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Chapter 1692 - The Agreement From Back Then

When the seven-colored light flashed, the retreating Sovereign suddenly stopped. He looked at the seven-colored light with a complicated and bitter expression.

There was also the seventh concubine that had barely survived due to her life-saving treasure. She also looked at the seven-colored light with a complicated expression.

“He really came!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank, and without hesitation, he retreated back a few steps. His right hand reached at the void and a jade appeared in his hand.

He crushed the jade and it turned into dust. A fist-sized black hole immediately appeared where the jade was.

The black hole gave off a shocking suction force and emitted a ghostly light that shrouded Wang Lin. It was going to pull him into the black hole.

In the distance, where the seven-colored light appeared, an illusory figure slowly walked over. The figure was a middle-aged man in a robe; he gave off an air of refinement. He was originally calm, but when he saw the black hole appear when Wang Lin crushed the jade, a mysterious light flashed through his eyes.

“You want to leave using that method? That’s not possible,” the Seven-Colored Daoist spoke as he casually pointed at Wang Lin.

With one point, the seven-colored light suddenly shined brightly and gathered in his finger. A seven-colored storm appeared and shot toward Wang Lin.

This storm was too fast and instantly closed in on Wang Lin. It was less than seven feet from Wang Lin!

A chill came from Wang Lin’s mind and spread across every pore of his body, telling him it was a life and death crisis. Based on the speed of this storm, it seemed like Wang Lin didn’t have enough time to enter the black hole.

However, he didn’t panic, as if everything was within his calculations. Just as the seven-colored storm closed in, a woman’s jade-like hand reached out from the black hole. Her middle finger had a bright, green jade ring that collided with the storm.

The seven-colored storm silently collapsed and turned into seven-colored gas. The gas took shapes that looked like seven poisonous snakes and drilled into the jade-like hand.

A wounded muffle came from the black hole. The jade-like hand trembled and soon formed a seal. The hand suddenly split into seven of the exact same hand and overlapped to form a circle. A seven-colored light came from these seven hands.

With a gentle pat, the seven hands all gave off different colored lights, forming a seven-colored print. It flew by Wang Lin and shot toward the Seven-Colored Daoist in the distance.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s body was pulled in by the black hole and he disappeared from the Ancient Star System.

All of this happened in an instant.

When the Sovereign saw the seven hands he stared at them and his eyes shined brightly.

“So it’s her!!”

The person who was even more shocked was the seventh concubine. Her face turned pale and she subconsciously stepped back as she exclaimed, “Elder Sister!! She isn’t dead!!”

Only the Seven-Colored Daoist remained calm. As the seven-colored print closed in, he waved his hand. A seven-colored ripple echoed and collided with the seven-colored print.

Thunderous rumble echoed, and a moment later, everything disappeared.

The Seven-Colored Daoist closed his eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking. After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at where Wang Lin had disappeared. Reminiscence filled his eyes.

“Seven-Colored Jade Print… I think that is the name… Unfortunately, I only have the spell but not the memory… However, it’s not enough to escape from me. The Li Guang Bow has finished its mission, so it’s time to take it back.” The Seven-Colored Daoist raised his head and stepped forward. He disappeared without a trace.

Only the Sovereign and the seventh concubine were left there. They were both shocked by the appearance of that hand and the identity of the owner of the hand.

The Celestial Sovereign’s first concubine and also the little sister of the Celestial Sovereign’s dao partner!

In the Cloud Sea, there was a giant spatial crack where the Demon Sect used to be. Few people knew where this crack led to, but many fierce beasts often rushed out of it.

At this moment, deep inside the spatial crack, in this dark and strange space, there was a giant beast more than 10,000 feet long. It looked like a lion but had a single horn on its head.

There was a woman sitting before the single horn on this mighty lion’s head. She was an extreme beauty, and at this moment, her face was pale. She continuously formed seals and waved her hands before her.

Before her was a fist-sized hole that was devouring the darkness around her. The black hole trembled and expanded. When it expanded to 10 feet, Wang Lin walked out.

The moment he walked out, the black hole collapsed into specks of light.

“Many thanks!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at the woman sitting there.

