Replica - Swordmaster
14 Meaty Salesman
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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14 Meaty Salesman

After thanking Adrian, he focused on the ring and percieved some information.

[Poisoned Ring (Uncommon)]

Vitality: +2

Passive: Reduce 50% of damage received from weak poison.

Level Requirement: 0

Incredible, based on what he heard about the dungeon, some spider apply poison, which is incredibly annoying because both magical and physical defenses are useless against it.

The only known tactic is having two vitality focused tanks tanking together and a priest constantly healing them, but that reduces the overall damage.

He equipped the ring and started walking towards the market, he needed to buy some trash grade armor after all.

The market looked like a total mayhem, player stalls were all over the place, and the closer you got to the middle of the market the more crowded it became.

He figured out he didn't need to enter the deeper part since he only needs to get some trash equipment, so he visited different stalls and asked about the price of equipment he liked.

The market price for a trash armor equipt was 10 copper, that was the same as the common training swords he bought!

After asking around, he understood that equipment in every rank except trash was divided into different levels: Low, Mid, High and Peak.

His training swords only amounted to the lowest of low common items, the only reason they weren't classified as trash was because natives didn't sell trash grade items.

Players normally got them from quests and drops from monsters.

He bought a set of trash armor for 40 copper total: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots.

After finishing his business at the market he checked the route for the map 'Aranea Swamp' where the spider den was located.

As he was about to exit the market, he suddenly heard a voice from behind him "Excuse me, are you going to the spider den?"

Kyle turned around and spotted a chubby guy behind a stall, he had short black hair and brown eyes, he looked no different than the most average person, except for his meaty build of course.

He was surprised someone could tell where he is heading based on his direction, he could go to many more places after all, he was still in the market.

"Yes I am, how did you know?" He replied.

The chubby guy looked at him with a proud expression "Easily, you bought level 4 gear, walked towards the exit with a face of someone looking at the map in his mind, and the only level 4 and above map in that direction is 'Aranea Swamp'. Of course, I was only half sure, but you confirmed it."

This guy was much more intelligent than he looked, he decided to give him a chance to see what he wants "You got me, so what do you need from me?".

The chubby guy's face lightened and a weird smile formed on his face. Kyle hoped this smile was only a forced one, otherwise he really pitied the guy.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Luis, since you are heading to the spider's den, would you be interested in some high quality potions?" the chubby guy, or rather Luis, asked him with a coaxing tone.

Although Luis was smart, he lacked in the communication department. But since he wanted to buy some potions anyway, there was no harm in checking Luis's goods.

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Kyle. Lets see what you got" he replied in a friendly manner.

Luis then proceeded to show Kyle around his stall, not only did he have health and mana potions, he even had weak instant health potions.
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Normal mana and health potions cost 6 copper per stack of potions and the instant health ones cost 12. Each stack had five potions and Luis claimed they were 25% cheaper than the market price.

Since he intended to buy potions anyway, he bought two stacks of health potions, one stack of mana potions and one stack of instant health potions.

He added Luis to his friend list in case he will need to order some potions in the future.

He now only had 10 copper left, but he felt prepared for the dungeon, and so he left the market, heading for the spider den.

<Character Menu>

Name: Swordmaster

Titles: [Sword Genius], [Native Magician]

Level: 4 (12%)

Race: Human

Class: None

HP 340/340

MP 400/400

HP Regen: 1.7/second

MP Regen: 1.5/second

Strength: 21

Agility: 25

Vitality: 17

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Physical Defense: 8

Magical Defense: 0

Luck: 0

Fame: 200


- Sharp Sword (Uncommon)

- Poisoned Ring (Uncommon)

- Rusty Helmet (Trash)

- Rusty Chestplate (Trash)

- Rusty Leggings (Trash)

- Rusty Boots (Trash)


[Strong Strike (LV 2)], [Double Strike (LV 2)], [Quick Draw (LV 1)], [Defensive Stance (LV 2)], [Parry (LV 2)], [Sudden Leap (LV 1)]


[Arcane Bullet (LV 2)], [Arcane Shield (LV 2)], [Fireball (LV 2)], [Fire Circle (LV 2)], [Earth Spike (LV 2)], [Earth Wall (LV 2)], [Ice Arrow (LV2)], [Water Shield (LV 2)], [Wind Blade (LV 2)], [Air Blast (LV 2)], [Elemental Sword - Fire (LV 1)]


[Beginner Sword Mastery (LV 4)], [Strong Will (MAX)]

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