Reverend Insanity
83 Sweeping strong foes, Fang Zheng displays his skills
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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83 Sweeping strong foes, Fang Zheng displays his skills

Chapter 83: Sweeping strong foes, Fang Zheng displays his skills

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
Fang Zheng and Mo Chen both walked up the stage.

"Fang Zheng, don’t think that I will lose just because you have Rank two cultivation! Today I will challenge and beat a higher realm." Mo Bei gritted his teeth, his expression solemn, cheering for himself in his heart. Against the Rank two Fang Zheng, he indeed felt a strong sense of pressure.

"Come." Fang Zheng roared, rushing out ferociously.

Mo Bei’s heart jumped, this Fang Zheng wasn’t acting according to plan. Normally, they would first shoot moonblades before using hand to hand combat. But this time, he actually rushed up immediately, and wants to fight physically?

"Isn’t he afraid of getting injured by my moonblade when exchanging punches and kicks?" Mo Bei was perturbed.

He was naturally not worried for Fang Zheng’s safety, but knew that if they engaged in close combat, with such a short distance if Fang Zheng shot a moonblade, it was unavoidable.

Mo Bei quickly took a step back, attempting to pull some distance. At the same time, he shot out a moonblade with a flick of his wrist.

Fang Zheng was unfazed, taking a tumble and avoiding the moonblade, continuing his pursuit. At the same time, a lump of lunar energy collected in his palm.

Mo Bei looked at the moonlight in his hands that hasn’t been fired and felt tense in his heart, quickly taking steps back.

Although he worked hard in close combat and also trained his moonblade, he was still inferior to Fang Zheng who was nurtured personally by the clan leader.

Mo Bei was not suited to this style of combat, and quickly fell into disadvantage.

"Eh? That side is interesting." The battle on this arena attracted much attention.

"They’re actually fighting so closely, this Fang Zheng has guts." Yao Hong could now discern who is Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng. Fang Yuan had a cold expression and emitted an aura of maturity, while Fang Zheng was steel-willed, radiating a sunny aura.

"It must be the clan leader’s teaching. Normally when students fight, they would be ten meters apart. Further than this distance and the moonblade would dissipate. If they fought closer than this distance, the students would not react in time." Gu Yue Qing Shu’s gaze shone, "Fang Zheng’s battle distance now has shrunk to six meters, but his ability to avoid the moonblade is proficient. It seems that not only is the clan leader helping Fang Zheng, but Fang Zheng also put in some hard work and went through much hardship."

"Little brother!" Mo Yan seeing Mo Bei forced into a corner by Fang Zheng, showed worry and panic on her face. She really wanted to go in and help out, giving Fang Zheng a good beating.

Chi Shan however was expressionless, only watching and not speaking. After Fang Zheng got close to Mo Bei and shortened the distance to six meters, he no longer got closer, but used the Moonlight Gu and entered a firing contest.

Mo Bei tried hard to improvise. His actions were in a mess, and many times he was almost hit by the moonblades, constantly in danger.

Fang Zheng on the other hand, already had his winning formula.

Even if he could not evade in time, he still had the Jade Skin Gu, and as long as he uses the jade green glow in time, he would be able to block the moonblade.

Seeing how Mo Bei was defenselessly beaten by himself, Fang Zheng’s thoughts flew back to a time in the past.

Under the moonlight, the clan leader taught him the evasion movements step by step, unreservedly imparting him all the experience he had.

"Clan leader, I will not let you down." Fang Zheng’s eyes shimmered with hope, he was getting braver as he fought!

"Fang Zheng, you have the talent and the endurance, studiously training. The result is all because of your blood and sweat. This is the fruits of your hard work, continue like this, Fang Zheng. Using this aura, go and show your brilliance!" Under the tentage, the clan leader excitedly cheered on inwardly, even though he looked like he was quietly watching the fight, his lips curled into a smile.

Although Mo Bei struggled furiously, resisting adamantly, but after fifteen minutes, his entire body was full of injuries, the blood oozing out and dyeing his shirt red.

The organizing Gu Master, upon seeing such a scene, announced, "The victory goes to Gu Yue Fang Zheng."

"I haven’t lost yet!" Mo Bei shouted loudly, his entire bloodbathed body wavering in the air. But after struggling to no end, he was forced to receive treatment by the healing Gu Masters.

"A battle of such an intensity is already beyond the graduating standard."

"An A grade talent, is after all a genius."

"I heard he received personal guidance from the clan leader, can he not be amazing?"

Seeing such a result, the Gu Masters below the stage praised endlessly.

Gu Yue Fang Zheng panted as he walked down the stage. Three Gu Masters came to him and healed him, while also providing free primeval stones to allow him to quickly recover his primeval essence.

After resting for a while, he recovered to his peak condition and ascended the stage again.

This time, he was against Gu Yue Chi Cheng.

Chi Cheng looked at Fang Zheng, laughing dryly, "Very good! Fang Zheng, you defeated Mo Bei that rascal, if I defeat you now, it would be killing two birds with one stone."

He seemed very confident.

Fang Zheng’s lips remained tight, as he said nothing but rushed towards him.

"Dragonpill cricket Gu!" Chi Cheng’s thought flashed, and immediately an orange red-coloured glow came from both his legs. He leapt lightly and instantly retreated ten meters away.

The distance that Fang Zheng had just shortened was immediately lengthened.

"Hehehe." Chi Cheng got smug and laughed, "Fang Zheng, you have no speed increasing Gu, and with your two legs, you cannot catch me. Although this stage isn’t big, it is enough for me to manoeuvre. Your tactic might have worked on Mo Bei, but against me it is ineffective."

