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Returning from the Immortal World

Author:Jing Ye Ji Si

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Updates:Chapter 769 – The Eve of The Battle Part 1

A supreme expert in the Immortal World had died, and a strand of his soul returned to its original body on Earth. Tang Xiu discovered with amazement that ten thousand years passed in the Immortal World, yet only a single year passed on Earth. Xian Jie Gui Lai 仙界归来
《Returning from the Immortal World》 Text
Chapter 1: I’ll Keep Playing with You
Chapter 2: Transformation of the nature
Chapter 3: The truth is revealed
Chapter 4: The Supreme Art of Quintessential Space
Chapter 5: I will protect this family
Chapter 6: Humiliation
Chapter 7: Kicked out of class
Chapter 8: The dumbest decision
Chapter 9: Fierce beautiful girl
Chapter 10: Insensitive
Chapter 11: A kiss to QingCheng
Chapter 12: I will take care of you for life
Chapter 13: Monthly Test Began
Chapter 14: Frigid Irony and Scorching Satire
Chapter 15: The Restaurant was Smashed
Chapter 16: Barbarism Must Be Met with Barbarism
Chapter 17: Demon
Chapter 18: The Hidden Mastermind
Chapter 19: Debt Collection
Chapter 20: Severing All Ties
Chapter 21: So Pleased As to Lose One’s Sense of Measure
Chapter 22: I’ll Become Number One
Chapter 23: It’s Not The Most Shameless, Only More Brazen
Chapter 24: The Good Luck That Makes People Jealous
Chapter 25: Refusing the Toast, Only to be forced to Drink
Chapter 26: Getting Rich Overnight
Chapter 27: The Place with a Spiritual Vein
Chapter 28: Incompatible as Fire and Water
Chapter 29: An Overnight Sensation
Chapter 30: Releasing Public List of Successful Examinees
Chapter 31: Acted Like Pretentious Pricks and Got Slapped in the Face
Chapter 32: A Shrewd Well Behaved Mommy’s Boy
Chapter 33: Carving the Clouds and Cut Out the Moon
Chapter 34: Life and Death Struggle
Chapter 35: The Ingredients and Materials Completed
Chapter 36: The Way to Control Subordinates
Chapter 37: Destiny Will Allow Enemies to Meet
Chapter 38: It’s Okay Looking for a Fight
Chapter 39: Cleaning Up Enemies in a Flash
Chapter 40: Big Sister the Boss
Chapter 41: Deviants Have Always Come From Barren Mountains And Wild Rivers
Chapter 42: Learning How to Apply What One Learned
Chapter 43: Looks and Shapes Might Be Similar, But The Soul is Different
Chapter 44: Gambling Skill’s Breakthrough
Chapter 45: Admitting Defeat
Chapter 46: Building the Heavenly Palace
Chapter 47: Luxurious Villa
Chapter 48: Concocting Body Refining Liquid Succeeded
Chapter 49: Vitality Tempering Peak Stage
Chapter 50: Jia Ruidao Asks for Help
Chapter 51: Once Thriving, Thriving Thoroughly. Once Lost, Losing Thoroughly
Chapter 52: The Ultimate Madness
Chapter 53: The Hero Rescued The Belle
Chapter 54: Beating the Grass to Scare the Snake
Chapter 55: Disaster to the Family Member
Chapter 56: Small Hints of Traces
Chapter 57: Decision
Chapter 58: The Rage
Chapter 59: The Old Den
Chapter 60: Nothing More Than Just an Idiot
Chapter 61: Are You a Human or a Ghost?
Chapter 62: Good News
Chapter 63: The Slaughterhouse
Chapter 64: Provocation
Chapter 65: Condition
Chapter 66: Half Master
Chapter 67: Conversation Skills
Chapter 68: Being Tracked
Chapter 69: The God of War Incarnation
Chapter 70: Relationship
Chapter 71: The Longstanding Enemy
Chapter 72: Kneeling and Begging for Forgiveness
Chapter 73: Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 74: Back to School
Chapter 75: The First Meeting
Chapter 76: Trusted Subordinates
Chapter 77: A Truly Kind-hearted Mother
Chapter 78: Unofficial Disciple
Chapter 79: A Huge Business Opportunity
Chapter 80: Paradise Club
Chapter 81: Learning Gambling Techniques
Chapter 82: The Sadness from the Past
Chapter 83: Confessing Mistakes
Chapter 84: Thousand Revolution Array
Chapter 85: Self-Pride
Chapter 86: The Tides of Shocks
Chapter 87: Apathetic
Chapter 88: One and His Enemies Are Bound to Meet
Chapter 89: Everything Was The Same Just Like Before
Chapter 90: Who’s the Sacred Being?
