Reverend Insanity
85 Hot-blooded and cold-blooded
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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85 Hot-blooded and cold-blooded

Chapter 85: Hot-blooded and cold-blooded

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
"These two brothers really aren’t on good terms," Yao Hong mumbled.

"This Fang Yuan is too cruel, treating his brother like this," many people frowned unhappily.

"Fang Yuan is too savage, extorting our primeval stones for an entire year! Now he’s treating his brother like this," the students gritted their teeth. Fang Yuan’s coldness forced out their hatred towards a common enemy.

"Fang Zheng, stand up, stand up! Defeat Fang Yuan." Some unknown student shouted.

"Defeat Fang Yuan, defeat Fang Yuan!" Instantly, many youngsters shouted.

"This Fang Yuan, is indeed a hated person." Mo Yan snorted, enjoy his predicament.

"Fang Zheng, hang in there, stand up! Defeat this monster Fang Yuan!"

"Fang Zheng, stand up. We’re with you."

"Fang Zheng, you can do it, you can do it!"

The crowd cheered on fiercely, and sounds of encouragement entered Fang Zheng’s ears.

Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!

Fang Zheng gasped heavily. As the sounds entered his heart it gave him an unimaginable strength!

The scenes of the past played in his head.

On the streets, the clansmen’s comments.

"That’s Fang Yuan, the future genius, he is not to be underestimated!"

"Who’s that behind him?"

"Oh, probably his brother, who knows what his name is."

Uncle and aunt laughed, "Fang Yuan, now the entire village is discussing the new poem you wrote! This is very good, uncle and aunt are proud of you."

Fang Yuan waved his hand, saying calmly, "I only made those on a whim."

Uncle and aunt nodded, saying to Fang Zheng, "Learn well from your brother, if you are half as talented as your brother, we would not have to worry."

Under the moonlight, deep in the courtyard.

Clan leader Gu Yue Bo looked at Fang Zheng, saying gently, "Fang Zheng, have confidence. You must find your purpose, believe in yourself."

"But, sir clan leader..."

Gu Yue Bo patted his shoulders, encouraging, "The shadow in your heart, others cannot dispel it for you. You can only rely on yourself. I await that day."

The night before the year end exam.

Shen Cui looked at Fang Zheng with love in her gaze under the lamp lights, "Young master, I believe that you can get number one. I have always believed it! Work hard!"

The morning before departure.

Uncle and aunt stood at the doorstep, "Fang Zheng, after the year end exam, you would be leaving the academy. Seeing your growth, we are very happy! Go, go and show everyone the strength of an A grade!"


Under the setting sun, in a dark corner, a female classmate cried profusely, "The allowance is only three primeval stones, but Fang Yuan snatched a piece away, leaving me with two. I am almost unable to feed my Moonlight Gu at this rate."

Fang Zheng’s heart softened, "This is my primeval stone, I’ll lend it to you."

The female classmate took the primeval stone, saying with tears, "Fang Zheng, you are too nice, please defeat your brother and end his tyranny in the academy!"

Fang Zheng was silent.

A bunch of classmates appeared in front of him.

"Fang Zheng, you are an A grade talent, you can do it."

"Fang Yuan is too much, constantly bullying us, you are our only hope."

"Fang Zheng, from today onwards, we’re with you, we will always support you!"

"Everyone..." Fang Zheng observed the surroundings, seeing the concerned pairs of eyes, and felt extremely touched.


Everyone has expectations of me.

My classmates, uncle, aunt, Shen Cui, and sir clan leader!

Everyone is waiting for me, looking at me, supporting me…...

How can I lose? How can I fall here? How can I!

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

His heart pounded in his chest, and Fang Zheng’s eyes shone with brilliance.

I cannot fall here!

I will dispel the shadow and stand up!!

Fang Zheng’s fists were tightly clenched, no longer feeling any pain at this point. He felt a lion in his chest, awakening from its sleep and opening its huge mouth to roar!

Hot-blood boiled in his body.

Stand up, stand up!

Break the shadows, break the darkness!
"ARGHHHHHHHHH!" Fang Zheng opened his mouth wide to shout, his body starting to emit a green jade light.

"What’s that?" The crowd silenced.
"Jade Skin Gu!" Someone shouted.

The students roared towards the heavens.
"Fang Zheng, you can do it!"

"Fang Zheng, we have your back!"