"Is that so?" Fang Zheng stopped his movements and stood on the spot, staring intently at Chi Cheng.

He smiled, his eyes showing iron will, shouting loudly, "Continue dodging like that, but everytime you use the Dragonpill cricket Gu, you have to use a certain amount of primeval essence. You have merely Rank one peak stage green copper primeval essence, but I am already at Rank two red steel primeval essence, three times your endurance. Your talent is inferior to me as well. At the end, you would run out of primeval essence and the loser will be you!"

"You!" Chi Cheng was shocked, he only saw his advantage but did not notice his weakness. Right now, he could not help but agree with Fang Zheng, and his fighting spirit dampened.

"What, Fang Zheng is Rank two?!" The surrounding Gu Masters gasped. The examination results were only obtained the day before, thus they were only spread among certain people, so most of the crowd did not know about it yet.

"An A Grade talent no doubt, amazing, this Fang Zheng might really be the rising star of our clan."

"Bai clan has that Bai Ning Bing, he is really too powerful. If Fang Zheng can grow up, he might be able to resist Bai Ning Bing."

"This lad is interesting. Getting to Rank two in the academy and with such solid basic skills, this is such an uncommon scene. No wonder the clan leader poured so much effort into him," Yao Hong muttered.

Qing Shu replied, "The clan leader’s guidance is only part of it, don’t look down on this lad. Ever since he survived the assassination incident, he has become very hardworking, cultivating to the best of his limits, he is a good seedling, with both talent and hardwork. If he can grow up..., sigh, I feel like my burden is increasing."

"Hehehe." Clan leader Gu Yue Bo laughed lightly.

Chi Cheng’s weak nature was analyzed by him to Fang Zheng. Now that he saw Fang Zheng using it to his advantage, Gu Yue Bo was very pleased.

"It seems that Fang Zheng is this year’s number one." Beside the clan leader, Gu Yue Mo Chen said.

Gu Yue Chi Lian snorted, staring at the scene intently. He obviously wished for his grandson to win and defeat Fang Zheng, that way he would win honour for the Chi faction.

But things do not go as he wished, and on the stage after getting demoralized, Chi Cheng could no longer display his 100% ability against Fang Zheng, and made continuous mistakes.

Eventually, Chi Cheng was caught with a fatal flaw, and was swept down the stage.

"Gu Yue Fang Zheng wins!" Gu Master announced.

Gu Yue Chi Lian’s face was black.

At once, Fang Zheng was famous, getting all the attention from the clan people.

"Fang Zheng beat Mo Bei and Chi Cheng simultaneously with wits and courage, it seems he is the first place this year," Some people praised.

"Makes sense, I think well of him as well. Too bad he cannot join our group." As the groups choose students, students are also choosing groups. A seeded student like Fang Zheng was already long booked.

"Fang Zheng is the clan leader’s faction, while Mo Bei, Chi Cheng are the Mo faction, Chi faction’s future leaders. This way, it seems that the Gu Yue Clan would be heavily dominated by the clan leader faction, suppressing the two clan elders." Some people could see even further.

On the other two stages, the battles continued.

Fang Zheng walked down the stage long ago, hearing the people’s praises, his heart roaring as he felt himself being reborn.

Different, it was very different from before.

His heart was filled with the excitement of recognition, the anticipation of being appreciated, and the joy of being commended.

A gust of winter wind blew, and although he felt the chilly wind, Fang Zheng could only feel the sense of warmth like the summer day.

"Last match, Gu Yue Fang Zheng vs Gu Yue Fang Yuan!" A while later, an announcer shouted.

Translator's Thoughts
Skyfarrow Skyfarrow

...and here is the last chapter of today's mass release. Now since I'm here, I have a few things to say to clear up some confusion and misunderstandings.
[First] Spirit stones/ads. I have no control over it, its purely Qidian's system. As far as I know, the readers paying spirit stones to skip ads doesn't benefit me in any way.
[Second] Releases. I am unable to do daily releases since I am working in a job with a very unstable timetable. There are weeks where I am just working day and night and it is plain impossible to do anything during those times, hence I still owe about 10-15 chapters from a few months ago. It should be pulled back during Christmas period. I much prefer mass releasing over weekends, like you know, manga chapter weekly releases. If I'm doing weekly and I am late by a day or two, don't panic, I will sub those in with the mass release. If I fall into any 'super busy schedule' days and cannot translate I will notify with the next mass release. If you truly want to contact me, you can do so at Novelupdates.
[Third] I just want to remind some of the readers here that I am the original translator of this novel, where back then I used to do a chapter every two to three days during non 'super unstable schedule' weeks. Seven chapters a week is just plain hard if I have to also keep up with as much quality, it's like some people seem to think all I do is sit at home and watch TV and translate a chapter a week whenever I like. Honestly I liked it better when I was in my site with appreciative readers who talked about and discussed the novel. Sure the first Qidian TLer released 10 chapters a week, heck I could even do twenty with that MTL quality, I might as well go read at a certain MTL site. Not quite a rant, but just a reminder. I am here because many people asked me to come back, and like the original author of this novel, we don't deal with crap.
[Fourth] The name of this novel!! I am still unable to get it changed, actually I also want to know — Do you guys prefer Reverend Insanity or Daoist Gu? The first name is, in my opinion, more aligned to the 'spirit' of the entire novel and Fang Yuan. Daoist Gu is a more direct translation, but it sounds a tad bit lame. I'm going to set up in the comments, if you prefer one or the other, give the post a thumbs up. I'll see which title gets more likes, and see what I can do.


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