and ultimately, it exploded.

Ten extreme physiques wasn’t tolerated by the heavens and earth, and the self-detonation of such a heaven-defying thing was like the most perfect song, its power outstanding; directly annihilating everyone in the three villages and turning the whole Qing Mao Mountain into an absolute death ice domain.

Fortunately by that time, because of Fang Zheng who had been making things difficult for Fang Yuan who only had an average cultivation, Fang Yuan could only join a caravan to go away, thus luckily avoiding this disaster.

To delay his death, Bai Ning Bing used Gu worms to dilute his Rank three silver primeval essence into Rank two red steel primeval essence, of his own accord. He also rarely used Rank three Gu worms at the same time.

This was simply because Rank three Gu worms consumed great amounts of red steel primeval essence every time, resulting in the strength waning if it continued. Instead, it was better to continue using Rank two Gu worms which would be of much more help to Bai Ning Bing in battles.
This was the real reason Bai Ning Bing suppressed his cultivation.
If not, having strength but choosing to bind one’s own hands and feet, landing in a dangerous state, was something only a brainless retard would do.

Bai Ning Bing was smart and intelligent, he had received great training and education, so how could he do such a foolish thing?

Except, such a temperament at his young age was indeed unusual. But as someone who was about to die, why would he have misgivings in his behavior?

Such disregard and fearlessness prevented him from being assimilated into the system, and nurtured a heart of the demonic path in him.

Otherwise, with his living environment - countless expectations, great trainings, holding honor, fighting enemies, bright future - he would have already been assimilated into the organization system and nurtured a leader’s temperament.

Bai Ning Bing was actually a pitiful child, and Fang Yuan had no wish to deal with him before. But since he wanted to kill Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan also didn’t mind making use of him first before removing this misfortune early.

The battle was still continuing.

In this while, the situation had already changed.

Bold lightning wolf was killed by Bai Ning Bing and the wolf pack had ran away in defeat. Xiong Li group’s healing Gu Master fell under Bai Ning Bing’s blade but he had paid a heavy price for this; his right arm was viciously punched by Xiong Li and it seemed to have fractured as it was hanging limply throughout the battle.

However, all of these couldn’t hinder him from occupying the upper hand.

Xiong Li was a top elite amongst Rank two Gu Masters, his strength equal to Qing Shu and Chi Shan. Xiong Jiang was a newly rising defense expert. Xiong Lin was the genius newbie and now had Rank two battle power. There was also another Gu Master, but even after combining their strength, these four were still suppressed by Bai Ning Bing.

One should know Bai Ning Bing had already fought a battle before which had consumed a lot of his red steel primeval essence. He also killed bold lightning wolf and the healing Gu Master, resulting in his right arm losing its ability to move; he could only abandon using his ice blade with his habitual right hand and switch to his left. By doing this, he had to temporarily abandon using his icicles; his offensive power almost reducing by half.

He was still occupying the upper hand in such situation and his dominance was even becoming more solid.

"It is after all the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique. Although he used Gu worm to dilute his primeval essence and sealed the true advantage of the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique, the primeval essence recovery speed is still maintained. His advantage will continue to increase the longer the battle lasts." Fang Yuan looked at the situation and inwardly sighed.

"My current battle strength is not enough to defeat him," Fang Yuan calmly admitted this point.

Fang Yuan only had C grade aptitude with 44% primeval essence. Even the combined strength of B grade aptitudes’ Xiong Li, Xiong Lin and Xiong Jiang were being suppressed by Bai Ning Bing. It was obvious that if Fang Yuan faced Bai Ning Bing by himself, his situation would only become more difficult than Xiong Li and the rest.

"However, not being able to defeat you doesn’t mean I can’t kill you." Fang Yuan coldly smiled.

This was the accumulated wisdom from five hundred years of experience.

Although they had similar reflections, compared to this centuries old devil, Bai Ning Bing was only a little devil forced into it by his cruel fate.


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