Chapter 91: First Win
Chapter 92: Four Consecutive Wins
Chapter 93: The Final Bout
Chapter 94: Driven Out
Chapter 95: Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 96: Fellow Cultivators
Chapter 97: Violet Redbud Auction
Chapter 98: Determined to Win
Chapter 99: The Bidding Race
Chapter 100: Unhesitating by any means and cost
Chapter 101: The Owner
Chapter 102: Humbly Asking for Guidance
Chapter 103: A Huge Surprise
Chapter 104: Hunting and Killing Fierce Beasts
Chapter 105: A Warm and Caring Mother
Chapter 106: Saving a Person
Chapter 107: Treating Illness
Chapter 108: Settling a Dispute
Chapter 109: Ashamed and Unable to Show Face
Chapter 110: Accepting Disciple
Chapter 111: Crossing the River of the Dragon
Chapter 112: Conflict
Chapter 113: Incurring Hatred
Chapter 114: Tuina Massage
Chapter 115: Returning to Star City
Chapter 116: What’s in Your Brain?
Chapter 117: The Trick to Make Someone Do Something
Chapter 118: Driven Out
Chapter 119: Gifting Money
Chapter 120: Title at End
Chapter 121: Mom Got Injured
Chapter 122: A Wretched Bawl
Chapter 123: Pleading Voices
Chapter 124: The Invitation to Work and Serve
Chapter 125: Incited Crowd
Chapter 126: Heavily Beaten
Chapter 127: The So-Called Friends
Chapter 128: Fly into a Rage
Chapter 129: Heavy Destruction
Chapter 130: The Evil Star
Chapter 131: Threats
Chapter 132: Who’s Friends with You?
Chapter 133: The Problems with Education
Chapter 134: It’s All Greek To Me
Chapter 135: Managing People in the Right Way
Chapter 136: Strange
Chapter 137: Magical
Chapter 138: A Land with Precious Feng Shui
Chapter 139: A Car Driver
Chapter 140: Solving the Doubts
Chapter 141: Ouyang Lulu was Shocked
Chapter 142: At the Bottom of the Ocean
Chapter 143: Being in a Stupor State
Chapter 144: Returning to School
Chapter 145: A Nobody
Chapter 146: Enemies Are Bound to Meet Again
Chapter 147: A Loud and Clear Slap on the Face
Chapter 148: The Boundary Limit of Being Shameless
Chapter 149: Much More Powerful
Chapter 150: Being Thoroughly Humiliated
Chapter 151: Security Guards Arrival
Chapter 152: A Good Play
Chapter 153: Knocking the School’s Door and Fight
Chapter 154: Outcome
Chapter 155: Price
Chapter 156: Haggling over the Price
Chapter 157: An Unexpected, Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 158: Singing
Chapter 159: Ideal Mood Realm
Chapter 160: Declining the Offer
Chapter 161: Giving Someone a Favor with a Small Price
Chapter 162: College Entrance Test
Chapter 163: Secrets
Chapter 164: Mutual Cooperation
Chapter 165: It’s for You Sweetheart!
