Reverend Insanity
134 Hunting down
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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134 Hunting down

Chapter 134: Hunting down

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"Do not worry, you are only a Rank two, I will not lower myself and take advantage of you. I shall restrict my cultivation to the same rank for your sake; so come, let’s have a fair fight!" Bai Ning Bing roared with savage laughter.

Facing the crazy Bai Ning Bing, Fang Yuan easily maintained a languid expression. He met the heated glare in an equal manner, responding coolly.

"Wanna kill me, then come."

Nothing left to say, Fang Yuan took the first step, his body drifting away like a falling petal.

Bai Ning Bing’s laugh came to an abrupt stop at this, his voice easily tainted with anguish.

"Don’t you run from me!"

He instantly ran after, engaging Fang Yuan in a relentless chase.

Fang Yuan ridiculed the disheveled master soundlessly, sprinting towards the mountain valley.

Disturbed by the two barging into the valley’s inner battlefield, the wolf pack reacted with fury, wasting no time in attacking Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

The Gu Masters who had already been forced into the valley and lost one man noticed the spectacle, the remaining four revealing a relieved expression when they saw saw the wolves become distracted.

"Hang in there guys, reinforcements are here!" One even shouted loudly, blatantly trying to encourage the wolves against the newcomers.

"Why is there only two?" Another asked, clueless while they saw the muffled figures of Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

But as they got closer, Gu Yue Man Shi’s face turned weird with realization.

"It’s him!"

It was impossible for him to not remember Fang Yuan, along with a sharp feeling of fear mixed with shame; it was this man that had defeated and publicly humiliated him. Those cold, merciless eyes, dug out the deepest nightmare in his heart. He would never forget that terrifying event and the fiendish man who accompanied the memory.

He had once sworn to himself that he would buck up and reclaim his pride.

But now, faced with Fang Yuan who was here to ‘save’ him, Gu Yue Man Shi felt very complicated internally.

"Wait, the second person is..."

They all were able to recognise Bai Ning Bing, and showed collective signs of shock at his appearance.

"Bai Ning Bing . . . Bai Ning Bing!" Gu Yue Man Shi’s eyes widened, he did not expect in the least to suddenly see Bai Ning Bing appear under such a situation.

"Scumbag, stop right there!" Behind him, Bai Ning Bing was continuing to shout vehemently.

Fang Yuan paid no attention, however, and transversed among the wolf pack.

His body was glowing with a white jade light, protecting him from the rabid lightning wolves’ bites and scratches. But because each assault made contact, his aperture’s primeval essence dropped quickly in turn.

Not far away, Bai Ning Bing’s nose had flared and was blowing out water vapour, forming into a round shield of condensed moisture, enveloping his body.

As each of the numerous lightning wolves hit this seemingly water shield, though, all of their kinetic force build up by their charge was simply dispersed by the water flow, and they were quickly sent flying away after with the resounding ripples of water.

Logically speaking, Bai Ning Bing’s performance now wasn’t that impressive though. He was already a Rank three, even though according to him, he had already seemed to have suppressed his cultivation personally, using only Rank two strength to deal with Fang Yuan.

Even with Rank two strength, Bai Ning Bing’s speed was slightly faster than Fang Yuan’s, and he had more primeval essence, but with the interference of the wolf pack, his distance with Fang Yuan started to increase.

The crucial deciding factor was the difference in physical strength between the two.

Fang Yuan had the strength of two boars, while Bai Ning Bing’s strength was of a slightly lower quality. Fang Yuan could also endure the wolf pack’s attacks and continue moving forward. Bai Ning Bing’s water shield, although it is able to mitigate some of attacks, could not open a path forward for him, unlike Fang Yuan.


One especially bold lightning wolf began to pay attention and was drawn to Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

It howled, commanding the ordinary lightning wolves around it to give way, opening a path for it instantly.

The lightning wolf wasted no time and spread its limbs, charging towards Fang Yuan.

Seeing this scene, the four trapped Gu Masters all showed expressions of worry.

As for Bai Ning Bing, still behind Fang Yuan, upon seeing this new development, laughed loudly.

But the next moment, Fang Yuan’s body disappeared right before Bai Ning Bing’s eyes, vanishing from his vision like a fleeting ripple of water.

His laughter cut off abruptly at the sight, the other Gu Masters in the valley being left similarly speechless.

The bold lightning wolf howled angrily after having lost track of Fang Yuan, but did not reduce its speed while charging towards Bai Ning Bing to take it’s fury out on him instead.

This prompted a smile from Bai Ning Bing, his lips curving once more in amusement.

"Hehehe, this is really interesting- you really are interesting! Hahaha, then I shall start my meal with this appetizer!"

As he finished speaking, his eyes transitioned, changing from black to a shade of blue the same color as that of the sky.

Taking a stance, he propped one leg up like a flamingo, holding out the ice blade, and started to rotate. Quickly picking up speed, the ice blade carved out many waves of sword traces, maneuvering and slashing the air to form a scene similar to a tornado.

The bright sword waves congealed into a blizzard storm and quickly engulfed the wolf pack.

Numerous lightning wolves were torn to shreds by the act, becoming pieces of minced meat flung about by the storm. But not much blood ended up splattering against the surroundings, as it had almost all been completely flash frozen by the icy blizzard storm already.

The bold lightning wolf howled, showing its ferocity against the storm. The Gu worm in its body started to work as well, causing golden sparks of electricity to flicker throughout its rugged coat.

The hair on its body stood on ends, golden electricity flowed like chains, coiling around its body and limbs. Altogether it formed what looked to be a modest chainmail.

Its four paws sprinted and it streaked like a golden shooting star, rushing into the ice blade storm.


