Replica - Swordmaster
18 Useless Poison
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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18 Useless Poison

As he touched the glowing corpse, it dissipated and left behind a sword, leather helmet, coins and some miscellaneous items.

He focused on the drops and managed to perceive some information.

[Spider Fang Sword (Common)]

Physical Damage: 15

Level Requirement: 5

Durability: 100/100

[Spider Skin Helmet (Common)]

Physical Defense: 8

Level Requirement: 5

Durability: 100/100

It was a top tier common helmet and a peak tier common sword! Although Kyle had some uncommon items, they were all low level with low stats.

His party members also looked at the drops. Stephie then asked "I think we should give the sword to Kyle, it's high damage should go well with his high agility".

The rest nodded in agreement, although they developed some complicated feelings about Kyle, they couldn't ignore his usefulness.
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He thanked them and equipped the sword, now they needed to decide who to give the helmet to.

The twins quickly rejected, for the same idiotic reason as before. As for Mary, the helmet didn't achieve her beauty standard, or in her words "This stupid hat is way too ugly".

Stephie and Barry then proceeded to draw lots, it was a useful system feature, Kyle noted it for future use.

Stephie got 80 points and smirked, but his pride was quickly crashed by Barry and his 98 points.

The leather helmet then went to Barry and they started marching towards the next grinding ground.

After about a minute, two small spiders appeared, they were about the size of a large dog. They were black with green stripes, and looked a little more intimidating than the previous spiders.

[Poisonous Spider Soldier (Normal)]

Level: 6

HP: 500/500

Although their health was lower than the other spiders, their level was higher, which means something else is their strong point.

Looking at their name, even a moron could guess their speciality.

Stephie looked worried as he told Kyle "Be careful, they should be a lot stronger than the previous spiders, not to mention they might be faster because of their smaller size".

Stephie started to regret continuing, they could have just returned to grind normal spiders, there is no reason to risk themselves for some extra experience.

Little did he know, Kyle's opinion couldn't be farther from his. Kyle didn't worry, not only does he have the 'Poisoned Ring', but he didn't even use his magic yet.

Quickly, Stephie found out his worries were for naught, although the spiders were faster than the previous ones, there were only two of them.

Kyle dodged all of their attacks and they quickly killed the first spider and brought the second one to low health, he then intentionally received a hit from the spider to check the damage and poison.

He recieved 43 damage, he didn't block the hit after all. That means the spider's attack should be 60, but that wasn't the worrisome part.

After he got hit, a debuff appeared.

[Debuff: Weak Poison]

Desc: Lose 2 HP every second for 5 seconds (Stackable up to 3 times)

This means that if a tank didn't know how to dodge well, he would have to deal with 6 damage every second until his party killed all the spiders.

Luckily, not only did Kyle dodge all the hits, he even had the special ring that reduces damage from weak poisons by half.

They continued to grind spiders for almost an hour, even with his dodging, Kyle still used a full stack of potions, but they received great gains and improved their teamwork, 'Quick Draw' was already close to level 3.

Looking forward, Kyle spotted a large group of spiders, with a few bigger spiders within it.

On the way here, they fought some of these bigger spiders, but only one at a time, they were Elite Spiders after all.

This group had 4 normal and 2 elite poisonous spiders, taking them on wouldn't be that easy.

Luckily, this wasn't their first time fighting a group, not to mention Kyle's new combo.

Kyle used 'Quick Draw' and 'Strong Strike' together and managed to hit a vital point, he then quickly used 'Leap' and 'Double Strike', leaving the spider with a silver of health.

His teammates quickly finished it off and he moved to the next spider. Even with most of his skills on cooldown, Kyle dodged the attacks and instantly striked a vital point whenever he could find a chance.

Using this tactic, a few minutes and one health potion later, only the two Elite spiders were left.

Because they were Elite rank, and not Special Elite, they only had a bit more health, damage and defense, but not by much.

They were about as strong as one and a half normal poisonous spiders, the only problem was their poison, it could stack up and deal up to 12 damage per second.

Players came to the conclusion that the poisonous spiders existed mainly to burn the health potions of anyone that wanted to challenge the final boss, only morons would grind them, after all the reward wouldn't even cover the cost of the potions used.

However, most players overlooked a single point, what use was their poison when the spiders couldn't even hit you?

The Elite spiders were bigger, and due to that, slower as well.

And so, with money on the line, Kyle managed to dodge each and every attack, getting hit means using a potion after all.

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