Chapter 166: Being Forced to Suffer in Silence
Chapter 167: Forgetting the Previous Discord
Chapter 168: A Fly
Chapter 169: Courting Trouble
Chapter 170: Traveling Across the Road Ruled by Might
Chapter 171: Easily Solved
Chapter 172: Dangers Lurking on Every Side
Chapter 173: Rogue Strategy
Chapter 174: Miserable Ends
Chapter 175: Guilty and Deserves to be Punished
Chapter 176: Seeking Riches and Honor Amidst Danger
Chapter 177: He's that Demonic Star
Chapter 178: Snatching the Treasures
Chapter 179: Returning Home
Chapter 180: Parting Ways
Chapter 181: Chief Wolf
Chapter 182: Paying Debts
Chapter 183: Small Gathering
Chapter 184: Fight
Chapter 185: Genuine and Honest Thoughts
Chapter 186: Telling the Truth
Chapter 187: The Closed Down Winery
Chapter 188: Crisis' Foreboding
Chapter 189: Threats
Chapter 190: Front
Chapter 191: The Surging Tide in the Dark
Chapter 192: Lack of Evidence
Chapter 193: Long Hanwen’s Thoughts
Chapter 194: Gathering
Chapter 195: Trap
Chapter 196: Making Someone to Taste His Own Medicine
Chapter 197: Exorbitant Demands
Chapter 198: Divine Doctor
Chapter 199: The Rule of the Powerful
Chapter 200: Playing with a Big Gambit
Chapter 201: Good News
Chapter 202: The Ending
Chapter 203: The Mastermind Behind the Scenes
Chapter 204: Psychological Torture
Chapter 205: Sensation
Chapter 206: A Rare Annoying Woman
Chapter 207: The Exotic Flower’s Style
Chapter 208: Digging the Pit
Chapter 209: Capture Operation
Chapter 210: Anger
Chapter 211: Outstanding Merit
Chapter 212: Car Training at the Driving School
Chapter 213: A Top-Notch Skill
Chapter 214: The Broadening Experience
Chapter 215: Paying Compensation
Chapter 216: Sorted Out
Chapter 217: Accomplishing the Task
Chapter 218: Closely Related
Chapter 219: Demon Stone
Chapter 220: Geologist
Chapter 221: Disappointment
Chapter 222: Too Conceited to Differentiate Good from Bad
Chapter 223: Contest
Chapter 224: Inciting Awe
Chapter 225: Heavy Blows
Chapter 226: Proficient in Numerous Skills
Chapter 227: Like a Deity
Chapter 228: Runic Fiend Bone
Chapter 229: A Very Busy Person
Chapter 230: Acting Like a Snob
Chapter 231: Being Doubted
Chapter 232: Giving Medical Treatment
Chapter 233: Reputation Spread Out Far
Chapter 234: Regrets
Chapter 235: Spirited
Chapter 236: Treating Cancer
Chapter 237: Remarkable Effect
Chapter 238: Other Relatives
Chapter 239: The Causes of the Matter
Chapter 240: Back Home
Chapter 241: Moving Problems
Chapter 242: Mysterious Medical Skill
Chapter 243: The Fast Change in Attitude
Chapter 244: Devastating Oppression
Chapter 245: Resolving the Problems with Violence
Chapter 246: The Killer Under the Pain
Chapter 247: The Su Village Big Event
Chapter 248: College Entrance Test Scores
Chapter 249: The Cry for Help
Chapter 250: Test
Chapter 251: The Reek of Blood Enveloped the World
Chapter 252: The Japanese
Chapter 253: Tang Xiu’s Intentions
Chapter 254: Smooth Solution
Chapter 255: The Charm of Romance
Chapter 256: Making a Clean Break with the Past
Chapter 257: First Meeting
Chapter 258: An Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 259: Only as Strangers
Chapter 260: The Not Unexpected Decision
Chapter 261: Visiting and Inviting Personally
Chapter 262: The Tang Family Members
Chapter 263: Everyone Gathered at Once
Chapter 264: The Rejection from the Heart
Chapter 265: Cousin
Chapter 266: Addressing Name
Chapter 267: Exchanging Life for Life
Chapter 268: His Life is not Guaranteed
Chapter 269: Martial Arts Master
Chapter 270: Awakening
Chapter 271: Settling Placement
Chapter 272: The Feelings Between Master and Disciple
Chapter 273: Strength Demonstration
Chapter 274: The Mansion in Hong Kong
Chapter 275: Traffic Accident
Chapter 276: Malicious Intention
Chapter 277: Bidding
Chapter 278: Successfully Obtaining the Items
Chapter 279: Li Juren’s Invitation
Chapter 280: The Shocking Past Events
Chapter 281: The Hit
Chapter 282: A Silent and Cold Massacre
Chapter 283: The God of Killing
Chapter 284: Paying a Visit
Chapter 285: Wasting Money
Chapter 286: Terrified
Chapter 287: An Astronomical Price for a Lesson
Chapter 288: Retention
Chapter 289: The Slob—Wretched Fat Man
Chapter 290: Profiting from the Relationship with Someone
Chapter 291: Envy and Jealousy
Chapter 292: A Good Attitude
Chapter 293: Provocation
Chapter 294: Giving Directions
Chapter 295: Viviani
Chapter 296: A Ridiculous Request
Chapter 297: The Mingled Grief and Hatred.
