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Kyle opened the book and looked at the content, it was split into ten different chapters.

Each chapter had information about a different beginner spells.

The book contained the following spells: Arcane Bullet, Arcane Shield, Fireball, Fire Aura, Earth Spike, Earth Wall, Ice Arrow, Water Shield, Air Blade and Air Blast.

The book didn't only contain the spell but the logic behind it as well, something that he greatly appreciated. Each spell had it's own backgroup, chant, and detailed explanation about the spell matrix.

He decided to only focus on one chapter at a time, he didn't want to confuse himself with too much information, he started with Arcane Bullet.

Arcane Bullet is the easiest spell out of all the beginner spells, because it's spell matrixe only contains two steps: Shaping the mana in the form of a bullet and giving the mana velocity.

After memorizing the chant and reading the chapter a few times, he decided his comprehension is high enough to try out the spell.

Of course, he couldn't practice spells inside the library, the old man would kill him. He recalled the library contains a garden, it probably exists for players to try out their spells, so he decided to take a look.

As he went through the large door he saw a world full of green. Trees, flowers and even birds were everywhere, you could even hear the birds sing melodies.

Sadly, the situation only lasted for a few seconds, he suddenly heard a a large explosion.

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But it didn't end there, the explosion was followed by many more, players were constantly training their spells, and fireball was the most popular one.

He hated to see players disrupting nature like that, if only they could appreciate it like he does.

He quickly pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind, he had a task to complete and he couldn't slack. He found a secluded place and started training.

He chanted the spell and felt mana gathering in the palm of his hand, but the mana was shaped in a weird way, he couldn't tell which shape it was, but it definitely wasn't a bullet.

He sat down and started recalling the process, he tried to find what went wrong, and he quickly figured out he should try to apply one of the concepts he read about in magic theory that helps beginners to form a correct spell matrix, 'Spell Image'.

When casting a spell, linking the spell matrix to a certain image in your mind can greatly help beginners, so he stood up and tried again, this time while using the 'Spell Image' concept.

While chanting he imagined a light blue bullet forming, and a small bullet really started shaping at the palm of his hand! he couldn't help but grin, he finally managed to complete the first step.

But he couldn't celebrate yet, he still needed to shoot the bullet, he chanted and supplied mana to the spell metrix, and suddenly the bullet left the palm of his hand, and flew in a straight line towards a tree.

Luckily, the bullet was too weak to leave any lasting damage.

<Ding! You have successfully comprehended the spell 'Arcane Bullet'>

[Arcane Bullet]

Level 1 (0%)

Active: Shoot a small bullet made out of mana that deals damage equal to 50% of your magic attack

Casting time and mana cost can be reduced by gaining comprehension

This skill can be leveled up with repetitive usage

Casting Time: 1 second

Cost: 5 MP

Cooldown: 1 second

<Ding! +1 Wisdom due to magical training>

Finally, not only did he create his first spell, he also received a wisdom point!

Nothing motivated him more than improving, seeing how his efforts pay off simply lifted his spirit.

He repeatedly practiced the spell and improved his control until he managed to reduce the mana cost to 5 MP and the casting time to 0.5 seconds, and the spell also reached level 2 and now dealt 60% damage.

It was now time to start learning the other spells.


As Mark dashed through the streets, he looked at the shiny golden key in his hand and couldn't help but wonder how he got into this situation, how could he possibly make a whole guild chase after him?

He didn't intend to find any trouble, but he couldn't resist a good opportunity. When he saw a party of players fighting a boss in the wild he wanted nothing to do with it, he recognized their emblem after all, it was a golden snake with the head of a dragon, the famous 'Dragonsnake' guild.

Although it's name was pretty lame, it was still feared by most, the guild was one of the top three guilds in the village, with more than 500 players.

But when he was about the turn around and head back, he spotted a shining light blue chest, this was the sign of an unique chest!

He immediately decided to risk his life for the chest, after all at worst he would lose a level, and he was only level 3, the rewards outweighed the risks by a large margin.

He sneaked to the chest and started to open it, it took him a few seconds, but as he opened the chest, a dazzling light suddenly bursted out of it.

Because he had never opened a treasure chest, he had no idea of the spectacle opening one causes.

One of the players from the party noticed him and shouted "Hey, look over there! A player is stealing our treasure, quickly, chase after him!"

Immediately, five out of the ten players started running towards him, he quickly picked the golden key from inside the chest and rushed out the place.

After successfully escaping, he recalled one thing, the situation was much worse than simply losing one level, the guild could kill him many times, and even force him to stay inside the village so he couldn't go out to kill any mobs!

Well, the deed is already done, at least he could consolt himself by checking the information about the key.

[Trial Key - The Forgotten God (Unique)]

Note: An entrance key to a special trial, can be used to teleport to the trial with four other players.

Requirement: Level 15

Oh come on, all of that effort for a key he couldn't even use for more than 10 levels, well he couldn't go back now, at least things are going to get interesting soon.