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23 Shameless Old Man

First, he needs to resupply his potions, he used most of them in the dungeon. Also, he needs to repair his gear, it's almost broken already, he really needs to pay more attention to it.

After finishing his errands, Kyle still had 15 silver left. Of course, this was after he received the money from the salesman Luis.

Now all there is left is to plan a strategy, he can't charge in blindly. This quest is much harder than normal, which means the rewards should be plenty.

He started thinking about his weaknesses and strengths.

Movement should be covered, for short termed movement he has 'Sudden Leap. As for long termed, his high agility is enough.

His damage is also high enough. As for his sustainability, not only does he have the leeching ring, but he also has a lot of potions.

His only problem should be taking on a large group of enemies, because he can't block multiple hits at once, so the damage will be too high for him to sustain.

Another problem is getting killed due to a surprise attack, his armor isn't high enough in order to sustain him. He must block and dodge the strikes in order to survive, that's why it's rare to find agility based tanks.

He needs to find a way to attack enemies from a distance, without wasting too much mana. Mana potions have a cooldown after all, not to mention he has a limited supply of them.

The only way he can think of is archery. Archers use a bow and arrows which are physical objects, so they don't require mana to use.

Wait, that's the key! Although he can't learn archery, he can use a different type of physical object, a sword.

But, because a sword is too short, he can use magic in order to extend it. Although he will still consume mana, the amount won't be great, and he can still use his sword skills, including the bonus damage from 'Sword Mastery'!

Thinking about an element, earth should be the best choice, it's the only one that is similar to a physical object. Using water, fire or wind to extend his sword will require a lot of mana, because without using mana to sustain these elements, they naturally dissipate.

However, earth can stay for longer periods of time, as seen in the spell 'Earth Wall'. Using earth will not only make the mana consumption lower, but also allow him to extend his sword farther.

Now that he planned his next course of action, he started walking towards the library. He liked to train in the library's garden, it helped him calm his mind.

After entering the library, he suddenly remembered something important. Without having some lucky insight, there is no way he can create the spell matrix for the earth sword anytime soon.

Last time, if not for his luck, it would have taken him days to create the fire sword spell.

Spotting the librarian in the corner of his eyes, a solution came to his mind, and his expression turned to a relaxed one.

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Some players saw him and sighed, another pervert has entered the library.

Oblivious to their thoughts, Kyle started walking towards a familiar bookshelf. Unsurprisingly, he found a rather odd old man, it was his hiding spot after all.

The old man turned and looked at him with an annoyed expression "You again?", surprisingly without jumping and hitting his head like last time.

Kyle didn't mind Reynold's manners. He grinned "Didn't you give me a book last time? I came to return it"

"Oh that kid, took you long enough, didn't it? Alright, if that's all, you can give it to me and leave, can't you see I'm busy?"

The old man had some nerves, but Kyle didn't let it bother him "Actually, I came earlier but didn't find you, I wanted to consult you about something"

The old man didn't even lift his eyes from the librarian "If it's related to the book, then ask quickly, I'm already old, do you want me to die before you finally ask it?"

"Alright, after creating a spell matrix, I came to a realization that it's almost impossible to do so without understanding the concept behind the fusion of the different layers. Can you teach me? I would like to understand my spells better, knowledge is power after all"

Reynold was so shocked he quickly lifted his head to look at Kyle, but his mortal enemy, the bookshelf, was waiting for that opportunity.

The old man mumbled some cursed Kyle didn't recognize, but he quickly came back to his senses.

"I want to say you are lying, but there is no way you can know about the importance of the fusion without creating a spell. If I haven't met another promising young man already, I would have taken you as my disciple. However, I can give you access to my private collection of books, how much you gain from that is up to you"

Kyle smiled and said "I will gladly take that offer"