Chapter 298: Going to the Appointment
Chapter 299: Shape Without a Soul
Chapter 300: Plea
Chapter 301: I’m Not Into It
Chapter 302: Traveling to the Sea
Chapter 303: Capture the Thieves by Capturing its Leader First
Chapter 304: They’re Devils
Chapter 305: Constant Harassing
Chapter 306: Annihilated
Chapter 307: Liberators
Chapter 308: Heavenly Blessed Land
Chapter 309: Breakthrough
Chapter 310: Highest Existence
Chapter 311: Enjoying Familial Affection
Chapter 312: Good Suggestion
Chapter 313: Purchasing Airplanes
Chapter 314: Wolf Head Returns
Chapter 315: Proper Placement
Chapter 316: Stopping Over Hong Kong
Chapter 317: Return Trip
Chapter 318: Excellence
Chapter 319: Recalling Past Events
Chapter 320: The Details of the Event
Chapter 321: A Woman’s Feelings Toward Her Lover
Chapter 322: Bikini Girls
Chapter 323: Jaw-Dropping Surprise
Chapter 324: Magical Object for Chasing After Hot Chicks
Chapter 325: Chaotic Fight
Chapter 326: Expert
Chapter 327: VIP Among VIPs
Chapter 328: Acting According to the Circumstances
Chapter 329: Just This Once
Chapter 330: Ordering in Advance
Chapter 331: Gu Needles
Chapter 332: Car Race
Chapter 333: Arrogance
Chapter 334: Rescuing Someone’s Life
Chapter 335: Surprising Result
Chapter 336: Good and Evil
Chapter 337: The Troubles Upon the Tang Family
Chapter 338: Grave Situation
Chapter 339: Traces and Clues
Chapter 340: Déjà Vu
Chapter 341: A Belle Visits
Chapter 342: Who are you Exactly?
Chapter 343: Utterly Confused and Bewildered
Chapter 344: Giving a bit of Advice
Chapter 345: Emergency Situation
Chapter 346: Magical Medical Skill
Chapter 347: Startled by an Outstanding Man
Chapter 348: Dire Situation
Chapter 349: Unforeseen Circumstances
Chapter 350: Information
Chapter 351: Rescue
Chapter 352: The Mantis Stalking the Cicada
Chapter 353: Blitzkrieg Attack
Chapter 354: Cleansing Autumn Wind
Chapter 355: The Good Fortune of the Tang Family
Chapter 356: Transfer of Authority
Chapter 357: Restless and Flustered
Chapter 358: Layout
Chapter 359: Coercion Business
Chapter 360: One More Time
Chapter 361: Cutting off the Tails
Chapter 362: Tang Xiu’s Visit
Chapter 363: Private Talk
Chapter 364: A Bloody Night
Chapter 365: Wailing and Despairing
Chapter 366: Excited
Chapter 367: Hunting
Chapter 368: Assassination and Extortion
Chapter 369: Cashing in and Calling it a Day
Chapter 370: A Few Families Rejoice While a Few Others are Anxious
Chapter 371: The Yao Family’s Reaction
Chapter 372: Small World
Chapter 373: Going Home
Chapter 374: Wine Tasting Conference
Chapter 375: Gods Nectar
Chapter 376: Establishing a Good Reputation
Chapter 377: Reward
Chapter 378: One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy
Chapter 379: Assault in the Middle of the Street
Chapter 380: Settling a Trivial Matter
Chapter 381: Fierce Guest Knocking at the Door
Chapter 382: Perplexed
Chapter 383: Untouchable
Chapter 384: A Knot in the Heart
Chapter 385: Compensation
Chapter 386: A Father with a Child
Chapter 387: Do Good Deeds to the End
Chapter 388: Heart-Brain Gu Poison
Chapter 389: Refining the Divine Cauldron, Progressing in Cultivation
Chapter 390: Removing the Gu Poison
Chapter 391: Purchasing Materials
Chapter 392: Sold Out
Chapter 393: Successful Crafting
Chapter 394: Huge Profits
Chapter 395: The Closer You Are to A Gentleman, the Deeper Your Affection Is
Chapter 396: Yan’er Regains Consciousness
Chapter 397: Burning with Impatience and Anxiety
Chapter 398: Master and Disciple Reunion
Chapter 399: Confession
Chapter 400: There’s Only You in My Eyes
Chapter 401: Yan’er’s Prestige
Chapter 402: Feast at Hong Gate?
