Replica - Swordmaster
6 Magic Theory
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Replica - Swordmaster
Author :xlr100
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6 Magic Theory

He read for a few hours without a break, he didn't know he had it in him, but his interest in magic isn't any lower than swordsmanship.

Because he enjoyed the books about magic theory a lot, he read them until his comprehension reached 100%, and by the end his intelligence reached 12 points already.

For some reason, he didn't feel the least tired after hours of reading and memorizing, but he attributed that fact to the game.

He then set for a few minutes to organize the knowledge in his head and came up with his own summary about magic theory.

All creatures have energy stored in their souls, mana. Some creatures have bloodlines that passively strengthens their body with their mana and some can control their mana to perform spells.

In order to cast a spell you need to channel mana into a spell matrix.

To form a spell matrix you usually need a medium that can be a verbal chant or a hand gesture, those with bloodlines don't need to rely on a medium to cast spells related to their bloodline, as their bloodline serve as a complicated spell matrix.

There are many kinds of spells, the most common ones are elemental spells and arcane spells.

Elemental spells change the mana into an one of the four basic elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. Arcane spells use mana at it's pure form.

Mana can change shape, element and much more. For example, to make an ice arrow you need to channel mana from your soul to the spell matrix, the the spell matrix needs to do the following: change the mana to the shape of an arrow, changes it's element to water, change the temperature so it turns to ice and then the use mana to give the mana arrow velocity.

The speed and power of the spells themselves depend on your intelligence and elemental affinity. The chanting speed and efficiency, which is how much mana a spell costs, depend on your wisdom, elemental affinity and your own comprehension of the spell matrix.

For example, someone with enough comprehension and understanding of a certain spell matrix can cast it without a medium.

On the other hand, someone with poor comprehension that only relies on skill books will need a lot more mana and time to form the same spell.

Its also possible to form original spell matrixes based on your knowledge.

As for elemental affinity, you can get it in many ways: items, potions, rare quests and more. Its one of the hidden stats you can't see.

After he finished summarizing the important information, he decided to increase his wisdon stat as well, he didn't see Mark around so he approached the librarian at the entrance in order to ask her instead.

While approaching the librarian, he suddenly noticed a tall old man with a long white beard in the corner of his eye.

It was hard to spot him because he was hiding behind a bookshelf. The old man was secretly looking at the librarian.

Based on his prior experience, he came to a realization that the lady at the entrance isn't the real training inspector.

It was already surprising that all of the other inspectors were old man, so he only needed to connect the dots.

As he focused on the old man, he noticed some information.

[Reynold, Magic training inspector of the beginner village]

Level ???

Background: An old man with a weird obsession about his student, Sapphire. Although he doesn't look like it, he is a magic freak that believes knowledge is the ultimate weapon.

After considering his options, although he didn't like the old man, talking to him will give him more benefits than the librarian, he was stronger than her after all.
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Reynold didn't notice him and was too focused on the librarian, so when he spoke, the old man got a scare "Hello Inspector, I heard a lot about your wisdom. Can you perhaps guide me in the way of magic?"

Reynold suddenly jumped, his head hit the bookshelf, and his mouth produced some indescribable sounds.

"What do you think you are doing? Are you trying to kill this frail old man? I almost had a heart attack because of you" Reynold whispered at him with an angry tone.

Kyle was embarrassed but he didn't regret his actions, the old man deserved a wake up call.

"Im sorry do disturb you, but I am seeking knowledge about spells and increasing wisdom, and I heard none are wiser than you" Kyle replied, he wanted to flatter the old man so he will forget his previous grievance, he was thankful for the useful background the game provided.

"Hmm. I see you have some potential in you young man, but you can't earn a dime without walking a mile, first read all the magic theory books and then I will consider giving you a hand" Reynold replied while satisfyingly smirking, his gaze was already directed at his student again.

Reynold was starting to get on his nerves, the damn old man didn't pay him any heed, he decided to prove the old man wrong.

"Magic theory? You mean that small bookshelf over there? That thing is for starters, I finished it ages ago" he replied with his own smirk.

Reynold turned and looked at him with an interested look, Kyle shuddered, that look was too similar to the one the old man had when he looked at his student.

"Oh, did you? What is the third law of mana shaping?" Reynold suddenly asked him a question. Kyle wasn't surprised, he expected that kind of a reaction, but he didn't read all the books until his companion reached 100% for nothing.

"Mana can change shape but not volume, you can increase the size of the spell but the effect will stay the same, unless you use more mana" The mana laws were one of his favorite subjects, the book "The Laws of Mana for Beginners" was his favorite.

"I didn't expect you to be so knowledgeable, but having knowledge isn't enough, you need to know how to apply it. Intelligence can be trained by simply acquiring knowledge, but true wisdom comes from the man and not from the books".

"My teacher once told me: An intellectual person has a lot of knowledge, but a wise person knows how to use his knowledge to his advantage, mages strive to be both".

"Take this book and come back to me after you finished learning all the spells inside it, by then you should be wise enough for me to guide you". Reynold said as he pulled out a book from thin air and handed it to him, as he proceeded to stalk his student once again.

Nonetheless, Kyle was excited about the book, not only can he learn about spells, but he can also train his wisdom stat at the same time.

[Beginner Spells - Extended Theory Edition (Unique)]

Note: A book about the basic elemental and arcane spells, with great explanation about each

He then found a secluded corner for himself and prepared to dive into the world of magic.

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