Replica - Swordmaster
12 Mini Boss
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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12 Mini Boss

After watching the wolf pack for half an hour he roughly understood their patterns.

Out of the 15 wolves, two of them went out scouting at a time, and the rest continued in a moderate pace, he decided to following the pair.

Although he liked a challenge and didn't mind small odds, he wasn't rush either. He always liked to look calmly at the situation and make the best decision, he can accept failing due to weakness, power is something he can improve.

But, failing due to being rush or because of a dumb mistake is unacceptable, he should always be able to perform at his best.

Seeing the scouts got far enough from the pack, he quickly killed them before they could signal for help, after his recent improvements they weren't a match for him anymore.

He repeated the process until only 9 wolves were left, the big wolf included.

They finally understood something was wrong and stopped going off alone.

Now he could clearly see the big wolf and perceive some information.

[Stone Wolf (Special Elite)]

Level: 3

HP 1000/1000

Although it wasn't a boss, it wasn't that far off either, it was similar to a mini boss.

Kyle quickly came up with a strategy, he will attack the wolves from afar and deal as much damage as he can before they close in on him.

By the time they will arrive, he will be able to easily finish them off and focus on the mini boss.

He immediately started to execute his plan, he uses 'Arcane Shield' and then followed up with 2 'Fireballs'.

At that point the wolves were alreader close to him, he quickly chanted 'Air Blast' and knocked them away, before they reached him he managed to hit them with another 'Fireball'.

At that point the normal wolves only had around 120 health points left and he only had half of his mana left.

He chanted 'Fire Circle' while simultaneously dodging the attacks of two wolves, only idiots stood still while chanting spells.

Based on his calculations the 'Fire Circle' was more than enough to kill the normal wolves, but the range was too short to reach all of them.

He wanted to save up as much mana as he could, so he grabbed the attention of all the wolves and faced them off for a few seconds.

He dodged some of the attacks, but he still had to block a few. His shield could endure 100 damage but even so it broke and he received 140 points of damage.

He didn't use 'Parry' because he wanted to save it for the mini boss.

Luckily, he was close to the next level and managed to levelup so his health and mana were restored.

Now it was finally time to face the true challenge, the big wolf sustained some damage himself from the fireballs, but it still had 850 health points left. What a powerful defense, he though.

He quickly started chanting 'Arcane Shield', but before he could finish the chant he suddenly saw a blur and felt immerse pain from his stomach.

His body was flying backwards and a big white number appeared above his head '-120'.

Crap! He underestimated this wolf too much, his confidence started to control him again, he mustn't surrender to old habbits!

He quickly got up and saw the wolf dash towards him again, this time with lower speed, he figured out the last strike was some kind of skill with a cooldown or condition, and the wolf couldn't use it often.

He started chanting 'Elemental Sword - Fire', this time he wasn't careless and managed to barely sidestep the wolf's sharp claws.

He only managed that because it's movements were too predictable, against a skilled player with such strength he wouldn't be able to do the same.

When the mini boss dashed towards him again aiming to bite his waist this time, Kyle already finished his chant and blocked the attack.

He then quickly used 'Double Strike' coupled with 'Strong Strike' for the second strike.

The wolf was surprised, it didn't expect this puny human to attack him with his sword, all he did until now was defend and cast spells.

Kyle used this opportunity to land two critical strikes and deal a total of 300 damage. If critical strikes didn't ignore defensive then there is no way he could have done so much damage.

The boss was knocked back by the damage, Kyle used this opportunity to cast 'Arcane Shield' and 'Fire Circle'. He only had less than half of his mana left, but he preferred saving his life rather than his mana.

The boss quickly closed in but Kyle was ready, he blocked the attack again and managed to slash the wolf's neck twice and deal 220 mixed damage, but the duration of his flaming seord ended.
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The wolf only had 330 health points left, Kyle could already see his victory and loot.

No, this can't be real! An earthquake took him off guard, while the wolf used his leap spell again!

Not again, you fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me!

He used the skill 'Parry' that he saves up all along, and barely managed to blocked the attack.

The attack that was meant to deal 300 damage only dealt 60, it couldn't even destroy his shield.

He felt like an idiot, if he would have reacted accordingly, he wouldn't have received so much damage last time.

After his sudden attack, the wolf significantly, slowed down and Kyle landed a few more hits and finished it off, it seemed like that last strike was it's ultimate.

<Ding! You have slain a Special Elite Stone Wolf, 100 EXP gained>

The EXP gain wasn't much, he was already the same level as the wolf. But it was still enough to bring him close to level 4.

Luckily what interested him wasn't the EXP, but the drops, he never killed something stronger than a normal monster before.

As he the wolf's corpse dissipated, 20 copper coins appeared and below them he could spot a small shiny book.

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