Finally only one last cheer remained —"Stand up! Stand up!"

"Everyone….. I can hear your voices." Fang Zheng clenched his fist, his teeth almost crushed. Fang Yuan’s pressure was no longer so imposing, he could finally get up, slowly and steadily.

The shouting intensified.

"He’s burning with anger!!"
"He’s going to do a comeback."

Gu Masters hearing such cheers and excitement from the crowd, were all starting to feel moved.

"That’s right, Fang Zheng, that’s right! Stand up, stand up, abandon the past, dispel the shadow and stand up, you will become a new person!" Clan leader’s eyes shone with bright light as he cheered Fang Zheng on in his heart.

"Jade Skin Gu..." Fang Yuan’s eyelids drooped. He pulled back his leg and saw Fang Zheng stand up slowly, the Jade Skin Gu’s radiance turning his face green.

Fang Zheng had always been hiding this trump card up till now and did not reveal it to anyone, thus nobody knew about it.

"Fang Zheng got up!" The crowds’ cheers exploded.

"He stood up!" Clan leader was moved, uncontrollably standing up from his seat. At this moment, he saw the rise of an A grade talent! He saw the future of the Gu Yue clan!

"I stood up, brother, I will defeat you!" Fang Zheng’s eyes burned with determination, his entire body enveloped in bright green light like he was wear a jade armor!

"Oh wow, this defense, even the moonblade can’t pierce it. It seems Fang Zheng wins." Yao Hong raised her brows, blowing a whistle.

"Indeed, even with the Little Light Gu’s reinforcement, hitting on this barrier, it would only cause Fang Zheng’s primeval essence to be consumed faster. But comparing primeval essence expenditure, Fang Yuan is no match for Fang Zheng. After this match, Fang Zheng is going to rise!" Qing Shu laughed lightly.

"Fang Zheng had a Jade Skin Gu, but only used it now. It seems Fang Yuan’s earlier attacks confused him. But now, victory is already waving towards him." Mo Yan folded her arms, her gaze slightly uncertain.

Time seem to have paused.

On the stage, the brothers faced each other.

The two’s distance was so close yet so far.

Fang Zheng’s firm determination, Fang Yuan’s eternal indifference.

"Little brother..." He looked at Fang Zheng peacefully, his lips curling into a smirk, "Thinking of defeating me, you’re still far from it."

He raised his right hand, his right arm flexing, pulling into a bow shape.

"Big brother, you’ve lost!" Fang Zheng felt amused in his heart seeing Fang Yuan’s raised fist.

As long as he had primeval essence, even with the Little Light Gu’s reinforcement, the moonblade could not break the jade colour barrier, not to mention his fist? Unless he used the Flower Boar Gu or the Brute Force Longhorn Beetle Gu to raise his strength. But even so, he would need a defensive type Gu…...

Fang Yuan did not say anything, but he used his fist to give the most straightforward answer.

The next moment, the right fist flew in the air and hit Fang Zheng harshly on the cheeks.

After a loud crash, blood spilled as the jade light smashed to bits like broken mirror fragments dancing in the sky before vanishing.

"What?!" Fang Zheng was hit by such a shock once again, and after a stunned moment, his neck was almost broken as he hurriedly retreated.

Fang Yuan followed up closely, using a bow step and raising his left fist, pulling back and striking again upwards!


Fang Zheng’s other half of his face was hit by the impact, his head rising high up with blood and broken jade light flying in the air.

Bam, bam, bam!

He took three steps backwards, his ears buzzing as a dizziness ten times greater than before assaulted him.
"How can this… be!" His vision darkened, and he collapsed on the arena —


Fang Zheng fell on the ground, the light dissipating on his body as he fainted in the next moment.

The shouts and cheers came to an abrupt end.

The happy, excited expressions of the students were still glued on their faces, unable to change due to such a shock.

The entire arena was silent.
Fang Yuan’s fists were bloody, to the point his bloody finger bones could be seen. Drops of blood fell and dripped on the stage.


A cold winter wind blew, freezing away all the hot-bloodedness.

Fang Yuan’s hair wavered in the air as he stood still on the stage. It was almost as if the heavily injured person with both his fists almost crippled was not him!

He looked coldly at the surroundings with a calm expression.

Everyone was silent.
In the tentage, the clan leader was still standing, staring dumbfoundedly.
"Sorry, I’ve let you all disappointed," Fang Yuan said lightly.


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