Replica - Swordmaster
9 A Strong Ca
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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9 A Strong Ca

As he though about the skill in his mind, he quickly received the related information.

[Elemental Sword - Fire]

Level 1 (0%)

Active: Cover your sword with fire for 10 seconds, adding damage equal to 80% of your magic attack to every attack

Casting time and mana cost can be reduced by gaining comprehension

This skill can be leveled up with repetitive usage

Casting Time: 3 seconds

Cost: 60 MP

Cooldown: 1 minute

<Ding! Because you are the first player to create an original spell, you have received the following rewards: 3 Skill Point, 150 Fame and the title 'Native Magician'>

[Native Magician]

You have a perfect affinity with the basic elements of this planet (Fire, Earth, Water and Wind). You can manipulate mana easier than others

He was shocked, he didn't expect such bountiful rewards. With a perfect affinity with the basic elements, his mana can now change elements freely, without using any mana, this change reduces the mana cost to only one third of the original cost.

The second part was even better, it reduced the chanting time for all spells by half.

He would now have a much easier time walking the path of a mage, he should go brag about it to that perverted old man.

While enjoying the unexpected boon, he recalled the request of Odor, the swordsmanship inspector. Odor asked him to come back when he finishes his training, and it looks like now should be a good time to do so.

He started walking towards the swordsmanship hall, he tried looking for Reynold on his way back, but didn't find him, so he will tell him about his achievements at a later date.

As he entered the swordsmanship hall he was startled by the sheer amount of players. It was at least ten times more players than what he saw last time.

Searching for Odor was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but after a few minutes he noticed an old man hiding in the shadows.

He didn't know Odor feared crowds, but it was nice to see the old man wasn't invincible.

As he got closer, Odor noticed him and said in a relieved voice "Young lad, it's been a long time. Did you think about my request?".

"Yes, I came to accept it, I finally finished my trainings. It seem like you have been doing rather well" he said while smirking.

"I see you grew a sense of humor, lets see you can keep joking after hearing my request" said Odor with an evil grin.

Kyle wanted to refute but his face quickly turned pale after he heard the evil inspector's quest.

"Don't worry, it's nothing too serious. You just need to kill cat. Oh I forgot to mention, it's a level 5 boss and you need to kill it alone or it wouldn't count" said Odor with a look of anticipation.

"You senile old man, how can you even call a level 5 boss a mere cat" He jokingly said. He wasn't worried too much, if Odor asked him to do it then it should be possible.

The difficulty didn't discourage him, in fact it just made it more thrilling. What's the point of a challenge if it doesn't make you give it your all.

"Alright I accept, if an old man like you requests my help then it shouldn't be hard" he teased Odor.

"Haha, I knew an energetic young man like you would agree, the boss is in the Felin Garden" Odor replied, and then proceeded to give him the coordinates.

[Quest: Loose Cat]

Background: Lately a new leader emerged from the Feline race, he intends to conquer the beginner village with his cat companions, stop him before it's too late.

Object: Defeat the boss 'Grandis Cattus' alone

Reward: Unknown

Is this a joke? He thought. It was like the old man tried to mock him, well whatever, the difficulty should be hard so it doesn't matter if its a cat or a dragon, he will defeat them all the same.

When he thought about a map, an image suddenly appeared in his mind. Most of it was gray but in the middle was a green part named 'Beginner Village' and a few smaller green chunks surrounding it, one of them was called 'Felin Garden'.

He probably needed to explore the gray areas by himself or obtain maps in order to see their names.

Using the coordinates in the game was much easier than in real life, he only needed to think about them and a red arrow appeared on the map.

He was astonished by the convenient interface, but he didn't plan to go for the boss yet, it could probably kill him with a slap.

He isn't afraid of it, but he wasn't an idiot either, he knew he isn't strong enough to defeat a boss five levels above him by himself, so he needs to levelup before he attempts to complete the quest.

It was finally time to kill some mobs, he never fought against a real enemy before, he always trained alone and with a wooden sword in real life, he looked forward to some fights.

<Character Menu>

Name: Swordmaster

Titles: [Sword Genius], [Native Magician]

Level: 0 (0%)

Race: Human

Class: None

HP 300/300

MP 300/100

HP Regen: 1.5/second

MP Regen: 1.5/second

Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Vitality: 15

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 15

Physical Defense: 0

Magical Defense: 0
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Luck: 0

Fame: 200


- Plain Old Sword (Common)


[Strong Strike (LV 2)], [Double Strike (LV 2)], [Quick Draw (LV 1)], [Defensive Stance (LV 2)], [Parry (LV 2)]


[Arcane Bullet (LV 2)], [Arcane Shield (LV 2)], [Fireball (LV 2)], [Fire Circle (LV 2)], [Earth Spike (LV 2)], [Earth Wall (LV 2)], [Ice Arrow (LV2)], [Water Shield (LV 2)], [Wind Blade (LV 2)], [Air Blast (LV 2)], [Elemental Sword - Fire (LV 1)]


[Beginner Sword Mastery (LV 4)], [Strong Will (MAX)]


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