Reverend Insanity
80 A surge in battle strength
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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80 A surge in battle strength

Chapter 80: A surge in battle strength

Translator: Skyfarrow Editor: Skyfarrow
The autumn wind rustled through the air, while the red leaves drifted aimlessly.

The wild grass was dried yellow, and brilliant red or orange yellow wild fruit hung from the tree branches.

"Hurrumph!" A black coloured wild boar rushed madly with its four hooves on the ground, its mane pricking up.

There was a thick layer of fallen leaves that accumulated on the surface of the mountain.

As the wild boar rushed forward, a gust of wind was wedged between it, and the fallen leaves were sent dancing behind its body.

Fang Yuan silently stood there, showing a cold calculating expression as the wild boar got closer.


He took a huge stride forward, and then both his legs stood firm, not dodging at all, facing the wild boar head on.

The wild boar’s two snow white tusks tore through the air with overwhelming killing intent.

Fang Yuan turned his body to avoid the tusks, his shoulder knocking onto the wild boar’s skull.

When they were about to collide, Fang Yuan’s shoulder shone with a faint green coloured light.

Jade Skin Gu!


With a loud crash, the two collided.

Fang Yuan took three steps back, while the wild boar took one step back.

To be fair, when comparing both side’s strength, Fang Yuan was stronger. But Fang Yuan ran with both legs while the wild boar used four to sustain its force, and at the same time the center of gravity of the wild boar was lower and more stable than Fang Yuan.

However, after being harshly hit on the head by Fang Yuan, although the wild boar was still standing, its fat body was already wavering.

With a roar, Fang Yuan rushed up again, his left hand grabbing the wild boar’s tusk, his right hand raising high in the air, the light green colour jade glow forming a thin layer of protection covering his fist.


His fist crashed strongly downwards and the wild boar screamed in pain, struggling intensely.

Fang Yuan’s muscles on his left arm tensed, and the green veins popped like centipedes encircling his arm as he restrained the wild boar with all his strength.

At the same time, his right fist continued to raise and slam down on the boar.

Bam bam bam.

Every time his fist hit the wild boar’s head, the green coloured glow on his fist would shine once.

The wild boar was smashed into oblivion by the fist, and its struggle became weaker.

"Last strike!" Fang Yuan’s eyes glowed like lightning. He loosened his upper body, his right arm stretching straight and raised to the highest point, before smashing down at full force.

The green coloured jade light stuck to Fang Yuan’s right arm and following his movement, drew a green arc in the air.


Fang Yuan knelt on the ground on one knee, his elbow harshly whacking the wild boar’s skull. Even before the wild boar could cry out, its noise came to a stop.

An entire pig head turned deformed, the broken white skull pierced through the black skin, exposing outside. Fresh blood and brain matter slowly flowed out, and in the layers of leaf litter, it infected an area of bright redness.

The autumn wind blew.

Leaves flew about as the scent of the pig blood emanated.

"Life, is splendid just like the flowers of summer. Death, is as delicate as the leaves of autumn," Fang Yuan muttered, appreciating this frame of scenery.

The survivor lives brilliantly while the dead is lonely and pitiful.

Dead or alive, filled with intense difference, it reflected nature’s cruelness and the excitement of life.

"No matter the world, the victor always gets all the fame, while the loser suffers defeat in the unrelentless world. Victory and loss, to me means life and death. Because I walk on the demonic path, once I lose, it means death awaits."

Fang Yuan got close to the corpse and sat on the ground, taking out the White Boar Gu, letting it consume the meat while his consciousness entered the aperture in his body.

Within the aperture, the black green-coloured primeval sea’s tides turned and crashed, ebbed and flowed.

When the primeval sea is full, it occupied 44% of the space. After an intense battle, Fang Yuan used the Jade Skin Gu multiple times to raise his defense, and some primeval essence was expended, thus there was only 36% primeval essence left.

Counting the amount, he only used 8%, not even 10% of his total. But because this was the Rank one peak stage black green primeval essence, the expenditure was considered large.

Rank one initial stage is jade green primeval essence.

Rank one middle stage is pale green primeval essence.

Rank one upper stage is dark green primeval essence.

Rank one peak stage is black green primeval essence.

The essence was in concentration (the relative amount of a particular substance contained within a solution or mixture or in a particular volume of space.).

The Moonlight Gu’s activation required 10% of jade green primeval essence, and in terms of pale green primeval essence, it was 5%. For dark green primeval essence, it further halved, and the same went for black green primeval essence.

That is to say, 10% of black green primeval essence, was equivalent to 20% dark green, 40% pale green and 80% jade green primeval essence.

Using the Jade Skin Gu cost 8% black green primeval essence, if converted to initial stage jade green primeval essence, it would be 64%!

If Fang Yuan was still at initial stage, his aperture would only have 44% primeval essence, and halfway through using the Gu, his primeval essence would be completely expended.

