Reverend Insanity
102 Spring comes after the winter winds
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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102 Spring comes after the winter winds

Chapter 102: Spring comes after the winter winds

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Fang Yuan arrived at the internal affairs hall and turned in the golden honey wine.

The middle-aged male Gu Master in charge was very surprised. While holding his pen, he asked, "You completed the asset mission already?"

"What do you think?" Fang Yuan retorted.

The middle-aged male Gu Master frowned, this was the mission he chose specifically to make life difficult for Fang Yuan. To think he completed it so quickly!

He looked at Fang Yuan, his eyes threatening, saying solemnly, "Young man, answer whatever I ask you. If you do not reply honestly, it will affect your evaluation. Let me ask you, did you complete this mission alone? Say the truth, we will investigate thoroughly."

"Of course I finished it myself." Fang Yuan replied.

"Good, I will note that down." The middle-aged Gu Master recorded while laughing internally, you’re just a newbie, how could you complete it alone? Such a falseful report, the clan would definitely investigate. You will have trouble then.

But unexpectedly Fang Yuan continued, "But this situation is slightly peculiar. That day I only went to scout out the area, but to think the bear was digging the beehive. Using that chance, I retrieved this honey wine."

"What?" The middle-aged man’s pen stopped, raising his head to look at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan shrugged, smiling, "What, did you think I could accomplish this mission alone? To say the truth, this is all thanks to you, finding this mission for me."

The middle-aged Gu Master was stunned on the spot, a complex and unexplainable feeling in his heart as he laughed dryly and continued to record in the book.

Fang Yuan stared at this man calmly, knowing full well that his extremely difficult asset mission was all ‘thanks’ to this man. Unfortunately, he had already completed the mission; even if the clan investigates, Fang Yuan had the appropriate set up already. He could stall Fang Yuan no longer.

Even if this matter was handled by him.

This is the grief of being in the system. Your status is the chain that restricts your actions.

"Alright, your mission is complete, you can inherit the family asset already. Except, your asset is all controlled by your uncle and aunt. The internal affairs hall will retrieve it for you, come back in three days." After recording, the middle-aged man said.

Fang Yuan nodded, he knew this rule, but he stared at the middle-aged man’s record paper, saying, "According to the clan rules, the internal affairs mission record needs to be confirmed by the accomplisher on the spot. Please let me see this record."

The middle-aged man’s expression changed, he did not expect Fang Yuan to be so familiar with the process. He snorted lightly while handling the report to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at the record without any problems. A few hundred words with the final evaluation — Good.

He could immediately see the relationship between Gu Yue Dong Tu and this Gu Master.

This evaluation was definitely fair, showing that the middle-aged Gu Master did not give up on his work ethics just because of Gu Yue Dong Tu; the reason he helped Dong Tu was only because of their friendship and the transaction between them.

It was the ‘taking money to settle problems for others’ type of transaction.

Giving the report back to the middle-aged Gu Master, Fang Yuan left the internal affairs hall.

Outside, Gu Yue Dong Tu was already gone.

Fang Yuan could not help but laugh coldly. Gu Yue Dong Tu’s influence was not big enough to affect the internal affairs hall. Even if Gu Yue Bo the clan leader wanted to do this, he would have to go against the immense pressure from the clan elder circle and pay a huge price in his political career.

There was a phrase on earth, called ‘those who live in the society has to follow its rules.’

There were rules in the society, and that is a form of system. Those who follow the rules, being anyone’s pawn piece, restrict each other, and it is not up to them to control.

Unless an individual’s strength has reached the point where it can oppose the entire organisation, otherwise, joining an organisation and wanting to retain freedom was a pointless dream!

Borrowing the power of the clan system, Fang Yuan had already affirmed the truth of getting back his assets.

Regardless of Gu Yue Dong Tu or the clan leader, they will not pay the political price for interfering with such a small matter.

In the guest hall.

"Brother Dong Tu, there is nothing I can do anymore." The middle-aged Gu Master sighed, standing in front of Gu Yue Dong Tu.

Gu Yue Dong Tu’s face was grim as he remained silent on his seat.

"Are there really no more methods?" Beside him, Aunt fearfully asked in an anxious and indignant tone.

The middle-aged man shook his head, "The results are set in stone and have entered the internal affairs hall’s procedure. Unless the two clan elders in power or the clan leader interferes. Brother Dong Tu, this internal affairs hall’s inventory list states clearly the inheritance items and amount, please return them all and don’t make my life difficult." Saying so, he took out the inventory list.

The inventory had a ton of records, from expensive items like estates to cheap tables or chairs, other than that there were also the Gu worms that Fang Yuan’s parents had left behind.

After a Gu Master dies of battle, their Gu worms would be retrieved as an inheritance for their successor. This was a political move by the clan.

Aunt took a look at the list, before losing her composure, "Damn it, you cannot do this! This is all ours, OURS! Hubby, say something, think of something. Without these assets, what do we have left? Even our servants will be gone by half, we cannot afford it! "


Gu Yue Dong Tu stood up and sent his palm flying towards Aunt, sending her to the ground from her seat.

