Reverend Insanity
84 Trample ruthlessly!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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84 Trample ruthlessly!

Chapter 84: Trample ruthlessly!

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The final battle, Gu Yue Fang Zheng vs Gu Yue Fang Yuan!

"Oh, interesting."

"To think that at the end, it is a showdown between brothers."

"Fang Zheng..." Seeing this, the clan leader’s smile faded slightly, "The greatest obstacle in your heart is your brother Fang Yuan. Go ahead and defeat him, you have red steel primeval essence while also having the Jade Skin Gu. With both offense and defense, you have the greatest advantage. Break apart this obstacle in your way, and you shall be reborn!"

The final match finally started.

The two brothers stood on the same arena, staring at each other.

The last remaining sunrays were like blood…

The light of the sunset was like a luxurious carpet for the arena.

Two very similar faces.

The little brother’s fighting spirit burned on, while the older brother’s gaze was deep as the abyss.

"Brother..." Fang Zheng’s fists were clenched as he stared intently at Fang Yuan, speaking with a firm voice," Admit defeat! I am already Rank two, and I have over 80% red steel primeval essence. Your green bronze primeval essence is only 44%, you have no chance."

Fang Yuan lightly looked at his brother, "You are surely clear about my primeval essence. But it’s better if you don’t spout nonsense. If primeval essence can decide the victory, what’s the point of fighting?"

Fang Zheng was stunned, but soon he raised his spirits, and his vigor could be seen burning in his eyes.

In truth, in the deepest part of his heart, he also did not want Fang Yuan to admit defeat. But Fang Yuan was his older brother after all, thus in view of their relationship he had to say it.

If not, that would be too cruel.

"Since big brother is so determined, then I have no choice but to attack!" Before he finished his sentence, Fang Zheng rushed towards Fang Yuan.

"This again!" Below the stage, Mo Bei looking at this scene, gritted his teeth. He made up his mind to harshly train himself after going back and return this humiliation tenfold to Fang Zheng!

"Fang Yuan is finished, he does not have my Dragonpill cricket Gu." Chi Cheng folded his arms and smirked, enjoying Fang Yuan’s troubles.

Fang Zheng sprinted and instantly shortened the distance. In his hand there was a ball of moonlight.

Fang Yuan’s expression was like steel; there was not a single change as he looked at the charging Fang Zheng. He did not take a single step away but blue coloured moonlight also gathered in his right palm.


Fang Yuan took a firm step after stomping the ground, and moved towards Fang Zheng instead of backing away.

"This!" Fang Zheng did not expect Fang Yuan’s movement, he panicked internally and quickly fired a moonblade.

Fang Yuan rushed quickly, and twisted his body, avoiding the moonblade by a hair’s breadth.

His expression was cold, without any shouting or aggression. But in his silence, there was an aura of absolute iciness emitting from him.

Fang Zheng subconsciously took a few steps back. His limit was six meters, but now Fang Yuan was five meters away from him. This time he had to be the one trying to increase their distance.


Fang Zheng retreated while flicking his right wrist several times, sending moonblades flying to try and push Fang Yuan back.

Fang Yuan took fluid steps that were one after another, his body extremely agile. He moved intensely, and every time he managed to avoid the moonblade with no margin for error.

"This Fang Yuan is even more daring!" Yao Hong shouted.
"Such a battle, they’ve disregarded death already," Qing Shu also exclaimed.

"Another battle maniac!" Mo Yan gritted her teeth, giving a glance at Chi Shan who was not far away.

Chi Shan was expressionless, but his eyes glimmered occasionally.

The noise from the audience stopped, they were all captivated by the battle on the stage.

The moonblades and Fang Yuan brushed past each other. From time to time there was a blue light that would reflect upon Fang Yuan’s face. His cold expression remained as it was without any change, and each time he narrowly evaded death, showing his extreme battle talent!

The clan leader and clan elders all showed a serious expression.

Chi Cheng and Mo Bei stared with their mouths wide open, looking at Fang Yuan dodging every single moonblade in an impossible manner.

How did he do it? Numerous students had a giant question mark on their heads.

Hmph, Fang Yuan who had 500 years of battle experience, how can he be compared to Fang Zheng who was only taught for a year by a Rank four Gu Master?

In Fang Yuan’s eyes, Fang Zheng was as thin as a clear stream. No matter how the stream flowed, or turned its way among the mountain rocks, he could see through it clearly to the bottom of the river.

The moonblade’s every attack was not instant, it needed a process. Fang Zheng had to flick his wrist, and that was the greatest foretelling.

