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"Replica is taking the world by storm", "Ordering sites crashing due to the mass demand for the new Replica headset", "Is this the start of a new virtual age?" these titles and many more could be seen all over the news and the internet, it was just a day before the official release of this world changing game and it seemed like there wasn't a singe soul unaware of this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Kyle was undertaking his usual swordsmanship exercise, yes, swordsmanship. Although in this age swords were scarce and most people didn't see one in their life, Kyle was from a traditional Japanese family with deep roots when it came to sword arts.

The sword wasn't just a hobby for him, it was his life. He liked the feeling of constant improvement, the feeling of being better than yesterday, there was nothing he liked more than sword practice. It could calm his mind like nothing else could, and most importantly, help him forget about his worries.
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He wasn't always so absorbed in the way of the sword, he used to be a normal child, until a major event that changed his life took place.

When he was 6 years old, during the summer break his parents took a flight to visit his relatives, but they never came back. During the flight back, the plane crashed in the middle of the sea and his parents were nowhere to be found.

After his grandfather found out, he took care of Kyle and taught him his family's traditions and past. His grandfather was the only traditional person in his family, everyone else gave in to this new age of technology, but Kyle knew better.

Sadly, today even training couldn't calm his mind, he couldn't keep hiding from his problems and push them to the back of his mind.

Last month, his grandfather was diagnosed with a rare illness. It wasn't incurable, but the price is too high. Kyle wanted to find a way to get enough money, but his grandfather told him not to worry. It wasn't that his grandfather was too old, in this age a normal person can to live up to 150 years, and his grandfather is only in his 80s. But nonetheless, his grandfather asked him not to worry about him, to enjoy his life and pass the family traditions, but Kyle was never one to give up.

His grandfather knew him well, he knew Kyle would worry for him, so he decided to distract Kyle with the new game 'Replica', his grandfather though that Kyle would love the game, after all he is a teenager, and teenagers love video games.

Yes, that's his grandfather's logic, he is a simple man after all. But even though Kyle never played any video games, he decided to try this one for his grandfather, he read about the game online and it's possible to earn money from it, although the game wasn't released yet, a trading site for items and ingame currency is already available, although it is empty.