"Noisy bitch!" Uncle flew into a rage, scolding in an agitated tone, "Frog in the well, the clan rules are there, you think you can choose not to return them? Dumb, ignorant!" Aunt used her hand to cover her cheeks, beaten into stupidity, lying on the ground in shock, staring at her husband blankly.

"Hmph!" Gu Yue Dong Tu grabbed the inventory list, gritting his teeth, scanning through.

His eyes were filled with blood traces as he breathed heavily, saying with hatred, "Return! All these things… I will return… NOT A THING LESS!!! But..."

His veins popped from his forehead, the muscles on his face twitching, his expression full of ruthlessness, "But Fang Yuan, I cannot stop the internal affairs hall, yet I can deal with you. Don’t think everything is well and alive now that you have these assets, hmph!"

Three days later, Fang Yuan walked out from the internal affairs hall with a stack of house and land deeds and sold human contracts in his hands.

"To think this inheritance is so abundant." He was slightly stunned.

Even though Fang Yuan had some estimations, after receiving this asset list, it was way out of his expectations.

Over ten mu of farmland, eight family servants and three bamboo buildings, and a wine tavern!

"No wonder uncle was so insistent, thinking of all ways to stop me." Fang Yuan could understand Gu Yue Dong Tu’s actions.

With such a large family asset, even in this world, one could live like a king.

Ten mu of farmland, eight family servants, put this aside first. Those three bamboo buildings were property assets — even if they were only rented out, every month, the rental amount was enough to support Fang Yuan’s current cultivation.

Other than that there is also a wine tavern. Note that there is only four wine-selling areas in the entire village.

Such an asset, if on earth, would be equivalent to having several mansions and a hotel, it is an aristocrat life with multiple servants.

What’s worth mentioning is, this world’s living conditions was way more ruthless and difficult, thus the village being the safest location, priced the property assets even more expensively than on earth.

"It is said that my Fang family, three generations ago, had a clan elder who held power and left much inheritance for his future generations. With these family assets, the seven Gu worms aside, even if that number doubled I can still afford them! But the crucial point isn’t this. It is this grass Gu!"

At this point, there was a grass Gu lying quietly in Fang Yuan’s palm.

It was dainty and delicate, the emerald green roots resembling a ginseng’s beard. There were some semi-transparent stolon that was like jadeite. Nine pieces of round-shaped leaves that were jade green covered and reflected each other, forming the shape of a round plate.

This was the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass, the healing-type Rank two Gu worm.

If it came to normal healing, it had no difference from the Life breath grass.

The true value of the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass lay in its leaves - Every one of the leaves torn from it was a vitality leaf.

Vitality leaf is also a type of grass Gu. At rank one, it is an expendable type, disappearing after one use.

It had another flaw, and that was when a piece of vitality leaf is used to heal injuries, within the next hour, other vitality leaves had no more healing effect on the person.

But, all in all, it was easy to refine, and instantaneous healing together with the easy feeding of it made it the most popular healing technique among Rank two Gu Masters.

Healing Gu Master, every group needed one. But in times where multiple Gu Masters were injured, what can a single Gu Master do? If the healing Gu Master was the one who died, or got lost, what happens to the rest?

Thus, Gu Masters always prepared some healing methods for themselves, and the vitality leaf was the best method. Every Gu Master that roamed outside needed to prepare at least one or two.

"After I refine the Nine Leaf Vitality Grass, every piece of leaf torn out would be a vitality leaf. Using the primeval essence to inject into the grass, I can make it grow new leaves. Thus, this Nine Leaf Vitality Grass can be said to be a moving goldmine. The most important asset of all… without exception. Having this Nine Leaf Vitality Grass is an avenue of business. In this dangerous world, which Gu Master does not get injured on their missions? They have a perpetual need for the vitality leaf."

"No wonder Gu Yue Dong Tu was known as the ‘hidden elder’ even after he retired many years ago; he still held great influence outside. So the reason was this Nine Leaf Vitality Grass."

Gu Masters needed the vitality leaf, and Gu Yue Dong Tu sold the leaf. With such a relationship, it is no question that his influence remained.

Fang Yuan was enlightened.

"Only in this world are clan relationships raised to such a level, restraining Uncle and Aunt. If this was earth, with such a conflict of interest, Fang Zheng and I would already have had been killed by them. This is not good, it seems I have some trouble ahead, Uncle and Aunt will not let go so easily."

"But I have already grown up with Rank two cultivation. If they want to deal with me and also consider the clan regulations, they would be highly restricted. Hmph, regardless of what they do, just show me what you’ve got. Dealing with it as it comes, I will handle them all."

Fang Yuan walked on the street, his eyes glimmering in brilliance.

A gust of winter wind blew on his face.

It was still far from spring, but Fang Yuan knew that ‘spring’ (start of his new life) had already come.


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