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22 Evidence cleanup

Bai Yun was speeding back to the weed valley entrance. He felt like cursing. The entire operation had taken place a few hours ago, and he had also finished the interrogation of the two spies. It was due to the information that he got from them that Bai Yun was running back to the weed valley entrance.

It was not by chance that Bai Yun had come to the weed valley at this point of time. There was a rumor going about that someone had seen a supreme weed fruit in the weed valley.

A supreme weed fruit was a mutation of the weeds that produced a special fruit. It was formed when a powerful mutated weed was not found for an extremely long time and slowly, all the fruits that it created would pile up near it and would all decay and would give birth to a supreme weed. The supreme weed fruit was extremely powerful. Powerful enough that even people in the late qi condensation stage would be interested in it. But the most impressive thing about the supreme weed fruit was that it was applicable to any cultivation system. Its powers was the purest form of energy, generated by mixing the powers if all the mutated fruits, and that also meant that he could use it to simulate any fruit in the valley.

The power of the supreme weed fruit was such that not only would it allow him to reach the third stage of qi condensation and condense the third mysterious pattern, he could also use its energy to use it as a substitute for the soul healing fruit.

Every kind of fruit was available in the weed valley. If the demonic beast fruit was the most populous fruit then the healing fruits would be about the least. The soul fruits were even less, he had only found a single one after going through the entire storage ring of all the morons as well as his own findings. If you ignore the fruits that were used by people following archaic or race specific cultivation systems, then the smallest number of fruits would undoubtedly be soul healing fruits. He even found a nether fruit, but had yet to find a soul healing fruit. And for Bai Yun, the soul healing fruit was the most important one. It was extremely difficult to heal a damaged soul without any external resources. Thus the supreme weed fruit was like a pile of coal in the winter for him.

Of course the rarest of them all was the supreme weed fruit. According to the records that he got the last time a supreme weed fruit was seen was over a hundred years ago. Of course anyone who got a supreme weed fruit would not publicize it. But even then Bai Yun guessed that the maximum frequency of the supreme weed fruit appearing was once in a decade.

Bai Yun only came to know about all of this when he interrogated the two morons. He had only done so in order to find out who had planned against him, and to figure out if they had informed anyone of the moron group running into him. After he found out their names and positions, they were princes as he expected, and knowing that the two of them did not have a chance to send any messages to them, Bai Yun asked them to spill out what they knew simply in order to increase his general awareness. He did not expect to come across such an important information.

For the last week or so there had been a rumor going around that there was a supreme weed fruit in the weed valley. Apparently someone had run across the fruit while searching in the weed valley, but the fruit was not ripe. The supreme valley fruit would only ripen on the day of a full moon, and the next full moon was in four days. Bai Yun decided to stay around and look for the supreme valley fruit until the full moon, and then leave if he could not find it.

It was due to this rumor that Bai Shan and the rest had decided to come to the weed valley after hearing about the supreme valley fruit. He had heard about it right after leaving seclusion, and called it fate. Thinking that he could find it easily he had come here without any backup. Also the number of people in the weed valley had grown over the past few days as the news spread, but Bai Yun had not run into any of them, as Bai Shan had kept them all away from his campsite. Also Bai Yun often made a move in the night, where all of them would be staying still and not moving around. In fact if it wasn't due to necessity as well as the Assassin God's legacy, even Bai Yun would not be moving around in the night.

Bai Yun was running to the weed valley entrance in order to cover up the body of the person he had killed. If the body was discovered, then considering the status of the group, there would definitely be an investigation. If that happened, the entire weed valley would be turned over and then the corpses of Bai Shan's party would be found inside. Bai Yun's plan was to run away to some other place in the middle of the night before this happened, so that no suspicion would fall on him.

But the situation had changed now. He could not let anyone disturb the weed valley. Thus he had to make it seem as if it was a mystery, and the group might still be alive. That way the investigation would be delayed and he would have the time to find the supreme weed fruit.

When he reached the valley entrance he was happy to find out that no one had disturbed the moron. But some people had reached the valley entrance, and not wanting to enter the weed valley in the night, had set up camp outside.

