Replica - Swordmaster
21 Disappointed Teammates
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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21 Disappointed Teammates

Kyle looked at the new notification and smiled, it seems like a new weapon has been added to his arsenal.

After thinking for a bit, he came up with a suitable name. He chose the name 'Four Strikes of Heaven and Hell'.

There wasn't any particular reason he chose that name, apart from the fact that it sounded cool of course.

[Skill Combination - Four Strikes of Heaven and Hell]

Requirement: Out of combat

Desc: Strike the target with 'Quick Draw' combined with 'Strong Strike', quickly followed up by 'Sudden Leap' and 'Double Strike'.

Special Effect: Damage amplified by 100% for every strike you hit at the same place

Using the skill combination was much better than using the skills separately. Not only was the execution time shortened, but an additional effect was added.

Sadly, the damage for each of the skills was still separate, so the damage amplification wasn't for the whole combination, but for an individual the strike.

He was astounded, he didn't expect such a reward from simply utilizing a few skills together.

But he couldn't say he wasn't disappointed as well, the last few times he created something, he got additional rewards for being the first to do so.

Well, he didn't have the time to waste, his teammates are waiting for him outside the dungeon, it's time to loot the boss!

As he touched the corpse, it quickly dissipated and left a few items behind.

The first item was a peak tier common staff.

[Enchanted Wooden Magical Staff (Common)]

Magical Damage: 25

Level Requirement: 5

Durability: 100/100

The damage was high, but because it was only common grade, it didn't provide any additional stats.

The second item was an uncommon dagger.

[Poisoned Dagger (Uncommon)]

Physical Damage: 15

Special Passive: [Weak Poison] - 10% to apply poison that deals 10 damage per second for five seconds, unstackable.

Level Requirement: 5

Durability: 100/100

It was only low tier so the chance for the passive was low, but due to the high agility of dagger users, it was still useful.

There were only one item and some coins left, Kyle prayed it was something useful to him, the other two items didn't suit his style.

[Leeching Ring (Uncommon)]

Special Passive: [Leech] - Steal 5 health points with every attack

Level Requirement: 5

Durability: 100/100

A peak tier Uncommon ring! Although there is only one passive, not only does it provide support, it also provides additional damage.

Not to mention, it didn't specify if it works on physical or magical attack, so it has to work for both!

After he equipped the ring, all there was left were 3 silver coins.

After he finished with the loot,, he recalled there were a few notifications he ignored during the battle.

<Ding! Your spell 'Elemental Sword - Fire' leveled up to level 2>

<Ding! Your spell 'Arcane Shield' leveled up to level 3>

It was about time for his flaming the sword to level up, it took a lot longer than his other spells, probably because the spell was a lot stronger.

As for the magical shield, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say it was the spell he used the most.

A glowing green portal opened before him, and he entered it. He looked at his surroundings and found out he was near the dungeon entrance, close to the native that gave them the dungeon quest.

Thinking about a quest, he didn't find anything related to the quest the village chief, Adrian, gave him. He probably needed to defeat the Elite difficulty in order to complete the quest.

Suddenly, he noticed a group of players running towards him while calling his name. After a few seconds, they were close enough in order to identify them, they were his dead teammates.

"Kyle, why did it take you so long? We waited here for at least a few minutes, since when dying is that difficult?" Mary said in a sarcastic tone.

"Don't worry Kyle, I'm sure we will be able to win next time, you learn more from a loss than from winning!" Stephie said, trying to comfort him.

Barry gave him an acknowledging smile, and the twins were ignoring everyone else, like usual.

Kyle smiled at his teammates, he never felt like he belonged anywhere before, but he rather liked this feeling.

He then chuckled and said, "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you Stephie, but it looks like I didn't learn much, I'll make sure to lose next time".

"Don't worry it's not your fault... Wait, what?!" Stephie and the rest were looking at him with shocked expressions.

<Character Menu>

Name: Swordmaster
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Titles: [Sword Genius], [Native Magician]

Level: 5 (6%)

Race: Human

Class: None

HP 340/340

MP 400/400

HP Regen: 1.7/second

MP Regen: 1.5/second

Strength: 20

Agility: 30

Vitality: 17

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Physical Defense: 17

Magical Defense: 0

Luck: 0

Fame: 200


- Spider Fang Sword (Common)

- Poisoned Ring (Uncommon)

- Leeching Ring (Uncommon)

- Rusty Helmet (Trash)

- Old Steel Chestplate (Common)

- Old Steel Leggings (Common)

- Old Steel Boots (Common)


[Strong Strike (LV 3)], [Double Strike (LV 3)], [Quick Draw (LV 2)], [Defensive Stance (LV 2)], [Parry (LV 2)], [Sudden Leap (LV 2)]


[Arcane Bullet (LV 2)], [Arcane Shield (LV 3)], [Fireball (LV 2)], [Fire Circle (LV 2)], [Earth Spike (LV 2)], [Earth Wall (LV 2)], [Ice Arrow (LV2)], [Water Shield (LV 2)], [Wind Blade (LV 2)], [Air Blast (LV 2)], [Elemental Sword - Fire (LV 2)]


[Beginner Sword Mastery (LV 4)], [Strong Will (MAX)]


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