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3 Dodging Champion

While walking to the archery training hall, he wondered how can he increase his other stats other than agility, after all he should take the chance to increase all of his stats. Even he could figure out that it won't be that easy to increase them in the future, after he leaves the beginner village.

He remembered there are five types of main stats but only four training halls. But he didn't worry, he was never one to worry about these things, he will know when the time comes.

As he entered the archery building, Kyle was welcomed by a large hall, split into two parts.

One larger part, made out of countless rooms, way more than what could realistically fit inside it, inside each room you could see a long shooting range and a bow near the door.

Players were constantly leaving and entering rooms, and each time someone entered a room the door automatically locked itself and the door changed color from greenish wood to a light red color.

The second part, was like a wasteland compared to the popularity of the other part, it was split into multiple parts, each part was a large room. The surprising part was that there weren't any bows or targets in the rooms, the only difference from a normal room were the holes inside the wall facing the door of each of these room.

In the middle of both parts were two platforms, one similar to a shooting range and the other similar to the rooms with holes, players surrounded the shooting range platform while a single player was shooting at the targets, some players laughed when someone failed and others cried. He figured out they were placing bets, but that didn't really interest him, he came to train.

Based on his experience, he knew he should talk to the hall inspector to get more information.

He spotted an old bearded man with ragged clothes, if it wasn't for the quiver on his back, you could mistake him for a random beggar.

[Ingor, Archery training inspector of the beginner village]

Level ???

Background: A lazy old man that can easily be mistaken for a beggar

"Hello old man, i am here to train. How can i improve my agility?" he asked Ingor. Ingor lazily looked at him and replied "Go to the right, enter one of the rooms and choose a difficulty, the higher the difficulty, the faster you train".

Kyle understood that Ingor doesn't want to be disturbed, so he quickly thanked the old man and followed his instructions.

As he entered the room, he saw a screen magically appearing before him. The screen showcased four buttons: Easy, Normal, Difficult and Extreme.

He immediately chose Extreme without thinking too much, although he liked to train, he liked a good challenge even more.

As he clicked the button a countdown from five began.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

As soon as the countdown ended arrows were shot out of the holes in the wall, needless to say, Kyle only lasted a few seconds. He simply couldn't move fast enough to dodge the arrows, and even if he did, the arrows came in groups which required much more than speed in order to dodge.

After this failure he understood that he didn't simply need more agility on order to manage the Extreme level, but a good technique as well. So he set his goal at Difficult for now, although he liked a good challenge, it doesn't mean he would blindly charge to the Extreme level.

After he set his mind, he chose the Difficult level and started training. Kyle was confident in himself, but after a minute he started to understand why the level's name was Difficult, a normal player would only last a few seconds at most, luckily he wasn't a normal player. Just as he thought that he heard a notification

<Ding! +1 Agility due to prolonged training>

That notification gave him the motivation he needed, his movements stopped looking lazy and he started thinking about the most effective way to dodge the arrows. Although a challenge was enough to motivate him, a good reward was even better.

He knew the arrows were getting faster and spawned in larger groups the longer he lasted.

But so did he, the more arrows he dodged the better he became at dodging arrows, and the less movements he needed to perform in order to do so, not to mention his improving agility.

In the first few tries, he only managed to last a few minutes, while his highest record was five minutes, but after a few hours he gained four more agility points and improved his dodging technique by a large margin, and finally managed to complete the Difficult level.

After congratulating himself for achieving his goal, Kyle wanted to try something new, earlier he wanted to get a defensive sword skill but there wasn't anything that could attack him in the swordsmanship hall, but that wasn't the case here.

The only problem was getting a sword, the training sword couldn't be taken outside of the training hall, so he decided to buy one, although that required money.

He suddenly recalled the platforms in the middle of the archery hall, it looked like players were betting there.

As he approached the platforms, Kyle recieved a notification from the system

<Ding! Player is approaching the betting platforms, please choose one of the following:>

[Betting - Place a bet on a player, 90% of the money received from the losing bets is split between the winning bets, based on the amount they bet]

[Challenging a player - Challenge a player to a round, the winner gets 10% of the money received from the losing bets]

[Place a bet / Challenge a player]

He chose to challenge a player, he didn't have any money anyway. He then chose the dodging platform, and the Difficult setting.