Bai Yun had to move him soon. There were only two hours left until sunup, and the chances of people finding the truth would increase a lot by then. The problem was figuring out a way to move the dead body without anyone finding out. But thankfully he had a way.

Bai Yun sneaked up to the body. Then he put the body inside Bai Shan's storage ring. It was the only storage ring other than his which could fit a dead body. And he didn't want to have the stench of death in his storage ring in case he was ever interrogated about this. A person with a high enough cultivation would be able to tell if someone had been inside the storage ring or not. Even though living things could not be put into storage rings, dead bodies were of no problem.

After this Bai Yun changed his appearance to resemble that of the dead moron. It was not perfect enough, and people would find faults if they were to look closely, but it was more than enough in the darkness. He would only be able to perfectly copy a person once his cultivation base improved. He also put on the dead mans clothes, while making sure to keep the blood stained portions hidden from the people outside. He spread his limbs, pretending to have just woken up, cursed aloud about being bored, and then calmly, in front of the entire group, walked into the weed, while pretending to be quite pretentious. Bai Yun was careful not to leave any evidence behind, including the blood stains on the ground and other items he had touched.

Once he did so, he quickly went back to the moron camp. Since the camp was isolated by Bai Shan there was no danger of people finding out about it. Bai Yun put all nineteen bodies into Bai Shan's storage ring. Then he found all the traps he had deployed and piled them on to another storage ring. One after another every item was put into various storage rings. Thankfully each and every member of the moron group was from an influential family, and thus had their own storage rings, even if they weren't as good as Bai Shan's. Bai Yun then packed up the tents and other utensils and even the bloodstained dirt and weeds into the various storage rings.

As he was doing this Bai Yun was cursing himself for going far beyond what he had to do and making too many traps, giving him too much work right now. In order to destroy all the evidence, he even put the money he had stolen from them back into their rings. He was conflicted at first, but decided to do so in the end. If he had run away after the deed was done, he could have said some something and gotten away with it. But now security was the key. He had to be able to account for everything on him.

After all this Bai Yun spend the entire day dispersing the storage rings. He gave some to demonic beasts in the weed valley. He even buried one deep in the earth. He then left the weed valley in disguise and ran around the beast garden hiding various rings in various beasts, or in some dangerous places, like deep inside a lake, or feeding it to a fish in a river, or throwing one down a cliff and so on. Some rings were not fed to beats but rather put inside their bodied using surgery. He even hypnotized a small bird using his meager soul powers, worsening his headache, and sent it off god knows where. Usually for soul cultivators illusions and hypnotism are easy, but the Infinitude Heavenly Thought walked a different path.

As for Bai Yun's storage ring, which contained the dead bodies of the moron group Bai Yun was very careful. He first fed it to a small demonic beast, then fed that demonic beast to a second circle demon python. Even after doing all of this he was sure that a Dao step cultivator could find out all the storage rings soon enough. But a first or second step cultivator whose perception could not enter a body would not be able to find them. But since they were only missing right now, by the time the items were found it would definitely take a while. Also the beasts might be killed and their bodies taken out of the beast garden by then, making it even more difficult. Bai Yun was hoping for the delay to operate properly.

By the time he had done disposing of the evidence, it was already the afternoon. He then returned to the weed valley, this time with a new appearance, and returned to the camp. Bai Yun spend an entire hour making sure that no evidence was left behind that the camp site was the site of a mass murder by hiding all the blood stains and small scuffle marks and so on. He then smoothed out the ground and but then left some marks, that suggested that the camp had been packed up and the group had moved on.

As night fell Bai Yun finally ended his great undertaking and returned to the burrow. He was not very happy with what he had done. He had done his best in cleaning up the scene, but Bai Yun knew that it wasn't enough. It was possible for someone at the Dao step to trace the trails with their perception and then find the storage rings. Even he with his legacy might be able to do so.

Bai Yun had found many methods in the Assassin God's memories to get rid of evidence. But he neither had the resources nor the cultivation necessary in order to employ them. After this was over Bai Yub decided to head into Yellow city in order to collect the items necessary.

Bai Yun then laid down to sleep after a long day, getting ready to start the search.