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He focused on the shiny book and managed to perceive some information.

[Sudden Leap (Skill Book)]
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Desc: Leap forward with great speed

A skill book! He wanted to get one since he heard about them from Odor, but he didn't know where to buy them, nor did he have enough money.

He immediately picked up the book and a system notification followed.

<Ding! Do you wish to learn the skill 'Sudden Leap' from this skill book? (The skill book will dissapear)>

[Yes / No]

He chose 'Yea' without any hesitation, he didn't have any movement skill, so he needed this spell desperately.

<Ding! Successfully learned the skill 'Sudden Leap'>

[Sudden Leap]

Level 1 (0%)

Active: Leap forward with 300% movement speed, deal 200% physical damage when you land

This skill can be leveled up with skill points

Cost: 30 MP

Cooldown: 1 minute

This skill will be of great help, it can be used to chase enemies as well as escape.

Based on the description, it should be the same skill the big wolf used to catch him off guard.

That means the big wolf can probably drop a skill book similar to the earthquake as well.

Since he didn't see any more big wolves, he decided to loot the rest of the wolf corpses and then return to complete the mission.

His total harvest from this trip was 16 'Stone Wolf Leather', 80 copper and an awesome skill book, not to mention his level almost reached 4.

He spent his 5 attribute points on agility, after the fight with the big wolf he realized that with low agility, he could die without having the opportunity to hit the enemy, so only having high damage is idiotic.

It was extremely hard to decide which stat to focus on, all of them were important, there wasn't such a thing as a useless stat.

He reached the village in half an hour, a lot faster than last time due to his improvements.

As he got closer to the village chief, the guy noticed him and walked towards him while ignoring the crowd.

Adrian looked agitated and quickly asked "I see you have returned adventurer, did you get the leather for me - I mean my father?"

Kyle smiled and assured him "Of course I did, thanks to your gift, the wolves weren't a problem at all". He didn't want Adrian to take the sword back so he referred to it as a gift.

Adrian flinched, it looked like he originally intended to ask for the sword back "Of course, of course, so where are the goods?"

Adrian's behavior made it look like they were trading illegal goods, but since the guy was practically the law here, Kyle didn't mind.

He pulled the leather pieces out of his bag and handed them to Adrian.

Adrian immediately grabbed them out of his hands "Finally! I can get my armo - I mean blankets for my father!"

<Ding! Successfully completed the quest 'Village Chief's Sickness - Adrian's Armor', you have received 100 EXP, 50 copper and +10 reputation with Adrian>

A bright light engulfed him, he leveled up again! One more level and he can finally fight the cat boss, but first he needs to gear up, he didn't even have any armor and potions!

He had two options, the first is to buy armor and the second is to try to obtain it by himself, he heard a level 5 dungeon opened up recently.

While debating about his next move, he heard an annoying voice.

"Hello! Hello! Did your mind suddenly lose connection? I didn't finish talking to you, I got another quest" Adrian nagged with an annoyed voice.

Oh crap, he totally forgot about the village chief!

He hurriedly replied "Yea sorry I'm listening, I was just lost in my own thoughts, I'm thinking about how to obtain armor, my defense is nonexistent as you can see" he decided to try his luck.

"Great, I can reward you a full set of common equipment if you can complete this task!" Adrian returned to his normal behavior.

Kyle didn't want to get taken advantage of by the crafty village chief, but a full set of common armor was a tempting offer.

Don't underestimate common gear, although he managed to obtain an uncommon item, even common items were relatively rare, most players only had one or two common items and the rest were trash grade.

He decided to hear about Adrian's offer before deciding "I'm interested, tell me more" he replied.

"My friend Zack went to check the situation about the spider den and never came back, can you go and search his whereabouts?" He replied in a concerted tone.

Now he wants to use me as disposable scout! Kyle didn't like the man, but he knew the place Adrian talked about wasn't a random place, it was the recently discovered dungeon!

Since he already intended to go there, and he really needed the armor, he chose to as accept.

"If you feel so concerned then it must be of utmost importance, I will gladly contribute for the greater good of the village"

He felt like he developed some kind of habit when talking to natives, he wanted to obtain as much benefit so he talked very differently.

Adrian smiled "If it's you then I'm assured, but just to be safe, take this ring with you, it should be useful against spiders"

On second thought, the guy wasn't that bad, you only needed to get to know him better.