Chapter 403: Contest of Beauties
Chapter 404: Cut the Throat for a Word of Disagreement
Chapter 405: Like A Tiger Who Has Grown Wings
Chapter 406: Fatty Ji Who was Clueless About the Good Stuff
Chapter 407: Sank into Slumber, Yet Again
Chapter 408: Everyone Acts and Pretends
Chapter 409: Refuses a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit
Chapter 410: Visit
Chapter 411: The Bigger the Hope, the Greater the Disappointment
Chapter 412: Unlicensed Taxi
Chapter 413: An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 414: An Eyesore
Chapter 415: If One Is Not Enough, How About Two?
Chapter 416: Incidents Always Happens
Chapter 417: The Real Beneficiary
Chapter 418: Fleeing
Chapter 419: An Old Classmate Comes Visiting
Chapter 420: Boss is My Man
Chapter 421: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 422: The Homeless Children
Chapter 423: It’s the Clothes That Makes the Man
Chapter 424: Gifting the Flower Gifted by Another
Chapter 425: Violent Angel
Chapter 426: Vowing Not to Let the Matter Drop
Chapter 427: Making Trouble
Chapter 428: Betrayal
Chapter 429: Silently Swallowing Insult and Humiliation
Chapter 430: The Thought to Retaliate is Breeding
Chapter 431: Having a Will But Without Strength
Chapter 432: Showing Off
Chapter 433: A True Color of a Man
Chapter 434: Beat It!
Chapter 435: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Chapter 436: Getting Butchered
Chapter 437: The Good-For-Nothing Man
Chapter 438: Cheering on Wanying
Chapter 439: Accompanied by A Belle
Chapter 440: Jadewind Zither
Chapter 441: The Superstar Appeals for Help
Chapter 442: Let Us Just Book a Room
Chapter 443: The Falling Flowers are Yearning for Love, Yet the Heartless Brook Ripples On
Chapter 444: Leaving One’s Mark at the First Shot
Chapter 445: Fragments of Memories
Chapter 446: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 447: Cooperation
Chapter 448: A Superstar’s Compliment
Chapter 449: Praises
Chapter 450: Internet Celebrity
Chapter 451: There Is No Story Without Coincidences
Chapter 452: The Wild Belle
Chapter 453: The Quarrel Between Laugh and Tears
Chapter 454: A Big Deal
Chapter 455: I’ll Help Round You Off!
Chapter 456: Devil
Chapter 457: Cruel and Evil
Chapter 458: Struggling at Death’s Door
Chapter 459: Acrimonious Falling Out
Chapter 460: A Sensational Moment
Chapter 461: Terrible News
Chapter 462: Nuisance
Chapter 463: Keeping a Mistress in a Golden House
Chapter 464: Overall Arrangement
Chapter 465: Precise Pinpointing
Chapter 466: Scared
Chapter 467: Killing Anyone Who Puts Up Resistance with Lawful Authority
Chapter 468: Those Who Detest Society and Its Ways
Chapter 469: RUN!
Chapter 470: Crucial Intelligence
Chapter 471: The Crisis at the Airport
Chapter 472: You Are a Savior
Chapter 473: Obedient Children
Chapter 474: Dragon Soul
Chapter 475: Major Suspicion Points
Chapter 476: Everyone Gathers Together
Chapter 477: Threats
Chapter 478: Night Talk
Chapter 479: Trouble Comes Knocking at the Magnificent Tang Corporation
Chapter 480: Being Looked Down and Despised
Chapter 481: Meeting by Chance
Chapter 482: Reasons to Get Startled
Chapter 483: Between Laugh and Tears
Chapter 484: You’re My Man!
Chapter 485: The Idea to Rear Fierce Beasts in a Pen
Chapter 486: From What Background Does He Come From?
Chapter 487: Offering Help Only to Get Refused and Scolded
Chapter 488: Contrasting Attitudes
Chapter 489: Plagued by Bad Karma
Chapter 490: Filthy Rich
Chapter 491: Han Qingwu’s Transformation
Chapter 492: An Attempt to…
Chapter 493: Lay Out
Chapter 494: Variables
Chapter 495: Solving the Problems
Chapter 496: The Main Character Arrives
Chapter 497: Unprecedented Event in History
Chapter 498: The Power of an Internet Celebrity
Chapter 499: Problems with One’s Attitude
Chapter 500: Hiding Abilities
Chapter 501: Filming Without Permission
Chapter 502: The Real Doctors
Chapter 503: Shocking the Sage Doctor’s Disciple
Chapter 504: Amazed and Shocked by the Celestial-like Man
Chapter 505: Spending Money to Prolong His Own Life
Chapter 506: As Far Apart as Heaven and Earth
Chapter 507: Ancient Tomb?