In Fang Yuan’s eyes, Fang Zheng’s shoulder movement, the movement of his wrist, every step he took provided a large amount of information. Fang Zheng’s every attack, evasion and dodging was easily seen through by Fang Yuan, even as to what was going on in Fang Zheng’s head, Fang Yuan could guess to a degree.

Fang Zheng’s mind right now was flabbergasted!

Fang Yuan was the obstacle in his heart for more than ten years, the shadow quickly expanding into darkness, dragging him into the abyss.

The nervous emotion made him forget to use the Jade Skin Gu. Fang Yuan’s strong approach caused him to panic and he was unable to regain his tempo, thus not allowing him time to think.

This was the difference in experience, this was the difference between inside knowledge!

In Fang Yuan’s perspective, his inside information was even more important than the Spring Autumn Cicada, it was his greatest reliance.

He was able to not rely on the clan leader, clan leader, family, friends, or Gu worms.

He had always and only relied on himself!
In this world, only oneself is the most reliable!!

Those teammates and battle partners, they were just the masks of weaklings, the excuse to anticipate help from others.

He finally reached near Fang Zheng!


Fang Yuan’s punch was pulled from a hidden angle, smashing right into Fang Zheng’s stomach.

Fang Zheng’s body curled as the force of the fist almost caused him to vomit. He quickly protected his head with his arms and took a large step back. At the crucial moment, it showed his steady basic skills.

"Where is he?" Fang Zheng’s eyes stared wide, looking around from the gap between his arms, trying to find Fang Yuan’s location.

"Behind!" With this thought, Fang Zheng felt a strong force at his waist.

He lost his center of gravity and fell on the ground.

But Fang Zheng had gone through tough training. With this movement he flipped around on the ground and at the same time, shot out a moonblade from his palm towards his back.

This movement was the battle experience imparted by the clan leader.

If it was a normal person, they might follow closely behind Fang Zheng. If they could not react in time, they would be hit by the moonblade. Even if the moonblade did not hit, they would be forced back.

But who was Fang Yuan? Even Gu Yue Bo could not compete with him in terms of experience.

Fang Yuan moved steadily, not giving chase. Instead, he moved in a circle and got near to Fang Zheng. The moonblade only managed to hit air.

Fang Zheng thought he was able to pull some distance and quickly stood up. He was about to reorganise himself but he suddenly heard a swoosh sound.

"This is the gust of a punch!" At that split second, Fang Zheng had such a thought.

Immediately after, he was harshly hit in the ear by Fang Yuan’s fist.


He immediately felt his vision darken, and a strong sense of dizziness caused him to lose balance, completely collapsing on the ground.

He sprawled on the ground for over two breath’s time, and finally he recovered slightly. His vision became clearer, seeing Fang Yuan’s two feet right beside him.

He suddenly understood how ugly his situation was. He was sprawled on the ground like a dog while Fang Yuan stared at him from that high position.

"Damn it!" Fang Zheng was furious and tried to get up.

Under everyone's eyes, Fang Yuan lifted his right leg and stepped down firmly.


Fang Zheng’s head was harshly stepped on, like a rock hitting the stage, making a loud sound.

"Fuck!" Fang Zheng raged and tried to get up again.

Fang Yuan stared coldly, trampling down once again.


Fang Zheng’s head hit the stage again. His scalp knocked open and blood bled nonstop.

"Damn! Damn it!!" Fang Zheng’s teeth were about to be crushed from his clenching, and the rage in his chest burned through his entire body. He raised his head again, trying to get up.


Fang Yuan’s third step came down. This time he continued to step on his head, not letting go. Under the immense force, Fang Zheng’s face was harshly squeezed on the stage floor.

Fang Zheng’s face was almost deformed, and he breathed raggedly, struggling to no avail. He felt that on his head, there was a huge rock that would not move no matter how he struggled.

"Right, how could I forget, I have the Moonlight Gu!" Under the despair, Fang Zheng’s inspiration struck, and he thought of the Moonlight Gu.

His right palm gathered moonlight again.

But how could Fang Yuan not notice?

With a light sound, he shot out a moonblade onto Fang Zheng’s right palm.


Fang Zheng cried out, the immense pain sending his body into a spasm like he was struck by lightning.

His palm was almost pierced through by Fang Yuan, showing his white bones. The Moonlight Gu on his palm was already struck a great blow, it was on the brink of death!

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

Hi guys! Boss dropped a bomb on me on Friday, had to work all through weekends this time. I'm taking tonight to get out as many as possible in the next 30 minutes, mostly finished translating but require lots of editing. I'll continue the rest tomorrow. Today and tomorrow - 9 chapters total.


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