Reverend Insanity
125 Oh, then I admit defea
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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125 Oh, then I admit defea

Chapter 125: Oh, then I admit defeat

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"The traditional overlord Gu Yue clan, the newly rising Bai clan, and the never-underestimated Xiong clan..." Fang Yuan’s gaze flew across the people as he stood in the crowd, observing the entire situation.

Gu Yue clan has Qing Shu, Chi Shan, Mo Yan; Xiong and Bai clan also had their outstanding Rank two elite Gu Masters.

Together with the different clan’s heads and elders in the rock building, the alliance slope can be said to be filled with elites.

"I wonder which one is Bai Ning Bing? The man who symbolizes the Bai clan’s rise!"

"Bai Ning Bing is already Rank three, he is definitely not among the Rank two Gu Masters."

"It seems he isn’t in the rock building either."

Gradually, the discussions gathered on Bai Ning Bing.

Although Bai Ning Bing did not appear, his brilliance had already suppressed all the Gu Masters below the rock building.

"I remember that three years ago on the alliance slope, it was Bai Ning Bing who was the first to step out and start the Gu battle. In just three years, he became a Rank three clan elder, thinking about it makes me shudder."

"He rose to heaven in one step. When he was Rank two, he could defeat a clan elder in the Xiong clan, this guy has a bright future ahead."

"The point is that right now he has already grown up, and at this rate, he can become a Rank four expert and even rank five. As for Rank six..."

"Rank five is mortal, while Rank six is immortal. Rank five is already amazing. Rank six? Hmph, you are all overestimating him...."

"That might not be, who can predict the future?"

Under such discussions, the three clan heads in the rock building stood up, staring down at the thousands of Gu Masters.

Gu Yue clan head was in the center, Bai clan head and Xiong clan head at his left and right respectively.

The alliance slope gradually quietened down.

Gu Yue Bo held the railings, sweeping a glance at the crowd, before saying, "The three-clan-alliance will pull together in times of trouble. For the Gu battle tournament, in the spirit of competition, competitors shall stop before fatality occurs. Start."

The alliance slope was dead silent. The crowd looked at each other.

The three-clan-alliance, would always hold a Gu battle tournament. Not only was it to show off the clan’s individual strength, it was also to promote conversation and temporarily alleviate their grudges, to achieve the aims of working together.

But who will stand out first?

If the first Gu Master to stand up failed in public, it would be shameful on their own reputation, and it even shames the clan elders up in the rock building.

Last time, Bai Ning Bing stood up. But this time…...

The crowd continued to hesitate. Suddenly at the Xiong clan’s side, a group of Gu Masters stood first, it was Xiong Li’s group.

Immediately, the group of five invited numerous people’s attention and gaze.

The Xiong Li group walked past the Gu Yue clan’s area, and under everyone’s watchful eye, he stood at the Bai clan’s territory.

"It’s Xiong Li."

"Qing Mao Mountain’s strongest man?"

"That’s right. It seems that not too long ago, the Gu Yue clan’s Chi Shan lost to him in public. His title is unmovable, not even Bai Ning Bing can take it away."

"Damn it, the Gu Yue clan isn’t going over, are they trying to bully our Bai clan?"

At the Bai clan territory, there was a mild disturbance. Many people knew Xiong Li’s strength, and felt a sense of pressure.

But Xiong Li looked around, and did not move from his spot; instead, Xiong Jiang who was beside him stood out.

Xiong Jiang had a thin body, and at the Xiong clan’s area with lots of burly men, he was very striking.

He took a few steps forward, facing the Bai clan’s Gu Masters, cupping his fist, "Xiong clan Xiong Jiang, challenges brother Bai Bing Yi."

Once he spoke, astonished noises could be heard below the rock building.

Bai Bing Yi’s status was around the same as Chi Shan and Xiong Li etc. Among the Bai clan’s young Gu Masters, he is only inferior to Bai Ning Bing. For Xiong Jiang to challenge him, he was evidently trying to overcome the stronger foe.

But could he?

Bai Bing Yi stood up with a grim face. His body was small and his face was pale; he was like a patient who had just recovered from a serious illness, giving off a feeling of being weak and sickly. But no one dared to underestimate him.

"You, Xiong Jiang dare to challenge me, you have some courage. How do you want to compete? Say it, I’ll accept it," He said to Xiong Jiang.

Xiong Jiang laughed darkly, "I specialize in defense, and you specialize in attack. How about this, I defend and you attack. I’ll give you three attacking opportunities, and we’ll compare the results.

This was not a life and death match, it was only sparring.

But Xiong Jiang had such confidence, he was obviously prepared, and this caused many people to mutter among themselves.

Bai Bing Yi raised his brows, "Xiong Jiang, no matter what Gu worm, you are still a Rank two Gu Master, your cultivation is like that. Do you really think you can block my Water Drill Gu? If I injure you, don’t complain."

Xiong Jiang snickered, "We wouldn’t know unless we try right? Come."

Saying so, he activated the Gu in his body and his body changed colour, becoming dry and green like a dead block of wood.

At the same time his teeth turned sharp and long, and four fangs were exposed out of his lips.

His iris also turned green.

This was the Rank two Gu, Roaming Zombie Gu.

Once activated, it could turn one into a zombie.

Compared to living people, zombies are better at resisting punches and kicks and have greater regeneration, but is afraid of fire, lightning and light, although it has greater resistance towards water, wind and poison.

At the same time, zombies when fighting under the sunlight are not as strong as in the night, and thus are weakened by the time of the day.