Chapter 508: Bloody Night
Chapter 509: Visiting Beijing Again
Chapter 510: A Colossal Sum of Money
Chapter 511: Encountering Familiar Faces
Chapter 512: Disparity
Chapter 513: The Power of Fate and Destiny
Chapter 514: Nine Phoenix Hairpin
Chapter 515: Experienced and Farsighted
Chapter 516: Temporary Priority
Chapter 517: Earthshaking Shock
Chapter 518: The Treasury Vault of the Situ Family
Chapter 519: Distressed
Chapter 520: Intense Stimulation
Chapter 521: Getting Removed from Duty
Chapter 522: Shaken to the Core
Chapter 523: The Blind Elderly
Chapter 524: Agreement
Chapter 525: A Great Thief from the Occult Sect
Chapter 526: Exorbitant Price
Chapter 527: A Scumbag
Chapter 528: Goading
Chapter 529: Inviting Someone for Asking Help
Chapter 530: Glib Talk
Chapter 531: Palpitated Small Heart
Chapter 532: Serious Accident
Chapter 533: Hercules
Chapter 534: Ancient Tomb’s Teleportation Portal
Chapter 535: Colossal Fortuitous Encounter
Chapter 536: The Benefits
Chapter 537: The One You Marry Will Die
Chapter 538: Second Generation Nouveau-Riche
Chapter 539: Ready for Action
Chapter 540: The Eldest Disciple of the Thief Branch
Chapter 541: Being Hung Upside Down and Red Beet
Chapter 542: Meeting the Foe in Person
Chapter 543: Fight
Chapter 544: Stamping About in Fury
Chapter 545: Panicked and Confounded
Chapter 546: Running into Cheng Yannan
Chapter 547: The Tragic Death of Yao Qingteng
Chapter 548: Oppressing the Fierce Beasts
Chapter 549: The Haven of Fierce Beasts
Chapter 550: Visiting Someone to Demand Debt Payment
Chapter 551: Powerful Intimidation
Chapter 552: A Big Deal
Chapter 553: Cry for Help
Chapter 554: Rushing to the Martial Arts School
Chapter 555: Shuddering
Chapter 556: Unfathomable
Chapter 557: Uprooting the Source of Trouble
Chapter 558: Display of Might at Sea
Chapter 558: Display of Might at Sea
Chapter 559: An Inexperienced Man Who Has Seen Little And Regards Many Things as Strange
Chapter 560: The Weeping Divine Beast
Chapter 561: Successfully Obtaining a Golden Body
Chapter 562: The Powerless Tang Family
Chapter 563: Everyone Hits a Man Who is Down
Chapter 564: Last Living Eunuch
Chapter 565: Rejecting A Face-Saving Offer
Chapter 566: The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 567: Raising the Blade and Brandishing It
Chapter 568: Decision
Chapter 569: Ruthless
Chapter 570: Getting One’s Just Desserts
Chapter 571: Unexpected Encounter at the Airport
Chapter 572: The New Godfather
Chapter 573: Sleeping While Standing
Chapter 574: Fully Isolated and Assailed on All Sides
Chapter 575: Foul Taste
Chapter 576: Arrogant and Domineering
Chapter 577: Recalling the Unbearable Past Events
Chapter 578: Relentless Pursue and Beating
Chapter 579: The Appearance of the Last Living Eunuch Yet Again
Chapter 580: Detaining Someone to Be of Use for Oneself
Chapter 581: Yao Qinglong Returns to the Country
Chapter 582: Scheming Each Other
Chapter 583: Like A Rat In The Hole
Chapter 584: Getting to the Root of the Matter
Chapter 585: The Duty of a Boyfriend
Chapter 586: Unreasonable
Chapter 587: Selling the Villa at a Very Low Price
Chapter 588: What Kind of Joke is This?