After a few minutes of waiting someone finally accepted his challenge.

[Hall Announcement: Player Swordmaster has challenged the player Dodgeball to the Difficult level dodging trial]

"No way, someone challenged the dodging god", said a player. "It has been some time since someone attempted to challenge Dodgeball, he is the village's best archer after all" another player exclaimed.

Kyle heard the players but he didn't worry, he was confident in himself.

Because Dodgeball was the challenged player, he was the first to set the record Kyle needed to break in order to win.

Dodgeball started the trial right after he got teleported to the platform, he didn't waste any time. Dodgeball managed to dodge the arrows for fifteen minutes, which surprised all the surrounding players, and made the ones that placed a bet on him, which were almost all of surrounding players, cheer loudly. But Kyle wasn't impressed.

"Good luck Swordmaster, show us your 'mastery', hahaha" Dodgeball laughed loudly from his own joke before he got teleported out of the platform

<Ding! Teleporting player to the platform>

Kyle didn't take Dodgeball seriously at all, he was just a walking pile of money for him, or rather, a pile of bronze coins.

He could easily surpass the fifteen minutes record, but he wanted to challenge himself a bit, so he decided to dodge with his hands behind his back. Although its not like fighting with his hands behind his back, dodging with no hands is still hard.

Apparently, the other players didn't think the same as he did. "Hahaha, he already gave up, he doesn't even lift his hands" said one of the players, "I told you not to bet on him, but you had to do it, always looking for dark horses" said another.

But they were in for a surprise, he easily dodged all the arrows without moving his hands even once, he already finished this difficulty after all, fifteen minutes are nothing to him.

<Ding! Congratulations, you won against Dodgeball, and recieved 50 copper coins>

Kyle though he would recieve more than half a silver coin, but he figured out its just a small training hall in a beginner village, he shouldn't expect for much. He got 50 copper because almost no one but one lucky player placed a bet on him, if Dodgeball won the guy wouldn't have recieved more than 10 copper.


Meanwhile, a new post have been uploaded to the forums "The return of the sword freak, now a dodging freak as well"

The post showed Dodgeball's arrogance and how Kyle easily beat him with his hands behind his back, literally.

The video was recorded by a fan who watched the first forum post about the sword freak. The fan went on about how lucky he was to earn 450 bronze coins while only placing a bet of one copper coin.

The comment section exploded, some people cursing the fan with the good luck while others thanking him for sharing the video, players could learn based on the dodging techniques shown in the video after all.

The post was even more successful than the first one, it seems like a legend was beginning to take form.


As he left the hall, Kyle started walking towards a blacksmithing shop he spotted on the way to the archery hall, he needed to buy a sword so he could learn defensive sword skills.

As he entered the shop, he spotted a muscular blacksmith wearing fitting clothes with no sleeves, showcasing his glorious tattoos to the world, but Kyle ignored him and started looking for a sword, there were many kinds of swords, but most of them were priced at one silver or above which was more than twice of what he had.
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"How can i help you?" The blacksmith asked him while looking at him wryly, after all he was still wearing the starting clothes that aren't even worth enough to be considered items. "Do you have any cheap sword that could be used for training?" Kyle responded with a question.

"Of course, is this what you are looking for?" said the blacksmith as he proceeded to take a plain looking sword from below the counter.

[Plain Old Sword (Common)]

Physical Damage: 2

Level Requirement: 0

Durability: 10/10

Note: A simple old sword made by a beginner blacksmith

"Yea it looks good, how much for it?" He asked the blacksmith.

The blacksmith told him he could have it for 10 copper, so he purchased the sword.

After finally getting his own sword he excitedly left the store, he wanted to use the sword while dodging the arrows to get defensive skills, and at the same time raise his agility, this kind of efficient training is what he liked the most.

As he entered a random dodging room he selected the Difficult level, and started training.