Reverend Insanity
87 Attitude is the mask of the hear
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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87 Attitude is the mask of the hear

Chapter 87: Attitude is the mask of the heart

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Fang Yuan could see the intentions behind such an action, this was a small probing (test) from the clan leader.

His gaze swept through the arena, the entire clan’s best performing three groups were here. The clan leader’s faction’s Qing Shu group, Chi faction’s Chi Shan group, and Mo faction’s Mo Yan group.

If it was a regular student, joining any of the three groups meant getting a huge backer, representing a bright future.

But to Fang Yuan, it was the reverse.

In the clan’s higher-up’s perception, he was already part of a mysterious faction. Joining any of the three spelt trouble.

For example, if he joined the Chi Shan faction, the Chi family obviously know they did not recruit him, so their first thought would be — Fang Yuan is a pawn of another family, but now that he’s joining our group, what intentions does he have?

Next they would think — The mysterious faction that recruited Fang Yuan earlier had already broken the rules, and now that Fang Yuan is present here, the clan leader would think that we were the ones who recruited him, so isn’t this ‘carrying the fault’ for them? That will not do, we have to arrest Fang Yuan, keep a close eye on him and investigate him! We shall find concrete evidence and reveal the mysterious backer of his.

But the truth was, Fang Yuan has no backer!

"Once I join any of the three groups, it means I am offending one out of the three biggest factions in this clan. That will definitely not do! Sigh, I originally wanted to keep a low profile and join Jiang He’s group, but Jiang He’s group is backed by the punishment hall elder. Under everyone’s watchful eye, if I join abruptly, that is inappropriate as well." Fang Yuan inevitably hesitated.

Gu Yue Bo’s smile became even more intense, continuing, "Fang Yuan, if you don’t choose, I’ll select for you."

The clan elders beside him watched quietly with an unmoving expression, each of them standing like statues.

"Hmph, forcing me?" Fang Yuan’s gaze shone, immediately guessing Gu Yue Bo’s next words — either throwing him to Chi Shan’s group or Mo Yan’s group.

Gu Yue Bo knew in his heart that he did not recruit Fang Yuan. To him, this act can not only remove suspicion on him but also weaken his foe, as well as reveal the mysterious faction; it was killing three birds with one stone. It was a play that could divert the problem away — although seemingly simple, it was a strategic move showing Gu Yue Bo’s experienced political ability.

"No, I must not let him dictate it. It seems I can only choose a crappy group." Fang Yuan was about to open his mouth and speak.

Suddenly at this moment, someone spoke, "Why don’t you join our team. Our group is lacking an attacker."

Who said that?

At once, everyone turned around towards the source of the voice.

The person speaking was neither tall or short, with dark yellow skin that made him look sickly. A pair of triangular eyes shone with brilliance.

"It’s the sickly snake Gu Yue Jiao San(1)." Someone pointed out his identity.

"Gu Yue Jiao San? It’s just a trash team with no background!" The clan leader and clan elders all showed a disappointed expression.

"Jiao San..." Fang Yuan’s eyes shone with an undetectable dark shine.

He and this Gu Yue Jiao San person had never met or spoken before, and he had no memories of such a person.

Why did Jiao San open his mouth and invite him into his team? Was it purely because he had gotten first place in the examination?

How can that be!

Only someone as childish as Fang Zheng would have such a naive thought.


Since Jiao San opened his mouth and invited Fang Yuan personally, such a situation was a good breakthrough point.

"The clan’s higher-ups must be very disappointed now. Hehe." Fang Yuan smiled thinking of this, his eyes looking downwards, hiding the brilliance in his expression.

"Then I’ll join your group," Fang Yuan agreed on the spot, blocking Gu Yue Bo’s upcoming words.

"Is this Fang Yuan retarded?"

"Ignoring those top performing groups and joining the sickly snake’s group!"

"He must be bonkers, Jiao San’s personality, hehehe..."

The students and Gu Masters started to discuss, looking at Fang Yuan like he was a fool.