Chapter 589: Suppression
Chapter 590: No One Will Compensate You If You Die From Excess Anger
Chapter 591: Swinging Returns
Chapter 592: A Loud Applause and a Loud Slap
Chapter 593: Change of Attitude from Arrogance to Humility
Chapter 594: A Cry for Help from the Disciple’s Son
Chapter 595: A Big Silk Pants of the Capital
Chapter 596: Five Minutes
Chapter 597: Pulling Out the Curtained Area
Chapter 598: Gynecological Disease
Chapter 599: The Father and Son of the Zhao Family
Chapter 600: Becoming Famous In The Capital
Chapter 601: A Threshold to Enter
Chapter 602: Body Refining Medicament
Chapter 603: Wondrous Effects
Chapter 604: Becoming the Public Enemy of Beijing
Chapter 605: Seeing the Elders of the Family
Chapter 606: Confiding What Was Inside The Heart
Chapter 607: Welfare House
Chapter 608: Taking The Actions One Is Capable Of
Chapter 609: Before the Live Broadcast
Chapter 610: Heartfelt Throbbing Moments
Chapter 611: Becoming Popular Again
Chapter 612: Self-Centered and Egotistic
Chapter 613: The New Upstarts
Chapter 614: The Bloating Billow
Chapter 615: The More You Get, The More You Want
Chapter 616: Acting Like a Snob
Chapter 617: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 618: Extreme Beating
Chapter 619: One Punch Kill
Chapter 620: Crushed
Chapter 621: Having a Conflict Only to Find that the Opponent is Known
Chapter 622: Finding a Chick to “Talk” About Life
Chapter 623: Beasts In Human Clothing
Chapter 624: Holding a Candle to the Devils
Chapter 625: Setting Up Pitfalls
Chapter 626: As the Plot Proceeds
Chapter 627: Losing All Standing and Reputation
Chapter 628: Something Sent by Others at a Time of Need
Chapter 629: Savage Beast’s Attack
Chapter 630: Venturing Deeper into the Mountain to Hunt
Chapter 631: Sculpting the Body in the Dragon Spring
Chapter 632: Drastic Increase in Strength
Chapter 633: Blood Paints the Forested Mountain
Chapter 634: Big Heroes
Chapter 635: A New, Fresh Start
Chapter 636: Raking in Money
Chapter 637: A Sudden Incident
Chapter 638: Disappearing from the Scene
Chapter 639: Gold Has Its Own Value, But Jade Is Priceless
Chapter 640: Massive Capital
Chapter 641: Moving Fast Before Anyone Else Has The Chance To Do It
Chapter 642: Monstrously Talented Person
Chapter 643: Jade Beauty
Chapter 644: Gender Equality
Chapter 645: A Game of Gambling
Chapter 646: Going Out for Wool and Going Home Shorn
Chapter 647: Fruitful Harvest
Chapter 648: Getting Into Action!
Chapter 649: Overwhelming Force
Chapter 650: Moving
Chapter 651: Generous Reward
Chapter 652: Spending Money Like Water
Chapter 653: Charming Belles of Modern Times
Chapter 654: An Unexpected Noise
Chapter 655: The Power of Science and Technology
Chapter 656: The Emergence of a Big Incident
Chapter 657: The Schemed Miao Wentang
Chapter 658: There Must Be Something Strange About Things Going Wrong
Chapter 659: Sword Formation’s Might
Chapter 660: Reinforcement
Chapter 661: As Terrifying and Dreadful As It Is
Chapter 662: Artificer
Chapter 663: Black Winterwood
Chapter 664: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 665: Solving Enmity
Chapter 666: Plot
Chapter 667: Devious and Execrable Motives
Chapter 668: Mutual Losses
Chapter 669: Buying Time To Settle The Account Afterwards
Chapter 670: His Identity
Chapter 671: Greed
Chapter 672: Serving a Husband
Chapter 673: Refusing to Give Up the Sinister Scheme
Chapter 674: Encountering Each Other’s Adversary
Chapter 675: Fierce And Bitter Combat
Chapter 676: Are They Human?
Chapter 677: Moving Fast to Kill
Chapter 678: Great Exhibition of Martial Prowess
Chapter 679: Sparing All The Future Troubles
Chapter 680: Pledging Allegiance
Chapter 681: Tagging Along Like Dogskin Plaster
Chapter 682: Mistress Relationship
Chapter 683: Getting Shot While Lying Low
Chapter 684: Putting On A Pretentious Dignity
Chapter 685: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 686: Downhearted
Chapter 687: Refusal
Chapter 688: Are You Not A Man?