A thunderous explosion sounded through the valley as the ice blade storm came to a stop, a broken piece of the ice blade flying in the air and with a swoosh, stabbed into a mountain rock above.

The white mist dispersed around the area.

The bold lightning wolf laid on the revealed ground, its heart pierced through by an ice blade. Such a fatal attack ended its life almost instantly.

Bai Ning Bing laughed as he retracted the ice blade in his hands, gloating in his victory.

The ice blade itself was broken from the middle down, the blade that managed to survive full of cracks, seemingly in a sorry state in his grip. But Bai Ning Bing did not care as he stretched out his left hand and wiped the blade.

The icy mist from before emanated from his left hand at the touch, spreading across the blade starting from the handle before covering it completely.

Everywhere it reached, the ice blade was regenerated, the edge being sharpened once again. Soon a new tip was fully grown in place of the broken end.

The death of the bold lightning wolf had dispersed the wolf pack, but Fang Yuan was nowhere to be seen.

"We will definitely remember Lord Bai Ning Bong’s act of saving us!" The few Gu Masters that survived went up and gratefully paid their respects to Bai Ning Bing.

Only Gu Yue Man Shi stayed on the spot, his expression being uncertain.

Back then, he lost to Bai Ning Bing, and was very indignant, but was let off by the latter. Now, though he had already successfully refined the Monolith Gu, upon seeing Bai Ning Bing again, he did not have any confidence to challenge him anymore.

Bai Ning Bing snorted. Suddenly his arm moved, and the ice blade drew a few shining traces in the air.



The three Gu Masters were caught off guard, not expecting their savior just moments ago to attack. They carried a look of disbelief as they laid on the ground, forever.

"Bai Ning Bing, what are you doing?!" Gu Yue Man Shi screamed, shocked and angry at the sudden manslaughter.

"Murdering of course. Is something wrong in your head, isn’t this obvious?" Bai Ning Bing shrugged and laughed coldly.

"Accursed bastard!" Gu Yu Man Shi tightly clenched his fists out of rage while he gritted his teeth and scolded the other master. "Our three clans have formed an alliance, yet you attack our Gu Yue clansman; this is a violation of our alliance treaty! If you have any problems, come at me, I’m here. Nevermind, it is time we settle our grudge from back then!"

Saying so, Gu Yue Man Shi shouted and took a few steps, charging towards Bai Ning Bing.

He activated the Monolith Gu with all his strength, and all the muscles on his body bulked up while a thick rock skin formed. His entire appearance had turned into a rock man.

"Courting death." Bai Ning Bing laughed coldly, raising his blade.

The sharp ice blade came down relentlessly, first hacking Gu Yue Man Shi’s head, moving down past his brows before carving through his nose, lips and throat. The blade quickly came to a rest after it bisected the Gu Master down past his chest in an instant.

Rock fragments flew out as the ice blade hit the abdomen, and the blade snapped. But the icy mist had already frozen all the remaining life force left in Man Shi’s body.


He fell to the ground with a splatter, as dead as can be.

The rock skin on his body slowly vanished, revealing his true form.

"Looks familiar..." Bai Ning Bing shook the wrist that was hurt by the vibration of the rock; he had pretty much forgotten the incident where he spared Man Shi.

He shook his head, turning around and facing the wide valley to shout.

"Come out. The Gu Masters you want dead, I’ve done it for you. Come come come, let’s have a life and death match!"

Just as Bai Ning Bing’s words had finished, Fang Yuan appeared not far away.

The white hair young man’s gaze became excited, as he raised his ice blade, slashing towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan laughed soundlessly at the act, turning around and leaving.

Bai Ning Bing shouted in anger that he was still fleeing, once again chasing Fang Yuan relentlessly.

On the way, Fang Yuan lured Bai Ning Bing to the battlefield that was the closest, where the Xiong Li group was fighting against another group of wolves led by a bold lightning wolf.

This pack was obviously lured by Fang Yuan as well.

"Everyone put in more effort, the wolf pack is at its limit! The south-east direction sent a distress signal, it’s been a while, they need our help!" Xiong Li urged on his group, but halfway through, he could no longer speak when he saw Fang Yuan, and the Bai Ning Bing persistantly behind him.

Ever since Fang Yuan surrendered, Xiong Li no longer cared about him. Thus, his gaze quickly shifted from Fang Yuan to Bai Ning Bing.

"Bai Ning Bing!" Xiong Li’s eyes spewed fire upon seeing the white clothed, white haired young man, his heart uncontrollably growing with rage.

Not long ago, Bai Ning Bing had appeared in front of him and attacked without a word, the event still fresh in his mind.

And had been purposely suppressing his cultivation to Rank two.

Xiong Li was caught off guard, and lost the battle. His personal honor, and the clan’s glory, was all trampled by Bai Ning Bing ruthlessly! This to him, was a big disgrace, how could he not be furious?

"Wait, Bai Ning Bing seems to be chasing Fang Yuan." Xiong Lin suddenly noticed.

His body was short in stature, his round bald head glowing with light. Xiong Lin is the same age as Fang Yuan, but having B grade talent instead, he is the number one talent among Xiong clan’s new Gu Masters of age.

He was a Rank two cultivator as well now, and after getting some experience, had grown up.

Xiong Li suppressed the urge to attack.

Fang Yuan was from the Gu Yue clan, not from his Xiong clan. Even though there was the three clan alliance, they are still not close. Since it is an outsider fighting, it is best if one does not get involved.

The Xiong Li group was about to watch on the sidelines, but how could Fang Yuan not expect that? One sentence from him changed their perspective in an instant.

Fang Yuan quickly got close to the Xiong Li group, shouting in a frightened voice.

"I saw the Plunder Gu on him, protect me! Bai Ning Bing is trying to eliminate all witnesses!"


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