"Even so, I am not afraid," Bai Bing Yi laughed coldly, raising his right arm.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, he gathered his five fingers at one point and contracted his fist.

First, a droplet of water formed on his five fingers, then in the blink of an eye, the droplet expanded, turning into a fast flowing current, and from his fingertips, the water coiled around his palm in a spiral manner.

In two breath’s time, Bai Bing Yi’s fist was already covered by a light-blue coloured spiral drill that rotated non-stop.

Rank two Water drill Gu!

Able to drill through rocks and steel with very strong attack power, barely any Gu worm could defend against it.

"Receive my blow," Bai Bing Yi coughed, throwing out his fist.

Xiong Jiang raised both arms, forming an arm shield.

The water drill hit his arm, and a large amount of water splattered. The two were at a deadlock for a few breaths when suddenly the water drill’s rotation intensified, and Xiong Jiang flew five to six steps back.

Xiong Jiang laid on the ground, but quickly did a belly-flip, standing again.

One could see that the muscles on both his arms were torn by the water drill, showing his pale white bones.

Bai clan’s Gu Masters upon seeing this scene uncontrollably cheered, but a small number frowned.

"Hehehe..." Xiong Jiang laughed slyly, not minding his injury as a zombie; his pain sensors had been reduced to zero.

Bai Bing Yi stood on the spot, but suddenly his pale face changed, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Bai clan Gu Master’s cheers ended.

"What happened?!" someone exclaimed.

"It’s the Shadow Bond Gu!" Bai Bing Yi stared deeply at the ground, where Xiong Jiang’s shadow was distorted at a creepy angle, pasted on top of the snow. It connected both Xiong Jiang and Bai Bing Yi together.

"It seems I win, brother Bai. With this Shadow Bond Gu, no matter how much injury I suffer, you will take 10% of it. I specialize in defense, but you are a pure attacker, and you have poor health, so even 10% of the damage is deadly to you," Xiong Jiang said plainly.

Bai Bing Yi wiped the blood traces off his lips, staring deeply at Xiong Jiang for a while before saying, "Good. Very good. You planned well with such great tactics. I lost."

He admitted defeat on the spot.

"Too unscrupulous."

"Absolutely cunning and shameless!"

"To think he had a Shadow Bond Gu, senior Bai Bing Yi was completely outplayed."

Bai clan’s Gu Masters exploded into a series of discussions.

Xiong Jiang cupped his fist, "I’m flattered. If we really fought, the final winner would still be brother Bai. The Shadow Bond Gu’s range is limited, it can only bully close-ranged Gu Masters, I hope brother Bai can take good care of me in this upcoming wolf tide!"

"Of course." Bai Bing Yi’s expression softened a little, and nodded.

Bai clan’s Gu Masters also started to quieten down.

Standing on the rock building, the three clan’s higher-ups who had been observing, nodded discreetly at this scene.

The Gu fighting competition was only for sparring and not ruthless assault. Xiong Jiang exposing a trump card also increased each other’s trust and understanding.

Whether it was Xiong Jiang or Bai Bing Yi’s attitude, they were good.

Resolving it like this, the Bai clan’s Gu Masters, even if they did not admit it, felt admiration towards Xiong Jiang.

After all, the strong were respected.

"Xiong Li’s group had a good start," Gu Yue Bo lightly praised.

"Hehehe." Xiong clan head beside him laughed lightly, Xiong Jiang had given him face.

Bai clan head at the other end had a tough expression.

But Xiong Li’s group did not quit while they were ahead, the five left the Bai clan’s area, and came to the Gu Yue clan.

"After challenging the Bai clan, they are challenging the Gu Yue clan now?"

"Oh no, Xiong Li himself is stepping up now!"

Gu Yue clansmen were slightly nervous, many of their gazes were gathered on Chi Shan, Mo Yan and Qing Shu.

But who knew Xiong Li shouted loudly, "Who is Fang Yuan, please stand up. I heard you could chase away the River Swallowing Toad alone, why don’t we have a contest of strength!"

Instantly, the crowd exploded.

Xiong Li stood up, yet he did not challenge Qing Shu, Chi Shan or Mo Yan, but instead pointed out a newbie junior.

"Fang Yuan, who is Fang Yuan?" Some of the other village’s Gu Masters had never heard this name before.

"Chasing away the River Swallowing Toad alone, oh my god, that’s a Rank five Gu, is he so absurd?" Some shot glances of shock and curiosity.

Gu Yue clan’s Gu Masters took the initiative and opened up a path, and Fang Yuan who was among them was exposed.

Without anything hindering their vision, Xiong Li and Fang Yuan stared at each other.

Xiong Li’s lips curled to an angle, saying with a very manly elegance, "I hope Fang Yuan would generously teach me."

"This Fang Yuan, who in the world is he, he doesn’t have three heads or six limbs anyway."

"Chasing away the River Swallowing Toad is also by coincidence and luck, it is nothing hard. Heh, being targeted by this muscled man Xiong Li, he is in big trouble now."

"Fang Yuan, you can’t avoid it anymore. Sigh, in that case, just hope for the best and go ahead and battle!" Chi Shan sighed in his heart.

"Oh, is that so..." Fang Yuan shrugged with a plain expression, "Then I admit defeat."

The moment he said so, the crowd all went dumbfounded.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Hi boys and girls~ Internet is so bad here and I've been super busy so far throughout my hometown trip >:( Attack of the mosquitoes!! I saw a lot of Gu here and there too!! Buuuuut I managed to do a few at night so I'm going to post 3 chapters tonight~! Thanks for your support so far everyone and Discord is going strong xD yay!


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