"The higher the Gu Master’s cultivation, the stronger their battle strength, and this shows in the primeval essence. The higher the stage, the darker the colour of the primeval essence, and the more durable it is. My black green primeval essence was on the basis of upper stage primeval essence, refined by the Liquor worm. It is unlike Fang Zheng, who is already Rank one peak stage cultivation already." Thinking of this, Fang Yuan’s gaze shone.

Time flies, it is already late autumn.

Two months had passed since Wang Da’s attempted assassination.

Fang Zheng was poisoned and was in comatose for seven days and seven nights. Once he woke up he was like a changed man, very hardworking and also cultivated extremely dutifully.Some people say, difficulties in life was wealth just like gold.

Regardless of whether this saying is correct, Fang Zheng did emerge from this difficulty changed and obtained much experience. He was like a raw jade, and after some polishing, he finally showed the beautiful jade quality inside.

He was the first to advance to upper stage, and not long ago, he was the first to advance to peak stage, leaving his classmates in the dust. The advantages of an A grade talent has finally started showing.

"I am not far from peak stage either, at most half a month. In fact, I have been nurturing my aperture nonstop every day, but a C grade talent really cannot compete with A and B grades, and I also have another reason..." Fang Yuan laughed bitterly without sound as he thought of it.

Once in a few days, he would have to kill jade eye stone monkeys to feed the Jade Skin Gu. At the same time, he had to search inside the stone forest to find the next clue of the Flower Wine Monk’s inheritance.

The stone forest was complicated with pillars of huge rocks drooping from the ceiling. If Fang Yuan was not careful and got too close to any pillar, he would trigger the attack of all the stone monkeys.

A few times, he was chased by tens of stone monkeys and had to escape. The most dangerous time, when retreating he stepped into another pillar’s territory, and ended up having up to a hundred monkeys chasing after him.

Luckily, these monkeys were sedentary, and every time they chased after him, they would not chase too far. After a distance, they would go back to their homes and continue being sedentary.

Even so, Fang Yuan walked on the brink of death several times. During crucial times, the Jade Skin Gu’s defense came into good use.

Such investigation and exploration caused Fang Yuan to devote much time and effort, and thus became the key reason why his cultivation was advancing so slowly.

"Even so, this is way better than my previous life. The stone forest exploration is not without results either. At least I already know that the walls around the forest have no problems. That means that the next clue of the strength inheritance, should be somewhere in the forest."

Fang Yuan continued thinking, but suddenly a shadow stepped over the dried branches and got close.

This is a wandering old wolf.

It had a brown fur coat, limping and had one eye was damaged. Only the danger and alertness of its left eye remained.

It stared at Fang Yuan tightly, its nose twitching. Wolves and dogs were the same, using their keen sense of smell, it must have been attracted by the pig blood.

Wolves were often in packs, but there were also lone wolves like this. There were competition in wolf packs as well, and to maintain the atmosphere in the pack, they would sometimes get rid of those crippled old wolves.

Fang Yuan quickly stood up and silently looked at this old wolf.

Back then when he killed a wild boar, there would be little primeval essence left in his body and that caused his fighting strength to greatly reduce. Thus when he encountered other wild beasts, he would choose to avoid them.

But these few months, his battle strength had increased tremendously, and with the Jade Skin Gu, against a crippled wolf, it was more than enough.

The unrestrained mountain trees were everywhere with their red leaves.

The setting sun illuminated the dark hour.

A person and a wolf distanced fifty steps away, silently observed each other.

In the wolf’s eye, green light shone as it showed a cruel and cunning expression. Fang Yuan’s eyes however, were dark and eerie, his black iris emanating chilling intent.

The White Boar Gu came out. It was full and returned to Fang Yuan’s aperture satisfied.

The old wolf looked at the wild boar, it had only bones and skin left, the meat was all eaten by the White Boar Gu.

The wolf’s eyes shone with green light and contracted. It first took a few steps back, then jumped into the bushes.

This wolf was still alive till today, it definitely had some intelligence. It keenly felt Fang Yuan’s danger, and decided to retreat.

Its entry and exit were both fast and abrupt.

Without the wild boar’s crashing sound, and without the tiger’s growling.

Against Fang Yuan, without a sound, the battle had started and ended.

"The main theme of life and death, such excitement born from great nature." Fang Yuan stood on the spot, and did not give chase. This wolf did not have anything worth Fang Yuan’s attack.


But the next moment, the old wolf’s crying was heard.

The wolf’s howling suddenly erupted and ended suddenly. Even so, there was a thick surge of death aura overflowing.

Crack crack.

In the bush, there were sounds of twigs being stepped on.

The sound was fearless and got closer, causing Fang Yuan’s iris to shrink.

"Able to get rid of that sneaky old wolf in a second..." His gaze became more and more chilly.

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Three more chapters. Chapter 83 will be the last chapter released for today.


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