Chapter 689: Women Are Troublesome
Chapter 690: The Limit of Being Shameless
Chapter 691: Comparing Network?
Chapter 692: Is this a Joke?
Chapter 693: Harboring Resentment
Chapter 694: Material Girl
Chapter 695: Being Trampled On
Chapter 696: A Foolish Rich Man?
Chapter 697: The Might of the Mysterious Array
Chapter 698: Dealing with the Damages
Chapter 699: Strange Incidents
Chapter 700: Han Jintong’s Crisis
Chapter 701: Like a Rat in a Hole
Chapter 702: Drawing A Sword To Render Help
Chapter 703: The Might of Immortal Magic Arts
Chapter 704: Giving a Promise and Denying it in Succession
Chapter 705: Shanjenna’s Opportunity
Chapter 706: A New Toy
Chapter 707: The Beaten Dignity Of An Elderly
Chapter 708: Gotten Rid Of By The Uncle
Chapter 709: Taking A Risk
Chapter 710: A Storm Of Jealousy
Chapter 711: A Garden Full of Belles
Chapter 712: How About Becoming My Brother-In-Law?
Chapter 713: Major Incidents
Chapter 714: The Old Mouse of Shanghai
Chapter 715: Deterrence
Chapter 716: Get Rich or Die Trying
Chapter 717: Sitting On A Treasure Mountain Without Knowing
Chapter 718: Femme Fatale
Chapter 719: Han Qingwu Is Drowning In The River Of Love
Chapter 720: Having A Good Laugh At Someone Making A Fool Of Himself
Chapter 721: I Already Have A Perfect Wife At Home, So There Is No Bed Left For You
Chapter 722: Helping A Romance To Have A Happy Ending
Chapter 723: Threshing Wastrels
Chapter 724: Getting Beaten Up
Chapter 725: It’s A Small World
Chapter 726: Unrestrained Gambling
Chapter 727: Self-Death Path
Chapter 728: Frantic Killing Intent
Chapter 729: Strange And Unusual Leads
Chapter 730: Having No Choice
Chapter 731: Research Breakthrough
Chapter 732: Being Stared At
Chapter 733: Contrary To Expectation
Chapter 734: Frantic Bee and Lascivious Butterfly
Chapter 735: Being Frightened Out Of Their Wits
Chapter 736: Money
Chapter 737: Extremely Expensive Life Essence Pills
Chapter 738: Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 739: Prohibited Goods
Chapter 740: Finding A Candidate For Experiments
Chapter 741: Contradiction Between Words And Deeds
Chapter 742: Disrupting Someone’s Intention
Chapter 743: Strange Turn Of Event
Chapter 744: The Equilibrium and Harmonization of the Yin and Yang
Chapter 745: The Abundant Harvest of Dual Cultivation
Chapter 746: Gifted and Genius
Chapter 747: Personality Test
Chapter 748: It’s All About Survival
Chapter 749: Let Bygones Be Bygones, But Be Forever Loyal to the Country
Chapter 750: Ridiculous, Nonsensical Bragging
Chapter 751: Grave Situation
Chapter 752: In The Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 753: An Accompanying Crisis
Chapter 754: One Move
Chapter 755: Weird Change
Chapter 756: Blood Rain In The Dark Night
Chapter 757: Luring In The Enemy Deep
Chapter 758: Killing Enemies Under Sword Formation
Chapter 759 – Heavenly Favorite Part 1
Chapter 759 – Heavenly Favorite Part 2
Chapter 760 – Impute the Responsibility to Others Part 1
Chapter 760 – Impute the Responsibility to Others Part 2
Chapter 761 – Distorted Human Nature Part 1
Chapter 761 – Distorted Human Nature Part 2
Chapter 762 – The Rage was Accumulating Part 1
Chapter 762 – The Rage was Accumulating Part 2
Chapter 763 – Being Troubled by His Father-In-Law Part 1
Chapter 763 – Being Troubled by His Father-In-Law Part 2
Chapter 764 – The Mess Part 1
Chapter 764 – The Mess Part 2
Chapter 765 – Fly into A Rage Part 1
Chapter 765 – Fly into A Rage Part 2
Chapter 766 – The Chaos Has Arisen Part 1
Chapter 766 – The Chaos Has Arisen Part 2
Chapter 767 – Fate
Chapter 768 – Cooperation Part 1
Chapter 768 – Cooperation Part 2
Chapter 769 – The Eve of The Battle Part 1