The clan leaders and elders’ expression turned dim.

Today’s probing was thwarted by this Gu Yue Jiao San! No... Maybe this Jiao San is also a pawn in this game, but no matter what, they must investigate on this Gu Yue Jiao San!

Three days later.

It had already been snowing for a day, and now that it was gradually getting smaller, pieces of snowflakes flew in the air gliding with the wind.

On Qing Mao mountain, there was a layer of white colour over it. Many branches were naked with no leaves, except the evergreen pine trees and Qing Mao bamboo, which had retained their original colours standing proudly in the snow.

A group of five people ran in the snow.

The leading person was neither short nor tall, bearing a sickly yellow skin — it was Gu Yue Jiao San.

As he ran, he turned towards the quiet Fang Yuan, smiling gently with kindness, "Fang Yuan, don’t be nervous. Although this is your first clan mission, the contents are simple. Just follow us and learn along the way."

"Yes," Fang Yuan lightly replied, staring forward with a solemn expression.

It was already winter.

Running on the snow, the chilly winter winds were even more intense. Every breath was like eating snow dust, chilling his entire chest.

Fang Yuan’s face was originally very white, and now that the snow shone on it, it appeared even paler. In the process of running, the snow kept falling on his short black hair, his shoulders and forehead.

What was different than before was that Fang Yuan had changed his clothes.

This was a dark blue coloured battle attire.

The attire had long sleeves and long pants, with bamboo sheets tied on his legs as wrappings, and bamboo shoes adorned his feet. On his head there was a bright blue headband, and the headband fluttered in the air as Fang Yuan ran.

On his waist, there was a loose belt.

The belt was navy blue with a bronze plate on it, carved with the number "1"; it was very much eye-striking.

This was a Gu Master’s attire, showing Fang Yuan’s status as a Rank one Gu Master.

The youngsters had to stay a year in the academy and graduate before they were allowed to wear this.

This attire had much meaning. Once worn it meant that one has transcended the realm of mortals, leaving the lowly life and stepping into the upper society, being the middle class of the entire human race. Even if Rank one Gu Masters were the bottom of this tier, from now on any mortal had to give way to Fang Yuan and pay respects to him.

Gu Yue Jiao San’s gaze continued to shine. This battle attire when worn by Fang Yuan, coupled with his cold expression, showed the atmosphere of a cool and collected person.

While running, he continued asking Fang Yuan, "We are out on a mission, and normally we would have to rush when travelling, so running is a common thing. Are you used to it?"

"I can cope." Fang Yuan’s words were precious like gold, using the corner of his eye to look at Gu Yue Jiao San.

Jiao San’s warm and kind expression caused him to think about the legend of Ren Zu.

Words have it that Ren Zu used the Rules and Regulation Gu and obtained strength but lost wisdom, leaving behind three Gu worms. One was Suspicion, one was Trust, and another was Attitude.

Ren Zu grabbed the Attitude Gu.

Attitude Gu followed the betting rules, submitting to Ren Zu, telling him, "Human, you caught me, I can only curse my bad luck. From now on, I will be at your command. Wear me and you will be able to use my ability."

Attitude Gu’s appearance was like a mask. Ren Zu put it on his face, but in the end he could not wear it. Even if he used a rope to tie it, it would still fall off.

"What’s going on?" Ren Zu was troubled.

Attitude Gu laughed, "I know, human, you have no heart. Attitude is the mask of the heart, so without a heart, how can you wear me?"

Ren Zu realised at once, he had already given his heart to hope.

He was heartless.

Someone who is heartless cannot wear the attitude mask. In other words, to someone with a heart/an intention, their attitude is a mask.

"This kind and warm attitude is only Gu Yue Jiao San’s mask, what is his real intention?" Fang Yuan pondered.

While the person "sickly snake" Jiao San observed Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan was also secretly observing him.

(1)Gu Yue Jiao Shan - His name Jiao Shan means three angles. Probably referring to his triangular eyes.


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