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They finally arrived, the walls of the cave changed color to a darker green and no soldier spiders could be seen.

Kyle lead the team from the front, he noticed something moving in the shadows, it wasn't hard to guees what it was.

He looked back at his party and said "The boss is in front of us, be careful, it may have poison".

They all nodded and got into position, although Kyle's speech was short, they felt there wasn't any need to elaborate further.

As they got closer, they could clearly see a huge gray spider with many long legs, it's legs looked sharp and their tip had a dark green color similar to the cave walls.

[Spider General (Low Leader)]

Level: 5

HP 3000/3000

Kyle started the fight by using 'Quick Draw' combined with 'Strong Strike', while also hitting the spider's eye.

'-150' A big red number appeared above the boss's health, a successful critical strike.

The party was already used to his insane amount of damage, he wasn't at the top of the party leaderboard for nothing.

The spider then attacked Kyle with it's many legs, but thanks to his high agility, he managed to dodge four of the five attacks.

Even though he blocked the attack, he still received 45 damage. But that wasn't the end of it, a debuff suddenly appeared at the side of the screen, he focused on it and percieved some information.

[Debuff: Weak Poison]

Desc: Lose 4 HP every second for 5 seconds

Luckily for him, he had the position ring, so he only took 2 damage, but because the boss kept attacking him, the debuff never ended.

Looking at the combat log, that block only had 50% success, according to Shane the success also depended on the difference in strength.

Otherwise, someone that's good in blocking could take only 25% damage from boss attacks, that wouldn't be balanced.

While Kyle attacked the spider and dodged it's attacks, his team also attacked, and in only a few minutes they managed to get the spider's health to 50%.

Kyle quickly consumed a potion before the spider could pull off any surprise attack, each of these low grade potions gave 20 health per second for 5 seconds

Suddenly, the spider turned to Mary and opened it's mouth. "Mary, be careful!" Kyle shouted, but the girl didn't react fast enough.

The spider spit out some dark green substance in Mary's direction.

"Not under my watch!" Kyle said while running towards the girl, although the distance was short, it didn't look like he would make it.

"It looks like I have no other choice" he thought and activated 'Sudden Leap'.
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Boom! The ground below him shattered as he flew towards Mary.

"Crap! This is way too fast!" He thought.

Instead of protecting Mary, he ended up crashing into her, but that also did the job, they were both out of danger.

"Thanks, Kyle." she said in a sarcastic tone, no girl wanted to be saved that way. It was honestly better to die, it's just 10% experience loss when you die inside a dungeon.

"No problem, anytime" Kyle replied, completely oblivious to Mary's intentions. Mary shivered at the thought of being saved this way again.

"It's fine, you don't have to worry about me, focus on the boss" she said enthusiastically.

Kyle then noticed there was a huge spider running towards him, that damned spider couldn't let him flirt.

The rest of the fight was a lot easier afterwards, Kyle got to try 'Sudden Leap' many times and a lot of experience aiming it, he even leveled it up once.

As for his teammates, the ones that reacted too slowly got the privilege to experience flight and close contact with the ground.

As the duration of his third potion ended, Kyle landed the final blow on the spider, and it finally dropped dead, glowing.

He smiled and asked "Who wants the honor to loot the boss?"

As they were still traumatized from the previous battle, they all shaked their heads.

Only Stephie had a good enough reaction speed to dodge the spider's spit, but he thought Kyle should have the honor as he contributed the most.

"As you wish" Kyle said innocently, he had no idea why his teammates were so quiet.

<Character Menu>

Name: Swordmaster

Titles: [Sword Genius], [Native Magician]

Level: 5 (6%)

Race: Human

Class: None

HP 340/340

MP 400/400

HP Regen: 1.7/second

MP Regen: 1.5/second

Strength: 21

Agility: 30

Vitality: 17

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Physical Defense: 17

Magical Defense: 0

Luck: 0

Fame: 200


- Sharp Sword (Uncommon)

- Poisoned Ring (Uncommon)

- Rusty Helmet (Trash)

- Old Steel Chestplate (Common)

- Old Steel Leggings (Common)

- Old Steel Boots (Common)


[Strong Strike (LV 3)], [Double Strike (LV 3)], [Quick Draw (LV 2)], [Defensive Stance (LV 2)], [Parry (LV 2)], [Sudden Leap (LV 2)]


[Arcane Bullet (LV 2)], [Arcane Shield (LV 2)], [Fireball (LV 2)], [Fire Circle (LV 2)], [Earth Spike (LV 2)], [Earth Wall (LV 2)], [Ice Arrow (LV2)], [Water Shield (LV 2)], [Wind Blade (LV 2)], [Air Blast (LV 2)], [Elemental Sword - Fire (LV 1)]


[Beginner Sword Mastery (LV 4)], [Strong Will (MAX)]