The extremely beautiful woman opened her eyes and revealed a hint of exhaustion. She looked at Wang Lin, and after a long time, she shook her head and let out a sigh.

“Back when we parted, your cultivation level was low. I didn’t think you would reach such a high cultivation level today… I thought you had forgotten about our agreement, but when I received your message through the jade, I knew you hadn’t.”

“You helped me leave here before and I’ll naturally not forget. However, due to some matters, I came late.” Wang Lin smiled and looked down at the giant lion, which was running. He decided to sit down.

When he decided to go to the Ancient Star System to destroy the Ancient Celestial Realm there, he had already thought of a way to escape. Wang Lin knew this trip would not be simple. Once he shot the bow twice, the Sovereign would act. Even though Wang Lin didn’t only have the power for two shots left like the Sovereign thought, the Outer Realm was the Seven-Colored Daoist’s domain. Once that person appeared, Wang Lin knew it would be difficult to escape.

Therefore, when he was cultivating on the wheel formation one year ago, he had taken out the jade and communicated with this woman who he hadn’t talked to in a long time. They reached an agreement.

The reason Wang Lin had looked for the woman’s help was because through his own knowledge and various clues, Wang Lin was 60% confident that this woman was the missing first concubine!

After they had their first communication, the woman had revealed her identity; she was the first concubine!

The beautiful woman softly said, “I was once the first concubine of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. I told you this before when we talked through the jade. My other identity is the younger sister of Fan Shanmeng, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s dao partner. My name is Fan Shanlu!

“Since you already know that this is just a cave world, there is no need to hide anything from you.

“The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign tried to obtain a treasure while two of the nine suns fought. He used despicable methods by using my sister as bait, and he took that opportunity to obtain it. Then he came back and sealed the Seven Dao Sect.

“Once we arrived here, I couldn’t believe anyone from the Immortal Astral Continent, and I was injured by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. My cultivation still hasn’t recovered and I had no one to work with until you appeared. There is no conflict of interest between us, we can work together!”

The woman spoke softly.

“You want to take the native cultivators here to the Immortal Astral Continent, I’ll also help you with this!

“The Immortal Astral Continent is a mysterious place. It is too big and wars are constant. There is little peace between the various sects. If you want to have a foothold there, you must have a sect!

“Every decent area has already been taken. To tell you the truth, with your cultivation level, you can’t take any sects! As for the cave world, everything here is just an illusion. It is not inaccurate to say all the lives here are indeed fake...

“Throughout the ages, I have rarely heard of people coming out of the various cave worlds of the sects across the Immortal Astral Continent. I have to tell you this in advance.”

Wang Lin silently pondered as he sat there listening to her words.

“However, it is not impossible. When you head to the Immortal Astral Continent, you have to pay a great price and bear the penalty of the Immortal Astral Law. I have heard little about this matter, but only after reaching Arcane Tribulant in the cave world could you have a chance of surviving it.

“However, I can help you with this matter as well!” the woman slowly spoke as she looked at Wang Lin.

“I’m listening!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm, without any hint of fluctuations. When the woman saw this, she couldn’t help but reveal a hint of admiration.

After pondering for a bit, the woman suddenly said, “My elder sister is not dead!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t speak.

“She is not here, she is in the Immortal Astral Continent! Obtaining a sect in the Immortal Astral Continent is very difficult, but if you kill the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, the Seven Dao Sect is yours! My sister and I don’t want any of it. Actually, we are not people of the Seven Dao Sect but core disciples of the Great Soul Sect.

“Back then, we were blind and followed the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign…” The woman clenched her teeth and revealed a resentful expression.

“Even after you obtain the Seven Dao Sect, if you wish to continue cultivating, we can introduce you into the Great Soul Sect!

“As for the penalty of you entering the Immortal Astral Continent, I’ll ask my sister to ask Master to help. With Master helping to welcome you to the Immortal Astral Continent, the penalty would be reduced.”

Wang Lin silently pondered. A moment later, he slowly spoke,

“Besides me, what about the other cultivators of the cave world?”

The beautiful woman was about to speak when her expression suddenly changed and she looked back. At the same time, Wang Lin also looked back with a gloomy expression.
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