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11 Beating Wolves

Immediately after the wolf stepped into his range, he dushed towards it and activate 'Quick Draw' and 'Strong Strike' together.

He didn't use any spells because he wanted to see his combat power without magic, it could be used to surprise the enemy after all, no one would expect a swordsman to suddenly attack with magic.

Because of 'Quick Draw' attack speed bonus, the wolf couldn't react before the attack reached his side.

'-50' appeared above the wolf's head in white, which signified physical damage.

It's defense is so thick! His full powered magicless attack only dealt one sixth of it's total health.

After the sudden strike, the wolf quickly reacted and tried to bite Kyle's waist, but he expected this much and sidestepped the attack, Kyle's agility was higher by a small margin, not to mention the dodging technique he developed in the dodging training.

He then proceeded to attack the wolf's exposed neck.

'-32' Red text appear above the wolf's head, which apparently signified a critical hit.

Amazing, not only does hitting a vital point increase the damage by half but it also ignores all defense.

It seems like technique is no less important than strength in Replica, a normal attack can deal almost the same amount of damage as a powerful skill if your technique is good.

Unlike his expectations, the wolf didn't stop when it received a hit, it immediately follow with a strike from his claw.

Kyle didn't have time to dodge the attack so he hurriedly blocked it.

'-20', appeared above Kyle's head in yellow, which signified a successful block.

His time training didn't go to waste, he managed to achieve 80% success and blocked most of the damage.

He didn't buy any potions because he is too poor, and regeneration didn't work in combat, so he can't afford to lose too much health.

Making the decision to end this fight quickly, he decided to go all out and started chanting the 'Elemental Sword - Fire' spell while retreating.

By the time the wolf noticed his intentions and leaped towards him, it was already too late.

Kyle sidesteped again and used 'Double Strike' to hit the wolf twice in it's neck

'-110', '-130' a series of purple numbers floated above the wolf's head, they signified physical and magical damage combined.

With only 60 health points left, the wolf wasn't a threat anymore.

Kyle followed up with 'Wind Blade' and 'Arcane Bullet'.

Two numbers appeared above the wolf's head, '-50', '-14'. This time the color was light blue, and it signified magical damage

Thud! The wolf's body hit the ground.

<Ding! You have slain a Stone Wolf, 40 EXP gained (x2 EXP due to level gap)>

Great, he only needed to kill two more wolves to levelup, the next level required 100 EXP after all.

For some reason the corpse glowed, and when he touched it, the corpse dissipated and left 2 copper coins.

He hoped he was just unlucky and that leather isn't extremely rare.

He used half of his mana in this fight, so he waited for two minutes and then continued to search for more wolves.

This time he chose to fight against five at the same time, without his mistakes, he could have previously won without a single injury, his stats weren't that far from a normal level 3 player.

He chanted 'Arcane Shield' and then opened the fight with 'Fireball' and 'Elemental Sword - Fire'.

As the wolves entered his range he finished chanting 'Fire Circle' and immediately started attacking them.

Using this combination he managed to kill three out of the five wolves before the duration for his fire sword ended.

He also leveled up and his mana returned, his health was still full and his shield only half depleted.

He quickly finished the last two and looted all the corpses, he managed to find three leather pieces and 10 copper.

It seems like the drop rate was around 50%, it wasn't high but neither too low.

Using the same tactic he managed to kill a few more groups and levelup to level 2 and close to level 3.

He spent half of his free attribute points on strenght and half on intelligence, he felt like his agility was plenty and wanted to improve his killing speed.

He also found six more pieces, and only needed one more.

As he searched for an easy last kill, he noticed the big pack of wolves, with a big wolf in the middle.

He didn't like the feeling of leaving the place without completing all the challenges, taking on fifteen wolves with one of them being stronger seemed almost impossible, but the key word here is almost.

As long as there is the slightest chance, he will take it and turn it into a certainty.

<Character Menu>

Name: Swordmaster

Titles: [Sword Genius], [Native Magician]

Level: 2 (76%)

Race: Human

Class: None

HP 300/300

MP 400/400

HP Regen: 1.5/second

MP Regen: 1.5/second

Strength: 21

Agility: 15

Vitality: 15

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Physical Defense: 0

Magical Defense: 0

Luck: 0

Fame: 200


- Sharp Sword (Uncommon)


[Strong Strike (LV 2)], [Double Strike (LV 2)], [Quick Draw (LV 1)], [Defensive Stance (LV 2)], [Parry (LV 2)]


[Arcane Bullet (LV 2)], [Arcane Shield (LV 2)], [Fireball (LV 2)], [Fire Circle (LV 2)], [Earth Spike (LV 2)], [Earth Wall (LV 2)], [Ice Arrow (LV2)], [Water Shield (LV 2)], [Wind Blade (LV 2)], [Air Blast (LV 2)], [Elemental Sword - Fire (LV 1)]
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[Beginner Sword Mastery (LV 4)], [Strong Will (MAX)]