Replica - Swordmaster
19 No Pain No Gain
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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19 No Pain No Gain

Kyle struck the last Elite spider, it only had a sliver of health left, and so it died in Kyle's hands.

Stephie could finally let out the breath he has been holding. He looked at his teammates and said "Finally, this group took too long to kill, but luckily we have Kyle or we would have lost a lot more than we could have earned"

Mary pouted and said "Yea, although I don't like him, I can't deny he is the only reason we made the cut"

Kyle smiled but didn't bother replying to his cheeky teammates, he could only think about the final boss waiting to be challenged.

He could see the large opening in front of them, but everything afterward was completely dark, they will probably need to enter in order to see the boss.

Although he wasn't an expert in understanding others, he could figure out his teammates were made out of cowardly material, it wouldn't be easy to convince them to try out the boss, but he had to try.

He put on his best fake smile, or rather a real one, it wasn't that hard when thinking about facing the boss.

"I say we try out the boss, I didn't use any potions when facing such a large group, so the boss can't be that hard, can it?" He said in a persuasive tone.

He then continued "Anyhow, even if we die, it's only 10% experience. Don't you think that it's worth a shot?"

His teammates looked at him in a weird way, Barry then said "Can't be that hard? The only reason we managed to defeat the last boss is because you covered for our mistakes. Can you confidently say you will have the ability to do it with this boss as well?"

Mary looked agitated as she added "No way, I'm not going through this experience again. Even if my character didn't take any damage, you can't say the same for my mental health"

He couldn't give up, he looked towards his last hope, Stephie, and said "Think about the riches and experience we could get! Who knows, we might even get a rare item, we could even sell it for real money to earn a lot! Do you really want to give up such an opportunity? You won't be able to do it when I won't be around after all"

Stephie was tempted by the reward, but most importantly, he managed to perceive the hidden meaning in Kyle's words. If they aren't going to take any challenges, Kyle will leave the party, which strong player will stay with a bunch of cowards?

Kyle is his only ticket to being a professional player, Stephie didn't want him to leave, what was 10% experience compared to that? Just grinding with Kyle for half an hour will earn him more than that.

He knew what he should do in order to persuade his teammates. He looked at Mary and said "I think we should try it out, think about the money, didn't you say your parents tell you they won't let you play games if nothing comes out of it?"

He threw the bait, now the only thing left is waiting for the little fish to catch it.

Mary looked hesitant, but after thinking for a bit, she replied "You are right, sacrifices are required in the road to success, I'm in"
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After persuading Mary, it wasn't hard for Kyle and Stephie to persuade the rest, and after a few minutes they were done and ready to face the challenge.

As they entered the room, the surrounding walls were suddenly lit in a bright emerald color, even brighter than the first part of the dungeon.

They could see a big spider facing them. It wasn't as big as the first boss, but it was bright green, similar to the surrounding walls, with dark green colors at the tip of its legs.

[Poisonous Spider General (Leader)]

Level: 6

HP 6000/6000

His teammates were already starting to regret their decision, but it was too late, you can only leave a boss room after you killed the boss.

Kyle started the fight with 'Quick Draw' and 'Strong Strike' and managed to strike the spider's bottom, a vital point, due to his fast attack speed.

His strike dealt 200 damage, although he manages to damage the boss by 3% of its total health, Kyle's skills had a cooldown.

The attack enraged the emerald spider, and it jumped towards Kyle.

Kyle quickly dodged the dangerous strike and returned one of his own, while his teammates kept dealing damage.

Soon, the spider had 90% left, and its mouth moved in a way Kyle knew too well.

He quickly used 'Leap', but instead of leaping to save a teammate, he leaped towards the boss, he wanted to try something new.

Great reward comes with great risk, and that's exactly what he intended to take.

Just as the emerald spider was about to spit the poison out, Kyle struck it's mouth with 'Leap' and 'Strong Strike', forcing it to close it.

A big blue '300' appeared above the spider's head.

His teammates looked at him with a shocked expression, they didn't know this kind of thing is possible.

Kyle simply chuckled and returned to his position, using the same tactic, he managed to interrupt the boss's skill in every time it tried to use it.

The boss also managed to hit Kyle a few times, it's hit applied a stackable poison that deals 6 damage per second for five seconds, and can stack up to 5 times.

Luckily, Kyle rarely took a hit, so the poison didn't stack.

After a few minutes and potions, they finally managed to get the boss to 50% health, they looked at each other with a glowing expression.

Sadly, fate had a different plan. As soon as it's health hit 50%, the emerald spider penetrated the ground with its legs and started changing color to a darker green.

Kyle hurriedly shouted "Quickly, everyone get away!", but it was too late.

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