Replica - Swordmaster
20 A Fast Combo
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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20 A Fast Combo

The ground quickly got covered by poison, all of his teammates but Stephie didn't manage to react in time.

But even though he and Stephie managed to jump, it didn't look like the poison is going to disappear any time soon, they will soon fall right into it.

Stephie fell first, and only managed to last a few seconds.

"See you on the other side" Stephie said with a sigh, he expected such an outcome, how could a final boss be so easy to defeat.

Kyle knew he had to do something or he will end up the same.

Right as he was about to start descending, he suddenly thought of an interesting idea, and decided to try it out.

He started chanting the 'Fireball' spell, while aiming at the boss. He then used the velocity he gave the fireball in order to launch himself upwards.

As he was about to reach the top, he flipped midair so his legs touched the ceiling. Finally, he could use 'Sudden Leap'!

In order to use the skill, he had to be on the ground. Although it isn't written in the skill description, the game is based on the laws of physics.

For the same reason he could use the fireball's velocity to push himself in the opposite way, he had to be on the ground in order to launch himself.

The fireball reached the boss first, and did a surprisingly high amount of damage. But he could already guess that. Mary had used the same spell to damage the spiders before.

They already figured out the spiders had a weakness to fire when they first fought the normal ones.

By the time Kyle reached the spider, the poison on the ground was already gone. He combined his leap with 'Strong Strike', and even managed to hit a vital point.

The spider's health was already close to 40%, but Kyle knew his challenge has only just begun.

He used the chance when the spider was distracted to cast 'Arcane Shield' and 'Elemental Sword - Fire', and used a mana potion.

The spell perfectly fit against the spider, all of his attacks with the sword now also dealt fire damage, which was the spider's weakness.

The spider charged at him, but Kyle calmly intercepted it's strike while using the opportunity to strike its vital point.

Due to having a magic shield, he could allow himself to receive damage in order to deal damage. 'Arcane Shield' is extremely useful, not only does it move with its caster, but it can also block many different kinds of damage, including poison.

The spider's health fell below 40% and it was about to spit out poison. Kyle slid below the spider, causing the poison to miss, while also using the chance to strike the spider in a vital point.

Thanks to the elemental sword and his offensive style, Kyle's damage output was multiplied by several folds.

Soon, Kyle managed to get the boss to 10% health, but at the cost of several health potions and a mana potion. The boss's damage shouldn't be underestimated, it was the final boss of a dungeon after all.

The only reason he could solo the boss was due to his strong magic shield and formidable dodging capabilities.

Even so, Kyle started to underestimate the boss, how strong can it be if he can defeat it without giving his all?

But he was in for a surprise, as soon as the spider's health reached 10%, it started glowing in a faint red color.

The spider's eyes started turning red and its speed and damage started rising exponentially.

He couldn't keep up with its speed anymore, Kyle was forced to parry strike after strike, with barely any space to breathe.

He knew he couldn't let the situation continue. Kyle jumped backward and used 'Air Blast' to push the spider in the opposite direction.

He then kept running away while chanting 'Elemental Sword - Fire' and before the spider managed to catch up, he managed to change his state to out of combat.

He smiled at the glowing emerald spider and said "It was a good fight, you were a worthy foe indeed"

Before the spider could react, Kyle used 'Quick Draw' combined with 'Strong Strike' and immediately followed up with 'Sudden Leap' and 'Double Strike'.

The spider stopped midair and dropped dead to the ground, with its corpse glowing.

It took Kyle less than a second to complete the combo, he was surprised at his own accomplishment.
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