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Reaching the spider den, he spotted a lot of players, way more than he saw in other maps, it seemed like most players preferred to kill mobs in a dungeon.

The spider den is a level 5 dungeon, meaning the party leader needs to be at least level 5, so he couldn't enter it without a party.

"Looking for a priest! Aiming to kill the first boss"

"Looking for a tank! We only want to grind and levelup, level 5 and above"

Everyone was only looking for priests or level 5 players, no one wanted a level 4 player.

"Looking for a tank! Level 4 and above"

After looking around for a few minutes, he finally managed to find a potential party to join.

He walked towards them and asked "Are you looking for a tank?"
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The leader, a guy with short white hair and a skinny build replied with a repeatative tone "Yea, we don't have a priest thought, we are four damage dealers so no tank wants to join us"

It looked like the guy was tired from searching for a tank.

"I can tank, I'm level 4, But I have 17 vitality and 25 agility, so I can survive without a healer"

The guy was delighted, after searching for hours, he finally found someone willing join them. Although Kyle was only level 4, he was still a tank and they never intended to fight the boss, only to grind mobs.

The guy now replied with an excited tone "Great! Lets go team, we can now finally grind these mobs!".

After a minute they arrived next to the entrance of the spider den, before the leader went to the native in order to take the dungeon quest, he first introduced himself.

"Welcome to our team, I'm Stephie" he said as he turned around. Stephie then pointed at the guy beside him "This is Barry", he then proceeded to point at the girl next to him "This is Mary", he then pointed at the last two guys.

Surprisingly, they looked perfectly identical. "They are Marvin and Darvin, I already gave up differentiating" Stephie said with a sigh.

Kyle smiled and replied "Nice to meet you all, I'm Kyle, and I say we go grind like crazy".

Stephie chuckled, "That's the spirit, let's go kick some spiders"

[You have been invite by 'Stephie The Lone' to his party 'Accept'/'Reject']

Kyle chose to accept the invitation, a screen then popped up and listed his party members and their health and mana points.

Their names were so odd, Barry called himself 'Bored Barry' and Mary called herself 'Little Mary'.

The twins nicknames were even weirder, they were called 'Clone One' and 'Clone Two'. Not only were their names similar, but also their health and mana were the exact same, if he had to guess, they were probably trying to pretend like they have some cloning skill.

Stephie then walked towards the native, the native noticed him and turned with an anxious face "You must exterminate these spiders! Earlier, a squad of soldiers went in to check the situation, but never came back. You must take revenge for them! You must tske revenge for my father!"

Kyle tried to interact with him but the native kept repeating sentences like "Exterminate the spiders", "The spiders are evil" and "The spiders suddenly appeared one day without any earlier notice", he figured out some natives have high intelligence while some only act based on a limited number of reactions.

The last sentence seemed to be hinting something, but he was never good with riddles, he will understand on the way.

Stephie finally accepted the quest, and the enterence of the cave started glowing in a dazzling white light.

Stephie then lead the way inside, and everyone followed.