Replica - Swordmaster
10 Wolf Hun
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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10 Wolf Hun

Kyle was strolling around the village, looking for the village chief. He heard that every players should go look for him at the start, not only does he provide quests that give a lot of experience, but also equipment.

He couldn't rely on his damaged sword to fight mobs, although he can also use spells, he doesn't want to count on something that turns useless once he runs out of mana.

Finding the chief didn't take him long, as long as you looked around you could see a crowd of low leveled players gathering near the spawning plaza.

After successfully making his way through the crowd, he spotted a young man with short white hair and a worried look on his face, constantly talking to players.

Kyle was surprised, he expected some cranky old man, but after focusing on the young man, he understood.

[Adrian, village chief of the beginner village]

Level: 15

Background: Son of the original village chief, took over his father's position due to his illnes.

Of course the original village chief was an old man, but at least he is human, unlike the other old men, they really give him an uncomfortable feeling.

He was also relieved he could see the level of a native, he started to doubt the use of displaying the level when all he could see were question marks.

While Kyle was lost in his thoughts, Adrian spotted him and excitedly said "Adventurer, I'm glad to see you here. My father is deeply ill, can you help me gather herbs to save him?"

Kyle already heard this phrase about a dozen times, Adrian told the same sentence to almost every adventurer that approached him.
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He didn't want to do some boring collecting quest, he came to fight some worthy foes, not to collect some flowers.

"I believe I can be of help in a different way, is there anything else I can do to help?"

Adrian frowned and looked at him "I guess I can find something else for you to do" he said, his displeasure clear to all.

Kyle didn't like this tone, it reminded him the evil grin Odor had before giving him the weird quest.

"My father is feeling rather cold lately, go east and bring me ten pieces of Stone Wolf Leather" Adrian said with an innocent looking face.

The surrounding players had a look of pity, it wasn't a rare occasion for players to ask the village chief for a different quest, but they all got turned down with a suicidal quest.

The village chief only gives this quest to someone at level 0, no one can kill level 3 monsters that early, not to mention getting ten pieces of leather, it's not guaranteed to get one from each wolf killed.

"As you wish, I will gladly do so if it's for the village chief" Kyle replied while inwardly cursing Adrian for trying to kill him, ten pieces of leather are enough for a large family.

Adrian was surprised, but he quickly nodded and added "Take this sword with you, I don't think that old damaged sword of yours is going to be of much use".

Kyle excitedly received the sword from the generous man, he quickly checked the information about the sword.

[Sharp Sword (Uncommon)]

Physical Damage: 5

Strength: +1

Level Requirement: 0

Durability: 50/50

"You can count on me, with this sword a few weak wolves don't stand a chance" Kyle assured him and quickly equipped the sword before Adrian could change his mind.

[Quest: Village Chief's Sickness - Adrian's Armor]

Background: The original village chief is sick and Adrian wants to use that as an excuse to collect leather in order to create armor for himself.

Object: Collect 10 pieces of Stone Wolf Leather

Reward: 100 Experience, 50 Copper, +10 Reputation with Adrian

He knew something was off, that damn substitute was using him!

But after thinking about it, he let him off. Not only did he get a strong sword, but he got to fight strong monsters and the rewards were plenty.

The experience points were enough for him to levelup, the copper was the same amount as he eearned from the dodging challenge, not to mention the reputation points.

He guessed they represented building a relationship, and he felt being acquaintanced with the village chief was rewarding enough.

And so he started heading east, all he saw was a wide grassland, it took him almost an hour of moving while making full use of his agility until managed to catch a glimpse of a dark forest.

As he came close to the forest he could already spot some wolves, he focused on one of them and perceived some information.

[Stone Wolf (Normal)]

Level: 3

HP 300/300

Well that wasn't a lot of information, but at least it was good to know the wolves only had the same of health points as he did.

He searched for a lone wolf, a lot of them roamed the area in groups of five, he could even spot a group of fifteen with one bigger wolf.

After a few minutes he managed to find a wolf walking by himself, he quickly hid behind a tree and prepared for the wolf.

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